Monthly Roundup & Favorite Film of March 2014


Welcome to April everybody! I finally got my flip-flops out yesterday for the first time in … well I can’t even remember! Temperature actually reached 60˚F on Sunday! I saw a bunch of people in shorts either jogging or on their bikes. It’s just a tease though as we’ll be back in the 30s again tomorrow, complete with SNOW! 😦  Thank goodness blogging is something I can do indoor or there’d be only like two posts a month, ahah.

Now, before I get to the recap, I just want to make a small but significant announcement:


This past weekend I rewatched The Notebook again (in tandem with Drive) and now I’ve fallen madly in love with Ryan Gosling! YES I know, I know, better late than never right? I felt like I have been missing out that I have not blogged about the oh-so-hunky & massively talented movie star. So to make up for lost time, I will be dedicating the entire month of April to Ryan Gosling and his films. I even made a special header to commemorate this special occasion!

Ahah sorry to those who fell for my April Fools prank, I wanted to do something cheeky and my hubby helped me come up with the idea. So don’t expect me blogging about Gosling anytime soon. No hard feelings ok, friends? 😉

Ok now that we’ve got that out of the way… here are some posts from March you might’ve missed:

Lots of Blogathons I participated this month, here are three I participated in:

New Releases:



March Blindspot Film: All The President’s Men (1976)

Favorite Movie Seen in March 2014:

FaveMarchMovie_CapAmerica2I happen to enjoy the first Captain America movie, even more so every time I watched it. Yet this one managed to surpass it. The conspiracy theme they promised us definitely delivered, and Chris Evans is much more comfortable in the role and he absolutely rocked it. Review coming later this week!

What I’m looking forward to in April:


Just got my Press Pass yesterday so I’ll be posting which films I’ll be seeing. Stay tuned!

So, what movies did you get to see in March and which one is your favorite?

51 thoughts on “Monthly Roundup & Favorite Film of March 2014

  1. That now is a significant announcement, Ruth. I could never believe my ears when you said you didn’t take too kindly to Gosling. I think he’s fantastic and I’m interested to hear you’re further thoughts on him.

    1. Sorry Mark… It’s all just a joke. Hope you’re not mad at me but no, I won’t be blogging about Gosling, let alone change my blog name to his, ahah.

        1. Sorry Mark! I did one last year but I think this year it worked better, ha..ha.. Maybe at some point I might like him but right now, I just prefer to watch other people’s movies.

    1. Ahah well your gut is right Chris! Pretty cheeky eh? I just had to try something for April Fools that I’ve never done before and Gosling is just the perfect subject for it!

        1. He..he.. I’m surprised that I actually fooled a few people, I thought it was glaringly obvious it was a joke. I mean there is NO WAY I’d change my blog name to Gosling, I wouldn’t even do that for Gregory Peck or Timothy Dalton and I LOVE those guys!

  2. Well if you’re going to watch Ryan Gosling, I would put on The Place Beyond The Pines, and Lars and the Real Girl, very different performances, that showcase his range.
    Of those new releases, I’m interested in Grand Budapest Hotel, which I hope to catch soon.
    My favorite of March was The Hill (1965), one of Sean Connery’s best early films.

    1. Ahah well I might check out Lars and the Real Girl but no, I’m NOT in love with him, not in the slightest 😀

      Btw, Grand Budapest Hotel is a hoot, hope you enjoy it! I’m very curious about The Hill now, seems that you have been binge-ing on Connery last month.

    1. Ahah, I definitely share your sentiment about Gosling, Keith! That’s why he’s the perfect subject for April Fools for me 😉

  3. Awesome Ruth! Can’t wait for your Captain America review!

    Hmmmm, looking forward to see what you think of his other films. I LOVED Drive, I cannot tell you how much. That was a fantastic film. Love the header, will definitely keep in touch to see where this goes! 😛

    1. I can’t wait to rave about The Winter Soldier!

      As for Gosling… it was all a prank, it’s April Fools 😀 No hard feelings ok?

      1. I cannot wait to see you rage!

        Awwww, here I really thought you were going to skip the April Fools and seriously do this hahahaha, he has some pretty good movies!

    1. Yeah, those three are fantastic, and so was All The President’s Men, nothing boring about that one even though I already know the outcome.

  4. Great to see that you like Winter Soldier so much! I can’t wait to catch that one.

    And, also, amen on Gosling. Can I assume you’ll be see The Place Behind the Pines sometime in April?

    1. I LOVE The Winter Soldier, it’s now my favorite Marvel stand-alone film!

      As for your question, no I don’t think so 😉 Sorry!

      1. Wow. High praise for The Winter Soldier indeed. Of course, I’m not surprised to read it – the first Captain America is currently my favorite. So if the new one is better …

  5. An entire month of Gosling… is this an April Fool’s joke? If it isn’t. Cool! Besides, I got fooled twice today by a couple of jokes relating to NIN and the Smashing Pumpkins. Other than that, nothing big though my dad just bought a new blower and… it turned out to be crap. It’s spring now and it’s warm but… I’m getting ready for pollen season. That’s why spring is my least favorite season of the year. The pollen.

    1. Ahah well your hunch is right Steven, nah I’m still not a Gosling fan 😉
      Sorry to hear about your allergies! The pollen thing is brutal but here in MN we still get snow so we’re not even worried about that yet.

    1. Gosling Chatter doesn’t quite have a nice ring to it but I’m so in love w/ him it doesn’t matter, tee hee…

      I love Saving Mr Banks, Emma Thompson is just superb!

        1. Indeed she should!! I’d say she was grossly snubbed. She won a bunch of other awards tho, including the Jameson Award from EMPIRE magazine just this weekend.

  6. I kind of have a mixed opinion on Gosling. I’ve loved some of his roles like his characters in Drive and The Place Beyond The Pines but often times he can come across as stone cold like in Only God Forgives.

    1. I don’t have a mixed opinion on Gosling, I’m just not a fan. I dunno, something about him rubs me the wrong way. He makes for a perfect April Fools here though 😀

  7. Ted S.

    I already was fooled earlier this morning on so I won’t be get fool again but hey if you’ve changed your mind about Gosling then hope you’ll enjoy his other films. 🙂

    Well since I saw two bad movies last month, 300: Rise of the Empire and Need For Speed, can’t say March was a good month for movies. I did rent The Counsellor last week and to my surprised I actually enjoyed it. BUT I understand why so many critics and audiences hated it, you can’t do a direct adaptation of McCarthy’s writing, it just won’t work.

    1. Ha..ha.. well it almost got you fooled tho right? 😉 Nah, not a chance that I’ll be blogging about him for even a day, let alone a whole month!

      Hey, would you do a review of The Counselor for me? No rush, anytime you want to do it is fine, Ted. Curious to hear what you think of it.

      1. Ted S.

        Just for a second or two but I know you’re not a fan of his and there’s no way I’d believe you’ve changed your mind so fast. Ha ha.

        Yeah sure, I’m going to watch the extended cut before I write the review, I rented the theatrical version. Apparently the extended cut is about 20 to 30 minutes longer. Then I’ll decide which one is better. I might re-read the script again and do comparision but from what I remember, the movie was pretty close to the script.

  8. Hey Gosling’s not too bad 🙂 I love “Drive” and he’s great in “Lars And The Real Girl”. Another that I enjoy is “Crazy, Stupid, Love”.

    As for Winter Soldier, it my favorite Marvel movie full stop. And that’s saying a lot for me as I love Marvel, but didn’t enjoy the first movie (nor the character in general).

    1. Ahah well I happen to think he’s got an annoying smug face, but that’s just me. I might check out “Lars And The Real Girl” though, as I like Emily Mortimer.

      Glad to hear you love The Winter Soldier THAT much. Me too, but then again I already like Cap from the first film, but this sequel managed to still surpass that.

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