Spin-Off Blogathon: 5 minor/supporting characters I want to see a spin-off on


Thanks to Margaret aka Lady Sati over at Cinematic Corner for this awesome blogathon idea. Here’s the gist:

Choose a [supporting] character (Movie or TV) that you love and would like to see as a leading character in the movie and write why you chose this character and what that movie would be like. Don’t choose leading characters or supporting characters with lots of screen time, the goal is to focus on minor characters who have between 1-5 scenes. However if you really loved a character who is on screen for more than that, go for it.

Now, there are a bunch of memorable minor movie characters that I can list here, but not all of them I want to see an entire movie on. But these five minor/supporting characters are so fascinating, in some cases even more so than the hero, that I’d be willing to pay a movie solely focused on them! I originally had only three characters in mind but I just couldn’t resist adding the last two (plus a BONUS TV character). So without further ado, here they are:

Tom Bertram (James Purefoy) in Mansfield Park

Tom is the elder son and heir of the wealthy landowner Sir Thomas Bertram who took in the story’s protagonist Fanny Price to live in Mansfield Park. He’s shown in his brief scene as a drunken and careless man who has no regard for Fanny nor to his father. He’s often away in Antigua on his family’s estate and he obviously despises his father’s business that involves slavery, but the strain seems to be deeper than that. The way Purefoy plays him is so intriguing that every time I saw this Austen adaptation, I wanted to know more about Tom and why he behaves the way he does. He’s dark, mysterious, with a seething rage that could explode at any moment. Certainly he’s a sexier and more riveting persona than the principled but dull brother Edmund.


I’d love to see a movie, or even a TV miniseries that focuses on his character. It’d be an extension (with some artistic liberties taken) of what’s written about him in the book, recounting his younger days being taken to Antigua by his father, and his days of living an extravagant life amusing himself. In the book, it’s described that Mary Crawford, who with his brother lives in the Bertram’s parsonage was initially interested in Tom but he does not response, so I’d like to see that being explored in the film as to why he refuses her. The risque Lovers’ Vow play would definitely be one of the movie’s highlights.

It’s too bad that in Mansfield Park, Tom’s spent half his already brief screen time bedridden from his illness. He does recover eventually and later on, Fanny’s younger sister Susan comes to live with the Bertram family also. Though it’s not in the book, it’d be nice to see that perhaps Tom would finally find love with Susan.

Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) in Captain America: The First Avenger

There are barely any cinematic super-heroine in Hollywood, and I don’t mean the bad ass but cheesy warrior variety like Elektra (no offense Jennifer Gardner!). From the first time I saw Captain America, I’ve got a girl crush on Peggy Carter. She is by far my favorite Marvel female character, yes she even beats Black Widow and Lady Sif! Atwell’s performance is one of the major reasons I LOVE LOVE Captain America: The First Avenger as she’s just as fun to watch as the Captain himself. She’s beautiful, witty, and spunky. She’s no damsel in distress, no siree. She’s a trained fighter who’s more than capable to hold her own. She’s a damn good shot too, as evident in the action scene with the villain Heinz Kruger (Richard Armitage, who gets another mention below) 😉


There’s a Marvel One Shot of Agent Carter which I have yet to see except for a couple of clips. Apparently the short film takes place a year after the events of The First Avenger, and features Carter as a member of the Strategic Scientific Reserve and dealing with the sexism of that era. Now I’d even pay to see a film version of Agent Carter. It could include with some flashback scenes of her younger years as in the comics she apparently joined the French Resistance as a teen, which was how she became a skilled gun-woman.

Col. Brandon (Alan Rickman) in Sense & Sensibility

This should come as no surprise to anyone given how much I adore Alan Rickman‘s portrayal of Colonel Brandon. He’s one my picks of Favorite Period Drama Heroes and he’s easily my favorite male character in Jane Austen’s adaptations, yes he even beats every woman’s favorite Mr. Darcy any day. He’s a far more interesting character because he has been through a lot before we’ve come to know him as a wealthy officer at 35. He’s a sensitive man, a tortured soul perhaps (oh how I love these types of characters), who’s lost his love when he returned from the army and found that the woman he loves was with child and living in a poorhouse.

His entrance in Sense & Sensibility is one of the most memorable and emotionally-charged for me… Brandon’s expression as he was transfixed by Marianne is palpable. It’s got to make you wonder, is it simply just love at first sight? It can’t just be Marianne’s beauty and beautiful voice that captured him so, there’s gotta be something deeper than that. Later on we learned that Marianne reminded him of his lost love of his youth, his father’s ward whom he was prevented from marrying. Every time I watched this film, I’d so want to see more of Brandon’s early life.

Thank you Tumblr!
Thank you Tumblr!

I’ve been wanting to pick up Amanda Grange’s book Colonel Brandon’s Diary which is part of her Jane Austen retelling adaptations. I did read the Captain Wentworth’s Diary one, now I’d pay to see that one too, but I think Colonel Brandon’s dark past would make an even more riveting period drama. Now the challenge is to cast an actor even half as charismatic as Rickman, but perhaps Tom Hiddleston or Richard Armitage would be more than up for the task? The latter has never done an Austen adaptation, that is a travesty!

Vesper Lynd (Eva Green) in Casino Royale

As a massive Bond fan ever since I was a wee girl, never have I been so fascinated by the Bond girl until I saw Vesper in Casino Royale. Like Agent Carter, Vesper is no damsel in distress, and she has quite a mysterious past that rivals our favorite super spy. She’s obviously an intelligent woman, having been trusted by MI6 to oversee Bond in his high-stake gamble with Le Chiffre. “I’m the money,” she says, and the banter between her & Bond is no doubt one of the most riveting scenes in the movie, one I still love to watch over and over.

I’d love to see a movie on her where we get to see how she became a double agent for the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs and her former lover who gave her that Algerian love knot necklace that Bond tracked down in Quantum of Solace. I think the film would only work with Eva Green in the role though. She’s obviously extremely sexy and can make an entrance like no other (that purple dress is an utter knockout), but I think her sensuality and mystique is what made the character so beguiling. There’s something so unpredictable behind those piercing green eyes, and an icy quality about them. The scene where she professes her love for Bond is beautiful but with a tinge of mystery and even suspense as we’re not sure what she’s capable of.


According to Wiki, in the Casino Royale novel, she was born on a “dark and stormy” night, and her parents named her “Vesper” after the Latin word meaning evening to commemorate the night. Fleming created a cocktail recipe in the novel that Bond names after her. The “Vesper martini” became very popular after the novel’s publication, and gave rise to the famous “shaken, not stirred” catchphrase immortalized in the Bond films.

It’d be cool to see Eva Green reprising her role in a prequel spin-off of Vesper, I think she’s the only Bond girl deserving of her own movie!

John Rolfe (Christian Bale) in The New World

I’ve mentioned Christian Bale‘s role as John Rolfe many times in my blog already, most recently in this Breaking Emotion post. Bale only appeared in the last 25 min or so of the 2.5 hours Terrence Malick’s retelling of the Pocahontas story, yet he’s far more fascinating than Colin Farrell in the lead role John Smith. In fact, I’d buy this film just to see him here. His chemistry with Q’orianka Kilcher is so sweet, it’s perhaps one of the most romantic roles Bale’s done, which is already so rare to begin with.


Now, the story of John Rolfe, an early English settlers of North America might not be as passionate or intriguing as John Smith’s, but Bale portrayal made me want to see more of Rolfe character. Perhaps the film can show his days as a tobacco businessman in Jamestown, Virginia and more details on his meeting and romance with Pocahontas, as well as his life after her death.

Special TV Dream Spin-Off

Guy of Gisborne (Richard Armitage) in BBC Robin Hood

What’s more riveting than a great hero? A great antihero. And every time I saw BBC Robin Hood, I always think ‘with villains like this, who needs a hero?!’ No offense to Jonas Armstrong as the titular hero but really he’s just meh next to Richard’s undeniable charisma and sex appeal. The guy just oozes virile masculinity and pent-up passion [wowza!] Clad in form-fitting black leather from head to toe, he’s the epitome of tall, dark and dangerous, even his hair is jet black to match his dark past and personality.


But instead of making him a straight-out villain, what’s more intriguing about Guy is the complexity of his character, he’s not just evil for the sake of it, but there’s a vulnerability to him, especially in regards to his unrequited love for Marian, once the hope to his redemption. Again there’s that tortured soul quality that I can’t resist!

I love how Richard explains his character in this behind-the-scene clip. “If he can’t be good and be popular, be bad…” YES please 😉

If they were to do a Guy-centric series or even a miniseries on, I’d have a different girl than Lucy Griffiths though, I’m not terribly fond of her. Holliday Grainger in Season 3 is quite good however, I’d love to see more of their relationship being explored in Guy’s life. But of course I’d ONLY see a Guy of Gisborne movie/series IF Richard Armitage plays him. Frankly, I can’t imagine anyone else in the role who could top his portrayal.

What do you think of my picks, folks? Would you watch a movie dedicated to these characters?

71 thoughts on “Spin-Off Blogathon: 5 minor/supporting characters I want to see a spin-off on

  1. Nice choices here, Ruth. I had a sneaky suspicion that a few period pieces would feature here and I also suspected Richard Armitage. 😉 The one that most intrigues, though, is Eva Green. That’s a fantastic choice. She was a great Bond girl in one of my favourite movies of the franchise.

    1. Thank you Mark, first commenter, woo hoo 😀

      Ahah, well I do love Rickman & Armitage. I was thisclose to including The Stranger from Dear Frankie too!

      I LOVE LOVE Vesper and Eva Green is just so beautiful and smart, I had a girl crush on her! Did you not like Agent Carter? Hayley Atwell rocked that role, yet another Brit! 😀

      1. First commenter!! Yay, I was quick out the traps today!
        The Stranger would have been a very intriguing choice, indeed. I never even gave him a thought but there’s lots of possibilities with that.

        I haven’t actually seen Capt. America to be honest, Ruth. It looks good but it’ll be, yet another, superhero movie that’ll take me ages to finally watch. One day, though. One day! 😉

  2. PrairieGirl

    Hey Flixy, I don’t believe I’ve EVER agreed with you more about a post than this one… superb! Of course, you know James is my favorite, but the rest are very close behind. Why you aren’t the best and most credible casting director and story editor there ever was is beyond me. I wish I was crazy, crazy rich… I’d hire you to make all those movies with these characters just for me ;-D

    1. Ha..ha.. I knew you’d like that pick. I didn’t want to choose the one from A Knight’s Tale again as we’ve covered that but I really wish he had more screen time in Mansfield Park!

      I wish one day I could be a casting editor, now THAT’s a dream job!

  3. Amazing work here Ruth, putting all of us who only chose one character to shame! Love your choice of Vesper, I think that’d be really interesting to see how it ties into Casino Royale. And it’s always nice to have more Eva Green 🙂

    1. Aww thank you Chris, really it’s just me geeking out and indulging my passion for these characters & actors 😀 I figure the guys would love Eva or Hayley, both are such lovely & strong ladies.

  4. Ted S.

    I’m on board on seeing a movie about John Rolfe, heck maybe Malick’s writing it as we speak, you never know about what’s going in that man’s head.

    You know I’m not the biggest fan of the first Capt. America movie but I liked Peggy Carter, might be interesting to see a movie about how she cope with losing Capt. after the events of the first movie. I haven’t seen that short movie either, I’ll have to check it out.

    Speaking of spinoff of a Bond girl character, I’m so glad MGM ax the idea of making a movie about Jinx. That would’ve been a disaster just like Catwoman.

    1. Oh man, I so hope you are right about Malick working on a Rolfe-centric script, that would be something I pay through the nose to see!!!

      It’s funny but I like the first Capt America movie the more I watch it and Peggy Carter is one of the reasons why. I hope they make a series based on her, that might be in the works.

      Oh man, I HATE Jinx, that would’ve been awful. She’s one of my LEAST fave Bond girl, but Vesper is awesome!!

      1. Ted S.

        Yeah, with the success of the first Charlie Angels film and Die Another Day, I think studios thought that big action films with female leads might be a trend. But then the sequel to Charlie Angels failed and of course Berry’s own Catwoman also tanked, they decided to pull the plug on a lot of action movies with a female lead. The problem with Charlie Angels 2 and Catwoman was not the female leads, it’s the crappy screenplay and direction. With a good script and director, an action film with a female lead will be a success. Heck Salt was a hit even though I didn’t care for it.

  5. That is a great list. Especially on those characters. I was supposed to write my piece last weekend but I became stuck as I have no clue on who to do a spin-off on.

    1. Glad to hear another fan of Rolfe! I REALLY hope Malick would work with Bale again and even better if it’s a love story like this one!!

  6. I love that you chose 5! and a television one too. Haha I love how much you love Richard Armitage. Probably the one I think is the most intriguing is the Eva Green one. She is really compelling isn’t she?! Cheers.

    1. Ha..ha.. yeah well I love him for a reason, he’s just such a good actor who deserves more work! I do love Eva Green as Vesper, though I haven’t seen too much of her work generally.

  7. I’m always up to seeing more of Eva Green, and from the trailer of Captain America, I remember Agent Carter being the most intriguing part of it, even though I’ve never really had the wish to see the actual movie. Lovely picks, awesome Austen-flicks and well… mmmmmmm, Armitage. 😀

    1. Hi Elina! Both Hayley and Eva are beautiful and strong women. I hope you’d give Capt. America a shot, you might be surprised by it and love it 😀 I’m an Austen girl and Col Brandon is my all time fave… glad you also appreciate Armitage 😉

  8. Wow! Love your pick and your idea for a Guy of Gisborne spin-off starring Richard Armitage. Plus he’s looking very much like Guy in real life right now. I think BBC missed out on not thinking about doing this after it was clear to almost everyone that Guy was the star of this series and not as much Robin Hood (sorry Jonas). I didn’t like Marian as a character at all, though I did feel Lucy had more chemistry with Armitage than she did with Armstrong.

    1. Hi MyrL! Well I’ve been wanting to do this for some time and this seems like the perfect time to do it. I really didn’t care for Jonas nor Lucy at all, but yeah she had more chemistry w/ Richard than w/ Jonas. I mean, no surprise there though, the actress herself probably is more attracted to RA, ahah. It is a missed opportunity on BBC part I think, man they’d have had a huge hit w/ a Guy-centric series!

  9. Love this post, Ruth! I think Hayley Atwell needs to be in more stuff in general, so I’m all for a Peggy Carter spin-off. Bale’s John Rolfe could easily sustain an entire film as well. Great pick there.

    1. Hey thanks Alex! Glad you like Hayley, I want to see more of her films now. I think Bale & Malick is a great combo, I’d love to see Bale in the leading role though.

  10. With my huge crush on Bale, I can’t believe I have yet to see The New World. It’s so wild to think that in all the years of Bond Vesper is the first one to warrant so much well-deserved attention. I’d love to see a spin-off of her. Hayley Atwell also seems really kick-ass in Captain America – that’s another series I have to check out. Great list Ruth!

    1. Oh man, you’ve got to see The New World Katy, trust me it’s worth seeing even just for Bale but it’s quite a beautiful film to see the whole thing though. I like Farrell but Bale just stole my heart here.

      Vesper and Agent Carter are such examples of strong female characters in blockbuster movies, we need more of those! Hope you’d give Captain America a shot, I LOVE that one.

  11. I’m all for Alan Rickman in Sense and Sensibility! He was marvelous and mysterious and quite gentle and charming. Unusual for him ;). I can’t ever get enough of Christian Bale, and I loved him as John Rolfe. I’d love to see a film about him. Nice choices! 🙂

    1. Yay! I knew you’d agree w/ me on that one. And Bale is just marvelous and lovely as John Rolfe, wish he’d do more roles like that.

      Ha..ha.. yeah I know I only had to do one but I can’t help myself! 😉

  12. Loved all your choices! I don’t even need to do my own post about my own choice of characters needing their own shows! Except for Guy (love Richard, but not as Guy, sorry), you and I had the same choices almost to a T! Even Vesper! But then I’m probably in love with Eva Green and just don’t know it! LOL

    1. Hi there, glad you like my picks. I had a girl crush on Vesper, she’s just sooo cool, not the usual bimbo type of Bond girls. You don’t love Guy of Gisborne?? Wow, you’re the first. I mean Richard is just so perfect in that role… plus him in all black leather, mmm mmm 😉

      1. Agree on the girl crush on Vesper! She was so unlike any of the Bond girls at all and I never considered her a “Bond girl” like all the others. She was more in equal footing with Bond here since he hadn’t yet become 007 🙂

        Yep, there’s a first time for everything. I tried tried tried to like Robin Hood but could never get past the terrible scripts and the storyline. And I hated Marian for her disrespect for her father – I think that was the end of my attempt of liking the show since there was no one I could actually like to root for.

        And while everyone goes crazy over Richard in black leather, doesn’t do anything for me. I did like his season 3 costume though – I love good tailoring, embroidery, rich fabrics and all that. To me, it sorta fit more with the times, but maybe if he’d been dressed like it in the previous seasons, maybe I would have liked him, even for just a little bit.

        But I think my tailoring preferences have to do with my involvement in renaissance faires years earlier when I would sew my own costumes complete with bodices and hand sewn leather pieces. So Guy’s leather just went against anything my mind could comprehend.

        1. Yes you’re right, Vesper is pretty much in equal footing w/ Bond, kind of like Judi Dench’s M has more erm, balls than 007, ha..ha..

          WOW, I don’t think I ever really pay that much attention to the costume itself, more on the man & his hot body wearing them, ha..ha.. I agree though, season 3’s costumes are much richer and more detailed, it looks fantastic on Richard and with his longish hair, yowza! 😉

  13. I’m another to sing the praises of Hayley Atwell in Captain America – thought she was terrific! Likewise, Eva Green has been great in everything I’ve seen her in and Casino Royale is no exception…that ending always hurts!

    1. Ha..ha.. as you know I love the Brits & Richard is one of the best Brit imports I hope to make it in Hollywood 😀 Yeah I’m looking forward to Agent Carter series, hope that’ll happen soon.

  14. Love your choices! Bale in this movie is one of the most loving movie husbands – in fact the only more perfect one that comes to mind is Leonard from The Hours. I think it’s most definitely Bale’s most romantic role yet, although he was quite sweet in American Hustle, well, considering other roles he did lately. Armitage, Rickman – I really like those choices, obviously ^^ I really liked Hayley in Captain America, in fact her character probably got me through that movie – there definitely should be more Marvel films centered around women.

    1. Hello Sati! Thanks again for such a fun blogathon idea. Oh I haven’t seen The Hours yet, but been curious to check it out. Yeah, wish Bale would do at least one romantic role amongst all the dark stuff he’s doing. I like him in AH, he’s my fave character in it. Yay, glad you love Armitage & Rickman too, Col. Brandon is such a beautiful character inside and out. And amen on your last sentence, forget Wonder Woman, I’d rather see a Peggy Carter movie!

  15. Eva Green in Casino Royale is an excellent choice! She’s someone I can never work out, she’s warm yet so cold and distant. Her chemistry with Craig was fiery and so interesting.
    Fantastic choices overall! 😀

    1. Hi Jack! Yeah Vesper’s unpredictability is part of her appeal, I like her mysterious aspect instead of just being eye candy. Glad you like my choices.

    1. Hi Eric, long time no *see* 😀 Glad you love Vesper too, it’s really too bad she died in the film but I think they could do a prequel on her, that’d be so awesome!

  16. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any of those movie…but it was a fun read.

    Hehehe Richard Armitage, I know you would love to see him more 😉

    1. Come on Nov, you should give Sense & Sensibility a try. I know you’re not into period dramas but it’s truly one of the best. Such a heart-warming story and the script by Emma Thompson is just superb!

  17. Sorry I’m late to this Ruth! These are all great, but I’m SO HAPPY with your Rickman inclusion! He was superb in Sense and Sensibility, and a film fleshing his character out would be wonderful.

    1. No such thing as a late comment, man. Glad you love Rickman too, he’s just soooo sweet and lovely, so different from Hans Gruber, ahah.

  18. Richard Armitage has to be there 😉 You know, I’d watch a series spinoff with Guy Gisborne. That man is sexy in his leather outfit!
    Love all the choices! 🙂 I think Eva Green’s Vesper is my favorite Bond girl.

    1. Hi Kim! Sorry somehow I missed your comment. Ha..ha.. yes Richard HAS to be here for sure. Guy is such a great character, even apart from his sexy outfit 😉 Hey glad you love Vesper too!

  19. Hey, Ruth. I am not familiar with all of these characters, but I would love to see Vesper in her own flick. And I would like to see more of Peggy Carter even more. Atwell, in my mind, has easily the best character in that film; her character is so interesting that she’s a big part of the reason Captain America is my favorite of Marvel’s origin story flicks. In other words, I totally agree on those two.

    When I first saw it, upon its release, I didn’t like Sense and Sensibility. At all. Though I can’t remember why, honestly. I should give it a rewatch, just to see if I agree on Colonel Brandon, as well.

    1. Yay you love Atwell too! I have to win you over for S&S somehow, ha..ha.. I have the dvd so you can borrow it next time. I guess I love period dramas but not all is created equal obviously, this one is so phenomenally-written by Emma Thompson, and Ang Lee’s direction is just superb. It’s amazing to think that a Taiwanese man could direct one of the most beautiful Jane Austen adaptation ever. Col Brandon is such a wonderful character, an unlikely hero truly because of his kind heart. Now how many times can we ever say that about ANY character? Plus Alan Rickman is at his most charming in the role.

      1. I suspect I would like S&S more now. When I first saw it, I was very young (probably still a teenager) and didn’t yet value character driven dramas quite as much as I do these days. Plus, I normally love Ang Lee.

        So . . . I’m all about borrowing that one. 🙂

        1. All riiight! I will bring that the next time we meet. I wish they had the Blu-ray version, I’ll rush to get it asap as I love it so much.

  20. Ooh, nice picks, Ruth! I’d love see spin-offs with Vesper Lynd and Peggy Carter. They’re part of why I love those two original films. A John Rolfe one would be interesting as well.

    1. Hi Josh! Glad you finally come around, been waiting for your feedback man. Glad you like my picks of the two ladies. I just wish Malick would make a film like that again w/ Bale, he rarely does love stories but he’s clearly very compelling in it.

  21. Some great picks Ruth. I’ll tell you who instantly came to mind – Gary Oldman as Commisioner James Gordon. Can you imagine the great story from Gotham City that could be told with Oldman reprising his role? I swear he was one of my favorite things about The Dark Knight trilogy. As a long time reader of the Batman books I think Oldman was absolutely perfect. I’d go see him as Gordon again in a heartbeat.

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