Everybody’s Chattin’ + Previews of Into The Storm & SHOWTIME’s Penny Dreadful


Hello everyone! As promised, here’s the second Everybody’s Chattin’ post to make up for the one I missed last month.

So here are 10 of my favorite post from fellow bloggers from the past week:

Now this is a post every movie blogger should read and undoubtedly can relate to … Dan wrote about this thought-provoking article on finding a voice in film criticism.

Ryan of The Matinee, the original founder of The Blindspot Series posted an intriguing Canadian-made film I’ve never heard of before: Jesus of Montreal. I’m definitely intrigued!

Bowie_ThePrestigeIf you haven’t checked out Cindy’s blog, consider this your recommendation. She’s always got great film observations and commentaries, like this one about Musicians Who Become Actors. Surely you have your favorites?

Speaking of favorites, have you checked out Sati’s 10 Favorite Female Characters from both TV & Movies?

And since I just posted my entry to Sati’s Spin-off Blogathon, check out which character Chris (Terry Malloy Pigeon Coop) and Mark (Marked Movies) wanted a spin-off on. Both are such cult favorites!

Now, speaking of blogathons, the reigning King of such blog event Nostra is at it again with his Blogathon Relay! This time the focus is on 10 Most Iconic Movie Characters. The first blogger he passed the baton to is my pal Keith of Keith & the Movies, drop everything now and see which one he’s taken out & add to the list!

Last but not least,  Biblical films seem to be the genre du jour in Hollywood this year, Darren Aronofsky’s Noah opens this weekend and Ridley Scott’s Exodus w/ Christian Bale as Moses opens later in December. I haven’t seen it yet but A Fistful of Films’ Andrew has, check out what he has to say.

Now, before you’re off, check out these previews of my two crushes’ next film/TV show:


Richard Armitage‘s disaster thriller INTO THE STORM with The Walking Dead‘s Sarah Wayne Callies is released on October 8. Nice to see Richard in the lead role, yay! That last part with all those Boeing planes are too darn eerie given what’s happened with the Malaysian Airlines though, I’m quite surprised they didn’t take that out of the preview.



And for you horror lovers out there, this SHOWTIME series Penny Dreadful should be right up your alley. I blogged about this one a while back when Timothy Dalton was cast. I don’t have cable but once it’s out on iTunes or Netflix I’ll watch it for Dalton who plays Sir Malcolm, a hardened African explorer on a deeply personal quest. I’m glad he’s not playing one of the demons, ahah. He still looks sooo good and it’s interesting to see him alongside my favorite Bond girl Eva Green here.

Created by John Logan  (screenwriter of Gladiator, The Aviator, Skyfall) and produced by Sam Mendes, seems like the Bond connection is quite strong here, ahah. Check out the hair-raising trailer:


Stay tuned for Ted’s review of Sabotage tomorrow!

Thoughts on Into The Storm and/or Penny Dreadful?

35 thoughts on “Everybody’s Chattin’ + Previews of Into The Storm & SHOWTIME’s Penny Dreadful

  1. I’m actually glad they didn’t edit the Into the Storm trailer. I mean, it’s not directly mirroring the Malaysian flight, but I also think there are major overreactions in editing art when it imitates real life sometimes and that line is blurry. Into the Storm looks to be a pretty great disaster movie but the story looks to be less than stellar. We’ll see.

    Great post, Ruth!

    1. Hi T! Yeah I agree w/ you on that, there are bound to be some kind of disasters that mimic real life. I sure hope there’s a story in Into The Storm instead of just SFX of the tornado, but I’m optimistic given that Richard was cast 😀

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you for including me! I really can’t wait to see what you add to the blogathon! Just show Harry some love, will ya?!?! 😉

  3. Ted S.

    I don’t have much faith in Into The Storm, it looks too much like that other tornado movie Twister. Also, it’s directed by a guy who made one of those awful Final Destination movies. I hope I’m wrong but it’ll probably be another cheap thrill with silly dialogs and cheesy acting, maybe Armitage can make it work since he’s a good actor.

    Penny Dreadful looks creepy, I’ll wait till it hits Netflix to watch it since I don’t have Showtime either. And was that Josh Harnett I saw? Wow talk about an actor who have fallen from being the IT boy to now doing TV movie. He’s the number one choice the studio wanted to play Clark Kent/Superman back in early 2000s.

    1. Yeah, my main draw to Into The Storm is obviously Armitage. Like you said he’s a good actor so hopefully he’d add some dramatic tension to the project.

      Yeah surprised by Josh Hartnett casting, whatever happened to him?? But I LOVE Dalton and Eva Green so those two are the reason to watch Penny Dreadful for me.

      1. Ted S.

        I remember when Hartnett became “famous” early in his career, since he’s a local boy here in MN, the local press constantly did a story on him. Especially when he became the number 1 choice to play Superman, I had stop watching the local news around that time since they always have a story about the local boy becoming Man of Steel, that was ridiculous. I think Harnett’s downfall was just that he’s not that good of an actor and of course starring in a bunch of flops didn’t help his career either.

  4. Thanks for the link! Oooh I didn’t know Richard has any movies other than The Hobbit lined up, well I guess any movie is better than none 🙂 What the hell is going on there, what kind of a bad agent a guy like this must have to be constantly overlooked like that? He really should be a bigger star already.

    I’m probably gonna check out Penny Dreadful, even though most Showtime shows tend to only have one good season and after that it’s all downhill.

    1. My pleasure, that’s an awesome post! I might *steal* your idea one day.

      Yeah Richard is done w/ that one and apparently doing a British film Bernie Hare and The Shed Crew but in a small role. I’d think you and I could probably be a better agent for the bloke, I mean seriously, he should have at least a similar career like Tom Hiddleston or Benedict Cumberbatch w/ the kind of talent & charisma, not to mention the huge fan base who’d all go see any movie he does!!

      I don’t think I’ve ever been excited about a Showtime series but the main draw for me here is Dalton, as you know I’m too chicken to watch horror, ahah. It does look interesting that they have the classic horror characters like Dracula, Dorian Gray, etc.

  5. I’m eager to see Penny Dreadful not just for its creepiness but in the hopes that it raises Eva Green’s profile whom I’ve been a fan of since seeing her in The Dreamers.

  6. I hope ‘Into The Storm’ has a decent storyline and not just about special effects. That being said, the special effects would make an awesome viewing in IMAX.

    As for Penny Dreadful, I might give a few episodes a try. I have a hard time committing to watching TV shows with the hectic schedule that I have.

    1. I hope so too Asrap, and for me I hope there’ll be a lot of screen time for Richard 😀

      I’m with you about TV shows, I usually catch up later when it’s available to rent or view online.

    1. The production quality and the team behind Penny Dreadful are excellent, not to mention the cast. I’m actually intrigued despite usually not into horror, but my undying love for Dalton knows no bounds 😀

  7. jackdeth72

    Hi, Ruth:

    You just can’t trust those union made Boeing airliners or Hollywood to depict them precisely!

    If you want to see scary airliner tail sections, check out James Stewart and Glynis Johns in No Highway in the Sky . Or Con Air , for its infamous crawlspace under the plane’s cargo section’s floor. Where none exists, except for some hydraulic plumbing.

    I’m sure you’re pleased with seeing Timothy Dalton back on the screen!

    Oh, and here’s a real “Penny Dreadful” or “Little Willie”:

    “Willie found a brand new sash.
    Fell in the fire and burned to ash.
    And though the house grows dark and chilly.
    We haven’t the heart to poke poor Willie!”

    1. Oh yeah Con Air is great! I actually rewatched it twice when I was staying in a hotel last year and it came on TV twice in a row. Nic Cage at his preposterous action-y best, ha..ha..

      Yes I’m VERY pleased w/ Dalton back on screen, he needs to do a whole lot more work, both TV and movies! Hey, nice poem! 😀

  8. Thank you Ruth for the sound bite! It’s nice to see Timothy Dalton on the screen albeit there’s freakin’ way I’m watching it. The trailer looks too creepy and scary for me. Aw, the history behind the term ‘penny dreadful’ is quite interesting. I think I may write a post about it. 🙂

    1. You’re most welcome! I LOVE Dalton so much that I’d be willing to check out Penny Dreadful, even if it’s just the pilot. I think it’s interesting as it involves the classic horror characters. Oh I’d love to see your historical post on Penny Dreadful!

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