Captain America Blogathon Part II – Ted’s and Ruth’s List


Andy over at Fandango Groovers’ Blog was inspired by the latest Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer in which we see Steve Rogers make a note in a pocket note book. It’s a list of things he missed out on in the time he was frozen that people have recommended he should catch up on.

So the idea is to list ten movies we’d recommend to a person who had been frozen between 1943 and 2011. We modified it to 15 as Ted and I teamed up to make up this list.

 Ted’s List

Here’s what Ted recommends, broken down by decades:


Lawrence of Arabia
For someone who’s never seen an epic story, this would be a great film to show him. The huge scope of this film done years before CGI could never be replicate again in today’s modern day filmmaking.


2001: A Space Odyssey
Another film that push the limit of visual spectacle several years before the use of CGI were introduced to filmmakers. This film have influence other memorable films such Star Wars and the recent space adventure hit Gravity. For someone who have never seen it, they would marvel at the visual of this classic sci-fi adventure.


Star Wars: A New Hope
Just for visual spectacle, this would be a great film to show it someone from the 1940s or earlier.


Apocalypse Now
Since Steve Rogers fought in war, he might appreciate a film that shows the horror of fighting in a war.



Blade Runner
Another great sci-fi film that would marvel anyone who’d never seen such a huge visual spectacle.



Pulp Fiction
Might be too harsh for someone who grew up in the 1930-40s but I think he/she would appreciate the unconventional story telling of this film.



Batman Begins & The Dark Knight
The two films that basically changed how super hero films are made today. Films about good vs. evil, anyone can enjoy that. Heck if he/she can see The Dark Knight at an IMAX theater, I have no doubt they would love it.


Ruth’s List

Now, to complete the 15 movies, here are seven movies I’d recommend. Now, my list is more tailored for Steve Rogers himself, or someone with a similar military background and dedication to serve his/her country.

All the President’s Men


Since this one is still fresh in my mind, I just think someone in Captain’s position would find the whole Watergate scandal fascinating. As someone who’s so patriotic who’s currently dealing with government conspiracy in his mission post-frozen existence, this film might be a riveting as well as sobering experience to see a commander in chief behaving badly.

Schindler’s List

As someone who’ve fought the Nazis, Cap would no doubt have an interesting perspectives on the Holocaust. Spielberg’s masterpiece shows the *face* of the enemy and the victim, as well as an unlikely hero who fought with his heart and kindness as his weapons against evil.



One of the best films about the ultimate personal betrayal and a hero who manages to rise above it. Maximus’ journey is inspiring for virtually everyone, but given that he is also a military man, Cap can certainly connect with him in that sense. There’s also a bit of unrequited love story here that he can also relate to.

The Social Network


Now one of the things in Cap’s list that we glimpsed in the trailer is Steve Jobs. Now I was going to recommend the Jobs biopic w/ Noah Wyle (as the Jobs movie was crap), but this David Fincher’s film about the *birth* of Facebook is far more fascinating. It might make him less inclined to join social media though, ahah

Wall Street


Cap might be very familiar with the Stock Market Crash of 1929, and perhaps even heard personal stories from his parents or family members. The world of finance and its power to corrupt the human soul should be an intriguing subject for anyone, and this Oliver Stone film remains one of the best on that subject IMO. I doubt Wall Street lifestyle would be appealing to Cap, and he’d be glad he didn’t have to endure 80s fashion!


I wanted to include an animated feature to recommend, even if it’s just for Cap to marvel at the visuals and animation technology. Can’t go wrong with Pixar but this one in particular is a must-see. Entertaining, imaginative and thought provoking with its social commentary, but it’s also got so much heart with an unlikely romantic pairing.

Encino Man

Ok now this one is purely for comic relief of the guilty pleasure variety. In case you haven’t seen this 90s goofy comedy, Brendan Fraser played a cave man who’s found frozen in a backyard of a couple of high school outcasts. Just like Cap, the hero of the story is also trying to grasp the basic concept of modern life. Just something for him to laugh himself silly, a brief respite from all that exhilarating business of saving the world 😀

What do you think of Ted’s and my recommendations?

67 thoughts on “Captain America Blogathon Part II – Ted’s and Ruth’s List

  1. These were so fun! I was thinking Gladiator as well for the obvious reasons. But I love that you included Wall-E and Encico Man. Ted’s seemed more of the film lovers variety.

    1. Hey thanks! Gladiator is such an awesome film, a modern classic for sure. Wall•E is really a must-see for everyone of any age, but Encino Man is great for laughs!

  2. Great choices. Gosh it’s so hard to choose just ten movies from that time period! I like that you’ve included a few futuristic movies – Bladerunner, Wall-E – it would be interesting to see the reaction to these from a person frozen in 1943!

    1. I know, it’s really tough to narrow down to just 10, actually less for each of us. I wonder how someone like Steve Rogers would react to some of these movies and these aren’t even that risque. He might pass out watching Wolf of Wall Street, ahah.

  3. Fun lists! Between you both you mentioned several that I really, really like. But no Casablanca? Ouch! My heart is pierced and bleeding! Okay maybe that’s a little overly dramatic but it would definitely make my list! 😀

    1. Ohhhh now you made me feel so guilty!! I LOVE Casablanca, but I figure Cap might already have seen similar films given that he grew up in that era. But y’know what, yeah you should include it in your list. You’re participating right Keith?

    2. Ted S.

      Believe it or not Keith, I’ve never seen Casablanca, I’m just not into films that came out before the 1960s. Maybe I’ll watch it someday.

      1. Absolutely! Don’t get me wrong about EM. Cheesy good fun is just what one needs at times. Yes, to Gladiator! BTW, looking forward to your 10 favorite characters list blogathon entry Keith just sent your way. I wonder what you will take out and replace? 🙂

  4. Some real nice picks here, guys. Especially pleased to see Wall-E, The Social Network, and The Dark Knight get some mentions. Good stuff here. 🙂

  5. jackdeth72

    I saw what you did there with Encino Man , Ruth! 😀

    Great lists!

    With Ted including some early classics with Lawrence of Arabia, 2001 and Blade Runner . It also doesn’t hurt to keep tabs on the competition with the Chris Nolan Batman franchise.

    While Gladiator, All the President’s Men and Schindler’s List always stand out in a crowd!

  6. I really liked your picks, Ruth except the last one because I’ve never even heard of that. 😀 And of course Star Wars. It has to be on the list. I think Pulp Fiction is way too overrated (but that goes to everything Tarantino has done) but then again, it’s classic in spite of what I think and should be shown to someone who hasn’t seen it. Great lists!

    1. Hi Satua, thank you! You might be too young when Encino Man came out, ahah, it’s a goofy flick about a frozen man in modern society. I’m not in love w/ Pulp Fiction like a lot of people, I mean I enjoyed it the first time around but don’t care to see it again. I’d think Inglourious Basterds might be interesting to see for Cap though.

  7. davecrewe

    Great lists!

    Interesting note: the list in that screenshot there was different in the (Australia) screening I saw, which included Steve Irwin, Tim-Tams, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, etc. Pretty funny that they’re obviously digitally changing that in different countries!

    1. Hi Dave! Oh you’re in Down Under? Where specifically? My dear aunt lives in Riverwood near Sydney. I didn’t know they change the list for different countries, ahah, I’m gonna see what are the list for other countries, esp. my homeland Indonesia 😀

    1. Hurrah!!! I hope you’ll blog about it, even if it’s a short one about your reaction about the film. It’s not an enjoyable film per se but definitely an essential viewing.

        1. Oh that’s ok! That’s sort of what my *review* of the Blind Spot stuff is about, just my reaction to something that is so well-loved. Looking fwd to reading it Chris!

    1. Hi Mark! Oh really? I didn’t know that, well maybe internationally Encino is not well known as in the US, I actually didn’t know it was a place in California either when I first saw it, ahah.

  8. I love Encino Man!! You mentioning it makes me want to see it again.
    I like how you two divided the number of movies together.

    Your list is more down to earth than mine 😉

    1. Hey I’m glad to hear you like that pick! I just thought with all the serious stuff we recommended, why not have him watch something totally cheesy and goofy, ahah.

      1. I think it’s only goofy, not cheesy 😉

        Btw, remember I once written (in a blogathon) that the character I want to date with is Capa played by Cillian? You think it’s because of Cillian, but it’s actually not…it’s because of the man Cillian portrayed as Capa. I wrote a bit about that man on my next post 😉

        1. Ahah well I always think Pauly Shore is so darn cheesy, but I like Sean Astin and Brendan Fraser in it 😀

          Oh cool, I’m curious to read it Nov, is that post up now?

            1. Oh I don’t know if it’s Brendan’s first movie? But it could be. He was sooo hunky in his younger days, wonder what happens to his career since The Mummy!

  9. Another list with Wall-E! 🙂 I love the inclusion and reasoning behind it of Schindler’s List. It’s one of the most important movies ever made.

    1. Do you like Wall•E? That’s one of my fave Pixar flicks! Yeah, I think Schindler’s List just have to be seen, most especially by people who have served in WWII.

  10. Brittani

    Great list! There’s so many awesome films here. I love that I’m not the only one that recommended a DC movie to a Marvel character. lol

    1. Ted S.

      Ha ha, I’ve never thought about that before you mention it. But then again I’m not a big comic reader so it didn’t even occur to me that Batman belongs in DC world and Capt. is in Marvel.

  11. Ted S.

    Ruth, I erased my memory of ever seeing Encino Man, in fact anything with Pauly Shore, I want to forget of ever seeing him in it. I can’t stand that man, LOL.

      1. Definitely a fan. It is up there with Up, Toy Story and Frozen for my favorite animated (kid’s) movie. If I had to pick, I’d probably put Wall-E as number 1.

        (And I promise to visit – and most likely comment – on all of your posts. Eventually.) 🙂

        1. Awesome! I’m actually not in love w/ UP as I thought I would though, but still appreciate it a great deal. As for Wall•E, it might be one of my fave Pixar characters ever, right up there w/ Toy Story’s Woody and Monsters Inc’s Mike Wazowski 😀

          Awww, well that would be awesome, thank you Josh!!

          1. Mike is certainly a great character, too. And he has such an awesome name. 🙂

            Agreed on Woody. So many of the Toy Story characters are quite complex, really. Just a wonderful movie, that one.

    1. Thanks Andy, it was fun to take part in this. I haven’t seen Good Night and Good Luck but sounds like it had a similar theme about American politics that Cap would surely appreciate 😀

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  13. nice list guys!
    I contemplated doing one of these myself, but felt too limited by just 10 titles since 1943.
    You both seemed to have thought long and hard about this and I like your list!

  14. Wall Street and The Social Network are very apt choices Ruth. I love the inclusion of All The President’s Men too! Very educational…

    Ted has picked some exceptional movies though…films everyone who loves cinema has to see!

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