Top 20 movie scenes I could watch over and over again – Part 2

Now that you’ve seen the first 10. Here’s the second part of my favorite scenes:

11. Casino Royale

Bond meets Vesper for the first time on a train. Their flirtatious banter is one of the best written dialogue I’ve ever come across. I like Eva Green’s Vesper in that she’s no bimbo, a far cry from Denise Richards’ Dr. Christmas Jones surely!

12. Batman Begins

I love the witty dialogue between Lucius and Bruce Wayne in both Nolan’s Batmans. But this one could easily be my favorite. Bruce asks what that ‘thing’ is that caught his eye, to which Lucius replies, ‘Tumbler? Oh, you wouldn’t be interested in that.’ An intense test-drive ensues, which ends with the billionaire looking all euphoric and out of breath, quipping ‘does this come in black?’ Major awesomeness!

13. The Dark Knight – The truck flip scene

First of all, I LOVE the batpod and the whole cape flying thing when Batman is riding it. Sure the scene defies scientific conceivability but it’s a grand film spectacle nonetheless. The Joker tantalizing Batman ‘Hit me!’ as he fires shots and the caped one barely missing him by a hair is downright intense, it the good vs. evil battle at its finest.

14. Dear Frankie – Frankie meets ‘daddy’

This is why I still have high hopes for Gerry Butler despite his dubious role choices of late. Known only as the Stranger, his mere 20+ minutes presence in this film is the heart of this little gem. I couldn’t find just that particular scene on you tube, so ffwd to 7:35 to see the scene I’m referring to (or better yet, watch the cafe scene also when Frankie’s mom Lizzie first met the Stranger). I love the expression on the Stranger’s and Lizzie’s face when the little boy ran to embrace him. Have your Kleenex handy.

edit: Sorry, the vid’s been removed from YouTube, but you can watch the trailer. I guess you’d have to watch the movie to find out what I mean 😉

15. The New World

Christian Bale has a great smile, but most would never know it as he rarely let it out. Well, this is Bale as his most romantic, all mushy and tender as John Rolfe who falls hard for brokenhearted Pocahontas. Man, I wish he’d do more roles like this. We’ve seen way too much of him being batty and bad @$$, but clearly his softer side is so darn watchable!

16. North & South (BBC Miniseries) – The train station scene

You have to see the entire 6-hour miniseries in order to appreciate this scene fully. But the kiss is a picture perfect climax of the volatile journey these two have been on. Ok, I’m not ashamed to admit Richard Armitage’s stubbly and strong jaw line is as mesmerizing as the kiss itself!

17. American President – Speech

Politics aside, Andrew Shepherd is one charismatic president whose public speaking prowess gives Tony Blair a run for his money. Michael Douglas fits this role like a glove, I kept wondering if the actor ever had aspirations to be a politician!

18. Moulin Rouge – Come What May

Ewan McGregor at his all-time gorgeousness and oh what a voice! He and Nicole Kidman can have a second career as a singer if they ever wish to. The bohemian love story is lush and beautifully shot. Too bad they cut the best part of the whole scene in this clip, when the Duke says, ‘I don’t like the ending.’ Richard Roxburgh plays the creepy but hilarious Duke to perfection!

19. Sense & Sensibility

Don’t you just love Alan Rickman? Sure he’s not young and dashing like Greg Wise as Willoughby but I kept rooting for him the entire film! When Col. Brandon beholds Marianne for the first time, his expression of awe and admiration for her gets me every time! Not a lot of actors are able portray being hopelessly in love in such a captivating way.

20. Equillibrium

This flick has flaws surely, but the story’s got so much potential to make it a classic. Bale (yes him again!) plays a super soldier trained to be devoid of emotion in a severe one-world government. This scene shows Bale struggling not to fall for a woman prosecuted for a ‘sense’ offense. Emily Watson is superb as Mary, as her unabashed resolve clearly makes John question what it really means to be human.

Ok, your turn, readers. Share your own list of scenes you’re crazy about, I know you have them!

17 thoughts on “Top 20 movie scenes I could watch over and over again – Part 2

  1. PrairieGirl

    1. Was flipping through the channels this PM and came across Rocky (the first one), right at the beginning of the scene where Rocky invites Adrian into his apartment for the first time, and this scene always stops me dead in my tracks. If I had known there would not be a single video of it online I would have taped it. Now THAT is the way to convince a reluctant girl to let a guy get very close to you!

    2. And of course, must include the scene that first endeared me to Rufus Sewell. In Tristan and Isolde, when Lord Marke (Sewell) and Tristan are on the bridge, he asks “do you think, a man blinded by love, is it possible that man might not see treachery right in front of him?… Does she have a lover?” and Tristan replies “…she is loyal to you.” Well, of course, she isn’t loyal and at that point you stop empathizing so much with the two young lovers who cannot be together, but instead turn your sympathies towards Lord Marke – and fall in love with Rufus(!) –, both at the same time 😉

    1. rtm

      I actually have not seen Rocky in its entirety, even though I played Adrian in a skit for my ESL class when I first came to the US. ‘Rocky’ was my Swiss classmate who’s about 6’3″, lean and blue-eyed, nothing like Sly =) But then again, I’m about a foot shorter than Brigitte Nielsen… he..he..

      As for Tristan & Isolde, yeah I was rooting for Rufus’ character myself. I mean, what is wrong with the woman? Who’d complain having to be married to a Lord who looks like THAT?? I thought Tristan was a wimp to be honest.

      1. PrairieGirl

        My dear rtm, the cute, sweet, petite darkhaired Talia Shire played Adrian, thus exactly why you were cast as her!

        (Neilsen played Ludmilla, the wife of a Russian fighter Stallone takes on in Rocky iV.)

  2. Oh wow, so many of the things I love are on there!

    – Dear Frankie (GOOD!)
    – North & South (High 5!)
    – The New World is so beautifully shot.
    – I’m still pining for Ewan McGregor to have a music career so I can buy his albums.
    – LOVE Alan Rickman as Col. Brandon, which is why I still haven’t quite brought myself to watch the latest S&S adaptation with David Morissey as Brandon. Rickman defines him for me, really.

    Other scenes I could watch over and over:
    – The If I Didn’t Care scene from Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day
    – The scene in Love Actually between Mark and Juliet, where he has all the placards

    I’m sure there’s some others but these two are all I’ve been able to come up with for now.

    1. Glad you like my choices, Kirsten! N&S is one of my top five fave period dramas, and mostly because of Richard Armitage’s Thornton (swoon). Rickman as Brandon just kept growing on me with each repeated viewing (which is quite often, he..he..), but you know what, Morissey is surprisingly quite good in the latest S&S adaptation. Funny how my favorite two characters are still Elinor and Brandon, though I actually prefer Dan Steven’s Edward to Hugh Grant’s. Here’s a music video that shows him with Elinor:

  3. Man oh man Ruth! WHat an awesome list. You just made me want to run home and watch all of these tonight…well the ones I own anyway. Amazing you found these exact scenes!

    The tumbler is so much fun to watch and I could watch it over and over like the point of your post. But the fav on this bottom part of 20 is the Casino Royale scene. The whole thing just works and the movie is one of my very favorites in the last 10 years!

    Fine job Ruth:)

    1. Thanks for checking this out Marc! he..he.. that’s the idea to get these scenes a re-watch or two. Took me a while to find the exact scenes, especially now YouTube keep taking down the clips due to copyright issues!

      LOVE Tumbler, hope they bring that back in the 3rd one. As for Casino Royale, yes, don’t you just love Vesper? She’s as much my fave character than Bond himself. That’s a very rare thing in other Bond flicks!

  4. Superb choices all around. I adore that scene from Sense and Sensibility it’s so beautiful and romantic and Rickman shows so much doing so little. Christian Bale was just adorable in the New World, just a perfect, sweetest guy. It’s one of my favorite performances of his.

    1. Hi Sati! Glad you agree. I LOVE that we both adore Alan Rickman and yeah, I wish Bale would do more roles like the sweet & romantic John Rolfe more often!

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