Top 20 movie scenes I could watch over and over again – Part 1

I love lists, they’re just so much fun to read and make up! Ok now, I was going to whittle this down to ten but I find myself agonizing which one to cut. So you know what, since it’s my own friggin’ blog, I get to make my own rules! Below are the first ten scenes which are worth repeated viewings even if the film itself isn’t.  Outrageous or poignant, bad @$$ or saccharine sweet, deep or frivolous — one thing for sure: they all deserve an encore!


1. Toy Story 2 – The toys crossing the street

The toys, led by the ever so self-assured Buzz, cross the street blindly under the cones which inevitably cause hilarious mayhem in the process.

2. Ben Hur – ‘Jesus’ scene

The enslaved Prince Judah almost dies of thirst and Jesus gives him water. My favorite part is when the Roman soldier scolds him for doing that and is about to whip him, when Jesus stands up and simply looks at the man. The soldier’s thunderstruck expression is so poignantly moving, it’s as if he knew what that man in ragged clothing could see through his entire being, and that makes him uneasy. Then when Judah’s thirst was satisfied, he too looks up at Him and is rendered speechless. The end of the scene shows Judah looking so revitalized and full of hope that he barely noticed being whipped. He can’t take his eyes off his Savior as he’s led away, still in chains but somehow free. Powerful stuff.

3. Ben-Hur –  ‘Chariots Race’ scene

The spectacular scene of the chariots scene between Judah and his nemesis Mesala. The fact that this was done prior to CGI technology makes it all the more mind-boggling. It’s best that you watch the entire movie to understand the significance of this scene, and why the ‘fall’ at the end is so gut-wrenching to watch. Even with the repeated watching, this scene never fails to take my breath away.

4. Phantom of the Opera – Phantom leads Christine to his lair

This is Butler in his prime and he’s got such a magnetic presence even with only one side of his face to work with that I wish he was taking me to his lair!  Joel Schumacher may not be a great film director but he knows a thing or two about art direction. The whole setting is just so beautiful and seductive, especially with Andrew Llyod Webber’s haunting theme song. The Phantom is supposed to be ugly but after seeing Butler as the masked musical genius, I can’t imagine anybody else in this role. He even ruined the stage experience for me, I saw it for the second time last May and I much prefer the film version!

5. Gladiator

My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius – only Russell Crowe can say it without inducing giggles from the audience. I love watching how Commodus’ skin crawl as he stares at the supposedly-dead general. When Maximus proclaimed, ‘I will get my vengeance, in this life or the next’ he practically peed in his pants.

6. The Transporter – Opening sequence of Frank’s bank job

The transporter definitely lives up to its name with the most adrenaline-charged yet preposterous car chase in movie history.

7. Return to Me – Bob returns to O’Reilly

Bob returns to the Irish-Italian restaurant to retrieve his phone and finally gets a chance to be alone with Grace. David Duchovny & Minnie Driver’s chemistry is palpable which makes their encounter feels so effortlessly natural. Unfortunately I can’t find that exact scene, but you can see it in the clip below starting at minute 8:00. This is what I wish more rom-coms can be, sweet without being corny and shamelessly banal.

8. Bruce Almighty – Evan Baxter’s newscast scene

Steve Carell totally stole the scene as Evan Baxter with his hysterical blabbering. As Jim Carrey’s mischievous ‘God’ ups the ante on his trickery, Evan’s uncontrollable blabbering gets all the more hilarious. It never fails to make my stomach hurt from laughing so hard. Too bad the entire movie sequel with Carell isn’t half as funny.


9. The Gods Must Be Crazy – The Land Rover Scene

If you haven’t seen this original and thought-provoking comedy, go put it on your Netflix queue, pronto! It’s genuinely funny without the shock factor you see in every comedy flix these days (yep, I’m looking right at you Sacha!) Pretty much this entire movie is jam-packed with side-splitting zaniness, but this is by far my favorite:

10. Superman I – Supes rescues his beloved Lois in a chopper crash

Every time the classic theme plays on as Lois quipped one of the memorable lines in the movie, ‘You’ve got me, who’s got you?’ I can’t help feeling nostalgic and giddy as the first time I saw this when I was a kid. This is why the Christopher Reeves will always be Superman in my heart, inimitable and unrivaled to this day.

Look for my second part sometime tomorrow. In the meantime, can you think of your own favorite scenes?

20 thoughts on “Top 20 movie scenes I could watch over and over again – Part 1

  1. mcarteratthemovies

    I’m so happy to see Steve Carell’s “Bruce Almighty” rant made the list — if you ask me, it deserves to be in the running for the funniest scene in a movie … ever. The outtakes are priceless, with Carell never so much as cracking ONE smile. And it stole what little thunder Jim Carrey had.

    A few scenes I love: “They call me … Tim”/Killer Rabbit from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”; the foot-in-the-wood chipper bit from “Fargo”; the iocane powder faceoff in “Princess Bride”; the elevator scene at the end of “The Departed” (the ultimate WTF? moment in movie history; Princess Fiona’s non-transformation in “Shrek”; the discovery of Keyser Soze in “The Usual Suspects”; and “D minor is the saddest of all keys” in “This Is Spinal Tap.”

    M. Carter at the Movies

  2. PrairieGirl

    My favorite scene was never was put in the movie. No One Would Listen is simply mesmerizing, to hear and to watch, especially from when the Phantom (Gerard Butler) picks up the red rose until the end. From “According to the script, [this scene was to appear] right after the Masquerade (you can see his [Masquerade] costume lying over a chair [in his lair]).” A perfect place for the scene to appear, letting us see the enormous contrast between his frightening appearance at the Masquerade and his extreme loneliness in the depths below the opera house.

    A huge disappointment not seeing it in the film, found it only after checking out the Special Features on the DVD.

    1. rtm

      I like this scene, too, but I think the reason they left it out was because it sort of disrupt the pace of the film. It kind of feels like a music video, you know what I mean? I personally think the scene where Christine is walking on the cemetery should’ve been pared down considerably, and instead, it’d have been great to see more of her history with her dad. But Joel seems to be more concerned with style over substance.

    2. PrairieGirl

      No one will ever be able to convince me that there was a good reason to keep this out of the movie, saw many similar comments online, but nice try, rtm!!

      But totally agree about the cemetery scene, it goes on way too long. Fast forwarded through it the last two times I watched. Great idea about cutting from that scene and adding more about Christine and her father.

  3. PrairieGirl

    Agree with a lot of your picks, rtm and also a lot of yours, M. Carter. Believe it or not, not quite so much a fan of the Steve Carell scene in Bruce Almighty (so what’s wrong with me?!)

    But now for some light-hearted oldies but goodies: Blazing Saddles, when Madeline Kahn says “It’s trwu, it’s trwu;” Night Shift, when Henry Winkler and Michael Keaton are in the morgue, trying to convince the “ladies of the night” into letting them be their new “agents” and offering them vacations and health insurance; and The Blues Brothers, even though I don’t get excited over car chase/car crash scenes, the one at the end of this movie just cracked me up!

  4. Love The Transporter…the action scenes definitely make up for the slow forced love story bits, that’s for sure.

    But I think I am so smitten with you putting Toy Story 2 at the very top. Now that I think of it, that is such a fun fun fun scene…I love the cement pipe that rolls into the light post off scene:)

    1. Yeah, the love story is lame I agree. Jason Statham just isn’t believable in the romance stuff, he should just stick to the bad ass action stuff.

      Actually, I don’t usually rank my list, it’s hard enough to come up with the list. If I absolutely HAD to rank ’em though, the Ben Hur Jesus scene would’ve been at the top, followed close second by the chariots race. But yeah, I adore the crossing-street scene in TS 2, so suspenseful and knee-slapping-ly hilarious at the same time!

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  6. That scene from Gladiator never fails to send a shiver down my spine. I love it. and yes, only Crowe can say that line with the amount of gravitas it deserves!

    It’s awful, but I’m drawing a blank on my personal favourite scenes I could watch over and over again… I’m blaming the fact that it’s a Friday.

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  8. The remake of Ben-Hur with it’s CGI is going to look bad. That race scene is quite good I need to rewatch Gladiator. I keep falling asleep whenever I watch it

    1. Hi Vern! Well I heard that in the remake they’re filming the race scenes on location so it’s not entirely CGI. But yeah, I can’t imagine it being equal to the 1959 version, let alone top it. Oooh Gladiator is sooo good man, hope you’ll watch it in its entirety soon.

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