Breaking Emotions Blogathon: Smiles & Thrills


Last week I took part in Mettel Ray‘s BREAKING EMOTIONS blogathon on Tears and Surprise. Check out my entry if you haven’t already. It was a lot of fun to do so naturally I’m game to do another one. Now the emotions for this week are …


Continuing with the theme of two opposites, this week’s first emotion is SMILES – now, I had put down laughing at first but again, I’m a bit of a weirdo and I ended up liking the word smiles a bit more. But the idea is still the same, I’m looking for scenes that have made you laugh and smile in the most happiest way possible. May it be the two lovers finally coming together, may it be a dog or a cat being all cute – everything positive and joyful will be suitable for this emotion.

Second one is a bit more dangerous and it’s that THRILL one gets watching a movie, it’s that inner excitement (again a word I wanted to use but it was too long) that will get you on the edge of the seat. Maybe it’s an explosion or a car chase or just the villain entering the building, what scene gets your blood going with adrenaline while sitting in the theater or at home. The dictionary I have says that thrilling itself means shaking, so, what makes you shake in awesomeness with a word “wow” running through your mind.

Check out Mettel Ray’s post on Breaking Emotions: Smiles & Thrills

It should be obvious for posts like these, but just in case, if you haven’t seen any of these, BEWARE OF SPOILERS!

Ok, so here are my picks:


Casino Royale Bond and Vesper’s banter in the train

I absolutely adore this scene! It’s one of my favorites even amongst the dozens of Bond movies I’ve watched over the years because for once Bond is genuinely dazzled and stirred by a woman’s intellect as well as her beauty. Vesper barely revels any skin in this scene, but yet she oozes sex appeal. Vesper ‘overcompensates by wearing slightly masculine clothing’ as Bond puts it, and later the table is turned as Vesper nonchalantly makes a sarcastic remark about Bond’s ‘perfectly formed ass.’ It’s a stimulating banter that Daniel Craig and Eva Green performed with aplomb. Such a fantastic scene that never fails to bring a smile to my face every time I watch it.

How to Train Your Dragon –  a touch of friendship

I always love stories of unlikely friendships and there is nothing more unlikely than a little boy and a dragon. Toothless is unbelievably adorable that I wish I could have one as my own pet! The scenes where Hiccup slowly gets to know the Night Fury dragon are the best, especially the drawing scene … Toothless is trying to draw Hiccup using the tip of a tree branch and as Hiccup walks closer to him, Toothless makes a gesture ‘don’t step on the line!’ The moment Toothless lets Hiccup’s hand touches his face is so sweet and deeply moving, it’s as if Toothless gestures to him ‘I trust you now.’ John Powell’s score makes the whole scene even more awesome!


The New World – Pocahontas & John Rolfe

The last 20 or so minute of this 2.5-hour film with John Rolfe and Pocahontas brings such joy to me as I LOVE the tentative relationship between the two. It’s such a contrast to the more passionate yet tumultuous relationship between her and Captain Smith. After Pocahontas married Rolfe and goes to England, the supposedly-missing Smith was able to track her down. Rolfe lets his wife goes and meets him, though in one scene Rolfe is shown to be in torment, perhaps fearing the worst that his wife would leave him now that Smith is back.


The way Terrence Malick sets up this scene is just brilliant in its minimalism. There’s barely any words spoken but the body language speaks volumes. The moment Pocahontas (Q’orianka Kilcher) catches up to Rolfe as she walks back into the house, she just hugs his left arm from behind, clutching it so tight as if to say I’m here… with you… and nothing would keep us apart. Rolfe’s subtle reaction when she does this is priceless… he pauses as if he couldn’t believe his luck. It wasn’t a celebratory reaction where he suddenly takes her in his arms and kiss her or anything like that but it’s apparent that he’s ecstatic…  It’s apparent how much Rolfe loves his wife, and the fact that she now has chosen him after all must’ve brought such indescribable euphoria. Though it’s a small role, I consider this one of my all time favorite Christian Bale performance… I wish he’d do more romantic roles like this one!



Now for this emotion, I decided to forgo any kind of ‘chase’ scene, be it car, boat, planes, horse, what have you. I might actually made a separate list specifically on thrilling chase scenes at some point 😉

Inglourious Basterds – Opening interrogation scene

You don’t always need an action scene to create a thrilling sequence. This opening scene is basically just two people sitting on a table talking… but the way this interrogation scene is set up is so darn intense that my nerves was stretched to its snapping point. Col. Hans Landa is a rather soft-spoken Nazi officer but his polite mannerism actually makes it the scene all the more suspenseful! It’s the quintessential ‘edge of your seat’ scene that had me gripping the arm rest and my poor husband’s arm. The bar scene in this movie qualifies as well, but I chose this one as I like the sheer simplicity, but yet so meticulously-crafted to maximize its impact.

Jurassic Park – We’re back in business!

There are SO many thrilling scenes in this film that it’s really tough to choose from. I was going to put the Raptor in the Kitchen scene as that one was unbelievably gripping, but I like that this one was going back and forth between the Laura Dern’s character Ellie trying to get the electricity back on and her husband Alan (Sam Neill) with the two kids as they’re climbing the temporarily-off electric fence!! I couldn’t sit still watching this scene, and when you think things are under control — ‘We’re back in business!’ — your worst nightmare just jumps right at you! Spielberg is relentless in piling up thrill after thrill here that still holds up even 20 years later.

Mission Impossible 4 – Burj Khalifa scene


Even though I know full well Tom Cruise is not going to plunge into his death, this scene still makes my palms sweaty! Far more gripping than any car/chopper/train/boat chases Agent Ethan Hunt’s ever been involved in the previous three movies. Now THIS is worthy to be called Mission Impossible and Cruise is such a daredevil actor himself that he actually did his own stunts! It never fails to give the ultimate adrenaline rush every single time I watch it, makes me wish Brad Bird is back doing MI-5 again!

What do you think of my picks? Which scenes would YOU pick for smiles and/or thrills?

57 thoughts on “Breaking Emotions Blogathon: Smiles & Thrills

  1. Great list, Ruth.

    You surprised me with the Mission Impossible 4 selection, mostly because I don’t think it a great movie. Still you’re right – that climb is pretty thrilling, on its own merits. 😉

    1. Hi James! Oh you didn’t like MI4? I thought it was awesome. The Burj Khalifa scene is unbelievably thrilling, definitely NOT for those w/ vertigo!

  2. Awesome choices, Ruth! That opening scene from Inglorious is certainly thrilling and I think I had the same feelings during How to Train your Dragon.

  3. Fun read list Ruth! Some great choices. I love the Inglorious scene. It was thrilling and nerve racking for sure. I’m not the biggest fan of that film but I think that scene is one of the best in recent memory.

    1. Hi Keith, you missed the first entry 😉 I was wondering what you thought of my picks for Tears and Surprise. I’m usually not a big QT fan as his films are so violent, at times unnecessarily so, but IB is so well-crafted, esp. the two I mentioned.

        1. Considering we share the same belief, I’d love to hear what you think on my second pick under Tears. That film was so heartbreaking, hopefully you have seen that one.

    1. Hi Mettel! Somehow those two scenes came to me straight away, esp. the ‘Basterds’ one as I nearly had a nervous breakdown watching it, so yeah definitely fit what you said there about being shaken, ahah. Great blogathon girl, curious what’s the next set of emotions will be 😀

  4. Victor De Leon

    Awesome list, Ruth! I love MI4. I’m glad you chose the Khalifa scene. So intense. The pick of Jurassic Park was cool indeed. That scene with Laura Dern gets me every time!

  5. Ted S.

    Good choices there Ruth, that scene in M: I-4 was pretty cool, especially when seeing it on IMAX.

    I can’t really think of any scenes since I’ve seen so many movies but I guess there’s one scene from a movie that made me sweat. It’s the one from Misery, it’s based on Stephen King novel and since I read the book, I knew what was going to happen yet I sort of didn’t want to see it. And when it happened, it’s worst than the novel version.

    1. Oh man, I wish I had seen it in IMAX now, I bet that’s even more pulse-pounding when the camera pans towards the ground from the crazy height of that building! It’s a LOOOOOONG way down!

      Oh yeah, I think I know which scene you’re talking about in Misery. I don’t even dare to watch it, I think I might pass out!

  6. “Even accountants have imaginations.” Love that scenes between Vesper and Bond. Green and Craig had such great chemistry, and she’s definitely a hard Bond girl for future characters to live up to.
    The only thing I kept saying out loud for your thrill picks, “Yeah, yeah, yeah!” Awesome choices and can’t believe I didn’t think of them. Great list Ruth! 😀

    1. Hi Katy! We’re like-minded aren’t we? Vesper is one of my all time fave Bond girls as she’s actually got brains AND personality, love her!

      Thanks! Glad you love my picks, hey I always think of the same thing when I saw others’ posts, why didn’t I think of THOSE?? I love the TDK and Inception ones from your list.

      1. Great minds think alike! Eva Green will definitely be unforgettable as Vesper. I’m definitely going to check out Terrence Malicks’ New World – I’ve been meaning to see it for yours.
        When I saw Inglorious Basterds, Jurassic Park, AND Mission Impossible, I all but tapped myself on the head, like “Doh!” *Homer Simpson moment*

        1. Hi Katy, I’m actually not too fond of the entire movie of The New World, in fact the scenes I watched over and over again is the Christian Bale (John Rolfe) scenes towards the end. I suppose it helps to watch the whole thing so you get the significance of THIS very scene and how much it means to Rolfe what Pocahontas did here.

          He…he.. I’m glad you like my choices, that makes me happy! 😀

  7. 🙂 Awesome list. I have seen a few of them. LOVE the scene between Bond and Vesper, it was such a blast! And Inglorious Basterds gets me each and every single time!

    1. Hi Zoë! That Casino Royale scene must still be fresh in your mind isn’t it since you just had your Bond marathon of sort 🙂 Yeah, there are so many thrilling scenes in IB but that opening one stood out to me.

        1. CR ranks as one of my favorite, right? It’s one of my all time faves too even amongst dozens of Bond films! IB is perhaps my fave Tarantino film.

    1. Thanks Morgan! Yeah, both are very thrilling and suspenseful in their own way, I think the seemingly-calm scenes like in ‘Basterds’ can actually have more of an impact when it’s done well.

  8. Great choices Ruth! i particularly loved the inclusion of that scene from The New World – I didn’t like the movie but Bale was so fantastic there – one of the best husbands I’ve seen in films. Your description of the scene is spot on!

    1. Hi Sati! Oh it makes me so happy you said that! To be honest I’m not fond of the film as a whole but the Bale scenes in the last 20 min or so is just superb, largely because of his performance. It’s such a different role than what I’m used to seeing, he’s SO tender and sweet it made me so jealous w/ Kilcher as Pocahontas! 😀

  9. Excellent choices, have made my choices and will be putting it up this weekend. Wish I though of Inglourious Basterds, that scene is stunning…reading it makes me want to rewatch that film 🙂

    1. Hi Nostra! I think because that film nearly gave me a nervous breakdown made me remember it right away, ahah. It is stunning and SO suspenseful! Christoph Waltz won every single award that year for that role, and rightly so!

    1. Hi Elina! Glad you agree, I think the entire sequence w/ Bale was what made me love that film so much. It’s crazy that at the time Bale wasn’t as in demand as he is now.

    1. Hi Andrew! Yeah that interrogation scene is far more thrilling and suspenseful than a lot of other more action-packed sequences. As for The New World, I only love to rewatch the Christian Bale scenes for some reason 😀

  10. All the bonding scenes between Toothless and Hiccup just make me cry! Cry out of happiness! They’re just so well done and the score by John Powell is PERFECT for those scenes. Listening to those tracks is enough to get me weeping. Because it’s all very happy lol. Such a sap! 😀

    1. Hi Kim! I wanted to find a non-chase thrilling scene so the MI-4 one came to mind right away. LOVE it, I’m afraid of heights so it’s extra fun to watch it. I’m a huuuge fan of HTTYD too, can’t wait for the sequel.

  11. Wow! Awesome choices, Ruth! I really need to rewatch The New World, as I’ve not seen it since it first came out on DVD.

    Some of my picks: Smiles – A drunken James Stewart talking with Cary Grant in The Philadelphia Story, and pretty much any scene in The Apartment 🙂
    Thrills – The scene in Signs where Joaquin Phoenix fights the alien, and the “Who Were We” scene in Holy Motors

    1. Hello Josh! It’s funny but I love the last 20 min or so of The New World more than the entire film. Oh man, I still need to see The Philadelphia Story, what a trio of cast in that one. Oh great picks for thrill, agree w/ both of those scene being quite thrilling but in a different way. I love that ‘Who Were We’ song so much!

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