Blogathon: 10 Actors I Would See In Just About Anything


Thank you to Lady Sati, whom I’ve been commiserating with in the agony & ecstasy of crushing over an underrated Brit, kindly passed the baton to me to join this awesome blogathon! This idea originated with Abbi at Where the Wild Things Are, and to be honest with you, it wasn’t as easy as I thought. Partly it’s because I’ve been nuts about Toby Stephens lately [haven’t you noticed?] that he’s sort of ruined it for other actors for me. So apart from Toby [who I’d watch in literally ANYTHING], the title of the post is hyperbolic of course. For the other actors, it’s not that I’d watch them in anything because there are tons of movies with them in it I haven’t seen and probably never will. But having their name in a certain film would certainly make me more inclined in watching them.

Ok now I know this is a list for LIVING actors, but if we could include deceased actors, no doubt Gregory Peck would be on the list as I’ve seen practically everything he’s in by now. Heck, I even made a tumblr because of him though now it’s dedicated to Toby [natch!]

Here they are ranked from bottom to top so #1 is my MOST favorite:

10. Tom Hardy


First saw the hunky and versatile actor in Rocknrolla, along with two other actors here on my top 10 list (Elba & Butler) where he played Handsome Bob. Incidentally, his character was a closeted gay man who’s been secretly in love with Butler’s character. One thing I noticed right away is Hardy’s gorgeous voice to go with his handsome face, and he’s got such swagger. Then I saw him in Inception where he stole practically every scene he’s in, and it’s interesting that he played a forger consider the actor’s quite a shape-shifter himself. He’s entirely unrecognizable as Bane in The Dark Knight and also in Warrior, where he bulked up considerably that he looked like he’s twice the size of his character in Rocknrolla! Hardy’s proven to be a capable actor even when all he’s got to work with is his face, as proven in the one-man-show Locke. Heck, he’s even watchable in abominable rom-com like This Means War which I saw on the plane just for him.

Favorite Role: Ivan Locke in Locke
Least Favorite Role: Tuck in This Means War

9. Idris Elba


I also first noticed the hunky former D.J. in American Gangster where I didn’t realize he was British. But I really took notice when he was in Rocknrolla as Gerry Butler’s BFF Mumbles. Like Hardy, he not only looks good but sounds good as well sporting his native Cockney accent. The next few years I saw him in The Losers, Thor, Prometheus, Pacific Rim and Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. Elba’s got such a magnetic persona and devilish charm, in fact I felt rather guilty drooling over him when he was playing Mandela. If only the Bond producers were daring enough to cast him as Bond, oh man he’d be a killer 007.  I still need to catch The Wire soon, but he’s definitely an actor whose career I watch closely.

Favorite Role: Stacker Pentecost in Pacific Rim
Least Favorite Role: Roque in The Losers

8. Clive Owen



There’s something mysterious to Clive that adds so much to his allure. He smolders without even trying and he’s inherently cool because he doesn’t seem to have anything to prove. The first time I saw him was in those BMW films, which instantly wished he had been in the running as Bond. I know Clive is known for his dark, brooding roles like Children of Men and Closer, as well as in action hero roles like King Arthur, Shoot ’em Up, Sin City, The International, etc. but I also love him in dramatic roles, i.e. Elizabeth: The Golden Age, The Boys Are Back and Shadow Dancer. He even shines in slightly comedic roles like the recent dramedy Words & Pictures with Juliette Bincohe.

Favorite Role: Theo in Children of Men
Least Favorite Role: Smith in Shoot ‘Em Up

7. Alan Rickman


I actually first saw Rickman in Truly, Madly, Deeply in my ESL class before I started college. Then later on I learned that he was the same actor playing Hans Gruber in Die Hard. Since then he’s become one of my all time favorite villains, but also one of my most cherished period drama hero as Colonel Brandon in Sense and Sensibility. Later on I’ve loved Rickman in a variety of roles: Galaxy Quest, Love Actually, Bottle Shock, and I even rented Gambit because he’s in it. Rickman’s line delivery is just one of the things I love about him, as evident in his role as Severus Snape in the Harry Potter films. He’s perhaps one of the most impersonated actors out there, young British talents like Benedict Cumberbatch & Tom Hiddleston have done impressions of him. His voice is so golden that even when he voiced Marvin in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the android is my fave character in the movie.

Number of movies seen: 18
Favorite Role: Col. Brandon in Sense and Sensibility
Least Favorite Role: Lionel Shahbandar in Gambit

6. Gerard Butler


Ok for those who’ve followed my blog from the beginning already know I’ve had a huge crush on the Scottish lad ever since I saw him in Phantom of the Opera. I definitely prefer his leaner look before he got so buff in 300, though all that crazy training shows his dedication for a role. Well, lately I was dismayed by his role choices, mostly those atrocious rom-coms he kept signing up for like The Ugly Truth and Playing for Keeps. The latter was so horrible I actually swore off Butler for a while in my open letter. But Butler’s the only one of my crushes whom I’ve actually met in real life so perhaps that’s why it’s not easy to just forget about him. To be fair though, it’s not like Butler didn’t bother to act the past few years. In fact, it’s a shame that his compelling work in Machine Gun Preacher was overlooked, and even his surfing role in Chasing Mavericks was decent even if the film wasn’t exactly great. So he still makes my list despite his terrible role choices because well, for some reason I still care for the guy and still have hopes for him, futile though it may be as his next projects are Gods of Egypt and London Has Fallen [sigh]. But then I remember him in his earlier roles in Phantom, Dear Frankie and BBC miniseries The Jury, and y’know what, I’m not quite ready to think he’s a lost cause yet.

Numbers of movies seen: 31
Favorite Role: Erik/Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera
Least Favorite Role: Mike in The Bounty Hunter

5. Keanu Reeves


Ok here’s another actor who perhaps would never win an Oscar, but one can’t refute Keanu’s unusual charm. Believe it or not I think I first saw Keanu in Paula Abdul’s Rush Rush music video, ha! I wouldn’t hold it against him though, I mean he’s probably a young struggling actor making ends meet. Of course the role that made me swoon was Speed, followed by The Matrix (though I’ve only cared to see the first one). Keanu is actually more versatile than people think and despite not being the most expressive actor, he’s just so effortlessly likable. People often forget he’s quite good in My Own Private Idaho with River Phoenix, and able to hold his own against Al Pacino in The Devil’s Advocate. I absolutely love him in the romantic drama A Walk in the Clouds, yes even more so than in his other romantic roles like The Lake House. Even sporting laughable British accent in Much Ado About Nothing and Dracula I still find Keanu amusing to watch, and I’ve even enjoyed watching him in the little-seen movies like Street Kings and Henry’s Crime. I also admire Keanu on a personal level, as he’s well-known for being super generous with his wealth and shunning the lavish Hollywood lifestyle. I don’t care what people say about him, I’ll always be a fan of Keanu and I don’t think there’s an actor quite like him in Hollywood.

Number of Movies Seen: 15
Favorite Roles: Jack in Speed & Neo in The Matrix
Least Favorite Role: Alex Wyler in The Lake House

4. Russell Crowe


Thanks to his tremendous performance as Maximus Decimus Meridius, I was quite obsessed with Mr. Crowe following Gladiator. I remember trying to find all his previous roles, even as obscure as his early Aussie movies in Proof, Heaven’s Burning, Rough Magic, Breaking Up, etc. Every time I saw Crowe’s name attached to something, I’m more inclined to give it a shot even if it’s for a rental. A recent re-watch of Gladiator confirmed how much I admire his acting style. He’s not only charismatic but he’s got such a certain astute way in displaying emotion with even the most subtle gesture. I think his performance as Jeffrey Wigand in The Insider is his best role to date, yes it even beats Gladiator and he should’ve won his Oscar for that role. Crowe makes a compelling hero to be sure, but his villainous turn in 3:10 to Yuma is just as intriguing to watch. Oh and regardless what critics have you believe, he’s quite good in Ridley Scott’s rare rom-com A Good Year which displays his lighthearted side.

Number of Movies Seen: 22
Favorite Roles: Maximus in Gladiator & Jack Aubrey in Master & Commander
Least Favorite Role: Alex Wyler in The Lake House

3. Christian Bale


Before Bale landed the role of Batman, Bale had made an impression of me as Bateman, Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. It was such a dark and violent movie as I saw the unrated version by accident, but Bale was nothing short of electrifying. I think before that role, I had already seen Bale in Reign of Fire alongside Gerry Butler AND Matthew McConaughey, an apocalyptic sci-fi movie with fire-breathing dragons [yep, you heard it right, but it’s quite worth a look just for the cast]. Of course I LOVE Bale as Nolan’s Batman, especially in the origin story in Batman Begins where we see his transformation from a naive rich kid to a bad ass caped crusader. I also loved him in his more understated roles such as John Rolfe in The New World. Despite being there for only 20 minutes, he’s my favorite character and I bought the dvd because of him. Even in so-so movies, the Welsh thespian is often the best thing in it and makes the movie worth a watch. He’s also awesome in Equilibrium which I probably wouldn’t even bother to watch if Bale weren’t in it. His incredible dedication to his craft is incredible, talk about suffering for his art by losing/gaining ridiculous amount of weight for a role. He may not be as versatile as people think though, as I don’t think he could do full on comedy, but he seems to know how to choose roles that suits him.

Number of Movies Seen: 22
Favorite Roles: Bruce Wayne in Nolan’s Batman Trilogy
Least Favorite Role: Melvin Purvis in Public Enemies


2. Timothy Dalton


Whaddayaknow, two Welsh actors back to back in my top 5. Most of you likely know I’m a card-carrying member of the Dalton-is-best-Bond brigade. I LOVE his only two roles as 007 which made me a fan for life. But on top of that, he’s also massively awesome as Prince Barin in the sci-fi cult classic Flash Gordon and the Errol Flynn-channeling villain in The Rocketeer. Until Toby Stephens entered the picture, Dalton was my favorite Rochester amongst the ubiquitous Jane Eyre adaptations and he also made a marvelous Julius Caesar in the 1999 Cleopatra TV Movie. He also has a surprisingly great comic timing too as displayed in Hot Fuzz and the silly-but-fun Beautician and the Beast. There’s a certain intensity and passion in Dalton’s eyes that I find riveting and he’s one of the best looking 70-year-old actors out there. In fact, from the clips of the Penny Dreadful series, it’s clear Dalton seems to only get better with age. I don’t normally watch horror, but I would be willing to give it a shot when it’s available to rent. I wish he had been more prolific in his career. I’d think that Dalton could’ve done a number of roles offered to his peers like Anthony Hopkins, Michael Caine and Patrick Stewart. In fact, I’d have loved to have seen him as Alfred in the inevitable Batman reboots or even better, he’d rock a role of an older Bruce Wayne if they were to adapt Batman Beyond to the big screen.

Number of Movies Seen: 22
Favorite Roles: James Bond in The Living DaylightsLicence to Kill
Least Favorite Role: Michael Barrington in Sextette

1. Toby Stephens


Ahhhh… finally we get to the top of the list. The man who gets me all giddy like a school girl every time I watch him on screen. My Tumblr is now dedicated to this fine British thespian and I literally squeal every time his exquisite face come across my dash. There are few actors in life who generates such an extreme reaction from me, in fact so far there’s only been five of them, starting with Christopher Reeve when I was a wee girl, and he’s the first redhead I’ve ever been head over heels in love with.

As I said in my Toby Appreciation post, the reason Toby’s bewitched me so much is more than just his devastating good looks, but it’s his chameleon-like ability and incredibly expressive face that conveys so much emotion. He’s blessed with greenish-blue piercing eyes and he sure knows how to use them well in each and every role, such as below as Captain Flint in Black Sails.


Sati said about her crush Stephen Dillane that ‘…one look in his eyes is enough to tell you so much about the character he is playing’ I feel the exact same way about Toby and that’s why it’s been such a joy catching up to his work. Toby seems to fit any genre, from period dramas to sci-fi to something like a pirate which one wouldn’t normally associate such a posh, refined and cultured English gent with. Yet Toby effortlessly tackles the role whilst juggling a high-society comedic play in Noël Coward’s Private Lives at the same time.

Toby with Anna Chancelor in ‘Private Lives’

Clearly looks + talent runs in the family as I’ve been a huge fan of Toby’s mum Maggie Smith, but I really respect Toby that he doesn’t owe his career to her. But of course having been exposed to the acting craft early on made an impact on him and made him such a multifaceted performer, excelling in every acting medium from stage, TV, film and even radio where he acts just using his voice alone. He’s also one of those actors who can master any accent, which he’s used in various roles from playing Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby TV Movie to a CIA operative in BBC’s Strike Back. Heck, he even spoke Hindi in the Bollywood historical epic The Rising: Ballad of Mangal Pandey, right after he played Bond villain in Die Another Day no less. About half of the dialog was in Hindi whilst he had to speak with a Scottish accent the rest of the time as Captain William Gordon.

Role that made me a fangirl – Vincent in The Machine (2013)
Role that officially ruined all other men for me: Mr. Rochester in BBC Jane Eyre (2006)
Number of movies/TV shows I saw with him in them: 19 (so far)
Favorite Roles: Rochester in BBC Jane Eyre + Captain Flint in Black Sails
Least Favorite Role: Victorin in Cousin Bette (1998)
 The Many Faces of Toby Stephens
(clockwise from top left: The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, The Queen’s Sister, Wired, Jane Eyre, The Rising, Die Another Day, Cambridge Spies, Robin Hood, Black Sails, The Machine, Vexed, Possession, The Great Gatsby)


Ok I’m not ranking these, this list is in alphabetical order as it was tough enough ranking my top 10! A couple of these actors might’ve made my main list a few months ago but upon looking at some of my old favorites, only three of them made the cut. I’m still a big fan of all of them though, or they wouldn’t even get a mention. Sam Reid is the newbie here as I have only seen him in Belle so far but he really impressed me that I’d love to see more of his work! So here they are and photo shows the role that made me a fan:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  1. Richard Armitage
  2. Eric Bana
  3. Henry Cavill
  4. Benedict Cumberbatch
  5. Chris Evans
  6. Tom Hiddleston
  7. James McAvoy
  8. Ewan McGregor
  9. Sam Reid
  10. Rufus Sewell


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Now I’m passing the torch to my pal Melissa [aka Queen Mel] over at Snap Crackle Watch who shares my taste for cute British boys 😉

So that’s my list folks! Feel free to name your own picks of actors you’d watch in practically anything 🙂

73 thoughts on “Blogathon: 10 Actors I Would See In Just About Anything

  1. Did you forget to pass it to someone or have I been blinded by all the hot pics?:D Love that we share some choices here! Poor Richard, only in honorable mentions…. 🙂

    1. Yeah I was in a hurry to post as I was going to the gym, but I knew who I was gonna pass it on to 😉 We definitely share our love Elba & Rickman. Ahah well don’t feel sorry for Richard, he’s got legions of fans drooling over him.

      1. No worries, I was so distracted writing about Dillane that I forgot to feature Lee Pace. This man is gonna be the end of me.

        BTW I always forget, did you ever see Luther?

        1. So Lee would be on Honorable Mention right? I almost put him on there but I ended up putting Sam Reid as I REALLY loved him in Belle.

          Oh yeah I did but only a couple of episodes, Idris is so good in that. I’m horrible w/ catching on TV show. The only one I managed to finish so far is Black Sails but there’s only 8 episodes so it’s easy. I still haven’t caught up on Season 3 yet of Downton Abbey 😦 But my hubby expressed interest in catching up to The Wire so maybe we’ll binge on that soon.

  2. I like Keanu. He maybe flawed but put him against some of today’s young actors, they make him look like Olivier at his best and Keanu has some charm which I think many of today’s young actors lack.

    1. Glad to hear you appreciate Keanu too! Yep exactly, he’s got a certain charisma that not many actors have. Even the most capable actors sometimes lack charisma as it’s something one cannot train for.

  3. Who is this Toby Stephens I hear of?? Seriously, his name is completely unknown to me. why is this happening, he looks hawt, why .. I mean.. how!?

    Also, a very manly list following the very manly Sati list.. I appreciate all of that way too much it seems but it would be nice to know which actresses you’d see in about anything.. If not a separate post, maybe answer me in the comment. 😉

    1. Well hello Getter! Who’s this Toby? I hope this is the last time you’d ask that 😉 Yes he’s extremely hawt as you say… positively scorching I’d say. You might have seen him before just didn’t realize who he is. Well I suggest you seek out some of his work, he truly is as magnificent as I describe him, no exaggeration at all:D

      Oh I might do a separate actresses post but for sure the three British Dames would make the list: Dame Helen Mirren, Dame Judi Dench and Dame Maggie Smith, the last one happens to be Toby’s mum.

        1. Ruth it can be worse….Andrew of FistfulofFilms has been commenting on my blog for months and one day he goes ‘who is Stephen Dillane?’ FOR SHAME.


          1. Ahah yeah I noticed Drew’s comment and I was like, ‘are you flippin’ kidding me man??’ I mean you made it VERY loud and clear every Friday and also on Twitter!

        2. Yes yes please do Getter! And if I may suggest, start with BBC Jane Eyre 2006 version with Ruth Wilson. But he’s generally HOT in pretty much anything 😉

  4. Ted S.

    I like those actors on your list too! Wish Dalton would’ve starred in more Bond flicks but as we all know, he’s well beyond his time. He would’ve been awesome in Casino Royale and Skyfall! Of course I’ve mentioned many times, had he starred in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, that might be the perfect Bond film.

    I think the actors that I’ve followed their work most are Tom Cruise, Jackie Chan, Eddie Murphy (when he’s doing good comedies), Harrison Ford, Brad Pitt and Leo Di Caprio. And since I’m a big action films fan, I’ve seen all of Sly’s and Arnold’s flicks. Most of Van Damme’s, Norris’, Snipes’ and Seagal’s movies.

    1. Ted S.

      Oh yeah forgot to mention, Clint Eastwood, Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman; Hackman might be my favorite actor of all time.

      1. Hey Ted! I figure lots of guys appreciate these guys too as a number of them have been in some bad ass movies! 😉 I still wish Dalton would somehow make an appearance in future Bond film, maybe in a small cameo like René Mathis in Casino Royale. Heck he’d make an even more intriguing M than Ralph Fiennes I think.

        Hackman is your fave actor? WOW you have something in common w/ Toby then. He’s said in interviews he loved Hackman so much one time he saw him at a hotel and he was too starstruck to even say hello! Funny you mentioned Clint too as obviously he thought Toby looked like him as he cast him as his young version in Space Cowboys.

        1. Ted S.

          Yeah it would awesome if Mandes cast Dalton as the villain in the next Bond flick, not the one they’re currently shooting but the supposed third and final Bond for both Craig and Mendes.

          Hackman’s the only actor who can play a great villain and hero, heck he’s both in The French Connection. Even in a bad movie, he’s watchable. He and Dan Aykroyd starred in this buddy action film from 1990:, it’s pretty bad Hackman really was having fun playing the Martin Riggs/John McClane type of role. The film tried to cash in on the buddy cop action craze back in the 80s/90s.

          1. Yeah that would be awesome indeed though highly unlikely. I really hope that because of Penny Dreadful, Dalton would get more offers and that he’d actually take them. It seems that he’s quite picky with his roles.

            Yeah, the sign of a great actor is that he is watchable no matter how bad the movie. Ahah, Hackman & Dan Ackroyd? Now that’s quite unusual 😀

    1. Hardy is so charismatic even in small roles, but Locke is tailor made for him! Have you seen Bale in Equilibrium? He’s fantastic in that too tho the movie is just okay.

  5. LOL–okay, you’re convincing me Toby Stephens is the best thing since the sunrise ;).
    Love your list only a few of yours don’t mesh with me–that’s a-okay. I’m glad you mentioned Alan Rickman. I think he’s fantastic and would be on my list, too. Cheers to Maggie Smith for forwarding her beautiful eyes and bone structure to Toby. 🙂

    1. Yes, the best thing since sliced bread & everything that’s wonderful in this world 😛 I will forever be indebted to Dame Maggie for her amazing creation. I just saw Toby’s parents in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie and his dad Robert Stephens was pretty hunky too 😉 Btw, which actors are you not fond of? I’m just curious.

      1. I don’t care for Keanu Reeves. I can accept him in The Matrix, and I’ve seen just about all his films (weird) and I just don’t think he acts well, looks good, or has much charisma. He’s a wooden board. HHHmmm….other actors I don’t like. Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell–if actors includes females, then add Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jole. Truth be told, even the typical stars people find annoying ( Anne Hathaway, Jim Carrey, Sean Penn, Tom Cruise) don’t annoy me. I think it’s much much harder being an actor and the physical demands, too, they make it look so easy. I think all the characters they play rub off on them. Shaking off their characters would be difficult. Now for your list of loves, I would have added Hugh Jackman ♥

        1. Ah I see, well I know Keanu is not the greatest actors but I actually think he’s good looking AND charismatic. But that’s ok, we can’t agree on everyone right, I’m already happy that you like my Toby 😀

          Oh I can’t stand a lot of ppl you mentioned there, esp Penn and Sandler, ugh. I actually would go out of my way to avoid their movies. I like Hugh but for some reason I don’t find him hot, which is weird because he IS tall, dark & handsome [shrug]

  6. jackdeth72

    Hi, Ruth:

    An intriguing, but not completely surprising list.

    I’m a big fan of another lesser known Brit, whose background has been mostly television. Yet, has had the good fortune to have made his mark early on this side of the pond.

    Mark Sheppard.

    First caught my attention as sacked SAS operator making good in CBS’s short lived ‘Soldier of Fortune’, from the late 1990s. With Brad Johnson, Tim Abell and Melinda Clarke. Has had roles in ‘Firefly’, ‘Battlestar Glaactica’, ’24’, ‘Dollhouse’, ‘Dr. Who’, ‘Leverage’, ‘White Collar’, ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Warehouse 13’.

    Short, stocky. Very much in the Jimmy Cagney mold as a superb bad guy and louse. With a gritty, rough British accent.

    1. Oh I know Mark from BSG as Romo Lampkin! I didn’t realize he was British but yeah he’s always good whenever he turns up in supporting roles. Whether leading or character actors, you can always rely on the UK to produce great actors!

  7. Have to admit, I’m not at all familiar with Toby Stephens. Looking over his imdb page, the only thing I’ve seen him in was “Severance” which I remember enjoying, but I can’t say I remember the specific character he played.

    Definitely glad to see Bale, Crowe, Owen, Elba, and Hardy make the cut. Speaking of Hardy, have you seen him in “Bronson?” It’s a great performance, my favorite of his. And yeah, he’s fairly unrecognizable (and unlikable).

    And since most everyone else has weighed in on Keanu Reeves, I will do the same. He’s been in some movies I love (The Matrix, Point Break), and a number I like (Speed falls into this category), but I don’t think he can act, at all. It just amazes me that he keeps getting parts. I guess he really does have a charm that I’m just not seeing. Oh well.

    Great list.

    1. Hi Wendell! I actually haven’t seen Severance but I don’t typically watch horror. Well if you’re curious to see Toby and you like sci-fi, I highly recommend The Machine, a low-budget Blade Runner-like film.

      I haven’t seen Bronson yet but yeah he looked like Bane in that role. As for Keanu, I think his charisma and enigmatic presence makes up for his rather *wooden* style type of acting. I do think he CAN act though, he just has to choose certain types of roles that suit him.

  8. Tom

    Yay! Another diverse list. And another reason I love these things, these top ten lists tend to reveal a lot about our preferences in movies and our personalities. I really like all of these choices Ruth, even though I have seen an absolutely embarrassingly small amount of films that any of them have been in. (Bale and Hardy actually making my own list and being the ones who I’ve seen the most from probably.)

    I can’t believe I missed Idris Elba though. . . .

    1. Hello Tom! My taste has always been quite consistent… I go for the Brits as they’re not only easy on the eyes but they’re so massively talented! I take it you aren’t familiar w/ my #1 pick, well I hope you’d check out The Machine 😉

      Glad to see Bale & Hardy made your list too!

  9. I technically did this post myself about a year ago if you remember. 😉 Some nice interesting picks here, Ruth. I think the only one I haven’t really seen in anything is your number 1 pick that I only know so much about because you’re always talking about him (LOL), Toby Stephens. Perhaps I should rectify this? 😛

    1. Hey could you send me the link to your post again Chris?

      Yep I’ll be talking about Toby indefinitely and yes you should absolutely rectify it! Check out Black Sails or The Machine, there are really a lot to choose from 😉

  10. I had such a fun time reading this post, Ruth! Where to start?!

    I’m glad Tom Hardy made your list. I’ve seen him in a lot more roles the past five years, and I think he is very talented, not to mention his sexy accent 😉 I actually found him HILARIOUS in This Means War, a movie which is by no means great, but was entertaining (for me) nonetheless.

    I remember watching Clive Owen in The International, and think that he was a great actor, although I really didn’t care for that movie. I actually didn’t finish the film, I was so bored with it.

    I’m glad you stand behind Keanu Reeves. I might not be as big a fan of his since I haven’t seen as much of his films, but I have enjoyed watching him in the movies I’ve seen him in. I thought he was very impressive in the first two Matrix films (I never saw the third), and I have enjoyed watching him in rom-coms as well.

    Christian Bale, as he is mentioned on multiple lists for this blogathan, is incredibly talented. I haven’t NOT liked him in anything I’ve seen him in. And you’re right – he is one of those actors who will go to any extreme to play a character.

    Matt would definitely approve of your favorite James Bond, Timothy Dalton. He LOVES him! I’ve enjoyed him in the few projects I’ve seen him in. Recently, Matt showed me Dalton’s role in a few Doctor Who episodes, and he was great in it!!

    And as for your crush, Toby Stephens . . . I did some reading up on him, and I was really impressed to see how much radio work he’s done as well. Definitely seems like a talented guy and one I need to check out!

    Great post, Ruth! I really enjoyed your list!

    1. Hi Kris! Glad you enjoyed the post, I had fun making it too, esp finding the photos, ha!

      Hardy has always been a fave ever since I saw him in Rocknrolla, boy three of my crushes in one movie! Well Hardy is the only silver lining in This Means War.

      For me Keanu is like nostalgia as I’ve loved him since Speed & The Matrix, but I also think he’s a better actor than most give him credit for. In fact I LOVE him in A Walk in the Clouds which is a romantic drama.

      Oh yay Matt!! Glad to hear he appreciates Dalton as Bond. Dalton is just massively underrated in general it’s not even funny. Same w/ Toby as well, I guess I have a penchant for those under-appreciated ones. Boy would I love to see Toby & Dalton together in a movie! If I won the lottery, that’d be the first project I pursued. Who cares about a new house/car/boat whatever, I want to make my own movie w/ my favorite actors!! 😀

      I hope you really would give Toby movies a shot. He’s recently done this low-budget movie The Machine that’s out on Bluray and also available on iTunes. Of course if you’re into period dramas, the 2006 BBC version of Jane Eyre is a MUST SEE!

  11. Haha, you definitely have a type 😉 Wonder if #1 would have been different a few months ago!

    Happily admit that I’ve stopped and watched a Keanu Reeves film for him. And I’ve honestly lost count of how many times I’ve seen Speed!

    Speaking of Clive Owen, have you checked out his new TV series, The Knick. Arguably, it might be a bit too gory for you, but it’s pretty damn good. Steven Soderbergh’s involved too. So many Brits on American TV shows now!

    1. Yes ma’am, guilty 😛 I think before Toby I might still put Richard Armitage in my top 10, but I honestly don’t know who’d be my #1.

      Glad you like Reeves too. I love watching him even in a lousy movie. No I haven’t seen The Knick though I did watch the trailer. I don’t think I can handle all the surgery scenes!

  12. So many good ones! Love your list Ruth. Your list has me thinking and you are right thinking of 10 solid ones is hard. Idris Elba is really good in the Wire, but it is a quite violent show so be forewarned. We all knew that King Toby would be at the top. His role in Jane Eyre made me a believer. I can’t wait to see that again!

    1. Hello dahling! Sorry for my tardy reply, for some reason last night just got away from me after I did the Ice Bucket challenge 😉 Guess who’ll do that next [wink, wink]

      Oy, is The Wire more violent than Black Sails? I’m very curious as I really like Idris and the show’s so critically acclaimed.

      He..he.. King Toby, I like the sound of that. Well he reigns in my heart anyway, and I’m glad I made you a believer. I can’t imagine any woman not swooning over his Rochester, esp those kissing scenes 😉

  13. wow, quite an impressive list you have there Ruth! I would be glad to see those actors do any role as well. I would add to that list these actors though: Michael Fassbender, Ralph Fiennes, Javier Bardem, Mark Strong, and Daniel Day-Lewis.

      1. Wow, very interesting to hear. I am bit shocked actually. Both Ralph and Michael, perhaps Ralph more because of his Shakespearean background, are two of my favorites. You never know what you’re going to get with Javier. That’s what I love about the guy. So unpredictable. Mark Strong does such a great job as a villain. And DDL, well, the man is brilliant. It’s all a matter of preference I guess.

        1. Ha..ha.. well don’t be shocked, as you say it’s a matter of taste and preference. I mean most people have no clue who Toby is nor do they know his extensive Shakespearean background (he was one of the youngest actors to win an Olivier award for Coriolanus). I prefer the more underrated actors, though some of these actors on my list have gotten accolades before. I know Dalton has as much pedigree as Fiennes and maybe even Day-Lewis as far as his stage experience w/ the Royal Shakespeare Company & such, but for whatever reason he just did not get offered the kind of prominent roles some of these actors do. I agree Strong is a great character actor, so having him in the cast does make me curious to see the film. I’m not a huge fan of Bardem, sorry, but again, it’s a matter of taste. As I mentioned above, apart from Toby, the title of this list is kinda hyperbolic anyway as he is the ONLY actor right now who I’d see in ANYTHING, even if it isn’t my cup of tea. Cheers! 😀

  14. I am back 🙂
    I miss blogging.

    Anyway, this is a great blogathon, but I have done this kind of post before.
    I know I would find Toby Stephen in your number 1 as you would easily know who is my number one 😉

    I can’t help smiling on your description on Keanu…you know, maybe a miracle happens and he gets an Oscar ;p

    I thought Richard is in your top ten.

    1. Yep, I think my fangirl-ing over Toby has now reached pretty close to your level w/ Cillian 😉 Ahah well I doubt Keanu would win an Oscar for acting, but maybe for directing? Who knows? I mean Ben Affleck is not a strong actor but he’s a good director.

      Well a few months ago before Toby came into the picture, Richard might’ve been in my top 10.

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