Wordless Wednesday: 5 Clips with Emma Thompson


Hello everyone! I’m not the best person to keep up with blog series, but I’m hoping to try do this once a month. As a respite from blogging five days a week, I’ll choose a random Wednesday of the month to shine a spotlight on or pay tribute to something/someone with clips and/or gifs I find on Tumblr.

Well, since Saving Mr. Banks is out on DVD/Blu-ray yesterday, in honor of Emma Thompson‘s fantabulous, shoulda-been-Oscar-nominated role as Mary Poppins‘ author P.L. Travers, I just want to highlight some of my favorite performances of the English actress. So, without further ado, here they are…

Responstible – Saving Mr Banks

Meeting Harold – Stranger Than Fiction

Beatrice & Benedick Banter – Much Ado About Nothing

Karen confronts Harry – Love, Actually

Resignation & Acceptance – Sense & Sensibility

These are just a sampling of my favorite Emma Thompson performances, what are yours?

52 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: 5 Clips with Emma Thompson

  1. Ted S.

    You know I’ve seen a lot of Emma Thompson’s work but somehow I can’t really nail down which ones are my favorites. I do remember her funny appearance in Cheers, I think she played Frasier’s love interest in a couple of episodes? I could be wrong, it’s been a while since I watched Cheers. But the one movie I always remember her in was a thriller Dead Again, which she starred with her ex-husband Kenneth Branaugh, he also directed that film too.

    1. Oh yeah, I think Vince mentioned Dead Again a while back, I’m still curious to see it. She was still married to Branagh in Much Ado About Nothing, too, they worked together often back then. Wow, didn’t know she was in Cheers, I have to find that on youtube!!

      1. Ted S.

        I think you’ll enjoy Dead Again, it’s a very underrated thriller from the early 90s and it contained some great twists and turns. It has flashback scenes which were in black & white. The film failed at the box office mostly because it didn’t starred big named actors, had they cast someone like Julia Roberts and Tom Cruise, it would’ve made a killing at the box office. But the film did have big named actors in smaller roles, you’ll see who they are when you see the movie. I think it’s on Netflix, same with Cheers, you can probably look up which episodes she guess starred in and watch them.

        1. Very cool Ted, I sure will!

          Oh glad it’s on Netflix and yeah they did add Cheers to Netflix Instant, I’ll see which episodes she’s in. Thanks!

  2. Hey very cool new feature Ruth. I’m not where I can watch the clips right now but I’m very anxious to. Emma Thompson is an actress I know little about. For some reason I haven’t seen many of her films.

    Again, very cool new feature and I’m anxious to see who else finds their way in the spotlight.

    1. Hey thanks Keith! I always like to feature clips and this gives me a chance to spotlight my fave movies/actors. It’s kinda like your Phenom 5 in a way, tho I might feature only 3 clips or 10, depending on who/what it is 😉

      Emma is wonderful. Please do see Sense & Sensibility if you haven’t already. It’s my fave film of all time!

        1. Yes please. Trust me, it’s such a beautiful story, methinks you’d like it even if period dramas aren’t your forte. I’m very persuasive aren’t I? 😉

    1. Ah, what a lovely comment, thanks Cindy! I’m glad you’re a big fan of Emma too, she’s truly a wonderful actress, a bit underrated IMO.

  3. Great clips to show off her work, Ruth. She a splendid actress and writer. Frankly, she could read the Yellow Pages (they still have those, yes?) and I’d be enthralled.

    1. Thank you Michael! Ahah yes, the Brits seem to have the kind of voice that make ANYTHING sounds enthralling, even the Yellow Pages or vacuum cleaner manual 😀

  4. So far, it would be Sense & Sensibility as I just loved the richness in her performance and that sense of warmth she carried as I bought her desire to be with Hugh Grant’s character.

    1. Amen Steven. I love Elinor so much, she’s perhaps one of my favorite film characters as I’d love to be friends with her if she were real.

    1. Thanks Chris! Yeah she was nominated by numerous other awards but not Oscar! I’d swap out Meryl w/ her to be honest, her performance was for more deserving IMO.

  5. She’s such a lovely person.. adore her. She especially stood out this awards season but I think in a way, she’s always been somewhat a stand out woman!

  6. jackdeth72

    Hi, Ruth:

    Great clips and critique!

    Ms. Thompson first came on my radar via Branagh in Henry V and Much Ado About Nothing . Easily holding her own with Shakespeare. Which sent me looking past and present works. A remarkable talent. Who could pick up Dame Mirren’s mantle with grace, beauty and ease.

    What I’ve noticed and admire is Ms. Thompson’s ability to inject humor in all her characters. Must be an offshoot of her hanging out with the Monty Python players during university. And beyond.

    1. Hello Kevin! Man I still need to see Henry V. I didn’t know Emma is in that as well, so yet another reason to see it! Wow, so she’s worked w/ Branagh at least 3 times, too bad they’re not together anymore. Yes I think the comparison to Dame Mirren is very fitting. I love how witty Emma is in real life too, she’s a hoot!

  7. Love this new feature and you chose a great actress to kick things off with! I love Thompson; such a fantastic talent and she reminds me a bit of my mom sometimes. Love her in everything I’ve seen her in.

    1. Hi Fernando, I’m thrilled you like this feature. Oh, your mom must be a very awesome woman if she reminds you of Emma, but why am I not surprised since you’re a cool guy too! 😉

  8. Oh I love Emma Thompson – she is so reliable, I don’t think I’ve seen a bad performance from her. And she always gives her characters so much heart. My favorite performance of hers is probably Sense and Sensibility.

    1. Hi Sati! I’m thrilled that you love Sense and Sensibility too! It’s largely thanks to Emma’s amazing script that I love that film so much. I love her character Elinor so much, she’s perhaps my fave female character of all time.

  9. I just LOVE this! You know how I felt about her performance in Saving Mr. Banks, and I honestly can’t think of a film where I didn’t like her. I haven’t seen Stranger Than Fiction, so I’ll put it on my list!

    1. Hi Ashley! I think you’ll like Stranger Than Fiction as you’re a voracious reader. I love her in Saving Mr. Banks too, she’s definitely snubbed by the Academy this year 😦

  10. Hey, Ruth. Those are all absolutely sensational scenes, especially the one from Love Actually. I’ve no idea how many times I’ve seen that movie, but it’s a bunch, and that scene makes me cry every single time.

    Incidentally, I like this feature. I hope you continue it. 🙂

    1. Hey thanks Josh! Emma and Alan’s segment in Love, Actually is my fave of the entire film. Yes it’s quite a tear jerker. Glad you love the series, I definitely will keep it up 😀

        1. Oh the Linney segment is my 2nd fave. Man, Rodrigo Santoro is soooo hunky in it, ha..ha.. but it’s a sad story, and Linney is always excellent in everything I’ve seen her in.

  11. Great idea for a weekly post Ruth. I have to admit that Thompson isn’t really my cut of tea, though. I think she’s a great actress but for some reason, I don’t take to her. Do you ever get that? Someone that you admire but don’t particularly like?

    1. Thanks Mark. Oh I totally get that about admiring someone you don’t particularly like. I feel the same about The Coens, I appreciate their work but I’m not generally fond of all their stuff and they themselves as filmmakers.

  12. Nice idea, Ruth. My favorite Thompson performance is probably Sense & Sensibility, but The Remains of the Day is a close second. I still need to see Much Ado About Nothing, though.

    1. Glad that you have seen Sense & Sensibility, man my love for that film knows no bounds 😀 Much Ado About Nothing is lots of fun, I want to rewatch it again, I mean just look at that cast!!

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