[Full] Trailer Spotlight – X-Men: Days of Future Past

WHOAH!! I haven’t posted a trailer spotlight in ages but I just HAD to post this one today folks, this is one of my most anticipated movies of the year and despite this awful poster, the trailer definitely gets me super excited!

Patrick Stewart’s voice over alone gets me all hypnotized… this is the kind of trailer where the narration works so well in setting the tone for the film.

Professor X: “You need to go into the past … “
Magneto: “… to end this war before it ever begins”

This film is supposed to act as a sequel to both 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand and 2011’s X-Men: First Class, as well as a follow-up to 2013’s The Wolverine (per Wiki) I think this time travel premise is the first of its kind in ANY franchise (as far I can remember anyway), as the characters from the original movie join forces with their younger selves from First Class to change the past and save their future. Seems like a hugely ambitious project in which I’m glad Bryan Singer is back at the helm. He’s the one filmmaker that gave us the first X-Men film in 2000 that pretty much launched the superhero franchise. Before Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy even entered the picture, X-Men was the first comic-book-based film that is more than just a standard action-adventure, as it metaphorically deals with deeper issues of racism, anti-semitism and outcasts of society. This one is poised to be a mindf*ck that promises to discombobulate as well as enthrall us at the same time.

Morphing Xaviers (McAvoy & Stewart)
Morphing Xaviers (McAvoy & Stewart)
Morphing Magneto (McKellen & Fassbender)
Thanks Yahoo UK for the GIFs!

Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Ian McKellen, and Patrick Stewart from the first X-Men movie are back, joining First Class cast of James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult. Peter Dinklage is one of the new cast member here as Bolivar Trask, a military scientist and the head of Trask Industries who created a range of robots called Sentinels whose purpose is to hunt and destroy mutants. The Intouchables’ Omar Sy also played one of the mutants from the future with the ability to absorb energy to redirect it in kinetic blasts  Seriously, this is the kind of movie to watch even just for the cast!!


I have to admit I get chills and a bit teary eyed watching this. I LOVE Henry Jackman’s music in the first film, and I was bummed that he’s not back to score this… but now I’m loving John Ottman’s ominous yet thrilling music he’s doing here. It hits the emotional high notes of this epic mutant saga and battle against extinction. That last scene of the two Xaviers facing off each other, oh man, that moment of the younger Xavier shedding a tear always gets me. I’ve been sold on this movie from day one, now I’m officially in agony waiting for this film to open in the US on May 23!

Are you as excited for this one as I am, folks?

53 thoughts on “[Full] Trailer Spotlight – X-Men: Days of Future Past

  1. I’m fairly sure we are getting this earlier than you guys, here in Europe, so I’d love to trade with you as I have no intention of seeing this movie. This looks like a gigantic mess to me and it also features Jennifer Lawrence, so I’m out. I was initially interested because of Peter Dinklage but after seeing a photo with this movie’s depiction of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch I just find the whole thing laughable.

    And that poster….is there one poster idea guy they go to whenever they need a poster for a big budget, big ensemble cast movie? I think so.

    1. Ahah, yeah I think Europe is getting this a day early, I’m hoping the press screening would be sooner than that 😀 Yeah I know you’re not fond of J-Law, truthfully I’m excited for the other characters in the film, mainly Xavier and Magneto, and I LOVE the actors playing them, both young and old so I’m so there just on that counts.

      As for the poster, now THAT is laughable. Seriously, FOX can’t seem to design even a half decent poster for this movie for some reason. Wish they’d leave it to the fans, most of the Deviant Art fan posters are a heck of a lot better than anything they’ve come up with!

  2. I’m excited about (it was on the positive side of my Spring movie Flaunt/Flush post). The comic storyline it’s based on was tremendous and it is recognized as one of the best to come from the X-Men series. I’m really anxious to see if Singer can pull it all together. It could be a jumbled mess. But it could also be a tremendous and layered bit of superhero storytelling. I can’t wait to find out.

    1. It’s true, it COULD be a jumbled mess but I so hope Singer could pull it together. After all he did a fine job w/ the first two X-Men films and so I trust him based on that.

        1. I wonder if they have that online somewhere? No doubt it’s fascinating, I love the X-Men story and the metaphors to today’s society.

  3. Every single new trailer that comes out makes this out as a true must-see. Usually I start to get less excited with the marketing of a blockbuster as we near its release. Not the case, here. Thanks for posting this, Ruth.

    1. Amen Michael!! I actually sort of tuned out for a while but I was super duper excited when I saw this one this morning that I just had to share my giddy anticipation, ahah.

  4. I’m not super crazy about this trailer, BUT I am now much more excited for this movie than I was. The score is just great and I LOVE the cast. So much talent and star-power there. That poster is so awful, though. OH MY.

    1. Yeah I think this trailer whetted my appetite more for this movie, tho I was already sold on it from the start 🙂 I LOVE the score, it sounds similar to the first one maybe that is why I like it. But the poster is GHASTLY!!

        1. Ahah well I think ANYONE could do a better job than that 😀 Seriously, they just tried to jam as many characters in the poster which is never a good idea!

  5. Ted S.

    I’m excited too but I have to keep my expectations low, Singer’s last few films hasn’t been that great. And I was let down by First Class, it’s a good film but I had so much expectations for it and it was kind of disappointed me. This could be kind of similar to The Dark Knight Rises, it’s such a big scope and I don’t think they can fit everything in a 2 hours or so film. Let’s wait and see how well they can edit all of the footage together.

    I was bit disappointed to see how the Sentinels turned out though, I was hoping they’d be closer to the cartoon and comic book version. They look too much like the robots from Spielberg’s A.I.

    1. Ha..ha… you are a bit too hard to please I think Ted. I LOVE First Class, it was a thrilling and emotional experience for me. I think I like that more than even TDKR in some respects. THIS cast is just killer, esp the four actor making up Xavier and Magneto, top notch!!

      I’m curious about the Sentinels not in terms of how they look, but how they play in terms of the story.

      1. Ted S.

        I think after Superman Returns, Singer must’ve been quite stresses out and of course disappointed of how the movie was received and his later films suffered from that. I felt asleep while watching Valkerie and I couldn’t even finish Jack the Giant Slayer. For a while he’s one of my favorite young directors and of course the first two X-Men films were great. Let’s hope he still have some magic left in him for this film. But again the scope of this one is so big, I wonder how they’re going to keep all the footage they shot for a 2 hours plus film, I mean they’ve already cut out scenes with Rogue and apparently scenes with Storm have been shorten too. Which I don’t mind, those two characters have never been my favorites.

        Yeah I’m curious how the Sentinels are being treated in the film, for so long I’ve been wanting to see them on the big screen. In fact, Singer wanted to have them appear in X-Men 2 but Fox wouldn’t give him enough money to create them.

      1. Finally did get to see it. Not sure if I am doing a trailer review for it though. Still hasn’t won me over. Although it does look better than in the first trailer. Hopefully my unusually pessimistic view of the film will help lower my expectations 😀

  6. Whoa. This does look really really good. We got different, very cool posters for this, thank goodness. Not sure what is up with that one.

    1. Which posters did you see Paula? The official one is so awful, thankfully they know how to cut a trailer though, it looks epiiiiiic! 😀

  7. Glad to see Singer back directing. It’s one of the things I think the latter part of the series missed.

    If you miss Henry Jackman checkout his superb Captain Philips score. As a protege of Hans Zimmer there some similarities to his work. Especially from Inception and “Solomon” from 12 Years A Slave.

    By the by I loved Ottman’s tense and heavily dramatic score for Singer’s The Usual Suspects.

    Ruth, here’s something totally random that I saw back in October from Bryan Singer that I think you might like. A fan on Twitter asked Bryan what would be his dream cast for The Usual Suspects 2013. He replied that his hypothetical cast for, with budget/scheduling not being factored in would be

    Keaton – Chris Hemsworth
    McManus – Dane DeHaan
    Hockney – Jonah Hill
    Fenster – Joseph Gordon-Levitt
    Edie – Jennifer Lawrence
    Kobayashi – Michael Fassbender
    Agent Kujan – Edward James Olmos
    Verbal Kint – Benedict Cumberbatch

    Who wouldn’t pay to see that?

    1. Oh yeah, I like Capt Phillips’ score, Jackman is one of my fave composers. Seems that Ottman works w/ Singer a lot, I like what he did w/ Superman Returns as well, expanding from John Williams’ iconic work.

      WHOAH, now THAT is stellar dream cast! I’m not super fond of Hill though he might be good in that role. I forgot who played Keaton in the original, but Spacey played Kint right? OH MY, I’d LOVE to see Cumberbatch in that role!!

    1. Yeah, time travel is quite a tricky plot to tackle. I hope Singer knows how to get this right, but since I love the X-Men universe I’d think it’s be a fascinating movie!

  8. Wow – that trailer gave me all the feels. I don’t think I could possibly be more excited for this movie to come out. McKellen, Stewart, Jackman, McAvoy, JLaw, and most importantly, Fassbender! Come on, dream cast.

    Although, the Halle Berry/Storm clip had me all, meh. I’m not a huge fan of hers, especially in the X Men movies. She has I think perhaps the worst line ever in a movie (my husband jokes about it every time we bring up X Men):
    Storm: Do you know what happens to a toad when it’s struck by lightning? [pause] The same thing that happens to everything else.

    1. Hi Anne! Yeah, I’m w/ you about the cast. No worries about Berry, I think her scenes are reduced significantly based on what I’ve been reading. She does have the WORST lines in the film, and that one you mentioned is one of them!

      I much preferred Angela Basset as Storm, now she would’ve been awesome!!

  9. I so hope this turns out as good as the trailer makes it out to be. I absolutely loved First Class, but the sheer scale and number if characters in this one have me a bit nervous that it won’t reach the same heights. But, I’m still holding out hope, and can’t wait to see it, and read your thoughts on it, in May. 🙂

    1. Hi Billy! Glad you’re a fan of First Class too, and I hear ya about the sheer number of characters but hopefully w/ Singer back at the helm he’s able to keep the story tight. After all though there are lots of actors, the main characters primarily in focus are just the three: Wolverine, Magneto and Prof. X.

  10. Yeah, I’m really excited about this one, mostly for the cast. I doubt the film will be one of my favorites of the year, but it should be a blast!

    1. I can’t even think about which movies will make my Top 10 of 2014, way too early for that. I do think it’d be a blast though, esp. with THIS cast!

  11. jackdeth72

    Hi, Ruth:

    Patrick Stewart could sell telephone books by reading random names from the white pages.

    An interesting plot idea to get all the bands from both sides back. Hopefully the continuity and tech people will keep the decades distant naval SAMs and Cruise Missiles to a minimum this time around.

    Curious to see what Ellen Page is up to. Though Mystique looks just as hot and devious as I’d expect.

    1. Ahah, amen on what you said about Sir Stewart, LOVE his voice! Ahah, I thought that submarine scene in the First Class film was awesome 😀 This movie is all about Magneto & Prof X for me, the rest are just icing on the cake.

  12. After this trailer, I’m feeling more optimistic that this movie won’t suck. 🙂 The fact that they already announced the follow up X-men film likely means the studios are very confident and happy with the final product.

    1. He..he.. well I hope it’s much more than ‘it doesn’t suck’ 😉 Oh I didn’t know the studio already greenlit the follow-up film, that IS a good sign. I think Captain America is the same way, Winter Soldier is another one I’m super stoked about.

  13. Experience has taught me not to get too excited for a movie…. high expectations sets me up for disappointment. But screw that! Can’t wait to see this!!

    1. Ha..ha.. I hear ya Asrap, but it’s REALLY tough not to get excited about this one for me as I not only love the X-Men universe, but I LOVE this cast!

  14. The earlier trailers didn’t make me very interested in seeing this. I thought it would be a flop…but this trailer is incredible. The difference is amazing! This might be my big summer movie next to the Fault In Our Stars. 🙂

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