Monthly Roundup: May Movie Watching Recap

Happy June everybody! Summer is officially here, yay! Summer blockbuster months are definitely upon us. I think starting this weekend there’ll be a movie worth seeing on the big screen practically every weekend!

But this month is quite lackluster for me. I only went to the cinema once the entire month, and even catching up on newly-released movies on Blu-ray has been slow. But like the last one, it’s a busy blogging time with no less than three blog-a-thons, as well as some other list-related posts I did. Here are some in case you missed them:

Ok, and here are the [paltry] list of movies I saw this past month…

Movies I haven’t seen before:

Yes I know, it’s very depressing indeed, especially after seeing Eric’s and Ryan’s lists, I mean just look at all those awesome movies they watched! Hopefully I’ll have more time to watch a lot more movies this month, as this weekend alone I’ll be watching three new films starting with Coriolanus which I watched last night. I can tell you that after waiting nearly two years to see it, I wasn’t disappointed, full review coming next week. This evening we plan to watch Snow White & The Huntsman, and I also got the Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus Blu-ray that my pal Vince lent me. I’ve been curious to see Heath Ledger’s last film.

Favorite May Movie:

Shouldn’t be a surprise to you eh? I still haven’t seen it again a second time, but we might do that once this arrives in the discount theater.

So, how many films did you get to watch this month and what’s your favorite?

24 thoughts on “Monthly Roundup: May Movie Watching Recap

    1. He..he.. well it’s easy to choose my fave movie in May, and not because it’s the only one I saw on the big screen this past month 🙂

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    1. Oh my, it’s been ages since I saw Wayne’s World. Did you see it for the first time? I LOVE that Bohemian Rhapsody part, it just never gets old.

  2. You had a great month of blogging indeed! With my extensive movie watching, my blog took the backseat for a bit. I’m looking to keep it flowing with new content this month though.

    Looking forward to your Coriolanus review!

  3. Ted S.

    I didn’t really see a lot of movies in May either, saw The Avengers in theater and watched Haywire at home. The only other movie I re-watch was Blade Runner, to me it’s still Ridley Scott’s best film. Maybe Prometheus will change that.

    I tend not to watch a lot of movies at home when it’s summer time, I prefer going to see them in theaters. Also, the weather is nice out so there’s more stuff to do outdoors. When winter arrives that’s when I watch a lot of movies on my home theater.

    1. Hey, you don’t make me feel so bad then Ted 🙂 You’re right, I do tend to watch less movies in general in the Summer time, but there are sooo many great flicks opening this year so there’ll be plenty of cinema visits from now on. Prometheus does look poised to be a GREAT sci-fi, we’ll see if that’ll become a classic.

  4. Wow! You only watched 4 movies!!! 😦 I only saw The Avengers in theater (twice) but I did see:
    – Shame
    – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
    – The Help
    – Haywire
    – Brick
    – Paul
    – Little Big Soldier
    – The Green Hornet

    I think I’m officially caught up with last year’s movie lol

    1. Ahah I know Castor, it’s a shame! So what’d be your favorite movie you saw in May then? Would it be the same as mine? 😀

      1. Umm… I guess The Avengers was easily the most entertaining but I don’t know if it’s my favorite 😉 I really liked The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as well.

  5. You watched Galaxy Quest, awesome! Tim Allen did a great job in that film and I can’t wait to read your review of Imaginarium. It seems very intriguing and Heath Ledger was in it, so it should be a great watch!

    1. Hi Aidy, I hope to see Imaginarium tonight. I can’t believe I still haven’t seen it yet. Thankfully a friend of mine has the Blu-ray as I couldn’t rent it via streaming and I no long have Netflix’s regular subscription.

  6. May was a very slow month for me, as well. I’ve been very busy with school and work but thankfully my schedule is starting to clear up and I’m going to the movies tonight. The last time was more than a month ago (I went to see The Avengers). I’m watching Snow White tonight with my expectations sufficiently lowered thanks to some friends’ reviews! Hope I have some fun!

    1. Hi Fernando, I see you haven’t been back to blogging yet. Glad to see you’re going to see some movies this month. I’ve just finished my review of Snow White & the Huntsman and it’ll be up tonight. I’d love to hear what you think of the movie.

      1. Yes, I’m not back yet but I’ll be very soon. My schedule is clearing up drastically this week so I’ll finally have time to see some movies and reviewing them. I watched Snow White yesterday and I’ll be posting my review tomorrow or on Wed at the latest.

  7. I felt like May was a very lackluster month in terms of movies as well. The Avengers was easily my favorite film of the month too. There are movies every weekend this month I plan to see – can’t wait! Oh, and I think I’ll be meeting an awesome movie friend this coming weekend too 🙂

    I’ve been wanting to see Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus as well just to see Heath Ledger’s last film.

    1. Hey Kris, I’ll give you a call when I get there, I do hope we can meet up in Schaumburg 😀 Yeah, there’ll be tons of movies worth watching from now on, sooo many great movies too little time, I tell you.

  8. Don’t worry about the number of movies you watched, I am in the same situation! It’s not the quantity, it’s the quality 🙂 plus, we all have a life outside the cinema or the DVD player, so don’t worry about it!

    1. Thanks Diana, you made a very good point! He..he.. yeah, I’d like to go out more when the weather’s nice so less time to watch movies 😀

  9. I read On the Beach the book some years ago at school, and liked it. The film adaptation I haven’t watched, was it good, do you think?

    Even though I don’t watch a lot of blockbusters, I may have to give The Avengers a watch considering the love it’s getting -I haven’t noticed a negative review yet ( :

    1. Well I haven’t read the book but yes the film is indeed VERY good. It’s heartbreaking and poignant but also quite sweet. It’s well acted all around, naturally given the cast, especially Gregory Peck 😀 Here’s my review of it:

      I think The Avengers is fun, not a deep movie but any means but sure will entertain.

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