Extended preview of Snow White & the Huntsman… why THIS is the Snow White movie I’m looking forward to

The battle of the Snow Whites is full on as Mirror, Mirror is scheduled to be released next Friday March 30 in the US. It’s unlikely I’ll be seeing that on the big screen but this one, heck yes!

I was already sold by the first trailer, yes despite Kristen Stewart’s casting, but this new, 5-min extended-preview promises a darker, more sinister adventure for the fair princess. This one might as well been called ‘Mirror, Mirror’ as well as the gold mirror melting and forming a human-like figure is pretty cool, but really this trailer is still all about Charlize as the evil queen.

Perhaps the studio have been hearing people’s snide remarks about Kristen Stewart being regarded as more beautiful than Charlize (yeah, uh-uh, whatev-er) so I guess they’re going with Snow White as being beautiful in the inside. Oh, o-kay. It shows her mother saying to her as a young girl, “… you possess rare beauty my love, in here…” pointing to her heart. “… she will bring an end to the darkness…” says one of the rugged-looking dwarfs (seems like they’re all Grumpy, I don’t see Bashful or Sneezy in sight, ahah).

Chris Hemsworth seems suitably gruff as the huntsman, though I doubt his ax can quite match his Thor‘s mjolnir, no matter how skillful he’s able to wield it 🙂 No sign of Prince Charming anywhere but is he really needed? Doesn’t look like the princess has much time for romance between all that horse chase and sword fights! Maybe she should hook up with the hunky huntsman instead? ehm.

I’m really curious to see what newbie British director Rupert Sanders has in store for us. Universal undoubtedly takes some risk by hiring a first time director to helm a $100 mil project, but they’re doing the same with Carl Rinsch who’s currently working on 47 Ronin with a $170 million budget, a 3D samurai revenge story starring Keanu Reeves (per THR). Well, let’s hope he delivers and won’t be the next Joseph Kosinski as the disappointing Tron: Legacy barely made up its $170 mil budget.

Anyway, June sure is shaping up to be one hectic month for movie lovers and this one hits June 1st in the US.

So what do you think folks? Which Snow White adaptation do you prefer, this one or Mirror, Mirror? 

17 thoughts on “Extended preview of Snow White & the Huntsman… why THIS is the Snow White movie I’m looking forward to

  1. Risky prospect indeed – a first time director. Did not know that. This definitely looks like the most interesting.

    I will probably see both (next week I got invited to a screening of Mirror, Mirror) here. Should be interesting.

  2. Ted S.

    “Perhaps the studio have been hearing people’s snide remarks about Kristen Stewart being regarded as more beautiful than Charlize”

    Those remarks probably came from some perverts who likes young girls or a bunch of 12 year old boys because I don’t think Kristen is in the same league as Charlize. Kristen looks like she’s 12 years old so I don’t find her attractive at all but that’s just me, I prefer women over girls. 🙂

    As for the movie, it looks good, definitely better looking than the goofy Tarsem’s version. I’ll prob give it a rent when it hits BD in the fall.

    1. Ahah, so true Ted, I said as much in my previous post that Kristen & Charlize aren’t in the same league even if they were the same age. I’m optimistic enough about this one that I might see it on the big screen.

  3. Bahhhhh I dunno.

    I’m still underwhelmed Ruth.

    And I dont care how they spin it. If you want me to believe someone is “fairer” than Charlize, you’d have to do way better than K Stew. Charlize is one of the most beautiful women in history for godssakes.

    1. Preaching to the choir, Fogs, Charlize stands out even amongst a slew of Victoria’s Secret models! But that casting aside, I think this movie has enough going for it that I’m willing to give K-Stew a chance. Who knows she might actually be good here [well certainly can’t be worse than in Twilight!]

    1. Ahahaha, well Thor er Chris Hemsworth certainly has had a lot of practice w/ his mjolnir. Clearly he’s VERY good with his ax judging from the preview.

  4. Easily, this is the only one of the two I’m curious about. Believe it or not, my wife is intrigued about ‘Mirror, Mirror’. Opposites attract, alright ;-). Thanks, Ruth.

    1. Well Mirror, Mirror still might be entertaining, I just don’t feel like seeing that on the big screen. This one however just looks awesome! 🙂

  5. Didn’t think I’d be particularly keen for either Snow White film but that looks pretty cool. Love that bit where Stewart took a slide to esape! I love Theron so she’s the main draw. Might have to check the competition out now.

  6. I have to admit that Stewart still bothers me A LOT, but the movie does sound better and better each time I read about it.

    I am now in 50:50 about watching it…let’s see which 50 will win at the end 😉

  7. paulaguthat

    I think you may have saved me $10…I feel like i’ve seen the whole movie now 🙂 It’s like a distaff Lord of the Rings. I like that the character isn’t so passive but i wish it wasn’t Kristin Stewart. I’m not a fan.

  8. I haven’t seen the 5 minute extended clip above, but I have seen the most recent trailer and I loved it, visually it is very beautiful and Charlize Theron is a goddess, I love her. I will see it in cinemas, hopefully!

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