Conspicuous Trailer of the Week: Mirror, Mirror

Whoa! What have we here… just last week we’ve got Rupert Sanders’ Snow White and the Huntsman‘s trailer, a decidedly grittier take of the fairy tale. Well today, we’ve got Tarsem’s version which is decidedly… well, whimsical.

Check it out below:

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An evil Queen steals control of a kingdom, and an exiled princess enlists the help of seven resourceful rebels to win back her birthright in a spirited adventure comedy filled with jealousy, romance, and betrayal that will capture the imagination of audiences the world over. The film also stars Armie Hammer as the object of their affection, Prince Andrew Alcott, and Nathan Lane as the hapless and bungling servant to the Queen.

As I’ve mentioned in my Snow White Battle post, Tarsem’s version seems to be the more ‘faithful’ version story-wise to the Disney version, and it certainly has a more kiddie appeal geared more for families. Even on the concept poster I posted a few months ago, it said ‘A Comedic Adventure Awaits’. It’s kind of like Enchanted, whilst the Huntsman one is a darker version that would appeal more to adults. I think it kind of make sense that Tarsem is going after a different set of audience with this one. I mean, why even do TWO versions of the same fairy tale if you’re going to make ’em tonally and visually similar??

I have issues with this trailer but to be fair, this one has a couple of good things going for it. For one, Lily Collins with her girly-face and porcelain skin looks more like what I’d picture the fairy tale princess to be. Hunky Armie Hammer also makes for a dashing prince, and the costumes are beautiful.

But whilst I’m not totally sold on Kristen Stewart as Snow White in the Huntsman version, Julia Roberts fares worse as evil queen here. She’s just not menacing at all and what’s her fakey British accent, I mean, why bother? There are creepy stuff going on all around as well, what’s with the Queen having the hots for the Prince?? I mean that is just plain weird and disturbing. And what’s with the dwarf quoting Scarface at the end… ‘Say hello to my little friend.’ Huh?? Seriously??

So with that said, based on the first trailer from both sides, I’m more likely to see the Saunders version.

What do you think of this trailer, folks? Will you be seeing this one?

34 thoughts on “Conspicuous Trailer of the Week: Mirror, Mirror

  1. I agree with you. I don’t really have any desire to see this one, esp after seeing the trailer for Sanders’ version. And Julia Roberts doesn’t do it for me in this one.

    Your sentiments are shared by me! eh…

  2. Stolen from the desk of a Universal Pictures studio exec:

    Note to the PR Dept: Make sure Kristen Stewart is never photographed anywhere in the vicinity of Lily Collins… ever! But make sure Charlize Theron ‘accidentally’ meets up with Julia Roberts soon.

  3. Hi, Ruth and company:

    Well…. That was strange.

    Outside of the antiquated corset constricting device and an odd ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ vibe with the Wicked Witch. I can’t think of any reason to see
    ‘Mirror, Mirror’.

    BTW: If you have a few free minutes, Ruth. Drop by iluvcinema. There’s an informative write up on ‘Gaslight’, which was touched on during your Gregory Peck tribute.

  4. Yeah, it didn’t look good to me either. And considering this does not take place in modern times the Scarface reference makes no sense. But then again to someone who is into the lighter fare it might pique there interest

  5. Ted S.

    From the trailer, this looks more like a Julia Roberts’ film than about Snow White. The other version sort of peaked my interest a bit since it’s more action oriented, while this one just doesn’t interest me at all.

    It will interesting how these two films fare at the box office, this one opens first in the spring right? And other opens in the summer? If this one fails, I guaranteed they’ll push the other version back from the summer release date.

    1. I don’t know why they made this into a Julia Roberts vehicle. Now that’d be a bad decision I think as she is no longer a big draw like she once was in the 90s. I’d say why not capitalize on the popularity of the two super gorgeous young talents, Lily and Armie??

      I’m curious how both of these movies would fare at the box office, too.

    1. Hey matey, I laughed at some parts of the trailer too. Apart from some of the silly comments and Julia’s fakey accent, this could very well be entertaining. I think the younger crowd will go for this and it just might match Enchanted’s popularity.

  6. I liked it too. I am an unabashed Julia Roberts fan, and I kind of like the campy vibe they’re going for, although I could do without some of the more anachronistic punchlines. Plus, Armie Hammer has a sword. I am SO there.

    1. Ha..ha.. Armie Hammer has a sword. Indeed. He is way too tall though. 6’5″ oh my, if I were face to face with him I’d just be looking at his stomach, no fun 🙂

  7. This looks like a farce. It seems like they are aiming at a really young crowd but then why have a Scarface reference that no kid would ever catch in the movie? This looks terrible.

  8. For me, this one is far more appealing than the other Snow White film. I like its sense of humour which the other is obviously lacking – whether or not I end up preferring the darker Snow White film or the more tongue in cheek one, will have to wait. But it’ll be interesting to see which one fares better at the box office.

    1. The other one does seem so serious, isn’t it? Tho I can see Charlize having a lot of fun w/ her role. She really is the main draw for me for the Huntsman one.

  9. Not really my cup of tea this film I more prefer Narnia if I must choose one or HP or Rings but Snow White has been done before though and great for the kids but me I will pass on this one. You asked about my encounter with Colin Firth at a TIFF festival I was passing I didn’t realise he was there as it were raining and I was in a hurry I tried to get passed and we collided with each other. Polite gentleman he is apologized and smiled as I did and he turned to get into his limo. It dawned on me then who it was as I had forgotten about the festival ( I know very bad) but as I cannot always afford to go well this was one for the books though not time to get an autograph but a whiff of cologne and a nano second of his hand on my arm well…as I didn’t realise I was able to keep my cool. Someone wrote on Twitter today about bumping into Rufus Sewell and lost it makes me glad I am a seasoned person with this sort of thing as I also have met Robbie Williams (albeit he was drunk) Robin Williams friendly once he knew I wasn’t trying to bother him and Michael Douglas at 6am jogging past me on a cold Vancouver morning when filming Basic Instinct. I have met a few Canadian celebs mostly tv personalities so it does get easier.

    1. Oh my, you collided with Mr. Darcy?!?! In the rain no less! What an enchanting story. Glad to hear he’s got the decorum to match a period drama hero 😀

      Wow, you’ve met quite a few celebs, that’s cool. Thanks for sharing, Stella.

  10. This one is definitely million times better than THE HUNTSMAN. Both film have horrid actresses in their cast – Julia Roberts who is almost atrocious in MIRROR MIRROR and Stewart who is indescribably bad in everything she does, and so she is in HUNTSMAN too.
    But I loved the rest of MIRROR MIRROR, the setting, the comedy, the visual splendor, the mindblowing costumes, Lily Collins.. The fairy tale. Just loved it. And I hated THE HUNTSMAN which looks amazing, but you know how much I hate making fairy tales grim and morbid, as a psychologist and a teacher.

    1. If you like your fairy tale light and comical, this should be right up your alley, Dezzy. I don’t mind a grittier version, I just don’t like K-Stew.

  11. Ha… I see that it stars that guy who played Kramer’s little person friend on Seinfeld. I doubt I’ll see it, but his presence in the movie makes me a small amount more likely to see it.

  12. If only a producer was smart enough to cast Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen, Lily Collins as Snow White, and Armie Hammer as the Prince, then I would only have to see one Snow White film. Snow White never did anything for me as a fairy tale character until recently in the ABC show “Once Upon A Time.” I might end up watching both films to see which one I like. I’m just glad there seems to be a fairy tale trend taking over for the vampires.

    1. Ahah, you’re so right Sherry. I’d love to see Charlize with Lily & Armie as Snow White & the Prince. Well we shall see if the fairy tale craze will take over the vampires, though w/ the end of Twilight there is hope 🙂

  13. It’s kind of weird to see Julia Roberts play this kind of role. It seems she is trying to get into comedy with this one. I have to admit, I think Helena Bonham Carter takes the cake when it comes time to play these types of roles – she is very entertaining and funny indeed!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi gurl, oh yeah I think HBC would’ve been perfect in this role. She could do it in her sleep! Julia seems like a stretch but we shall see I guess.

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