Music(al) Break: Moulin Rouge’s Come What May

I was dusting off my CD collection the other day and found my Moulin Rouge! soundtrack I used to listen every day for like two months after seeing the movie. So I’ve been listening to the CD in my car now. I LOVE, LOVE this movie, it’s so original, artsy and passionate.

Image from Daniella’s Bureau website

In any case, the musicals genre just might be back in style, what with Rock of the Ages, Sparkle and Les Miserables coming out the same year. It’s tricky to do a good musical, but Moulin Rouge is certainly one of the most creative. Baz has a great eye for elaborate costumes and fantastical set pieces, he seems to subscribe in ‘more is more’ philosophy but it works well here. He’s also got an ear for music, even the anachronistic style of using classic songs from Elton John, Whitney Houston, etc. as a dialog between Christian and Satine is just brilliant. I adore the Elephant Medley up on the roof. The El Tango De Roxanne is absolutely thrilling, it definitely tops this list of five awesome movie tango scenes.

Ewan McGregor has never looked more bewitching and Nicole Kidman is perfect as the stunning but icy object of his affection. They both have wonderful singing voice so their duets are really great to listen to over and over Listening to Ewan singing Your Song made me wish he had recorded an album, his voice is just gorgeous, and he sings with such confidence and passion. I tell you, what is it with gorgeous Scottish actors being awesome singers? 😉

My ALL TIME favorite has got to be the love theme, Come What May

The song is composed by David Baerwald for the film, and I love how the song appears in the film as Christian wrote the song for the musical Satine is starring in. It’s his way to secretly declare their love for each other. I’m not a hopeless romantic but it certainly can turn me into one. I think this shall stand to be my favorite movie from Baz Luhrmann, he seems to have a thing for tragic love stories, doesn’t he?

Hope you enjoyed the music break. Are you a fan of Moulin Rouge?

29 thoughts on “Music(al) Break: Moulin Rouge’s Come What May

  1. Ted S.

    I think I may have seen Moulin Rouge in bits and pieces, don’t think I’ve seen the whole movie. I’m just not into musicals so it’s hard for me to sit through the whole thing. The last musical I actually enjoyed was Sweeney Todd but that film was just sick and twisted.

    1. Ahah, well if you’re not into musicals, I’m surprised you’ve actually seen it Ted. I haven’t seen Sweeney Todd even though I love Alan Rickman, but yeah, I’m worried I won’t enjoy it.

  2. as you it’s not just my fave musical and soundtrack, but also my fave film 🙂 I only wish, and it is a wish I will never forget, that Catherine Zeta Jones got the role as it was originally planned. She and Ewan would create wonders. Not that Kidman wasn’t nice, but….. Zeta did go on to get an Oscar for CHICAGO after that 🙂
    I love when Dickie Roxburgh and Jim Broadbent sing LIKE A VIRGIN dancing together 🙂 ELEPHANT LOVE MEDLEY is off course truly sensational.

    1. Oh yeah, Catherine Zeta Jones would’ve been awesome in this. I can’t wait to see Gerry Berry heats up w/ screen w/ her in Playing the Field Dez.

      Ahah, yeah, I LOVE that scene w/ Roxburgh and Broadbent, the Duke is just so hilarious!!

      Ok, I’ll be visiting your blog tonight or tomorrow, sorry been pretty busy at work all day.

  3. Cool post Ruth, i didn’t like this movie when I saw it the first time. I guess I was just tired or something, cos I saw it again on TV and I LOVED it. Used to listen to it in the car all the time as well, and if McGregor had done a CD, i’d have bought it. Almost picked it for Future Classic Movies 🙂

    1. Thanks Paula, glad that you end up liking this one. I didn’t enjoy that can-can part in the beginning at first but it grew on me. My fave part is when these two are singing. Oh yeah, I think this one might end up being future classic, good one!

  4. I’m afraid I wasn’t a fan either. I loved R&J but generally not that keen on musicals and this was no exception. Just re-listened to the song but still not doing it for me! Strange as I can be a sucker for soppy!

  5. I love Come what May, such a beautiful song! Nicole Kidman really has a lovely voice, it’s a shame she doesn’t sing more often. I adored the scenes where she sung Sparkling Diamonds and Hindi Sad Diamonds.

    1. Glad you enjoyed this Sati, yes those two songs are lovely. Nicole really is multi-talented, I love how her voice mixes very well w/ Ewan’s.

  6. markuswelby1

    yeah I’m kind of stoked about the musical resurgence of late. My wife and I saw both Les Mis and Rock on stage last summer. I’m pretty stoked, and also feel that The Great Gatsby will have much of the musical flair that Moulin had even if it’s not a musical.

    1. Oh lucky you, Markus! I hope to catch Les Mis when it’s on tour in my neck of the woods next time. It’s funny that the Gatsby trailer is very musical-like even though it’s more of a drama, curious to see how that one turns out.

  7. As you know, Ruth, I adore Moulin Rouge – it’s my second all-time favorite behind Armageddon – and this is indeed a cracking song from it. I still prefer The Love Song Medley, but Come What May is a pretty decent effort from Craig Armstrong…. love this song. Thanks for posting!

    1. Hi Rodney, yeah I know you love this one, too. You even got an autographed dvd from one of the cast, that’s awesome! The Love Song medley is one of my faves, really there are a lot to choose from here 🙂

  8. I love, own, and watch over and over again Moulin Rouge! You picked one of the best songs in that musical to spotlight! I love it. Who knew that Ewan and Nicole could sing so well?

    Great post here. And, Scott, you better get on it. Watch it. 😀

    1. Hi T! Glad you’re a fellow MR fan as well. Yeah, it’s a pleasant surprise to hear talented actors who could sing beautifully.

  9. This is my girlfriend’s favorite movie, and she sings the soundtrack all the time. 😀 I was surprised with how much I enjoyed the film, too, especially given that I am usually not a big fan of musicals. McGregor and Kidman were a good combo.

    1. Well your girlfriend is a woman with a fine taste 🙂 I’d think that the film would appeal to those who aren’t into musicals as it’s got some comedic elements. Plus they don’t sing EVERY single line.

  10. I like the remix in the bonus materials a little more, but its a beautiful little song. The entire Red Curtain trilogy is extremely worthy of attention.

  11. Moulin Rouge! is such a great movie, one of my favorite musicals. I love Luhrmann’s style and the anachronistic use of music really sets him apart. Nicole Kidman sings beautifully but Ewan McGregor’s voice is just plain stunning. He needs to do more musicals or record an album! El Tango de Roxanne gives me chills EVERY TIME.

  12. One of my top 5 fave movies! My hubby didn’t want to see this movie (we didn’t have a chance to see it until it came out on DVD)…somewhere just into El Tango de Roxanne, the DVD gave out. I hadn’t noticed, but my husband had become enthralled. He was so pissed & to top it all off, the video store couldn’t get a replacement for a month! We used to constantly sing the Elephant Medley. I love musicals & am all but coming out of my skin with Rock of Ages being released next week!

    1. Hi Kimber, welcome to FC! Oh no, that’s a bummer that your dvd died right before one of the best scenes of the movie, hope you get to see all of it by now. It’s certainly one of the best musicals ever. Hope you enjoy Rock of the Ages!

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