Everybody’s Chattin + Music Break: Moulin Rouge’s YOUR SONG


Happy Wednesday all! Boy I felt like I’ve worked five days already the way my life’s been going… SO. MUCH. TO. DO. I do enjoy all the Twin Cities Film Fest festivities though, I’ve talked to so many great filmmakers/talents, whether in person or via email, so hopefully y’all will stop by next week for the start of my TCFF 2015 coverage!

Well, I’m never too busy to do some community blogging post, hey that’s what makes the blogging world go around 😉

So about those links…

You might’ve read my thoughts on the latest Peter Pan adaptation, but hey, some people actually loved PAN, so check out Andrew‘s and Josh‘s take on it.

Meanwhile, I have yet to read a bad review of SICARIO and Mark is another blogger who loved it.

Since October is popular for horror fans, Chris posted mini reviews of a bunch of horror flicks.

My pal Cindy is hosting a discussion on the Shakespearean classic The Lion In Winter. I’m glad I got to see it in its entirety this past weekend.

On the TV front, Margaret reviewed the first episode of provocative series American Horror Story‘s fifth season and calls it a triumphant return. The Flash also just had a season premiere, its second, and Rodney has some fine praise for it.

Last but not least, Nostra reviewed another documentary on British street artist Banksy: Banksy Does New York. Boy this reminds me I still need to see Exit Through the Gift Shop!

Music Break/Scene Spotlight

I’ve been listening to Moulin Rouge!‘s soundtrack in my car lately. I used to listen to it constantly after I saw it more than a decade ago and I still loved it now. I was going to highlight Come What May but then I realize I had done that for a music break three years ago. There are SO MANY lovely scenes in this movie, but this is the first time I heard Ewan McGregor sing in the movie and I was immediately transfixed!

I love how romantic and whimsical this scene is, and Ewan has such an intoxicating earnestness whilst he’s singing it. The production design of Satine’s elephant room is so gorgeous and fun to look at. In fact, this whole sequence is perhaps my favorite romantic fantasy sequence ever put on screen. Moulin Rouge! shall remain my favorite Baz Luhrmann’s film, it never fails to put a smile on my face.

Hope you enjoyed today’s music break!

32 thoughts on “Everybody’s Chattin + Music Break: Moulin Rouge’s YOUR SONG

  1. Thanks for the link Ruth! Moulin Rouge soundtrack is amazing and the set design looks great too. Ewan McGregor was well-picked and convincing as a singer.

    1. You’re most welcome Chris! I love this movie when I first saw it and still do to this day. I think it’s truly Baz’s magnum opus, it’s just so fun, romantic AND bizarre!

    1. Hello Tiffany, long time no see. I need to catch up on your blog girl, been so unbelievably busy of late. I knew you’d be a fan of this one. Yes, there’s so much eye and ear candy in this movie!

        1. Oh where did you move to and from? Yeah moving certainly is stressful. For me I’ve been busy preparing for a local film festival in town, it starts next Wednesday.

              1. SD is nice, but it’s expensive and the job market & real estate market is terrible. My husband’s from SLC and we made the decision to move here bc he can get paid more for what he does in Utah. My own job has let me stay on working from home 🙂

  2. Thanks for the link love, Ruth! Appreciate it!

    I admit, I was listening to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack the other day whilst cleaning the house. It’s such a great, diverse soundtrack (my faves are the Elephant Medley and Come What May) and the closing credits bolero track (which wasn’t on the original soundtrack release, but was included on a second soundtrack disc a few years later). Love the film, love the music.

    1. My pleasure Rodney! Glad you enjoyed The Flash too.

      There are sooo many faves of Moulin Rouge, but Come What May and the Le Tango de Roxanne scenes are so superb!! Definitely Baz’s best to date.

  3. Ah, I love that moment in Moulin Rouge though I think my favorite performance is the one between Nicole Kidman and Jim Broadbent in covering Queen’s “The Show Must Go On” as they knocked it out of the park.

    1. I LOVE that you immediately came to defend the movie on Twitter! I think EVERYONE should see Moulin Rouge, I mean it’s already a classic IMHO.

      My pleasure Drew!

  4. Love Moulin Rouge, so that was a nice break. Oh, and thank you for the shoutout. Be sure to also check out my review of Ooops..Noah is gone! as that’s more about the first cinema experience my 4-year-old daughter had 🙂

  5. Thanks so much for the link! I wasn’t a big fan of Ewan in MR! always found him to be miscast in the role, but the songs were very charming

    1. My pleasure! Oh really? I LOVE Ewan here, before seeing it I thought it was an odd casting pick but once I saw him and heard him sing I was blown away. But yeah, the use of classic songs in this context were great. It made them feel like new again somehow.

  6. I love love love the Moulin Rouge soundtrack! My absolute favourite track is the Elephant Love Melody but I also adore Sparkling Diamonds, One Day I’ll Fly Away and Roxanne. Amazing! Luhrmann has a real flair for music in his movies doesn’t he? I also love the soundtrack to Great Gatsby. The song from Lana Del Rey is beautiful.

    1. Hi Natalie! Glad to hear we share a love for this one. Yes I think Baz definitely has an ear for anachronism that work so well! The Young & Beautiful from Lana Del Rey was one of my fave songs from last year, too!

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