Memorial Weekend Viewing Roundup and LAMMY 2012 Updates

LOVE a four-day work week, don’t you? Well for us Americans, we enjoy an extra weekend day as Monday was Memorial Day. The weather was glorious on Monday so my friends and I spent most of the day outside picnicking at a small park.

I did do some blogging over the weekend as I got tagged to do the Best Actress Relay Race thing and also the Horseathon I signed up a few weeks back. So with the FCM Blogathon last week, that’s like 3 blog events in one week! 😀 It’s all in good fun of course, I enjoyed doing all of them.

Speaking of blog events, well I want to thank all of you who have voted for yours truly in the LAMMY 2012 Awards!

The nominations are in (which you can listen here or search for ‘LAMBcast’ on iTunes). I found out today that FlixChatter was amongst the seven nominees for Best Blog! WOW, that’s the one category I didn’t even campaign for as I didn’t think this wee blog would even qualify for the Big Kahuna. So THANK YOU friends [bowing head], I’m utterly grateful for simply being nominated, especially amongst such great company…

Congrats to my fellow nominees:
Stevee, Fogs, Ryan, Castor, Dylan and John!

While we’re at it, have you checked out the latest LAMB Acting School 101 featuring one of my fave actresses Cate Blanchett? No? Well, what are you waiting for? There are tons of awesome posts on the massively talented thespian.

Now, on to the weekend roundup…

I skipped the cinema again as there wasn’t really anything I really wanted to see. Moonrise Kingdom hasn’t made its way over to my neck of the woods. Apparently a lot of people went to see Men In Black III though, it made a whopping $70 mil domestically (over $200 mil worldwide), but according to EW, considering the $230 mil budget PLUS marketing and distribution cost, MIB 3 likely needs to take in at least $650 million just to break even!

So my weekend viewing consisted mostly of movie rewatch.

My girlfriends and I saw the 2008’s BBC miniseries Sense & Sensibility as one of my friends is really into Downton Abbey which also stars Dan Stevens. I really enjoyed this miniseries and it really was a pretty decent adaptation. But after watching this one, we all concluded just how superior the Ang Lee’s movie version is (my ALL TIME favorite movie, natch), and Emma Thompson’s script is just brilliant.

We do agree that Dan Stevens is far more compelling and attractive as Edward Ferrars. But Greg Wise is still the better Willoughby compared to Dominic Cooper so I guess that even things out 🙂


I also couldn’t resist rewatching one of my guiltiest pleasures… somewhat inspired by my pal Terrence’s Celebrity Crush Confession post 🙂 Though he’s been somewhat absent for a while on this blog, I still carry a torch for Gerry Butler and this TV miniseries from 2001, Attila, reminds me why. He’s so ridiculously hunky as the king of the huns, his grey-green eyes never looked so piercing against his dark, tanned skin and that unruly jet black hair. Yes I’m well aware that the real Attila certainly doesn’t look like the 6’2″ Scotsman, but heh, historical accuracy be damned I say 😉

Seeing him here made me think he’s destined to play King Leonidas, his formidable screen presence is undeniable and he’s got this ruggedly regal aura about him that commands allegiance. Powers Boothe is great as his Roman friend/foe Flavius Aetius and Tim Curry provides some comic relief as the sneering Theodosius.

One of my all time favorite sci-fi comedy, Galaxy Quest, is still as funny as the first time I saw it years ago. Man the cast is just awesome. I mean anything with Alan Rickman is bound to be awesome, plus there’s Sigourney Weaver, Tim Allen AND Sam Rockwell in a brilliant spoof of Star Trek and you’ve got yourself a comedy gold! I had forgotten about Rockwell’s part but man he really should do more comedies, he was a firecracker in Iron Man 2, especially when he’s showing off all the crazy weapons.

There are so many hilarious scenes to choose from but I think my fave part is the launch sequence when the crew’s trying to get the ship off the dock and Tommy had no idea to pilot a real ship. It keeps veering off to the left and scratch the sides, making this annoying squeeeeeEEEeeeEEEEeeeeee sound. Rickman’s expression here is just priceless! I’m glad I bought the Blu-ray as I wouldn’t mind watching this one over and over.

Well, that’s my weekend roundup. What did you watch this weekend? Anything good?

73 thoughts on “Memorial Weekend Viewing Roundup and LAMMY 2012 Updates

    1. Thanks Stevee, congrats to you too! I know this is as good as it gets for me as I have no chance of winning against the competition 🙂

  1. I was just watching Galaxy Quest like a month ago. It’s got to be one of the most underrated movies of all time. At least I never really hear anyone talking about it. You’re right, though. Rockwell NEEDS to do more comedy. He was awesome in Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, and although it’s not a comedy, he made a lot of the scenes hilarious.

    1. Indeed it’s underrated! I mean it’s a heck of a lot funnier than Men in Black but thankfully they have the good sense not to make sequels out of that one. Oh I need to check out ‘Confessions of a Dangerous Mind’ just for Rockwell now, he’s an underrated comedian! 😀

  2. Ted S.

    Cool, hope you’ll win this year’s Lammy. I enjoyed Galaxy Quest quite a bit too but haven’t seen it in years.

    I don’t think the folks at Sony are jumping up and down for MIB’s $70mil opening, considering it opened in 3D and all of IMAX theaters, it should’ve earned at least $100mil over the weekend. They need to put that franchise to rest now, not many people are into it anymore. I know I’m not, after the awful MIB2, I don’t even want to watch the first film anymore.

    I didn’t see or watch any movies over the weekend, was kind of busy with work stuff and also trying to get all my stuff together for my movie. Shooting date is approaching and I need to nail down my cinematographer and editor.

    1. I only like the first MIB because of Tommy Lee Jones, but yeah, they should just stop right now, definitely have overstayed their welcome.

      Hey Ted, Becky was telling me about her relative’s farm, you still need that for filming right? I’ll email you on it.

      1. Ted S.

        Oh yeah I’m still looking to find the perfect area for shooting the movie, please email me the details. I hope by late August or early September, those farm lands will have huge cornfields. Like I mentioned, I’m still trying to find the right camera guy and an editor.

    1. Thanks! Well Cooper is not bad as Willoughby but he seems more of a cad than he’s supposed to be. Greg Wise nailed it I think, he seems more remorseful when he had to leave Marianne abruptly, whilst Cooper is too bad-boy-ish. The interaction between him & Col. Brandon is interesting though.

  3. Congratulations Ruth! So pleased for you! I need to see Galaxy Quest. I ‘m going to put that on my rental list. Thanks for reminding me of it!

  4. So fantastic to hear you were nominated for Best Blog. You’re one of the first blogs I ever discovered, so it’s fantastic to see how prolific you’ve become. Awesome stuff!!!! 😀

    How ironic that you just had Memorial Day. Next Monday we have a public holiday here in New Zealand for the Queen’s Birthday so it will nice to have a bit more time off to be lazy lol

    1. He..he.. apparently not prolific enough to be nominated, ahah. Just kidding, I mean to be nominated for anything is such a privilege 😀

      Enjoy your Queen’s B’day, extra weekend day is always awesome!

    1. Awww, you’re an affable fellow yourself, John. Congrats on your multiple noms, you MUST win Funniest Writer, I don’t think anyone else stands a chance 😀

  5. Congrats on the Lammy nom Ruth. Well worth it. I haven’t quite understood the Lambs yet. I’ve signed up twice but never heard back after getting the initial emails. But I know there are tons of movie blogs connected to it so to be a nominee for the big prize is amazing in itself! Congrats again and Good luck!

    1. Hi Keith, it does take a while to get the membership processed, but no worries, they’ll get to it. Glad you’ll be a fellow LAMMY soon 🙂

    1. Thanks T. Hey, that Tommy character kind of resembles you a bit in this movie, don’t you think? I love that actor, he’s so hilarious when he’s going berserk 😀

  6. Hi, Ruth and company:

    Congratulations on the Lammy nomination, Ruth!

    I spent the weekend dusting off my DVD library and spent a post lawn mowing evening basking in the B&W artistry of favorite episodes of the 1960s, WWII series, ‘Combat!’.

    Vic Morrow, Rick Jason and all involved truly filled a niche for quite a few years. Also a great place to see a lot of top talent in their lean and hungry youth.

    1. Thanks Jack! That’s interesting that you watched an old fave TV show over the weekend. My hubby and I also watched a few episodes of Frasier, one of our fave sitcoms. I’m not into war films/shows so I’ve never even heard of ‘Combat.’

  7. First of all!! congrats for the nomination Ruth…you deserve it 🙂

    I never heard of Atilla before…and that is one scary look by GB , if I was a peasant walking near him, I would be so scared.

    I didn’t watch anything this weekend because I have school activity. I am planning to see MIB3 next monday. Have you seen it?

    1. Terima kasih, Nov 🙂

      Oh no, Attila is not scary at all, but VERY sexy. I mean, I’d be scared of what I’d do to him if I meet him, mwahahaha… he’s the one who won’t be safe 😉

      No, I’m not planning on seeing MIB3 on the big screen, a rental at best.

  8. Congratulations! I voted for you in this category, I’m saddened you didn’t get nominated for Best Reviewer, you are a fantastic writer. Galaxy Quest is indeed hilarious, Alan Rickman always makes me laugh in this one.

    1. Awwww, you are so sweet! Thank you for saying that Sati, that means a lot to me. Congrats on your Best Design nom, oh and I hope you win Best New Lamb, too!

      Alan Rickman is so awesome as a former stage actor who ends up on a sci-fi TV show. Channeling Patrick Stewart perhaps? 🙂

  9. PrairieGirl

    You know I’m always looking for great comedies (they are few and far between), so just put GQ in my queue. What a cast! As if those you mentioned aren’t enough, there’s Tony Shaloub to top it off! (Love him!) Good luck on your LAMMY nom ;-D

    1. Oh I think you’ll enjoy Galaxy Quest, it’s more comedy than sci-fi and yeah Tony Shaloub is a hoot in this as well.

      I’m just crushing on GB all over again after watching Attila. He’s just beautiful beyond words from start to finish, it’s hard to even concentrate on what he’s saying ahah.

  10. Congrats on your Lammy nomination. You got a nod for the big one (the only one that counts but shhh… don’t tell everyone else ;))

    1. Ahah, you’re too funny Castor. I really didn’t expect that one, so it’s extra awesome.

      Yay for Moonrise Kingdom, that looks like a hoot!

  11. sanclementejedi

    Congrats on your nomination Ruth 🙂

    I was foiled in my attempts to see Moonrise Kingdom this weeked so I settled for watching a bunch of classic war films on TCM, including one of my favorites, the Great Escape.

    1. Thanks you! So Moonrise Kingdom hasn’t opened where you live either? Hey, watching classic faves doesn’t sound like a bad weekend viewing at all 🙂

      1. sanclementejedi

        LA is too far to drive for this beach bum, one more week and its about 30 minutes from here going to double down with Prometheus and Moonrise that weekend 🙂

    1. Why thanks matey! We voted for each other then 😀 Your blog is mighty awesome Scott, I mean you’ve obviously accomplished way more w/ yours in half the time most of us did w/ ours.

  12. Rodney

    Congrats on the nomination, Ruth! Don’t doubt yourself – this is a great blog and you should be very proud of what you’ve got going on here!! I wish I could get as many comments and readers as you do!! ALl the best, I hope you win the Big One!!

    1. Awww, thanks Rodney! I’m so very blessed people respond to what I’ve got to say about movies, it’s really something I don’t take for granted.

  13. nevertooearlymp

    Congratulations and I really hope you campaign for the win. The fact that you got best blog as your nomination shows that you’ve got a lot of love in the community and it is well-deserved as you do a fantastic job!

    1. Thanks David, oh I think my days of *campaigning* is done, not very good w/ that kind of thing. This is winning enough for me 😀

  14. Had a long weekend myself as well over here, so I enjoyed that a lot too.

    Congratulations on the nomination! You deserve it. Have been nominated for the relay races myself. Really great news 🙂

    1. Thank you Andina!! I voted for you in Best Design category as I love your banner there and your blog is nice and clean. I haven’t seen any episode of 30 Rock but glad you enjoyed that.

  15. I’m back!
    Glad to see you’ve kept yourself very busy while I was away. Congrats on your nomination.
    As for my weekend, I did manage to see “Chernobyl Diaries” in the theater, which was kind of a waste of money if you ask me. The film was definitely LAME and not scary to put it simply.
    I love that you love silly comedies like Galaxy Quest and you’re right, a cast like that cannot sign on to a bad project. Galaxy Quest needs to be given more credit.
    As for Gerrard Buttler, I don’t know if I have the same…mmm….admiration for the guy….but he’s entertaining and a presence to be reckoned with in films like 300, which was certainly perfect for him.

    Anyhow, time to catch up with other blogging friends. Keep up the good work !

    1. Hi Niels! Welcome back man. Thanks for the warning about ‘Chernobyl Diaries’ but I wasn’t that interested in it to begin with.

      Gerry Butler is definitely a presence to be reckoned with and not just in films like ‘300.’ I just hope he’d do another role that shows a different side of him, the more emotional and understated kind, I know he has it in him.

      Thanks for your kind words! 😀

  16. Oddly enough speaking of Patrick Stewart up there on the posts someone asked me about him in North and South (Gaskell) on Twitter I drew a blank as I had no idea but apparently it’s true as I looked it up. I didn’t like the 08′ S&S at all as perhaps it might be a tad more closer to the Austen novel it is all wooden and some perhaps overdone and ill casted. I agree about Dan Stevens as he is a great actor as Dominic Cooper could be but I agree not as Willoughby as he was too young at the time and hardly thought as the rogue that Wise was somewhat seen to be. As if James MacAvoy was acting the role himself as it had the same sentiment as Becoming Jane.
    As for Galaxy Quest Rickman as per usual kicked everyone’s butt as he did in Robin Hood as it is easy for him as he is a wonderfully talented actor. But I wonder how he will play Ronald Reagan in The Butler as unfortunately he has done a few films trying on an American accent it surprising failed at least for me. An all star cast in this odd pseudo film The story of The White House’s butler, Eugene Allen, who served eight American Presidents over the course of three decades.

    1. Whoa!! I had no idea Patrick Stewart had played the role of Thornton!! My favorite is still Richard Armitage though, can’t imagine anyone else in that role, IMO.

      I was curious what you thought about that adaptation, as you’re very well-versed in all things Austen. This adaptation is definitely inferior to the film version by Ang Lee but there are parts of it that I think are decent.

      Oy, Rickman as Ronald Reagan??? Now THAT’s something I gotta see. You’re right his American accent is probably not gonna be very convincing, ahah. Thanks Stella!

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