007 Chatter: Seven actors we think could play the next James Bond

In anticipation for Bond 23, a.k.a. Skyfall coming on November 9th, 2012, Ted and I are starting a new monthly series called 007 CHATTER… look for it sometime in the first week of each month.

I’ve also added a new category for this, so click on 007 Chatter on the category drop-down menu for all Bond-related posts.

A few weeks ago Daniel Craig said in an interview that he would love to keep playing Bond until the producers tells him he couldn’t anymore. Now I personally think  Craig at 44 is already showing his age, I mean he looked like he’s already in his mid 50s in most of the photos from Skyfall [like this one]. I honestly can’t imagine how old he’d look five years from now!


Anyway, regardless of when Craig will hang up his Bond mantel, we thought it couldn’t hurt to come up with a list of actors we believe would be great as the next 007. Btw, although we’ve seen some people suggesting that non-Caucasian actors should also be consider playing Bond, we actually won’t be doing that here and here’s Ted’s reasoning why [which I agree]:

Let’s be real here as much as I like to see a non-white actor playing the part, there’s no way the studio or the producers would consider it. I don’t want to sound like a jackass or anything but some of  you probably remember the uproar when Craig was cast as Bond in Casino Royale back in the mid 2000s. The media and fans alike were all over him, they called him ugly, too short, he’s blond and can’t drive stick gear and he’s white! Imagine the backlash the producers will get if they cast a non-white actor for the role. I’m being realistic here so I don’t believe we’ll ever see a non Caucasian actor as 007, well, not in my life time anyway.

So again, it’s not like we’re opposed of the idea of a black Bond, the opposite is true, but we’re just being realistic in that we don’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon.

Anyway, with without further ado, here are the actors Ted and I believe should be considered for the next James Bond, starting with the two we both absolutely in agreement with.


Luke Evans

He’s not a household name yet but that will change when The Hobbit opens this December. He’s playing Bard in the movie and for those who’ve read the novel, you know how vital his character is to the story. Apparently Peter Jackson has expanded the role, in the novel he didn’t appear until half through the book.

I believe people will think of him as the next Bond once they see him in action, actually if you saw him in Immortals then you know he can definitely play an action hero. I think Evans has the look and acting chops to play Bond. He’s young enough and by the time Craig’s done with the role, he’ll be in a perfect age to play Bond. I say he’s a mix of Sean Connery and Timothy Dalton, two of my favorite Bond actors.

Aside from Immortals, which is the first film I saw Luke in, I also saw a few interviews with him and he certainly oozes charisma. Bond should be handsome but not a pretty boy that’s why I think Luke is perfect. He’s tough-looking with that manly square-jawed face, but still has that elegant quality, not thuggish the way some people criticize Craig for. Oh, I’ve also seen him in person at Comic-con (not personally, though I had a pretty good seat at Hall H during The Raven panel). Mr. Evans looked appropriately rugged 😉

Richard Armitage 

Another actor who I think will be a household name after The Hobbit came out. He’s playing Thorin, and again for those who read the book, you know he’s pretty much the second lead in the story. I first saw Armitage in the excellent British TV series MI-5 and thought to myself this guy will be great as 007. I think he’s the combinations of Pierce Brosnan and Sean Connery, but I believe he’ll be a much better Bond than Brosnan. With his deep voice and piercing blue eyes, I think he’ll be quite popular with the female Bond fans.

I was thrilled when Ted suggested him as I’ve been a fan of his since I saw him in BBC’s North & South. Interestingly, both him and Evans will be in The Hobbit [man, what I’d give to work for just a day on the set of that film!!] The tall, lean actor has since done mostly TV works, most notably as the baddie Guy of Gisbourne in BBC’s Robin Hood and most recently the MI-5 series where he’s very much Bond-like! Not sure if the Bond producers have seen him on that show or not, but can’t imagine they’d have to look to far for their next candidate! Oh and btw, I think he’s the most like Dalton to me: both are the same height at 6’2″ (which was the tallest Bond so far), intense with piercing eyes, AND has that irresistibly deep, raspy voice to boot!


Joshua Bowman

I don’t think many people know this guy unless you’re a fan of the TV show Revenge. I started watching the show last year and noticed him and I thought he could be a good James Bond. He’s quite young so hopefully he’ll grow as an actor and maybe when he’s old enough, the producers of Bond films will give him a call.

Christian Bale 

Yes I know he already played another iconic character but how cool would it be if Nolan decides he wants to do a Bond flick and demands that the producers cast Bale as the next Bond? Come on now my fellow Nolan fan boys and girls, you know you’ll be jumping up and down with excitement. I don’t think I need to say anything more about why Bale will be great as the next 007, we all know he can act and also be an action hero.

RUTH’s note:
I actually suggested Bale as Bond in this post I did back in 2010. Check out the awesome fan-made video of Bale as the suave super spy!


Karl Urban

If you’ve read my review of RED from 2010, then you know that I’ve been pushing for Urban as Bond. I first saw him in the Lord of the Rings movie, and even amongst such a massive cast, he was quite memorable. He’s also great as Kiril in the second Bourne movie and also in JJ Abram’s Star Trek. What I love about Urban — well other than the fact that he’s devastatingly handsome — is that he’s got that quiet intensity. He barely talked as the Bourne villain but he’s got such a strong screen presence that he really didn’t need to. He can also be funny as he displayed in Star Trek. But seeing him in RED makes me think he’d be perfect as Bond! Yes I know that the last Bond actor from Down Under wasn’t successful but hey, let bygones be bygones okay? I’d say give this one at least a screen test!

TED’s Note:
I like Urban but I think he’s still somehow looks too young for Bond and he needs to beef up a bit. Maybe his role in Judge Dredd will get him notice even more.

Jason O’Mara

The first time I saw O’Mara was in the ABC series Life on Mars. Though he’s playing American, right away I thought he’s a Brit. I was close, he’s Irish. Most recently he starred in the recently-canceled dinosaur sci-fi Terranova and seeing him do some of the action scenes make me think he’d be good as Bond. He’s tall and lean [ALWAYS a plus, in my book Bond should be at least 6 feet tall], rugged, but can also clean up well. I also think he’s got that effortless swagger without being cocky. If he got the job, he’d be the second Irish James Bond since Pierce Brosnan.

TED’s Note:
Good choice here since he already played a secret agent in the underrated TV show called The Agency a few years back. He might already be on the producer’s short list of actors to take over the role of Bond.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Ok, this is kind of an off-the-beaten-path choice as he’s neither British/Irish nor Australian, but hey, if he could pull off a convincing British accent, why not? Most of you know him as the king’s slayer in Game of Thrones, but I first saw him in the prematurely-canceled New Amsterdam on CBS and took immediate liking to him. Yes, he’s a blond but then again, so is Craig. I think seeing him in the Danish crime thriller Headhunters trailer recently makes me think he’s got that edge about him that’d work as Bond. I think I’d rather see Nikolaj rising out of the water in a Speedo than Daniel [ooops, did I just say that out loud?] 😉

If you select ‘Other,’ please let us know in the comments who it is.

Ok, so these are our picks. Time to discuss amongst yourself. I’m sure you all have an opinion [or two] about Bond casting 😀

111 thoughts on “007 Chatter: Seven actors we think could play the next James Bond

  1. The only choice not on this list coming to mind for me is Alexander Skarsgard. He definitely has the appearance of a tough guy, and i think he is a pretty good actor. Plus i think he around the right age for the part.

    1. Sorry but I don’t know what the fuss is about Alexander, I don’t find him attractive in the slightest. I’d take the rumply-looking Daniel Craig over him any day.

  2. Great list. I’d probably add Matthew Goode into the mix and you know if they were casting for a new James Bond right this very second, Michael Fassbender’s name would probably be near the top of the wishlist.

    1. Oh, I was actually considering Matthew Goode before I picked Nikolaj, but y’know, I don’t think he’s edgy enough and he seems to skinny. Of course he can always bulk up but again, not sure he’s got the charisma to pull it off. I didn’t suggest Fassbender as I think he’s too famous now.

  3. jackdeth72

    Hi, Ruth, Ted and company:

    Great lists!

    I kind of like the idea of Laurence Fox. Nephew of Edward Fox. The Jackal in Fred Zinnemann’s 1973, ‘The Day of the Jackal’. And later, ‘M’ in the Godawful ‘Never say Never Again’.

    Young Lawrence has the suavity and smooth moves of his uncle in earlier projects. Only more so in his portrayal of Deputy Superintendent James Hathaway in the import UK ‘Inspector Lewis’ series from 2007.

    Paul Bettany also leaps to mind. As do Tom Hardy and Idris Elba.

      1. @ Sam – A female Bond? Well isn’t that what Evelyn Salt is? Ahah. Again, if a black Bond is not realistic, I think a female one is even more implausible in our lifetime.

          1. As a non-white person, I’d be the first person to champion a non-white Bond. Heck I’d love to see British-Korean Daniel Henney as Bond but yeah right, dream on!

            Here he is in a tux with Hugh Jackman: http://www4.pictures.gi.zimbio.com/X+Men+Origins+Wolverine+South+Korea+Premiere+2SdNZnZruiOl.jpg He played Agent Zero in Wolverine.

            If only it’s true that people are ready to see that happening, but considering the hullabaloo over people’s complaints about Idris Elba as a Norse god in Thor (http://www.comicsalliance.com/2010/12/16/racists-thor-idris-ebla-racism/), no I don’t think we are ready for that.

            1. MaidMelee

              Funny, I was thinking how great Chow Yan Fat or Jet Li would be great as a new Bond, but if Bond has to (at least) be British, Daniel Henney would fit the bill better.

    1. I had to google ‘Laurence Fox’ but um, I don’t know Jack, I don’t think he’s got the right look. Maybe if I’ve seen him in action I can form a better opinion.

      I think Hardy has the chops but he doesn’t fit into the 6-feet tall rule 🙂 As for Elba, we’ve addressed that above that about a black Bond.

    1. See my above comments about both of ’em. I love Hardy and I think he’d do it if Nolan’s directing a Bond movie, but I much prefer a tall Bond to be honest.

      1. MaidMelee

        Yes, Richard’s got my vote too. Along with all his other glorious attributes, I think he’s also the right age for Bond. The famous spy is usually depicted as a more seasoned character than some twentysomething fratboy.

        1. Yes exactly, plus he looks youthful for his age but not a pretty boy. I think he can handle the physicality of the role and of course the ladies-wooing part very convincingly. I hope the producers are reading this! 😀

  4. Really interesting picks! I think Luke Evans might have a good shot. I’d love to see Bale do a Dalton and tackle a couple of Bond movies. Really though, reading this has made me realise I’m not ready for a new Bond. I hope Craig’s got a few more in him.

    1. Yeah, wouldn’t that be nice? He’d be a darker Bond like Dalton too. Well, no worries, I think you will see a few more Craig as Bond 🙂

    1. I like MacFadyen, he’s in the original MI-5 series, but his eyes are so melancholic looking though, he’s more suitable as Darcy 🙂 How old is Isaac? I think he might be too old for the role, that’s why I didn’t suggest James Purefoy either though I think he’d be awesome as Bond.

    1. Ted S.

      Clive Owen has been my number 1 choice to play Bond for years but he never wanted the role and he’s older than Craig so by the time Craig’s done with role, Owen will be way too old for it.

      1. Makes that three! I know matey, I was desperately hoping to see Owen in the role but I don’t think it’ll ever happen now. I don’t know if he’s ever offered the role but it’d be daft for the producers to not ever consider him.

      1. LOL -Scott! You know me too well!

        Great choices Ruth! My vote 100% for Richard Armitage for all the reasons you and Ted have already given in your excellent post. I will also add that Armitage has a great sense of humor and he would be able to bring back a bit of the Bond humor that was part of the earlier films. He was born to play Bond.

  5. mersguy

    Although I doubt very much he would be chosen if and when Daniel Craig leaves and many fans hope he doesn’t but Richard Armitage would be perfect as Bond! I can always dream ♥

  6. as you know me is the biggest fan of Lukster Evans and Karlito Urban. Luke would be the first gay Bond, which sound very intriguing to me 🙂 O’Mara is super great too, as you already know 🙂

    1. Ted S.

      You know that never came to my mind about Evans, yes he’s gay but I believe he’ll be quite convincing as the lady loving Bond. Look at Ian McKellen, he’s gay but he played both Magneto and Gandalf quite well and I never for a second think about his sexuality.

        1. oh, Flixy, don’t you ever read HOLLYWOOD SPY? 🙂 You know me is the biggest LUKE EVANS central around the net 🙂 and we spoke many times about him being gay. He doesn’t talk about it any longer, but he did before, in the past. Did I tell you that he sent me a birthday congratulations last week:? 🙂

          1. Ahah, I might have blocked it out somehow. Yeah well now I know 🙂 That’s cool that he sent you a b’day congrats, Dezzy, very kind of him!

            1. I was smitten 🙂 I also got congrats from a SPARTACUS actor and from a GAME OF THRONES one 🙂
              oH,my, Flixy you’re site has been hijacked by the Armitage ladies 🙂 Didn’t you know that there is no point in posting polls with him in them? 🙂

  7. I like some of these picks, especially Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. I’m also intrigued by the idea of Idris Elba as Bond. He’s British and could pull off the cool part of Bond’s persona, and it would be an interesting change from Daniel Craig’s brutal version of the character (which I also enjoy).

    1. Yay, glad to see someone agreeing on Nikolaj!

      I do think Elba’s got the personality and presence to play Bond, but again, as we’ve addressed above, I don’t think most people are ready to see a black Bond.

  8. Luke Evans !!! I wholeheartedly agree! He was the only reason I survived the nightmare that is The Three Musketeers! Please…I need to see him again…

      1. MaidMelee

        “I love listening to the clips of him reading those bedtime stories.”

        It’s good to know I’m not alone in my shame. But with BBC pimping its hunky actors in ‘Bedtime Stories,’ you know darn well the show is more for the Moms than their kids. 😉

  9. I could see Karl Urban in a James Bond role but definitely not Christian Bale. I liked Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace, so he could continue the series and I’d be fine with that. Otherwise, Urban would be the man to do it!

      1. Yes, I saw Red on DVD last Summer and while most of my attention was on Bruce Willis, lol, I do know what you mean with regards to Urban being a great fit for the new James Bond 🙂

  10. Colin Firth keeps coming to mind. Now he nails the suave, sophisticated Bond but not sure if he could pull off the gritty edge that Craig has brought to it.

  11. Of this list, I like Luke Evans the best, though it would be very cool to see a Nolan/Bale team-up for a 3-part series like they did with Batman. For that to work, it would be with the understanding that their series is a stand-alone set totally separate from anything that came before or will come after, kind of like the Daniel Craig reboot was a different series than the previous films. To play Bond, the actor must have a lot of different aspects–good looking, tough, womanizing, hard-drinking, sarcastic, quick-witted, suave, intelligent, somewhat immature, good with gambling, cold-blooded, efficient killer, etc. I like Craig, but I’m not totally convinced that he plays all aspects of Bond properly.

    1. I think Bale just might be on board as Bond IF Nolan’s doing it, and yeah he’s still young enough that it could work. Imagine having 2 major trilogies that are hugely successful!

      Yeah, I think you nailed it, Craig doesn’t play ALL of the Bond elements properly like you mentioned, but I think for any actor, if you get say, 8 out of 10 things right, then that’s pretty darn good IMO.

  12. Nice list guys although I would think that none of them are likely at all either because they are too little known (everyone but Bale and maybe Urban) or already synonym with another iconic character (Bale with Batman)

    1. Ted S.

      Evans and Armitage will be well quite well known once The Hobbit opens, even though Evans is my number 1 choice to be the next Bond, I think Armitage will get much more attention. The wild card here though is Joshua Bowman, if he doesn’t screw up his career as he gets older, he’s someone to watch out for.

      1. PrairieGirl

        Sorry, Ted, I agree with Ruth about Bowman. It’s all I can take having to endure him (and the rest of the cast, except for Madeline Stowe) in Revenge while anxiously waiting for my hunky movie boyfriend James Purefoy’s guest appearance on the show on Wednesday. If James was 10 years younger, he’d also be a superb Bond.

        1. Ted S.

          I like Purefoy and he could play Bond right now but by the time Craig’s done with the role, he’ll be way too old.

          Yeah Bowman’s very young but I think he’ll prove that he’s more than just a pretty boy if/when a big named director cast him in their next movie. As long as he stays away from doing any silly rom-coms in the future, he’ll have a good career.

    2. I think the ‘too little known’ factor might actually be a good thing. Craig wasn’t known when he played Bond, but had enough solid work that cinephiles and people in the business know who he is. I think all of my picks fit that category. Sorry Ted but I’m not sold on Bowman at all at this point, but again, give him 10-15 yrs and maybe he would, that is if he plays his cards right.

  13. PrairieGirl

    I’m head over heels for Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, and even though there’s no chance, I wholeheartedly choose Idris Elba too.

    1. Nikolaj is charming isn’t he? I love that interview about Game of Thrones, he’s got that awesome laugh. He’s also got that twinkle in his eyes like Connery, but can also be quite bad ass.

    2. barnitabiswas

      I am in love with this Danish hunk… No one has got such killer looks like Nikolaj Costar Waldau. After Pierce, no one else can be the successor but Nikolaj… I have seen his headhunter and New Amsterdam. He is just awesome😃😃😘😍

  14. Therapne

    I know that I would thoroughly enjoy Richard Armitage as a cool, classic, Bond and he would be absolutely brilliant at it, but i have to say, as an Armitage fan, a little voice inside me is asking not whether he would be good enough for that role, but whether the role would be good enough for him. He is a very talented and capable actor and I long to see him in something that is ground breaking in terms of both writing and production. As entertaining as Bond is, it’s not that!

    1. I do think the quality of Bond films are improving, especially after Skyfall as Sam Mendes is not usually associated with a ‘franchise’ films. I’d think for Richard, it could only boost his career and he can always continue to do quality films outside of Bond just like Craig does.

  15. FUNK

    Not a bad list, after watching Rufus Sewell in “Zen”, I would think he’d make one excellent Bond. He’s show he has all the characteristics (as mention by Jamie) that encompass Bond.

    1. Oh yeah, I love Rufus, I suppose he’s the same age as Daniel Craig yet he looked 10 yrs younger. Yes he’s definitely got what it takes to play 007, I just think that he might be too old for the role by the time Craig’s ready to move on in a few years. Even Nikolaj at 42 is already too old, that’s why he’s more of a wishful thinking on my part 🙂

    2. PrairieGirl

      Oh, I so agree, Rufus was perfect in Zen and is perfect to play Bond! But hopefully we’ll see him again soon in the new crime drama All Things to All Men.

    1. Ahah, RA army is quite um, passionate 😀

      Well, I’m sure Craig will do at least one more Bond after Skyfall, but there’s no such thing as premature when it comes to Bond casting. I bet the producers are already looking for the next one.

  16. I love the choice of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, he is absolutely dashing and he would make for great 007. A lot of people say they wish Fassbender would be new Bond, but I hope he has much more demanding roles in his future than this one.

    1. Yay, glad to see another vote for Nikolaj. You’re right Sati, I think Fassbender is better off with other roles at this point of his career.

    1. I would’ve loved to see him as Bond before they got Craig, but now I think he’s past his chance. Have you seen the BMW short films he did? He’s practically Bondian in those.

  17. I see a few people have mentioned Idris Elba, and I would love to see that happen (even if it is highly unlikely). I have been a big fan of him ever since watching The Wire, and he has really exploded since then.

    Unfortunately, I am not familiar with most of the actors mentioned in this post, so I can’t really chime in there. I will say that it would be weird to see Bale as Bond — he’s just too big of a name for that role now.

    1. Yeah, if it *could* happen, I’d definitely recommend Elba for the role. But as I mentioned above, I don’t think that is likely to happen at all.

      Yeah, that’s what I thought about Bale too, though a few years ago he’d have been great!

  18. merisguy

    Checking back in after a few days, no real surprise that the glorious Mr Armitage has an overwhelming lead. Can we (his admirers) handle him in two major franchises??? Hell yeah ☺

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  20. I agree with the Rufus Sewell and Richard Armitage as well as maybe Tim Olymphant as he played an assassin in Hitman in 07′ was very convincing too as an agent. As I don’t like where they are going with Bond since Casino I refuse to watch a crying James Bond as it isn’t real. I like the old swagger and confidence and sexuality of Bond not an emotionally challenged person. I was never fond even of the idea of Craig being Bond. Clive Owen as well would have made a haert thumping Bond if allowed to be as expected the professional I have always admired. Some of the later comedic Bond of Dalton and Brosnan left me flat. So I doubt if I will see Skyfall unless I rent it.

    1. Hi Stella, I like Timothy Olyphant but he’s American, so I’m generally not keen on seeing US actors as Bond. I think I prefer Brits or Aussies in the role, tho I did pick a Danish guy as he has a natural British accent 🙂 Yes, Owen definitely would make an excellent Bond but his time has passed I think.

      I would never call Dalton’s Bond comedic, in fact, he’s the ANTI comedic Bond, I think you meant Roger Moore. Dalton is the kind of Bond Ian Flemming would’ve envisioned: dark, gritty, sophisticated, and lethal.

  21. I go for Bale!!!

    I don’t know whether I have told you or not that I don’t watch Bond that much…in fact never been interested except for Tomorrow never dies because of Michelle Yeoh. … If Bale is the next Bond, I will see the movie again 😉

  22. Amelia

    Richard Armitage will actually persuade me to pay money to watch a Bond film; something I’ve never done before. (He’s 40, by the way – not 41.)

    1. Oooh, nice pics! Yes definitely he’s VERY Bond-like in those photos. He certainly would be at home w/ the ladies and doing all the action stuff!

  23. All interesting choices here as well as good arguments to accompany them.
    Considering only your picks, I’ll say the most interesting for me would be continuing the blonde streak with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau who is a damn good actor who has the charisma, the personality and the physique to play Bond.

    Having said that, I don’t think he’d be the choice. If I had to bet on it, I’d probably put my vote for Luke Evans who is growing in popularity, which will surely get even bigger after the release of The Hobbit. He also has the look, the age and the talent to play Bond, not to mention he’ll be more a throw-back to the classic Bond look.

    Also, you’re right to point out that Daniel Craig’s time as Agent 007 may be running out as he hasn’t aged well in the last couple of years. I do think it will ultimately come down to the success of Skyfall though.

    1. Hi Niels, yay for your vote for Nikolaj. He’s kind of an off-the-beaten-path pick for me but I really like that guy and I think he’d be awesome. Yes, popularity-wise, I think Evans and Armitage has the edge, especially being cast in The Hobbit. Out of the two, I’d pick Armitage though, his deep voice is just killer!! Only Dalton has that great, iconic voice as Bond, so it’s time for another one.

      I can’t imagine Skyfall being a bomb, but then again you never know. I’m optimistic about it though.

  24. Great list! After watching Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in Headhunters, I could definitely see him as a potential Bond. A cross between Craig and Moore.

    I actually voted for Other though and put down Tom Hardy. The snow scene in Inception. Tom Hardy showed he could be that suave gentleman but he packed a punch in that action sequence. He’s young, but proven to be a real talent. My vote goes to him!

    1. I think Nikolaj is far better looking than Craig & Moore combined 🙂

      Oh I don’t blame you for voting for Tom Hardy, he’d make a good Bond. I’m just a stickler for having Bond be at least 6 feet tall, yeah I know Craig has broken that *rule* but ideally, I’d like a super-spy to be tall and eye-candy material, y’know 🙂

        1. Ahah, don’t get me wrong, I think Hardy is gorgeous. Who knows maybe the height thing isn’t an issue anymore after Craig so he still might be cast as Bond. I know he wouldn’t mind doing it if Nolan were the director. Now I definitely would watch THAT combo!!

  25. Paula

    i see Armitage is running away with it but i don’t see anything wrong with Craig. In fact, he is my favorite of all the Bonds so far. I see I’m in the minority tho 😉

  26. Okay, after much thought, I have chosen Luke Evans. I am surprised at the amount of votes Armitage has. I like him, but I don’t see him pulling it off as well. Perhaps The Hobbit will change my mind. I was a little surprised about some of the choices being listed here given their age being so close to that of Daniel Craig’s.

    wasn’t that part of the reason for the question to begin with? And a very fun question at that! Thanks, Ruth.

      1. from that clip I can see that Armitage can run, take a hit, and punch back. and that’s cool. But it doesn’t really sell me on his Bond-ability. I’d have to see more to be convinced. Bond has style, quick-wit, humor, is good with a gun, and I didn’t really see any convincing amount of that here from him. I keep an open mind and will look to see more of him, but so far, he just shows he can be a good actor in action scenes…much like a action television series has.

        sorry! 🙂

        1. Oh I’m sure if the script calls for it, he could be all that 😀 I’ve seen him in a British sitcom and he’s quite funny. I mean, Craig isn’t all that witty when you think about it but he managed when the script called for it.

          Glad you keep an open mind though, I suppose as a woman I’m more biased about him as he’s soooo easy on the eye. At the same time, I’ve seen enough of his work to think that he’d be the perfect choice! 😀

  27. Ted

    Clive Owen is born to play the part. Just watch the BMW series and other spy thrillers. Suave, debonair, humourous and charming and great with a gun/car, etc…

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