Five for the Fifth: Special James Bond Edition


Welcome to FlixChatter’s primary blog series! As is customary for this monthly feature, I get to post five random news item/observation/poster, etc. and then turn it over to you to share your take on that given topic. You can see the previous five-for-the-fifth posts here.

Well, since SPECTRE is released this weekend here in the US, I’m dedicating this month’s edition to be ALL THINGS James Bond!

007chatter1. As I grew up watching Bond movies, I have a special fondness for the franchise. Even though I haven’t always loved all the movies, I always look forward to seeing a new one whenever it comes along. If you’ve read my blog long enough, surely you’ve noticed that this is a pretty frequent topic here, I even have a special category for it… 007 Chatter.

My twin brothers and I would watch Bond movies on VHS (yes I’m that old) over and over, and we’d always watch ’em when they’re on TV.  I actually don’t remember which Bond film I saw for the very first time, I just know it was a Roger Moore film.  Now, he’s not my favorite Bond (some loyal readers know it’s THIS guy), but I always have a fondness for some of his movies, especially For Your Eyes Only.

So tell me, how did you first discover the Bond franchise?

2. One of the things I LOVE about the franchise is that it’s pure escapist entertainment. Yes, we’ve got the guns, gadgets and girls, but for me, it’s location, location, location. You can always count on Bond movies to be shot on location in the most exotic places in the world.

There are SO many places in Bond movies I’d love to visit, but you’d have to be a billionaire to have THAT kind of bucket list. So I were to pick only six Bond locations to travel to in my lifetime, I’d choose these from each of the six Bond actor’s film:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So what’s your favorite Bond film setting?


3.  As the saying goes, “a hero is only as good as their villain”. It’s true for most great stories, but it’s extremely crucial when it comes to the Bond franchise. The worst Bond movies is often as a result of a weak villain, whether it’s in the writing or in the casting, but I think the latter plays an even crucial role.

The topic of Bond villains have been covered several times here. We’ve talked about the best and worst villains, as well as who I’d like to see as a Bond villain a while back. In regards to that last one, I still stand by these choices as none of them have ever been cast yet (what a shame!)

L-R: Alan Rickman, Gary Oldman, Cate Blanchett, Clive Owen and Timothy Dalton

Oh man, it’d be a dream to see Timothy Dalton be cast as the next Bond villain. I mean he’s contracted to do three Bond films before the MGM legal woes basically caused Dalton to walk out, so casting him as a Bond villain would just be the perfect *atonement.* If you’ve seen him in Showtime’s Penny Dreadful, you’ll see he’s still got the chops, not to mention he still looks pretty damn good in his 70s! If only Penny Dreadful‘s creator John Logan, who’s also one of the writers of Skyfall and Spectre would agree with me, he could pitch that to the Broccolis! 🙂

Which actors/actresses are on your wish list as a Bond villain?

I’m not going to talk about who should replace Daniel Craig as Bond at this point. There’s just been way too much talk on that topic and Craig is supposedly under contract for at least another Bond movie anyway. I already talked about who I think would be great to play 007, but what I haven’t ever really discussed is Craig himself… apart from his role as Bond.


I’ve only seen Craig in a handful of non-Bond roles, the first one being Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Yep, he was Lara’s um, boy toy before Gerard Butler got the *honor* in the sequel. I haven’t seen any of the Dragon Tattoo movies nor Layer Cake, but I did see him in supporting roles in The Road to Perdition and Munich. That’s about it. So I really don’t know how good an actor he is apart from the Bond films, which doesn’t exactly show his range.

I’m curious, what’s your favorite Daniel Craig role apart from 007? 

This month’s Five for the Fifth’s guest is a longtime friend and fellow Bond fan Dan from Top 10 Films site! Dan’s posted a myriad of Bond-related top 10s, including top 10 Bond gadgets from contributor Rodney aka Fernby Films, so it’s no surprise that his question would be gadget-related. Check out this awesome infographic on this very topic!


So what’s your favorite James Bond gadgets? Is there a memorable moment(s) when Bond uses one of his gadgets to get out of a sticky situation?

Well, that’s it for the James Bond edition of Five for the Fifth. Now, please pick a question out of the five above or better yet, do ‘em all!

78 thoughts on “Five for the Fifth: Special James Bond Edition

  1. Well, I was introduced to Bond when it was on tv. Haven’t fanatically watched them or bought them, but have seen quite a few of them. I don’t know the locations which are in the Bond films, so don’t know which ones I’d love to go….Love your choices for Bond villains! I’d probably pick an actor you wouldn’t suspect in such a movie, so probably an actor known for a comedic role. I quite like Craig in Layer Cake. I’d pick the Lotus Esprit as I had the toy of it and played with that quite a bit.

    1. Hi Nostra! You saw the first Bond on TV? I wish Indo TV had shown more Bond movies growing up, I know it’s constantly playing on cable here in the States. Glad you love my picks of Bond villains, but yeah, I think that’d be brilliant to cast a non-traditional actor you wouldn’t necessarily think of as a baddie. Oh I love the Lotus Esprit, that’s the one that could go underwater right? LOVE it!!

  2. 1. As described here.

    2. Japan, for ‘You Only Live Twice’. Specifically, Kirishima-Yaku National Park, Kagoshima, Japan, where Blofed had his Volcano Lair. 😉

    3. I agree. Dalton would make a charismatic, atoning villain for the franchise. If not him, Madonna. Then OO7 could finally give her the comeuppance she’s long deserved for the worst Bond song ever [Die Another Day]! 😉

    4. He was very good in Fincher’s version of ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’, and had a good dramatic turn with ‘Defiance’, but it’s probably ‘Layer Cake’ as my favorite of Craig’s outside of Bond. See all of those, Ruth.

    5. Nothing beats that now vintage Aston Martin DB5 from ‘Goldfinger’. That silver-birch beauty was stylish, and deadly. Used in a number of films in the series, and stupidly destroyed in ‘Skyfall’ (one of a handful of peeves I have with that movie).

    Fun post, Ruth!

    1. Hey Michael, the link isn’t working for some reason, but I presume it’s the post we collaborated on w/ Ted?

      Oh yeah, that YOLT setting in Japan is very cool, though I always laugh thinking about how they tried to pass the tall and VERY Scottish Connery as a Japanese guy [shakes head]

      Madonna definitely made one of the worst Bond song ever, so I’d rather have her stay as far away as possible from this franchise, ahah. But Dalton would just be SO brilliant as a Bond villain!

      I want to see Defiance and maybe Layer Cake, but not sure about Dragon Tattoo.

      Yeah, I cringed when they destroyed the DB5 in Skyfall. I mean why???!??!

  3. I was delighted to be asked to guest on this edition of Five For The Fifth – many thanks Ruth for reaching out. It’s been all Bond here in England as the film was released last week. Much of the talk has been about who will replace Daniel Craig after he hinted at 007 retirement but more recent interviews from the actor hint he may stay on. The reaction to the film by the UK press has been largely positive with many highlighting its pace and action sequences as stand out features of the film.

    Your question about Bond settings is interesting. There have been so many fantastic ones – notably those beautiful on-location shots from the many times Bond has visited the Caribbean – but a less obvious one stands out for me. I’m talking about 007’s visit to India in Octopussy.

    I was introduced to the franchise during the Roger Moore period – largely because those were the films they were showing on television when I was a kid. Moonraker, For Your Eyes Only and Live and Let Die were immediate favorites with The Spy Who Loved Me eventually becoming my all-time fave. I caught up with Sean Connery’s work later, with both From Russia With Love and Goldfinger emerging as favorites. Of the other Bond’s, I love License to Kill (Dalton), GoldenEye (Brosnan) and Skyfall (Craig).

    1. Hi Dan! Delighted to have you as special guest of FFTF!! I figure as a fellow Bond fan you’re the perfect guest for today’s edition! I figure the Bond fever is all over UK, I mean, Bond IS quintessentially British so naturally. Oh I think Craig is staying on as I believe he’s still under contract.

      Oh I LOVE Octopussy and that Bajaj chase scene is such a hoot!! I might do a top 10 fave Bond chase scenes, perhaps something for your blog Dan? 😉

      So we both grew up w/ Roger Moore’s Bonds, I still love some of his movies, no matter how silly they are, esp FYEO and Octopussy. As you know I LOVE Dalton but I count Goldeneye as one of my faves too.

      1. Dalton is so underrated. It’s a shame he only got to do 2. I like how each actor has brought something different to the character but I always go back to Moore as my favorite, partly because he was the man in 007’s shoes when I was first introduced to the films.

  4. This reinforces the truth that I am such a Bond novice. I do think it’s cool that you mentioned Gary Oldman. He was the first person that came to mind for me. And Cate Blanchett? Ooooo that could be very interesting.

    As for Daniel Craig movies, I have always felt Defiance was an under seen and underappreciated movie. Layer Cake is good but pretty rough.

    1. Hi Keith! There’s always time to catch up on Bond, this franchise has staying power, ahah. I just think Gary Oldman would make a menacing baddie, but Cate would be so awesome, I mean look at what she did w/ Cinderella’s stepmom!

      I really should see Defiance as I also like Liev Schreiber. I heard Layer Cake is just so violent.

  5. I was introduced to Bond via family members and I’m forever grateful. Live and Let Die was the first one I saw and from then on I was hooked. I loved Tokyo in You Only Live Twice as a location, so exotic. I’d love to see Tilda Swinton as a Bond villain. I hope you enjoy seeing Spectre and reading my review Ruth.

    1. Oh that’s cool, I think the love of Bond is rather infectious. Oooh Tilda Swinton!! LOVE her and that’s a GREAT idea for a Bond villain, thanks Vinnie!

  6. …As for the villain wishlist I’m particularly enticed by the thought of Gary Oldman, no doubt he would be great. I’m going to be controversial here and say NO to Idris Elba as Bond but YES to Idris Elba as a Bond VILLAIN! What do you think?

    1. I actually mentioned that on Twitter about Elba as Bond villain! I mean, why not have him play an elegant, cultured and extremely wealthy billionaire like Drax in Moonraker with his own mansion and spaceships and stuff. I mean it’s time to see a Bond villain who is actually cooler and better looking than Bond that’ll make it harder for the audience to root for the hero!! SO heck yeah, I so want Elba as Bond villain, great thinking Chris!!

  7. I came to Bond at an early age. My older brother and my dad had the novels in paperback form and the covers were so intriguing I could not help myself, I was seven. My first films were in theaters, a re-release of Thunderball and From Russia with Love on a double bill. The films had not played on television yet. The first thing I recorded when I bought my first VCR (1981 $1100) was “Moonraker”. If I could get on the Orient Express, I’d travel from Istanbul to Venice and see the Aegean and Adriatic seas. It will probably be a popular choice but Benedict Cumberbatch seems like a great fit for a villain role. Craig was very good in “Infamous” the other Truman Capote film, and frankly, although I’m in the minority, I liked “Cowboys and Aliens”. The gadget that worked and was set up properly was the tear gas canister in the briefcase in “From Russia with Love”. Just enough time to even the odds with Red Grant. I like the gas ejecting key fob in “The Living Daylights” also.

    1. Hi Richard! Oh that’s cool that you got introduced through the novels, I actually never read any of them. Oh I remember recording a few Bond films from tv, boy those VCRs were so darn expensive! I’d LOVE to get on the Orient Express, never been in one of those. I like Benedict but he’s in SO many things as it is, plus he’s already played Khan in Star Trek. Oh the gas ejecting key fob in TLD was cool, I like that he operated it w/ a wolf whistle!

  8. It’s always fun to talk about Bond films!

    1. I don’t remember exactly when I first saw a Bond film but I was very young and I think it’s either Dr. No or From Russia with Love that’s the first Bond film I ever saw. Then when my family moved to the States, I was able to catch up with ALL of the Bond films when TBS network used to air every Bond films each month. Back in the 90s, TNN network has the rights to air all of the Bond flicks on their network and I always look forward to watching all of them the whole weekend.

    2. I much prefer the European settings than the tropical ones so I love the setting in SKYFALL and ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE. But I do love the setting on the fake South America country in LICENSE TO KILL. But I hope in the next Bond flick, the setting will be in either somewhere in the Far East or NYC.

    3. Gary Oldman or Alan Rickman would be an awesome Bond villain. Personally the only great Bond villain in the entire franchise was La Chiffe played brilliantly by Mads Mikkelsen. It’s just too bad they killed him off so early in the film.

    4. Well I think his role in LAYER CAKE was the one that got land him 007 role, he’s basically playing Bond in that film. Also, he’s good in THE GIRL WITH DRAGON TATOO and despite it being a very bad film, he’s decent in COWBOYS & ALIENS.

    5. I’m not a big fan of gadgets so I don’t really have a favorite. But I do enjoy the tricked out BMW in TOMORROW NEVER DIES.

    1. Hi Ted, I think I might’ve seen From Russia with Love very early as well, I remember the fight scene on the train very distinctly, seems that there have been lots of train fight scenes in Bond movies, including the latest one 😉

      I much prefer European settings in Bond movies too! That’s why most of my faves are set in Europe, but yeah it’d be great to see Bond roaming around major US cities like NYC.

      I love Le Chiffe, Mads looked believably deranged. I think he’s even better than Bardem or even Waltz in the latest.

      I might give Layer Cake a shot though I heard it’s super violent. I don’t mind the BMW in TND, but I hated those invisible cars in Die Another Day.

      1. I love the train fight scene in SPECTRE, I’m actually going to see it again tomorrow, it’s my annual seeing a Bond film at a theater at least twice. Well only the ones I really enjoyed anyway, saw Casino Royale, Tomorrow Never Dies, Skyfall and GoldenEye twice in at a theater.

        It would awesome if the next Bond is set in mostly in NYC.

        I thought Waltz was going to be great in SPECTRE but like most Bond villains, he’s alright. Le Chiffe is still the best.

        Actually Layer Cake is not that violent at all, there’s one violent scene but that’s it. Most of the violence took place off screen, I’m sure you can handle it and besides it’s a very good film. Although the ending really pissed me off!

        I try to forget anything that I’ve ever saw in DIE ANOTHER DAY, what an atrocious film.

        1. Hey Ted, well my review is up later today. I think you like it more than I did but we agree Waltz was a lame villain in Spectre, a far cry from Le Chifre.

          I might give Layer Cake a shot, Ivan actually likes it, he saw it already but I was busy at the time.

  9. 1.) Sounds like good times with your brothers. I also have a fondness for the Bond franchise (since childhood) and always watch the latest Bond movie, so it was frustrating I didn’t love Spectre. I guess you can’t love em all, although I do actually own most of them on dvd. I can’t remember how I discovered the franchise, think I just noticed them on TV.

    2.) Scaramanga’s island in The Man with the Golden Gun looks like a beautiful location, I’m not sure if the public are permitted to visit.

    3.) Next Bond villain? They should go with a female to mix it up next time! Watchmojo actually just did a Top 10 Actors Who Should Play James Bond Villains. You can youtube the video.

    4.) Haven’t seen Daniel Craig’s other work

    5.) Taking a picture with your sunglasses was a Bond gadget in 1985, and I think you can even buy a pair now!

    1. Hi Chris! Yeah there’s a lot of sibling bonding w/ watching the Bond movies.

      Y’know, now that I’ve seen SPECTRE, I totally get what you mean. I think we might even agree on the rating too, more like a 3/5 for me, maybe 3.5 if I’m feeling generous but it’s nowhere near as good as Skyfall or Casino Royale for me.

      They should make Scaramanga’s island into some kind of tourist resort, maybe it is, who knows.

      Well there’s been quite a few sexy female villains in the past, I like Famke Jansen in Goldeneye and Sophie Marceau in Tomorrow Never Dies.

      Ahah yeah, some of those gadgets are probably quite dated now.

  10. 1. I would say my first experience with Bond was with the films that Roger Moore did as my mother loves Roger Moore while my dad sort of prefers Sean Connery as I watched some of them as a kid and thought they were cool.

    2. Hong Kong/Macau in Skyfall. Man, the way it looked through Roger Deakins’ camera is just beautiful as my parents were in awe of that.

    3. Hmm….. that’s a tough one. I wouldn’t mind seeing someone like a Tom Hardy in the role of a Bond villain with Emily Blunt as a Bond woman that can kick some ass.

    4. I would probably say The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as he was great in that as I also enjoyed him in Mother where he has an affair with his girlfriend’s mum and Layer Cake which was really the role he would do as an audition for Bond.

    5. The wristwatch gun from Moonraker. The gadget that I do not want more than anything is…. the Invisible Car. That was the dumbest invention…. ever. Oh, and did I say how much I loathe the Invisible Car?

    1. Hi Steven! That’s interesting that your mom & dad have their Bond favorites, ahah. So which one is YOUR fave then?

      Yes, Deakins’ work in Skyfall is phenomenal, an that guy is due for several Oscars!!

      Tom Hardy AND Emily Blunt should play Bond villain couple!! I’d love to see them both in any movie to be honest, great picks!

      I haven’t heard of Mother, that must be an indie. Oh totally agree about the invisible car! I just mentioned that to Ted above, so idiotic!!

  11. 1. My first experience with the Bond franchise was pretty memorable — sitting up with a terrible ear infection, watching “From Russia with Love” on VHS at 1/2 in the morning at 12 years old. I think the sight of Daniela Bianchi in that movie singlehandedly rocketed me into puberty…

    2. Probably Piz Gloria in “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” — something about Bond on ski slopes just feels RIGHT to me… (one of the reasons I’m looking forward to “Spectre”!)

    3. For a long time, I would’ve said Ralph Fiennes, but now, obviously…Cate Blanchett would be a great pick, IMO.

    4. I don’t necessarily know if it’s *his* greatest role, but he’s terrific in Steven Spielberg’s still sadly underrated “Munich”. And he’s really good as a sleazy thug in the ALSO underrated “Road to Perdition”!

    5. Not Bond’s greatest or coolest gadget, by any stretch of the imagination, but I have undue affection for the balloon/exploding bullet capsule Bond uses to blow up Yaphet Kotto in “Live and Let Die”, just because the sight of Yaphet Kotto turning into a Macy’s Day float STILL makes my brother and I cackle uncontrollably.

    1. Hi CB! This is CB right? How awesome that you took the time to comment on my post, I’m so honored, thank you!!

      WOW that’s cool you had such a vivid memory of your first Bond flick. Mwahahaha, I think miss Bianchi is responsible in speeding up a bunch of young boys’ into puberty!

      I love all the skiing scenes in Bond movies, he always made it look so easy. Of course it got to preposterous teritory w/ For Your Eyes Only when Roger Moore was skiing onto the bobsled track, ahah.

      I just think Cate has that icy quality and gravitas to make Bond shudder, even ore than those big burly henchmen.

      Craig was good in Munich, and even more so in Road to Perdition.

      You gave the best answer man! Yaphet Kotto turning into a Macy’s Day float, mwahahaha!!! Best answer ever!!

  12. I can’t remember my first experience with Bond, probably my Dad sitting me down to watch old Connery movies when they were on telly

    2 – haven’t seen a bond movie in a long time so I can’t really answer that one

    3 – I would personally LOVE to see Viggo as a Bond villain. That would just be ace. That said, I’m looking forward to seeing Christoph Waltz, what a choice!

    4 – I haven’t seen Craig in anything other than a bond film either

    5 – Anything involving a watch 😀

    1. Hey Jordan! I’m seeing a lot of family influences in the Bond intro, very cool!

      You’re not a big Bond fan are you mate? Oooh I’d love to see Viggo as a villain, he’d be as menacing as fellow Dane Mads Mikkelsen!

      Oh there’s a funny bit about the watch as gadget once again in the new one 😉

      1. I’ll have to look out for the watch gadget hehe. You’ve been talking to me too much, you used the word ‘mate’ haha! 😛

        I’m not a huge Bond fan no but I want to check out Craig’s films, especially Skyfall. I saw lots of the old ones when i was a kid but i can’t remember them well, I should revisit some. They are so much fun

        1. Ahah well they say that my writing style is very British, so yeah I like to call my Aussie/British friends mate or matey 😀

          Skyfall is great but unfortunately Spectre is a bit of a let down.

        1. Btw, speaking of Viggo, I actually wrote a sci-fi film pitch a while back where I cast him as an alien villain. I don’t think he’s done a sci-fi but I think he’d make for a scary bad guy as there’s an icy quality about him.

          1. yeah Eastern Promises is the only real villain I can remember him playing, and he was very cool, icy like you said. And he totally convinced me that he was Russian too. Love that movie

              1. Yeah he can speak at least five languages fluently. Guy is insanely talented, and most works outside of Hollywood projects. Hell, for one of his recent films he spoke an accented French appropriate for his character. So he can speak French AND do it with a certain accent. Incredible

      1. After seeing Legend I’d LOVE to see him as a villain. Though I simply cannot wait to see Waltz do another villain. He was so good in Inglorious Basterds. Still waiting for it to come out down here though

  13. My first experience with Bond came about after surgery – and it wasn’t the films – it was the books.

    My favorite location is the islands in Phang Nga Bay in Thailand from The Man With the Golden Gun, What everyone remembers visually is Nail Island – that tall vertical island – which you cannot stand on. But just nearby is the island where Scaramanga’s home was. It is now called James Bond Island, and yes you can easily visit it as well as stand on it. Assuming you are in Thailand and near the coastline. I went on a day tour of Phang Nga Bay out of Phuket – so having been right there – I of course cherish the memory. 2nd and 3rd choices – Istanbul and Hong Kong.

    I like the cars – the Aston Martin, and the car that became an underwater vehicle, Plus the long-tail boats in Thailand.

    As for a new villain – how about (in a change of pace for him) – Liam Neeson.
    As for Craig – I’ll stick with Tthe Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

    1. Hello Mike! Glad to see you participating on FFTF!

      So how many Bond books have you read? Do you like ’em more than the movies?

      Oh that’s cool that Scaramanga’s island is open to the public, some people were wondering about that above. Tangier has been used a lot in Bond movies, makes me want to visit there.

      The underwater car was a Lotus I think, in Spy Who Loved Me, LOVE that one!

      I think Neeson could’ve practically played Bond in his prime, or maybe he could play M in later Bond movies.

    1. Hi Mark, that’s awesome about FYEO, that’s my fave Roger Moore’s Bond! I think people who grew up watching Bond usually remain a fan for life, as am I!

  14. Another great edition Ruth.

    1. My introduction to Bond was actually through the video game Nightfire. I used to play that with my mates all the time.

    2. I thought Raoul Silva’s remote island was incredibly creepy and odd and tantalising. Suited his slippery character.

    3. Perhaps Daniel Day-Lewis, or Gary Oldman. On the female front, I reckon Kristin Scott Thomas would make an intriguing baddie. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen it, but Timothy Dalton plays a heightened version of a Bond-esque villain in the TV show Chuck, and he’s really good.

    4. I remember thinking Craig was really good in Defiance. Also Road to Perdition, that’s a superbly paranoid flick.

    5. Tough to pick a favourite gadget but I did chuckle at his nonchalant execution of the car seat ejector in Spectre.

    1. Hi Adam! Wow that’s a new one, being introduced to Bond via the game, very cool!

      Ahah yeah, Silva’s island suits him nicely, very creepy indeed.

      I think Oldman has a better chance of accepting a Bond villain role than Day-Lewis though that’d be awesome to see him in a Bond movie. Oh yes, I saw Dalton in CHUCK, in fact I only watched the episodes w/ him in it, and he was excellent indeed!

      Road to Perdition was by Sam Mendes too wasn’t it? I LOVE that film.

        1. I just think DDL can’t be bothered with such a huge, popcorn franchise like Bond. But another actor someone mentioned that could be great is Viggo Mortensen, though he’s probably reluctant to do it. I LOVE Road to Perdition, perhaps my fave from Mendes.

  15. I’m just a casual Bond fan, meaning I’ve seen most of the older films by happenstance by stumbling across them on TV rather than setting out to see them. I have seen the Craig films in the theatre though since I like him in the role. So I’m not sure I can answer all five questions but I’ll take a crack at it.

    How did you first discover the Bond franchise?
    I saw Dr. No on what I think was its original network broadcast when I was a kid. There was certainly a lot of hootin’ and hollerin’ about it at the time which leads me to think it was the initial showing. My main memory of it was Ursula Andress emerging in her bikini and how cool Sean Connery seemed to be.

    What’s your favorite Bond film setting?
    Though I didn’t think much of For Your Eyes Only I loved Kristatos hideout, the Agios Triada Monastery which I believe is somewhere in Greece.

    Which actors/actresses are on your wish list as a Bond villain?
    As long as Daniel Craig is returning for at least one more go round I’d love to see his wife Rachel Weisz cast as the next villainess. She’s a great actress and can be both vulnerable and as she showed being the only worthwhile thing in that woe begotten Oz, the Great and Powerful quite able to be believably wicked. It would be a great publicity angle and certainly a better teaming for them than the awful Dream House, although they probably have good memories of it since that’s where they met.
    Otherwise: Alan Rickman is out, I love him and I’m sure he’d make an excellent villain but I don’t know if he’ll ever be able to top Hans Gruber plus all the critics, and probably audiences, would be comparing his work to that-a no win situation for him and the film as well.
    The top two I’d like to see are Jean Dujardin who Hollywood hasn’t taken full advantage of, perhaps he’s happier working in his native France. My other choice would be Til Schweiger, a good actor who seems mired in low budget stuff but he has that brooding, sinister vibe down.

    What’s your favorite Daniel Craig role apart from 007?
    I though Craig was excellent as Perry Smith in Infamous though his work was overshadowed by Clifton Collins portrayal of Smith, also quite brilliant, in the more popular Capote. He’s very vivid in Layer Cake and although the picture was a terrible mess he was good in Flashbacks of a Fool.

    What’s your favorite James Bond gadgets?
    This one is the toughest for me to remember. All the gadgets run together. However what popped into my mind immediately isn’t from a Bond film but the 90’s spy spoof If Looks Could Kill where Richard Grieco plays a high school student mistaken for an international spy and outfitted with all types of cool gadgets including sneakers that enable him to walk down walls which of course come in handy at the climax. Also in that movie Linda Hunt, playing a fantastic villainess, wears what appears to be a gold necklace but with a yank turns into a whip! Very cool indeed.

    1. Hi Joel! Thanks for taking a crack at this as a casual Bond fan. Ahah, lots of hootin’ and hollerin’ for the first Bond film, no surprise there, esp for young boys in regards to Ursula Andress’ memorable intro 😉 Connery is effortlessly cool, and soon handsome!

      Yes the Monastery is in Greece, I’d LOVE to visit that one day, but not sure if it’s open to the public.

      I always thought Rachel would be great as a Bond girl but as a femme fatale Bond villain would be even better! That would be fantastic for Bond publicity but I doubt that she’d agree to do it, she seems to distance herself from the Bond films, even though she was in its rival franchise Bourne Legacy. Yeah I suppose you’re right about Rickman, hard to top Gruber! Jean Dujardin has played a Bond spoof in the French films OSS 117.

      I still need to see Infamous!

      Ahah I remember If Looks Could Kill, boy whatever happened to Richard Grieco?? Linda Hunt would make for a scary henchwoman, she reminds me of that German officer in From Russia With Love.

  16. Tom

    Excellent edition!

    1) I think I first ‘saw’ a Bond film accidentally. And lo and behold, it was a Timothy Dalton one. My parents were watching it in the living room and there was a massive car explosion going on and I wanted to watch more as I was immediately interested but they shooed me away, telling me I wasn’t old enough to watch! Hah!

    2) Favorite Bond film setting . . . wow, there are too many to name. I’ll stick within the Craig era since they’ve been exceptionally exotic. It has to be the casino at Montenegro in Casino Royale. That place just was. . . well, amazing. For lack of a better word.

    3) The Bond villain wish list I remember fondly, what a cool idea. I’d love to see, of the ones up there already, Gary Oldman take it on. He can be such a monster when he wants to be. For someone outside that list, what about Daniel Day Lewis? Or is that just a pipe dream? 😉

    4) Favorite role of Craig’s outside of 007 has to be in Layercake. I just love that movie. I noticed above Keith mentioned it is a rough ride and I have to concur. It’s not a pleasant watch but I find it a highly entertaining British gangster flick.

    5) Love that gadget graphic! Very inventive. Again, I can’t stick with one piece because there’s just loads but I will mention my favorite scene with Q and Bond — it goes back to Goldeneye, of all things, when Q is taking him through the various gadgets and Bond happens upon a sandwich. Q snatches it away, indignant, reprimanding him for mistaking his lunch for a device. Gets me every time.

    1. Hi Tom! Glad to see you participate for FFTF!

      Cool that your first Bond film was the Timothy Dalton one. Ahah, it’s actually not a very risqué Bond film, well compared to the Brosnan ones which had so much sex in it. But I suppose for a young kid it was risqué.

      Oh yeah, the casino in Casino Royale is amazing indeed. It’s still one of my all time fave Bond films, I LOVE Eva Green in that movie!

      A lot of people would love to see Day Lewis as Bond villain and if the producers could somehow entice him to do it, I’m sure he’d be fantastic!

      Hmmm, lots of mention of Layer Cake here, I just might have to see it one day. I usually love British movies.

      Ooooh that’s a hilarious scene of Q’s sandwich!! I miss Desmond Llewelyn as Q, he’s got that dry humor and his disdain for Bond is just so funny!

  17. jackdeth72

    Hi, Ruth:

    Interesting set of questions.

    #1: A long time ago (Very early 1960s) in a galaxy far, far away (Suburban MD, Twenty minutes from DC.). The Brits decided it would be a good idea to enlarge studio stills from a questionable venture titled ‘Dr. No’. And place those stills of Bubble Gum trading cards. To infect the minds of myriad young men with All Things Bond.

    It worked, Was swept away with Bond, Moneypenny, Jack Lord as Felix Leiter. And Ursula Andress in one of the most memorable “entrances” from the sea in film history!

    #2: The mountain peak hideout/den of operations for Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Telly Savales) in ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’. Was also impressed by how the Central Core in ‘Inception; was in similar in shape, size and format.

    #3: Villains: Benedict Cumberbatch, Alan Rickman, Tom Hardy, Ian McShane, Tatiana Maslany (‘Eastern Promises’, ‘Orphan Black) for her multiple characters and personalities.

    Henchmen: Max Martini (‘Saving Private Ryan’, ‘The Unit’). Lawrence Fox (‘Inspector Lewis’) and Titus Welliver (‘Deadwood’).

    #4: A tie between ‘Layer Cake’ and the latter ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’. Both are refreshingly non-Bond. Doesn’t get the girl in the final reel kinds of roles!

    #5: The Attache Case with the gas grenade, throwing knife. gold sovereigns sewn into its seams and .22 caliber collapsible AR-7 Survival Rifle. Which stood no chance in Hell of bringing down a helicopter in the last minutes of ‘From Russia With Love’. But, intrigued me so much that I purchased one years ago. And is quite accurate and a lot of fun to “Plink!’ with!

    1. Hello Kevin! Yes I think the investment to make Bond into a big blockbuster paid off for the studios and clearly it’s still as lucrative as ever. Ahah, Ursula’s intro is really tough to beat despite multiple imitations.

      Oh yes, I think Inception was very much inspired by OHMSS, even Nolan admitted that was his fave Bond film.

      I knew Cumberbatch’s name would come up but he’s everywhere as it is, I’d rather see someone else (less ubiquitous) in the role. But I LOVE your idea of Ian McShane and Tatiana Maslany!

      I definitely need to give Layer Cake a shot then.

      You purchased the AR-7? Wow, I suppose some of the Bond gadgets probably are available to purchase.

  18. Hi Ruth, now that you’ve seen Spectre do you fancy discussing it more on my review? Please say yes and there is a post that I did on my favourite title sequences.

    1. Oh yes of course, Vin! I’ll check it out later today. Be sure to stop by to check out my review too, it should be up later today. Unfortunately I didn’t enjoy it as much as you did.

      1. Thanks Ruth, you’re too lovely to me. I’ll keep a look out for your review. The Bond movies are diverse that they really make for great debates about what is good and bad. No two people have the same opinion, it’s the only movie series I know that provides such an interesting response from fans.

  19. 1. My first Bond film was also a Roger Moore one. I watched Moonraker with my mother when I was probably ten or eleven years old. Thankfully, the films got better after that. 😉

    2. Scotland in Skyfall and Iceland in Die Another Day are two of my favorites that come to mind.

    3. Gary Oldman, Michael Fassbender, Viggo Mortensen, Tilda Swinton, Keira Knightley, Luke Evans, Dominic Cooper, Alfred Molina, Antonio Banderas, Edgar Ramirez, Aidan Gillen, Cillian Murphy, and Helen Mirren would be some interesting choices.

    4. I’d say Road to Perdition, but Layer Cake is close.

    5. The briefcase in From Russia with Love is tops for me, though I’m sure I’m forgetting some great gadgets.

    1. Hey there Josh! I’m in the midst of writing my December Five for the Fifth 😉

      Ahah, Moonraker is one of my guilty pleasures. It’s still a lot of fun despite its silly premise and Drax is an elegant villain.

      Scotland and Iceland look so amazing in those two films, perhaps the location is one of the very few major pluses in Die Another Day.

      Oooh I love a lot of those choices for Bond villain, esp Cillian Murphy whom I haven’t thought about but I think he could be as chilling as Le Chiffre.

      I still need to see Layer Cake!

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