Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Review – The good, the bad and the ugly


By the time I sat down to write this, I’ve actually seen BVS twice in a week. Yup, you probably think I’m a masochist and I don’t blame you. But hey, it’s really out of solidarity with my dear hubby that I saw it again a second time, as we weren’t allowed to bring guests to the press screening and I actually couldn’t wait for him to see it so we could discuss this drivel movie together.

I have a lot to say here so it’s best to break things down in three categories, like I did w/ some award commentaries. Let’s start w/ the positive.

The Good

I tweeted when I sat down at the press screening that despite the title featuring two of the world’s biggest superheroes, I was mostly excited for Wonder Woman. And well, she did NOT disappoint. In fact, I was literally giddy the first time we saw Diana Prince dressed to kill in a skintight red dress at Lex Luthor’s party. The biggest audience cheer throughout the entire movie was when Wonder Woman finally showed up in costume.


Gal Gadot slayed it, she was all badass and heroic. I wish they hadn’t revealed that exact moment in the trailer, I mean they could’ve shown ANY other WW scene besides THAT one, heh. Oh and the WW theme song, OMG I’m seriously obsessed w/ it now. The score is written by Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL who just did the awesome Mad Max: Fury Road score, and this particular track has Junkie XL written all over it.

Like most moviegoers, I was more curious than excited about BVS and it’s to see the Batfleck. Ben Affleck followed up on the strong impression left by Christian Bale in the best Dark Knight trilogy, but y’know what, if we’re just judging on Ben Affleck’s portrayal alone as Batman/Bruce Wayne, I’d say he nailed it. Right from the moment we saw him driving around the wreckage of Gotham as Superman and his Kryptonian foes are wrecking havoc from the sky, we get a grizzled, world-weary and indignant Bruce Wayne. I gotta say Affleck looked damn good as Batman and his alter ego. He certainly has the gravitas of an older and wiser caped crusader, though he’s certainly far more brutal and doesn’t have qualms knocking down bad guys and even killing them. But then again, the supposedly more gracious Superman is nowhere to be found here either.


The actual BVS battle itself was pretty fun to watch. It could be because we’ve spent nearly TWO hours waiting for the damn thing to finally happened. I was like FINALLY! The action scene here was well-staged and there were moments where I thought they could do serious damage to each other. It’s not quite the level of suspense of Batman vs Bane in TDKR however, I think Nolan crafted that sense of dread and serious peril much better than Snyder. But still, within the grim and dour universe of BVS, this scene was one of the highlights.

BVS_Batman BVS_Superman

Which brings me to…

The Bad

Oh dear, where do I begin.

Basically everything I didn’t care about the third act of Man of Steel is back with a vengeance. All the clanging noise that threaten to do serious damage to my eardrums are ever present as soon as Doomsday showed up. It’s an eyesore too. The world of Gotham/Metropolis are so severe and somber, and the ugliness of the Kryptonian/human monster hybrid so potent I had to look away a few times.


Doomsday is a cross between Lord of the Ring’s Orc, the Hulk, Ninja Turtle and King Kong, also with a penchant for leaping into tall skyscrapers. That whole battle between the three heroes and this grotesque monster is a colossal CGI smash that went on far too long. It’s a sensory overload that feels like an endurance contest for the audience. If it weren’t for Wonder Woman forming the trio, I think this entire battle sequence would’ve been a total bust.

Speaking of Wonder Woman again, all of the wonderful things about her awesome intro, it is offset by the perpetual damsel-in-distress situations of all the women in Supes’ lives, be it Lois or her mother. It’s like, for one step forward in the right direction about female empowerment, there are three or more that took us back. It’s not Amy Adams‘ fault really, but I’m not fond of THIS Lois at all.


Now, what I’m about to say is going to make Henry Cavill fans furious but y’know what, a huge fan of Superman it actually pains me to say it. Superman is actually the least interesting character of this movie, thanks to what Snyder created in Cavill. Neither Superman nor Clark Kent was a character worth rooting for. Gone is the heroic and sympathetic alien who cares deeply for humanity, he even refused to take ANY blame for all the monstrous destruction that could’ve been easily avoided if he went around the buildings instead of flying through them! Not only that, he was delusional enough that he told Bruce Wayne that nobody saw him as a liability and that the world was entirely on his side. Cavill’s Clark Kent is no longer the meek, mild-mannered reporter, as he’d rather argue relentlessly with his boss Perry White and had the worst work ethic. Yes Clark was always MIA in previous movies too, but we actually saw he had a good relationship with his boss and there’s a mutual respect between them. None of that is displayed in Snyder’s version.

Don’t get me started with the cringe-worthy scenes between him and Lois. Gone are the sweet and flirty banter between the two, instead we get cheesy lines about hope and what have you, and the supposedly romantic gestures just doesn’t compute at all because none of it felt true. And what’s with the constantly-constipated look on Cavill no matter what circumstance his character finds himself in.


He had the same baffled/sad/forlorn/reflective (all of the above? none of the above??) whether he’s talking to his mom/Lois, at the courthouse, surrounded by strangers during Day of the Dead festival, etc. I think he only switches to something of immense rage when he’s facing Batman, which doesn’t exactly make me like him one bit as he comes across more like a bully than a wise and gentle hero we’ve seen in Christopher Reeve. What’s more, Snyder sexualizes Superman so much here it’s putting me off. There’s a scene of him jumping into a bathtub and a gratuitous scene of him cooking with no shirt on. Sorry but that had the opposite effect on me. I don’t want a sexually-alluring Superman, I want a Superman I can believe in.

The Ugly


Ok, one of the screenwriting rules I’ve read often says to steer clear of dream sequences. Unless something is hugely integral to the plot (like say, in Inception), there are very few narratives in which this structure fits. Well, guess what, there wasn’t just one but MULTIPLE dream sequences. I literally was gonna throw things at the screen when it happened, and after seeing it twice I STILL have no clue what the heck those scenes are about and how it served the story. It has no purpose being there other than to infuriate the audience. Seriously, the movie could’ve easily been trimmed to under 2 hours long without these inconsequential scenes.

The scenes of Batman in the desert fighting a bunch of goons wearing Supes’ emblems in their uniforms followed by some ethereal-looking ghost talking to Bruce, what the hell was THAT?? And the whole Superman talking to his dead earthly dad scene in the North Pole. Heh, we already know Supes has daddy issues. Same with the wholly extraneous scene of Bruce’s parents being gunned down. The whole thing is played out with the most irritating slo-motion as if seeing Thomas & Martha Wayne dying a slow death would make us care more about them. Is it so that the movie can start AND end with a funeral scene?? [shrug]


Forget daddy issues though, this movie seems to be more about the moms. The filmmakers used the fact that Bruce and Clark’s mothers share the same name as a plot device. Good gracious, it’s not only trite, but it’s simply lazy writing. So they needed a good reason for why Batman would stop from killing Superman and that’s all they could come up with?? We’re talking about a writing duo comprised of David S. Goyer (who co-wrote the Dark Knight trilogy) and Chris Terrio (who won Best Screenplay Oscar for ARGO).


That said, it begs the question whether it’s actually possible to forge a worthy script that tells SO many origin stories in a single movie with SO much going on there’s absolutely no room at all for any character development. My hubby and I were talking about it this morning on the way to brunch that this movie could perhaps work as more of a Batman story, with Superman treated as a supporting character (plus cameo from Wonder Woman) so it could be more focused on a single character whilst still serve as a launching pad for other characters in DC cinematic universe. But perhaps the studios want to appease the fans for Man Of Steel 2 being delayed indefinitely, as the ‘battle’ between these two characters, no matter how epic, just can’t make up for the messy storytelling.


All the intriguing ideas about deity and humanity seem so half-baked and completely lost in a sea of clanging CGI death-match. I roll my eyes every time the characters are saying some philosophical mumbo-jumbo about hope and that ‘man is still good’ or whatever, because the film hasn’t earned them. The quasi-spiritual themes feel tacked on instead of being an inherent part of the narrative.

Other Observations

I haven’t mentioned Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor, whose take of the villain is more of a deranged and power-hungry tech megalomaniac who likes to play god. He played it much like his Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network, but with more than a few screws loose. He’s hellbent on destroying these demigods, liken them to Biblical demons, but it’s never clear what he’s true agenda is. But y’know what, he’s at least amusing in his nervous ticks that he actually offered a bit of relief from all the drab and grave mood of the movie.

BVS_Luthor BVS_Alfred_PErry

Alfred is portrayed as being more of an equal as Bruce, more akin to James Bond’s Q than the traditional English butler in previous screen adaptation. I have no problem with that and Jeremy Irons rocked as the dry, sarcastic and no-nonsense Alfred who looked like he could’ve been a perfect Bruce Wayne in his younger days. I also love Laurence Fishburne as the commanding Perry White, he’s definitely a more authoritative version of the Daily Planet editor. He respects superstar reporter Lois Lane but doesn’t let her walk all over him either. Perhaps that’s what’s needed to head a newspaper in the digital age, though I have no idea how they’re still in business.

The intro of other DC characters which will live on as part of Justice League and in various stand-alone movies are handled pretty well. At least it didn’t feel jarring to me, though at that point I really didn’t care so much about them as I struggle to muster up sympathy for the characters in BVS.

Final Verdict

It’s mind-boggling just how haphazardly-constructed this whole movie was. It proves that no amount of money ($250 mil production cost) can guarantee quality. Surely it’s a challenging task for even the best director to make a smorgasbord of plots to interweave seamlessly and no director is less than up for the task than Zack Snyder. The transition from one scene to the next is so mind-numbingly jumpy and disconcerting. It’s not quite a complete disaster but still, the bad far outweighs the good for me and trust me, I already had a very low expectation for this one.

I can’t believe Warner Bros entrusted so much of DC universe to a one-note director who has absolutely no talent for storytelling. So he’s known for his visual flair, but to be honest with you, I can’t even think of a single truly spectacular scene that took my breath away. Ok so there’s the moment where Batman drives his Batmobile into his Batcave through a secret entrance hidden in a dam that I thought was pretty darn cool. But that is all I could remember from an entire 2.5 hour movie, which is saying a lot.

It’s unforgivable that Snyder & co. has made a formidable hero like Superman so tedious and impossible to root. After this, I can’t be bothered with any other DC movies in the future. The only one I’m looking forward to is Wonder Woman and that’s mostly because a female superhero on the big screen has been so long overdue. The fact that it’s NOT directed by Zack Snyder is another reason to cheer, but since Dawn of Justice hit a big box office record on its opening weekend ($170 mil), I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him yet. Alas, Snyder will still be allowed to make more movies, and that’s the real travesty of it all.


So what did YOU think of ‘Batman V Superman’? Did you like it more or less than I did?

48 thoughts on “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Review – The good, the bad and the ugly

  1. I think I’ll watch this on TV as a completist of sorts for DC Films Universe but other than that. I’m not really interested in seeing this in the theaters. I’d rather just stay home and wait for it to be on HBO and then make my judgement on the film. If it sucks, it’s Zack Snyder’s fault. Plus, I’ve been enjoying the Sadfleck videos as I commented “there there Ben, it’s not your fault. This isn’t the worst thing you did. That honor goes to Pearl Harbor“.

    1. Ahah, well this might be right up there w/ Pearl Harbor as I think of Snyder as Michael Bay 2.0 w/ all the crazy explosions and complete lack of storytelling skills. It’s wise of you to just wait on this one Steven.

  2. Nice overview Ruth. I pretty much agree with most of everything here, although i can’t say I was that excited to see Wonder Woman, it’s cool to finally see a woman superhero but her role really didn’t have much to do until the battle with Doomsday. Also, I thought the intro to the other DC characters were pretty lame, I understand they didn’t have time to introduce them like Marvel did but they could’ve at least came up with something better. Which leads me to now believe David Goyer shouldn’t be credited in Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, it’s clear Nolan cleaned up what he wrote and made it into great Batman films. Here Snyder didn’t care about the script and we got a another crappy CGI fest film just like Man of Steel.

    I enjoyed Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman, in fact I look forward to his solo films. But I agree that was just a incoherent mess and I didn’t need to see how Bruce’s parents were kill; it’s been done to death in the previous Batman films. That intro scene alone could’ve been cut out and the film would’ve been shorter. You’re so right about the Doomsday battle sequence, it just went on and on way too long and I got bored with it.

    If it was a better director who made this film, it could’ve actually been a good picture. There’s a lot of good ideas in the script but Snyder just doesn’t seem to care or know how to put everything together. When he’s chosen as the director of Man of Steel, I knew he’s the wrong person for this gig but of course this film opened to big box office numbers so the high ups at Warner Bros. are happy.

    Despite my disappointment, I actually enjoy about 60% of this film and I’d give it a 2 out of 5 too. Surprisingly Eisenberg didn’t bother me as much as I thought but I still refuse to see his character as Lex Luther. He’s just a rich spoil kid who hates superheroes, not the Lex Luther.

    1. Hey Ted, I was curious what you’d think of this. Yeah it makes me doubtful about Goyer’s involvement in Dark Knight trilogy too, I mean this is such a huge mess of a film in terms of writing and direction. But maybe a good director could salvage it and still improve on the film, but no, not Snyder as he has no clue to to string a coherent sentence together (if you see him in interviews), let alone a coherent movie!

      Unfortunately, the numbers will make WB happy and he’ll be given full reign again to do other things, heh. True about Eisenberg, his character is fine as just another villain, but not Lex Luthor. That said, I thought he wasn’t horrible in the movie, I cringe more watching Cavill and his constipated expression throughout.

  3. Some good thoughts and observations Ruth. As a professed comic book nerd I was relatively happy with the film but not oblvious to its flaws. The dream sequences were bound to confuse/bewilder a number of viewers, particularly that dystopic desert sequence. It’s basically a link to setting up Darkseid, the BIG bad of the DC universe and the ‘he’ who is coming Luthor refers to…a bit like Marvel have been doing with Thanos in their films.

    Wonder Woman was ace wasn’t she? I just wish they’d kept her sequences out of the trailers and that entrance would’ve been even sweeter. Needless to say I’m sold on next summer’s solo outing.

    1. I’m a big fan of both characters, and though I don’t read the comics, I feel that films should cater more to moviegoing fans as much as comic-book fans. I don’t think most people know who Darkseid is, and unlike Thanos, it’s never been referred to in ANY other DC films, not even Man of Steel that preceded this one. So that’s poor storytelling right there.

      But yeah, I’m sold on WW solo outing, glad Snyder is NOT directing that one.

      1. Oh I totally agree Ruth, fan service is one thing but it is unfair to expect general filmgoers to take massive leaps of faith. I hope that Justice League will address and clarify those story points.

        1. I think if they absolutely need to introduce a brand new character to DCEU that has never previously appeared before, they had to find a better way of doing so. Dream sequences is always tricky and rarely works anyway unless it’s absolutely integral to the plot. I will proceed w/ extreme caution about JL, if Snyder’s involved, I really can’t be bothered w/ it.

  4. I get it, I really do. All of the problems and flaws you mention are impossible to argue against, they’re so rooted into the DNA of this flawed thing.

    But I enjoyed it.

    Eisenberg, who was awful in this film, almost single-handedly brought the whole flaming mess down to being an abomination, but thanks to Affleck, Cavill (who wasn’t bad in and of himself as he was lumbered with ridiculous writing) and some truly awesome action sequences I think the film manages to be passable. Flawed? Sure. The trainwreck critics have claimed it as? Not quite, but it is average. Nice review!

    It’s a shame this film has become so divisive. A Superman film ought not to divide people, it really should bring people together. A shame.

    1. Hi Rodney. I enjoyed part of it, that’s why I still gave it a 2/5 instead of a big fat zero. I think without Affleck or Wonder Woman it’d have been a complete bust. I actually thought Eisenberg was ok, he didn’t make me cringe as much as Cavill did. His take isn’t the *classic* Lex Luthor, as my pal Ted pointed out, he’s another character entirely, but it doesn’t bother me. Hmmm, I feel that it’s not as divisive as you think, it seems there are more people who dislike this one, and even those who gave a positive review still point out many things wrong w/ it.

  5. We were supposed to see this today but Mr O is coming off three 12+ hour shifts and my pregnant brain is a bit ADHD not sure either of us is going to manage 3 hours of what sounds like a big mess.

    1. Hi Abbi, I think it’s a good thing you wait for this one until rental. It’s an overlong movie and for the most part, the action scene can probably make you nauseous.

  6. Oh my God. That whole Martha scene was just so damn awful. The script to that movie was all around atrocious, what a waste of Affleck who really managed not to suck. Gal Gadot’s moments were the best ones because there was always some joy and energy to her scenes everything else was depressing to the point of ridiculous

    1. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing it was when I watched it. It’s really as much as the writers’ fault as Snyder though his haphazard, vision-less direction surely didn’t help. Yeah, I like Batfleck and Gadot’s a great Wonder Woman, but somehow Snyder’s stripped Cavill’s appeal completely. The buffer his body gets and the more gratuitous shirtless scenes are put on screen, the less attractive he becomes.

  7. You and I are basically in 100% agreement on this one. As someone who has loved Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Lois Lane, Alfred Pennyworth, Lex Luthor etc. for basically my entire life, words cannot express how dispiriting, joyless and unpleasant I found this film. I briefly felt retroactively embarrassed that I had ever liked any of these characters, any of this material. And I *liked* “Man of Steel”, so it’s not like I went in rooting for this to be bad…

    It’s just a mess on a storytelling level. I don’t really blame Cavill so much as the writing for the fact that Superman does NOTHING in this movie except stand around and look very, very sad (or “constipated”, as you put it). Affleck’s Batman fares better, partially because Affleck is clearly invested and giving it 110% and partly because Batman is at least a CHARACTER with GOALS who DOES THINGS (even if those things are often weirdly un-Batman things, like massacring large numbers of anonymous crooks). I liked Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, although it would’ve been nice if they’d given her a character to play beyond “mysterious woman in a nice dress who smiles enigmatically”; her big entrance in the third act is cool, yes, but mostly because I’ve read comics and know who Wonder Woman is…if she wasn’t already an icon, would anybody care…?

    Amy Adams does her best with what she’s given, which is virtually nothing. Jeremy Irons and Laurence Fishburne both bring SORELY needed relief, the movie could’ve used a LOT more of both of them. Eisenberg’s Luthor is…a take; I actually thought he was alright — he’s one of the few people on screen who actually seems to be enjoying himself — but he’s not helped by the endless, droning speeches the screenplay gives him. I’m not sure if I was confused by Luthor’s plans because they’re baffling or because Luthor monologues so endlessly that I zoned out after a while.

    The dream sequences (and all the set-up for future DC films) were astoundingly unnecessary and dopey. It’s an ugly film — ugly visually, ugly in terms of its content (what on Earth were they thinking in regards to those photos of a kidnapped Ma Kent that look like they came from a ‘Saw’ movie…????). It’s astoundingly boring for the first two thirds (I swear tumbleweeds blew across the screen about midway through Act II), then headache-inducingly noisy in its final third. It slavishly recreates images and moments from iconic comic book story-lines without bothering to understand the characters or mythology that make those moments meaningful.

    And it’s effectively killed my interest in the upcoming slate of DC films. I honestly have no desire to see ANY of the upcoming DC slate, just based on how bad this movie was, and how depressed and angry it made me. Save us from Snyder, indeed.

    1. Hey CB! I LOVE LOVE your comment, and glad we’re in the same corner. I’m really confused some people actually love this. I mean I tried to love this, I mean trust me, I thought seeing it a second time I might feel differently, but no, it’s really a drivel that 2/5 is REALLY generous on my part.

      I kind of *like* Man of Steel too but on second viewing I didn’t like it as much, so maybe it just doesn’t hold up after the novelty wore of?

      The writing is just atrocious, I can’t believe one of the writers is an Oscar winner!! But really, can ANYONE make it good when they try to do SO MANY THINGS in this movie. Ahah, I love what you said… ‘Batman is at least a CHARACTER with GOALS who DOES THINGS’ So true!! Superman is just so darn passive that the only THING people were talking about on Twitter was the scene of him cooking w/ no shirt on. What the heck was THAT?? I was honestly put off by it, he’s not the Superman I knew and loved at all, he’s like the Superman who probably has no qualms joining Magic Mike XXL!!! Snyder made Cavill’s Superman so unattractive because he’s stripped off the compassion, wisdom and all around goodness, basically ALL the characteristics that makes him heroic.

      Yeah, Luthor’s talked about a whole lotta nonsense doesn’t he? Oh and that ‘Martha Martha Martha’ bit is just all around idiotic!! Ahah, that kidnapping scene looks like something of a SAW movie indeed! It is an ugly movie, so Snyder’s *knack* for visuals seem to have disappeared as well. Yep, I think we both lost interest in DCEU, I’m hoping he has no influence in the Wonder Woman movie as we can’t have him ruin the first ever big-budget FEMALE superhero movie!!

  8. Great to get your thoughts on BvS! I’m not sure I could watch this movie twice in a week haha. Overall I think I did like it a little bit more than you. I can’t believe I’m saying this … I am interested in the extended version on Blu-Ray. I don’t think an even longer version will solve many of the movie’s problems, but it’ll be interesting to see what got cut out and see why the theatrical version is all over the place. If I was an editor I would love to trim this movie down and cut out the excess fat. And totally agree that Wonder Woman’s costume entrance shouldn’t have been spoiled in the trailers. I am looking forward to her solo movie now, that’s one of my big positives about BvS! Love her theme music too. 😀

    1. I guess I REALLY love my hubby, don’t I? 😉 Ahah, I really can’t be bothered w/ the Bluray. I might rent it if it’s on iTunes just to see what the R-rated version looks like, probably involving Batman brutally killing more goons.

      For one thing though, seeing the Wonder Woman’s retro pic in the movie made me anticipate her solo movie even more, and that theme really is awesome!!

    1. Thanks Allie! I wasn’t planning on doing such a long post but it turns out I had a lot to say. Eisenberg was actually a bit of a comic relief, and he does ‘psycho’ very well indeed.

  9. You know I liked BvS but I really can’t disagree with any of your criticisms. The dream sequences did seem pointless, especially the Kevin Costner one. The whole film is a mess but I felt it was a glorious mess!

    And I never thought I’d see the day you would turn on a hunky British actor! 😊

    1. Hey Mikey, there are so many good actors wasted in this movie, but Costner is the worst one. Sooo pointless!! Ahah yeah I never thought I’d say this but I don’t find Cavill attractive anymore, Snyder’s ruined him for me.

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  11. I agree with most of what you say Ruth, about the messy storytelling, the incomprehensible CG-fest, the shoddy treatment of Lois, and so on. I was intrigued for about an hour though, there seemed to be some good stuff going on, primarily involving the veteran, militant Batman. And Wonder Woman excels — that theme is great.

    1. Hi Adam! Yeah we agree that the first part of the film showed promise (well apart from the boring & derivative Wayne parents murder scene), but man there’s just one thing wrong after another. I do like Batfleck and Wonder Woman so I guess it’s not a complete waste, but still it could’ve been SO MUCH better.

  12. Hey Ruth, great read! I really enjoyed that. I love that you went into the dream sequences. I agree that they are horrible crutches for screen and teleplay writers. At least these weren’t the tricking-the-audience type.I also liked how you talked about the mismanagement of Superman as a character. I agree.

    Yeah, Doomsday did look pretty awful. There’s a certain texture in CGI creatures now that evolved from the trolls in LOTR and they just can’t seem to get away from anymore.

    My thoughts on the film are pretty much on par with yours.

    1. Hello Ian! Thanks so much for your comment man. Yeah, the dream sequences really irritated me, I practically shook my head the entire time I watched it. But I think the ‘Martha’ bit probably took the cake as being the most idiotic. Yeah, I think Snyder butchered Superman character even more, somehow it didn’t bother me initially w/ Man of Steel but here Cavill’s portrayal is just so completely different from who I envision Superman/Clark Kent to be. Boy Doomsday is perhaps the ugliest monster I’ve ever seen, especially after he got nuked!

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  14. “far more brutal and doesn’t have qualms knocking down bad guys and even killing them”

    That is kinda the total opposite of what batman is about, even I know that! This sounds like a terrible and headache-inducing movie.

    1. Ahah well, wait ’til you see the portrayal of Superman, it’s even more out of whack than what ANYONE would think of Superman to be, even those who don’t read the comics. It is headache-inducing, as someone who’s not into superhero movies, I suggest you sit this one out Jordan.

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  16. Ha, ha, I came here just to read this review! Great review Ruth. I knew it was going to be bad. Oy…what happened? I still can’t believe they gave the same man who directed Sucker Punch a $400 million movie…and Justice League to boot? What is Warner Bros. thinking?

    I’m much less kind about Cavill. He’s in Jamie Dornan territory for me. He’s pretty, but I still can’t believe Cavill is Superman. He’s far too dour and dull. Christopher Reeve is truly the only actor I’ve ever seen to capture the true essence of both Kent and Superman. I was watching ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ which is a tv show that stars Brandon Routh. I didn’t originally care for Routh at first either, but there have been a few moments in ‘Legends’ in which I could see a little bit of Reeve in Routh. Not so with Cavill.

    Affleck and Gal deserved a better film. I’m on a wee bit of a hiatus until finals (I’m in a master’s program in my late 30s with a 3 year old baby!! fun fun fun). So I haven’t had a lot of time to go to the movies this month. 10 Cloverfield Lane is the last film I saw. I may just skip this movie since I’ve yet to see a decent review.

    1. Hello Mariah! I didn’t plan on making such an extensive post but there are so much terrible things I wanted to vent about, ahah. Yeah I think the problem w/ BVS started when they hired Zack Snyder!

      Ahah, yeah I actually think Jamie Dornan actually has a bit more expression but you’re right, they both aren’t good actors. I never watch Fifty Shades but saw him in Marie Antoinette and The Fall tv series and wasn’t impressed. Oh man, NOBODY could touch Christopher Reeve, I mean he made the role iconic and he’s NEVER cheesy! Even when the movie was bad, he’s still a fantastic Superman. Routh was channeling Reeve in Superman Returns and I actually didn’t hate that movie, apart from the ridiculous Superman kid storyline that is. But yeah, Cavill made Superman so somber and simply not appealing, and the more sexualized he is on screen the more he becomes a turn off for me.

      Affleck and Gal hopefully get better films in their solo outings in their respective roles. Oh my, I can see why you won’t have time for movies! I don’t even know how you can maintain a blog w/ school AND a baby! You are a super woman Mariah.

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