Weekend Roundup: FlixChatter on BTR radio & Trailer highlights from SDCC – Wonder Woman, King Arthur & Brie Larson as Captain Marvel


Happy Sunday everybody!

How’s your weekend? Mine is quite a busy one. I went to see Star Trek Beyond Friday night (review coming soon) and spent most of the day at the grand opening of the new Vikings stadium (US BANK stadium) in downtown Minneapolis.

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Hey I’m on the radio! 😀

Earlier this month I had a chat with BreakThrough (BTR) Radio host Taia Handlin who runs the Biology of the Blog podcast. It was an honor & privilege to talk about the origins of my blog and my passion for movies in general. So hope you take a listen…

comiccon_logoOk, I thought I’d post about a few highlights from San Diego Comic-Con this weekend. I can’t believe it’s been five years since I was at SDCC! I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get tickets to go there, nor do I have the energy to wait in line for hours again. Well I’ll always have the fun memory of being in Hall H!

I was pretty much blissfully ignorant to all the updates most of the weekend until late Saturday night when I watched some of the trailers.

Well, the two I posted here are two of the movies I most look forward to in 2017. I actually saw the Justice League trailer first but honestly it doesn’t change my mind from my ‘meh’ sentiment about it. It looks humorous but given Zack Snyder directing, can’t say I’m optimistic.

THIS trailer however, still gets me excited!


Gal Gadot‘s Wonder Woman is one of the few best thing about Batman V Superman, and goodness it’s about time we see a feature film showcasing a bad-ass female superhero!!

Yes I realize that despite having a female director Patty Jenkins at the helm, we’ve got four male writers (including Zack Snyder, yikes!) But I’m hoping they’d do the Amazon princess’ story justice. I LOVE that the film is a period piece set in 1920s, and this is an origin story I don’t mind seeing. We’ve got a glimpse of Themyscria, home of the Amazons. Oh and Chris Pine as the human boyfriend… interesting that the trailer debuts the same weekend as Star Trek Beyond.

Nice to see Connie Nielsen as Diana’s mother, been too long since she had a prominent role since Gladiator. Oh and speaking of bad ass women, Robin Wright as an Amazonian army general, yes please! The trailer ends in a comedic note, which I take it as a good thing as superhero movies ought to have a sense of humor.


I know it’s all about superhero and comic-book movies at SDCC, but I’ve been looking forward to Guy Ritchie‘s take on the often-told King Arthur adaptation. Well, this medieval king is more ‘street’ than any other ones we’ve seen before and y’know what, I think it looks like fun! This is a mythological figure that’s been done to death on screen, so I welcome an unconventional, edgier version. I gotta say I like the casting of Charlie Hunnam in the lead role, too.

One of the biggest announcements out of #MarvelSDCC has got to be THIS:

I have no clue who Captain Marvel is, but another female superhero? That’s always a good thing in my book and I think the lovely Brie is a fine choice! It seems Marvel is a bit behind in making a female heroine movie this time as DC’s already got Wonder Woman ready for battle next Summer. I thought that they’d spun-off Black Widow by now, alas…

The lovely Lupita Nyong’O tweeted this from SDCC… so much awesomeness in a single photo!


Well that’s my weekend recap folks. Thoughts on SDCC or anything you watched this weekend?

29 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup: FlixChatter on BTR radio & Trailer highlights from SDCC – Wonder Woman, King Arthur & Brie Larson as Captain Marvel

  1. The only thing I saw this weekend is 3 Godfathers which I’m going to post a little bit later. I liked the trailers for Justice League and King Arthur while I’m excited about Brie Larson as Captain Marvel. Yet, it is the trailer for Wonder Woman that has me stoked as I want to fucking see this.

    1. Wow, you saw all three Godfather films? The ‘Justice League’ trailer looks bad IMHO but then again I’ve lost all hope on Zack Snyder by now. But Brie as Captain Marvel and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman are all kinds of awesome!

  2. That’s cool that you got to see the new stadium, I’m waiting for the season to start and try to get some tickets for the games. It definitely looks stunning and hopefully will be an advantage and help the team win more games this year.

    Saw Star Trek 3 and then watched Mission: Impossible 5 and The Revenant at home. I really liked Wonder Woman trailer but not sure about the Matrix style action sequences, I hope there’s a reason why they shot the action scenes that way. It’s been done to death already and I’m sick of seeing it. But glad the movie won’t be too serious like Batman vs. Superman. Don’t have much interest in the new King Arthur, looks too cheesy and we’ve seen those kind of battles in the Lord of the Rings films. Also, I’m not feeling Charlie Hunnam as a leading man, he’s too wooden and not much charisma.

    1. Hi Ted! Yeah it’s a very cool stadium and so huge!! I’d love to see a game there once but I think tickets will be expensive.

      Seems that you like Star Trek Beyond more than I did. I thought the action was too dizzying for me. Ahah, yeah the Matrix style action in Wonder Woman is a bit worrisome but I’m still optimistic as I LOVE Gal Gadot in the role. I love the bit of humor in the end, too. I like Hunnam, I actually think he’s charismatic, well more so than most American leading men like Chris Pine, etc. IMHO, and I’m always a sucker for British medieval stories 🙂

      1. I’ll probably go see the game where they’ll play a weak team and hopefully the tickets won’t be too pricey. Usually when they play against good teams and it’s nationally televised, that’s when the ticket prices are just too expensive.

        Not a big fan of Pine but I like him as Kirk and Jack Ryan. I’ve only seen Hunnam in Pacific Rim and I was not impressed, in fact I don’t really remember his character much at all. I believe he’s the lead in the that film right?

  3. Went to our local arty theatre twice this weekend. Saw 45 Years which I loved and Youth which I didn’t, despite being a big Michael Caine fan.

    I saw Room a couple of weeks ago, so am looking forward to Captain Marvel to see Brie Larson again.

    1. Hey Stella! I thought ’45 Years’ was very good too, while ‘Youth’ is very superficial to me. I do like Michael Caine and he’s actually quite good in ‘Youth.’

      Room is a good but devastating film but Brie was excellent, as was Jacob Tremblay. I’m glad to see her as Captain Marvel!!

  4. Wonder Woman movie is coming along and looks promising. I’m also liking Chris Pine in that role. Brie Larson is a good pick for Captain Marvel, she’s my pick over the other names floating around for that role. King Arthur trailer didn’t quite blow me away. I do like it’s not going to be a stuffy medieval period piece, it’ll be edgier like you said.

    1. Hi Eddie! Yeah I can’t wait for Wonder Woman but we have nearly a year before that comes out! I’m glad Chris Pine took on the role, and I hope his role is an interesting one. I don’t know who else have been considered for Captain Marvel but Brie certainly looks the part AND she’s a terrific actress. Yep, that’s the reason I’m intrigued by Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur, it looks like fun as I love stories set in medieval era.

  5. Really like what I saw of Wonder Woman. WOW! Also really interested in Kong: Skull Island – more than I ever expected to be. As for viewing, I saw Star Trek Beyond (review up today), Lights Out (review tomorrow), Self/less, The Confirmation, and Welles’ Touch of Evil. It was a fun weekend for movies.

    1. Hey Keith! I’ve been geeking out over Wonder Woman since BVS. I mean who doesn’t love Gal Gadot!! Y’know, I almost posted the ‘Kong’ trailer here too as I like Brie but I’m still mostly meh about that one. I’ll check out your review of STB, I have Ted’s review set to go up tomorrow but we have quite a different opinion about it. Hey are you gonna review Self/less? I thought it was a stinker.

      1. I do have a Self/less review written up. Not sure when it will go up. I thought it was okay in a very goofy, corny sci-fi kinda way. But definitely not a film that will ever get a second viewing from me.

        1. I reviewed it a while ago and I was basically fuming that they practically wasted Matthew Goode AND Ben Kingsley!! I wish Matthew had been the lead instead of Ryan Reynolds, ugh.

  6. Cool recap! I actually was at Comic-Con this Saturday but didn’t go into the panels! The Hall H line was CRAZY. A friend stood there for 7 hours Friday afternoon/night, they gave her some sort of pass at 1AM and then she came back at 7AM. Ugh. But did get to see many celebrities, including Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen, Chadwick Boseman, Charlie Hunnam and THE CAST OF SUICIDE SQUAD. Took a pic with Thomas Jane and attended a taping of Conan. It was a good day! 😀

    1. Fernando!!! I miss you my friend. Glad to hear you made it to SDCC even if you didn’t make it to Hall H. Man I can’t imagine waiting in line for even a third of that time, 7 hours is just bonkers! Only if my crushes Sam Riley, Aneurin Barnard, Stanley Weber AND Timothy Dalton are going to be there and I’m guaranteed to talk to them would that be worth the time 🙂

      So how did you get to meet all those celebs?? I LOVE Gal Gadot, she must be so gorgeous in person. Are you gonna do a post on your blog? If so I’ll check it out pronto!

      1. Hi Ruth! I’ve missed you too! Yeah, 7 hours is just insane. Like you, I’d only do it to meet one of my idols.

        I saw them on the convention floor, at their respective studios’ booths. I was a bit closer to Charlie Hunnam and the others I ssw from a distance. Bumped into Thomas Jane and he’s the only one I took a picture WITH.

        Thinking about doing a post but, you know me, don’t know if I’ll have the time, haha!

        1. Ooooh so you’ve seen Charlie H. too? I think he’s a cool actor, I’m not crushing on him but I like him in Pacific Rim & am curious about King Arthur! Hey you can just post the photos and maybe a quick paragraph about the people you meet. I miss reading your blog, but understand you hv other interests now.

          1. You know what? You’re right! I do miss blogging a lot and I should make the time for it every now and then, starting with this post. Thanks for that little push I needed.

            And yeah, he was by himself promoting King Arthur as I was passing the studio (don’t remember which one) booth. Snapped a few pics of hiim. So sexy. I’m curious about King Arthur, too, as I’m a fan of Ritchie. Although the poster gives me a fashion spread vibe hehe, and that’s weird.

            1. Yay! Let me know when the post is up and I’ll come and visit!

              Oh my, Charlie was by himself promoting King Arthur??! I think that was the case w/ Tom Hardy when I was there in 2011, I think he was promoting Warrior. I’d love to have met him. Ahah, he is very sexy indeed. The poster is very GQ-ish, but Charlie does look like a model!

  7. I enjoyed the “Justice League” trailer, although after “Batman v Superman” I definitely share your trepidation; we’ll see if Snyder can pull this one off. It DEFINITELY looks and feels very different from the last film, as if Snyder, WB and co. are all desperately trying to say “Don’t worry, this one isn’t so darn depressing!”

    And yeah, that “Wonder Woman” trailer is pretty dope. Hoping the movie lives up to the promise of the trailer, because that trailer looks PERFECT!

    Like you, I don’t know anything about Captain Marvel, but we need more superhero movies starring women (by which I mean we need superhero movies starring women, PERIOD), and any time Brie Larson gets cast as anybody, I’m on board. 🙂

    1. Hi CB! I have to say the Justice League trailer was amusing but it felt like DC is trying too hard NOT to be too serious that it felt awkward. I’m not exactly excited for that one, though I do want to see more of Aquaman & Batman together. But Wonder Woman, yes! So much awesomeness, I love the supporting actresses on top of Gal Gadot as the lead.

      I’m curious about Captain Marvel but now that Brie’s cast, I’ve become more excited about it. Funny that Marvel is a bit late in creating a female-driven feature film compared to DC!

  8. I’m a little hesitant about seeing Chris Pine as the human boyfriend.. I kind of wish they found somebody unknown for the role, Pine forever will be Captain Kirk, and it’s hard to see him in a different big franchise as somebody else..

    I was very surprised to hear about Ritchies new movie, I have been living under a rock apparently, but I’m excited .. I mean.. Hunnan, how can’t one be excited?

    1. Hi Getter! I actually think it’s cool that we have an established movie star willing to play the boyfriend in a female-driven superhero movie. I give him prop for that, it makes me like him more as that means he’s not so egotistical that he has to play the hero in every movie. I do hope he’s gonna have something to do in the movie though.

      I had heard about Ritchie’s King Arthur for a while now, glad to see Charlie got cast, I think he’s an edgy actor that’s perfect for an unconventional adaptation of an oft-told story.

  9. Hey Ruth! Looks like your site is going from strength to strength! Excellent work. Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet (again) of late; simply haven’t had the time recently to get to blogging (or much movie watching if I’m honest).

    1. Hello Mark! Oh I don’t know about that… my readership and comments have dropped quite a bit and I miss some of the bloggers who used to visit. Not sure how much longer I’m gonna keep blogging to be honest. But I’m still working on my script, so that’s still exciting. So I presume you’re busy w/ work then? Well I appreciate you taking the time to comment my friend, really appreciate it.

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