Music Break: Favorite songs from Garry Marshall’s classic ‘Pretty Woman’

I was still in high school when Pretty Woman came out and it was a pretty huge hit back then. I haven’t seen this movie in over twenty years, but the passing of director Garry Marshall this past week made me re-watch some of the clips. This and Beaches are my two favorite films from the late filmmaker, and no doubt this movie is one he’ll be most remembered for.


It’s the 90s version of the classic Cinderella tale, as the protagonist’s BFF (played by the awesome Laura San Giacomo) puts it… Cinde-f*king*rella. The pairing of America’s sweetheart Julia Roberts as a Hollywood Blvd prostitute with former American Gigolo Richard Gere as the to-die-for billionaire is just perfect. They have amazing chemistry that you’re dying for them to be together. And who doesn’t love Vivian, Julia’s huge grin and infectious laugh are so adorable!

I might rewatch it again one of these days. I remember it being a funny, heart-warming and of course dreamy feel-good movie with so many iconic scenes!





The soundtrack was a staple in the early 90s for me. Now, normally I’d be listening to a movie’s score more than the songs featured in the soundtrack, but for some reason I can’t remember the score from James Newton Howard. But the song compilation album is awesome. It must’ve been one of the CDs I actually brought to college and you know what, these songs are still fun to listen to today. It’s been great walking down memory lane listening to these songs this past week.

So here are some of my favorites… 

I’m not much into sappy love songs, but I did have a thing for the Swedish pop rock duo Roxette 😉

My brother Paul was such a huge fan of Peter Cetera, both when he was still part of the Chicago band and his solo effort. I have to admit I was a bit of a sucker for his love ballads 🙂

Last but not least, the Kiss song isn’t technically in the soundtrack, but hey don’t you just love Prince!

It’s really devastating that Prince and Mr. Marshall are gone the same year! 😦

Hope you enjoy this week’s music break! What’s your favorite ‘Pretty Woman’ song(s)?

22 thoughts on “Music Break: Favorite songs from Garry Marshall’s classic ‘Pretty Woman’

  1. This was definitely a Hollywood fantasy film because a man like Geer’s character would never have picked up a work girl like Roberts’ character in real life. He would have his own service for that so it can very discreet, lol! Also, there’s no way he would’ve treated her like he did in the movie, check out this alternate and very funny version of the movie from The Chappelle Show: Ha ha! That’s pretty much how would happen in real life.

    I do love Roxette’s song though, I still remember it played over and over on MTV and radio stations when this film came out.

    1. Yep, that’s the point of that ‘Cindef*ckinrella’ comment in the movie as it’s an absolute fantasy! Yep, there’s no way someone as good looking as Gere would ever be THAT nice of a guy either. But the songs are great, I absolutely love every one of them, and they still hold up somehow!

      1. Also, I don’t think there are any real life street hookers who looks like Julia Roberts, I could be wrong but from watching many episodes of reality cop shows, most of the street hookers who got busted didn’t look anywhere close to Roberts. Lol! It would’ve been more believable had her character were part of some high end escort service that Geer’s character uses. But this was the 90s and most audiences were still gullible and Hollywood didn’t care about being “realistic” like today’s movies.

        1. Mwahahaha! Well of course they don’t look like Julia Roberts, if they did they wouldn’t need to be on the streets! Yep, I think this movie was a product of the time, it wouldn’t have worked today though some of the scenes are still pretty fun to watch.

  2. Easily one of the defining films of the 1990s and of all-time. The soundtrack is amazing. Yes, “Fame ’90” is a damn good remix of a Bowie classic while I think my favorite song on that soundtrack is the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Show Me Your Soul” as that was when the band was starting to come around before Bloodsugarsexmagik. Of course, the title song is a classic as you can’t say anything bad about it while I also have a soft spot for “It’s Over Now” by Roxette and “The King of Wishful Thinking” by Go West. Yeah, it’s a Hollywood fantasy film but a good one. If it wasn’t for that film. Richard Gere would remain in obscurity and Julia Roberts wouldn’t be the superstar that we know and love. Thank you Garry, we will miss you.

    1. Hi Steven! Glad you love the soundtrack too. Yep, Fame ’90 is awesome, and I can’t believe I forgot about “The King of Wishful Thinking” I used to listen to that over and over. It’s definitely the most iconic Hollywood fantasy romance that’s chock full of funny as well as heart-rending scenes. The moment she’s in the car as Roxette’s ‘It Must’ve Been Love’ always made me tear up. Yep, Julia and Gere owe a major part of their success to Mr. Marshall.

  3. Pretty Woman was on television yesterday. I was so sad to hear of Gary Marshall’s passing. What a charming film that catapulted Julia’s career to superstardom. She was absolutely gorgeous. Richard Gere was a wooden doll,in the film, but ever so handsome to look at. I forgot what a great soundtrack! Thanks for reminding me, Ruth.

    1. Mr. Marshall had such a big heart and that translates to his films. Julia’s got that infectious megawatt smile and she’s absolutely gorgeous. Ahah, Gere was indeed a wooden doll but nice to look at. Pretty much the same in American Gigolo, too! Glad you love the soundtrack too Cindy!

    1. Oh right! Frankie and Johnny was by Garry Marshall too. He definitely knew how to film beautiful-but-charming actresses like Julia & Michelle and made them shine. Definitely a one of a kind filmmaker.

    1. Yeah, it’s been a rough year indeed for the entertainment industry. But Mr. Marshall sure has a wonderful legacy as a filmmaker.

        1. I have to admit I haven’t seen some of his latest films though, like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, they just don’t appeal to me. But I LOVE Beaches, Pretty Woman and even the Princess Diaries!

  4. Pretty woman song kinda sums up the whole movie, but my favourite song has got to be It Must Have Been Love – yes, it is soppy, but I think it fits that particular scene perfectly, and it is the first time – there was a moment of complete uncertainty and sadness in the film…

    1. Yes you’re absolutely right. The song fits the moment in the movie perfectly, it conveys the sentiment Julia’s character is feeling. I think it makes the song more meaningful. I don’t usually go for such a sappy song either, but this one works!

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