The Alphabet Movie Meme

AlphabetMovieMeme Boy it’s been a while since I did a movie meme, but this idea by Katy at the Drama Llama is just too fun to resist. Thanks Karamel Kinema for the awesome banner image. Well, it’s pretty self-explanatory what this meme is all about, so lets just get started.

Anticipating Movie of 2014


I was going to answer Interstellar but that Nolan movie isn’t out until November so I set my sight to something a bit closer that’s out in May. The trailer for X-Men Days of Future Past makes my head spins but it also gets me super psyched to see it!

Book Adaptation I’d Love To See


A couple of years ago I posted this list of books my pal Ted and I would like to see being adapted on screen. I haven’t read hardly any good book since (yes I wish I were a voracious reader) but out of those, I’d think this one would’ve been adapted by now. It’s an unusual love story in that it’s not just between a man and a woman, and it’s got a slight throwback to Hollywood’s golden era that I think would be cool to see on screen.

Celebrity I’d Most Like To Meet



I simply have to find out if Richard Armitage actually looks THIS perfect up close. He seems like an intelligent bloke, so I’m sure he’d make a fascinating company over coffee … and I wonder if I could ever beat him in a staring contest 😉



I bow to the great Cate Blanchett. She is such a phenomenal actress whose beauty, intellect and immense talent makes her a modern screen legend.

Dream Director-Actor Pairing

Michael Mann and Tom Hiddleston


I love Michael Mann’s cerebral thrillers. I’d love to see the exquisite Tom Hiddleston tackles something like Heat, The Insider or even playing a chilling baddie like Tom Cruise in Collateral. The versatile Brit can do anything, I’d love to see him display his range.

Essential Classic Film

Roman Holiday


It remains one of the most romantic and beautifully-shot film ever, starring two of my all time favorite movie couple. I’ve listed 59 reasons why it’s awesome. I’m sure I can come up with more.

Favorite Film Franchise

The Lord of the Rings


One of these days I have GOT to find time to watch the extended version. It’s nothing short of astonishing how Peter Jackson has brought J.R.R. Tolkien’s stupendous literary work to life.

Genre(s) I Watch The Most

Action Thriller and Period Drama


I think I watch these two genres as frequently. It should be no surprise that most of them have a British cast 😉

Hidden Gem

Dear Frankie


There are many other movie gems I could recommend but I always go with this one as it was made with a itsy-bitsy budget, but the story, Scottish setting, and acting are all superb that I wish more people would see it.

Important Moment in My Film Life

FlixChatterLOGOMy passion for movies practically soars exponentially after I started blogging. Thanks to fellow cinephiles who inspire me every day and makes me love movies all the more!

Just Right for A Rainy Day

Sleepless in Seattle


“It rains nine months of the year in Seattle.” Well if one day I move to Seattle, I’d be happy to still be watching this whilst I’m vegging out on the sofa. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie, Nora Ephron’s script is so brilliant that it kept this movie from being unbearably sappy. If only rom-coms today are half as good as this.

Kiddie Movie I Still Shamelessly Enjoy

Sleeping Beauty


I’ve loved this as a kid and Briar Rose/Aurora is my favorite Disney princess! Even to this day, before all the CGI technology in animation, the visuals are still amazingly beautiful, and the music based on Tchaikovsky’s ballet is equally enchanting.

Location I’d Most Like To Visit


No doubt it’d be Middle Earth, especially if Aragorn or Thorin would be willing to be my tour guide 😉

Marathons I Watched

Gregory Peck Movie Marathon


Some of you likely remember when I was besotted by this Hollywood’s classic leading man. I blogged about some of ’em already, that’s perhaps the last extensive movie marathon I did, which was well worth the effort!

Netflix Movie I Actually Watched

I have Netflix Streaming which is one my the primary sources to rent movies from. This is the last one I rented as they’ve got quite a nice selections of documentaries. Clearly I’m fascinated by all things Middle Earth.


One Movie I Saw In Theaters More Than Once


I’ll go with the latest one I saw twice in the theater in 2013, and that’d be Pacific Rim. I’m not ashamed to say that I LOVE that movie, and really, when you’ve got exhilarating action, great music PLUS sexy Idris Elba as Stacker Pentecost in his smashing black armored Jaeger suit, what’s not to love?

Preferred Place To Watch A Movie (Cinema or at home)

Either place is fine by me. As much as I love the comfort of watching films whilst vegging out on my sofa, some films are meant to be seen on the big screen. Unless of course I have a home cinema like THIS.


Quote that Inspires Me

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers


Samwise Gamgee, is one of the most selfless and wisest movie characters ever brought on screen. The unsung hero of the LOTR trilogy always puts others first before his own. Apparently when Tolkien wrote him, he was inspired by the character of English soldiers he met during World War I.

Remakes (Friend or Foe?)

Generally speaking… foe. But not every remake is terrible. I actually like the Coen Brothers’ True Grit, Sydney Pollack’s Sabrina, Peter Jackson’s King Kong, James Mangold’s 3:10 To Yuma, just to name a few.


Heck, even one of my favorite films of all time, Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ is a remake of the 1925 silent film with the same name.

Snack I Enjoy Most



Twist(s) That Boggles My Mind

Sixth Sense & Unbreakable


Whatever has happened to M. Night now, it doesn’t change the fact that Sixth Sense and Unbreakable, which he made back to back, are both phenomenal films. Both endings floored me, and it was such a great feeling when a film managed to surprise you in such a big way.

Unapologetic Fanperson For

Timothy Dalton


Dalton seems to have always marched to the beat of his own drum and I love him for it. He’s so criminally underrated and I’m front of the line in the Dalton-is-Best-Bond brigade. He’s obviously fantastic as a hero, byronic (Jane Eyre) or otherwise, but also as a villain (The Rocketeer).

Very Excited For Award Show Season?

Sure, why not. Bring. It. On.

Wish I Never Watched…

The Exorcist


I really wish I hadn’t seen this. THAT face still haunts me to this day. I remember that after watching it in college, I asked my then boyfriend (now my hubby) to sleep in the living room as I didn’t dare to be alone in my apartment!!

XXX Movie I First Watched At A Young Age (R or NC-17!)

I don’t remember the name of it, as all I remember was that it has ‘Girl’ in it in the title. It could’ve been a foreign film as it was in black and white. I must’ve been only 11 or so, but that was the first time I saw full frontal nudity on screen!

Your latest movie-related obsession

Hmmm, does Richard Armitage count? He’s my latest obsession and he’s a movie actor so yeah, that’s my answer right now. My formerly-Gregory-Peck-filled Tumblr‘s been pretty much been taken over that beautiful man. Yes, I think I’m secretly moving up the rank in the Armitage Army 😉

ZZZ-Catchers (name a movie that has put you to sleep)

The Great Gatsby (1974)
Say what you will about the Baz Luhrmann’s film but at least it wasn’t boring! I was thinking of comparing this one to the contemporary version but I couldn’t even go through it! I finally turned it off after I dozed off a couple of times.

Well that’s my Alphabet Movie Meme, folks! Feel free to continue this movie meme (make sure you link back to Katy’s post). I’d love to see the answers you come up with!

58 thoughts on “The Alphabet Movie Meme

  1. Hi, Ruth! Thanks for participating in my movie meme! This was worth the wait! I love your whole list. 🙂
    Love Walked In looks like a really good read for Spring.
    MmmMmm Richard.
    Mr Hiddles in a Michael Mann movie, especially a Collateral-esque baddie.
    I wish Gerard was still making great movies like Dear Frankie – it is such a gem.

    1. Why thank you Katy! That’s so sweet of you to say. It took me a while to do this but it was well worth the effort so THANK YOU! Love Walked In is a great read, romantic but not schmaltzy at all. Mmm Richard is right, I got quite distracted when I looked for just the RIGHT photo for this post 😉 Hiddles would be great in a gangster crime drama wouldn’t he? And we know he’d make a GREAT baddie. Yeah, I don’t know if GB would ever go back to making good movies again, I sort of gave up home right now when he’s involved in things like Point Break remake 😦

  2. Love this meme and I just might do one, too, as it’s gonna make me dig into the rusty vaults in my head 🙂 !

    Richard Armitage IS that gorgeous in person that he’s almost illegal. But, yes…*sigh* where was I? Great answers, by the way! Exorcist ranks up there for me, too but because I watched it with friends and we were all screaming together, it kinda made it less scary somehow. But I’m sure it’s not gonna be the same if I were to watch it alone.

    Amityville Horror though, now that would be one movie that I haven’t been able to finish on my own. I think I lasted 10 minutes in…

    1. Hi morrighansmuse! Yes you should do this meme, trust me it was a lot of fun!

      Wait, now you have actually SEEN Richard in person then? It is criminal to be THAT good looking isn’t it? I mean seriously! I wish I had seen Exorcist with a group, you’re right it kinda took the edge off if you could laugh about ’em with friends. I don’t think I could go through Amityville Horror either, haunted house would just be way too bone chilling for my feeble nerves.

  3. Well done, Ruth!

    So we’re clear … Gregory Peck is a great obsession to have, LOTR is the best franchise, and some remakes are very good. But Richard Armitage? I’ll need some convincing. 🙂

    1. Hi James! Ahah well you’re a heterosexual male so I’m not surprised you need more convincing about Richard 😉 Good looks aside, he is a darn good actor too, just look at BBC Spooks, Cinemax’s Strike Back, etc. which are great action thriller shows. He’d make a great Bond, Batman, Nathan Drake, etc. If only I were a casting agent!!

      1. I’ve only seen him in The Hobbit movies, to the best of my memory. I think he’s fine in them, but he hasn’t wowed me. Maybe I see more of his stuff. 🙂

        1. Well he doesn’t even look like himself as a dwarf, the man is almost 6’3″! I think he’s great as Thorin but I prefer him in action/drama roles in which he excels in both 😀

  4. Ted S.

    Good read Ruth, must’ve taken you a while to come up with all the list there! I’ll just answer some of them.

    Anticipating Movie of 2014 – I’m excited to see the new X-Men too, also Interstellar and Capt. America 2.

    Essential Classic Films – Lawrence of Arabia, The Godfather part 1 & 2, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Wild Bunch and Taxi Driver.

    Favorite Film Franchises – I have a few of these but here are some of my favorites – James Bond, Lord of the Rings, Mission: Impossible, Lethal Weapon (I don’t count the fourth one), Jason Bourne (don’t count the dreaded Bourne Legacy) and The Dark Knight trilogy.

    Genre(s) I Watch The Most – Action and Sci-fi are my main favorites but some dramas and comedies.

    Hidden Gem – I always recommend people to seek out Walter Hill’s last great action flick, Extreme Prejudice, it needs to come out on Bluray fast!

    Movies I Saw In Theaters More Than Once – I put movies instead of movie since I’ve a few of them more than once in theater – Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy, since I’m a big IMAX fan, I’ve all them at least twice at the IMAX theater. Saw the Mission: Impossible films a few times in theater; Lord of the Rings trilogy and recently saw the new Jack Ryan flick twice at the fake IMAX theater.

    Preferred Place To Watch A Movie (Cinema or at home) – Both, even though there seems to be more rude people in theaters lately, I still love seeing films on the big screen, especially IMAX. But since I also have a home theater, I love watching movies at my place too.

    Remakes (Friend or Foe?) – I don’t really mind remakes as long as the filmmakers come up with something new for the remake. If they’d just rehash the original then it’s a waste of time for everyone and I get angry for them wasting my time, for example the Total Recall remake was just a time waster.

    ZZZ-Catchers (name a movie that has put you to sleep) – There were many but the recent one I remember was The War Horse, I’m a big Spielberg fan wow that film bored me to death.

    1. Ha..ha.. yeah, it took me a couple of days but it was a lot of fun!

      Oh I can’t wait for Captain America 2! I should’ve put that one down as it arrives sooner, April can’t come soon enough though.

      I’ll surely borrow your BD of Extreme Prejudice when you buy it Ted 😉

      I saw TDK twice on the big screen too, and also TDKR!

      Well your home cinema is great enough that you don’t need to go to the theater Ted, esp once you upgrade, right?

      I agree w/ War Horse, it was way too oversentimental.

      1. Ted S.

        Yeah, it’s less than 2 months away from April and Capt. America 2, hopefully this stupid snow and cold will go away by then. But of course last April we had a big snow storm so I shouldn’t expect it to be too nice.

        Of course you can burrow it. I don’t know what’s going on with Extreme Prejudice’s rights, I assume whoever owns the rights to it just aren’t interested in releasing it on BD.

        The new projector I want is still way too expensive, hope to upgrade soon!

  5. jackdeth72

    Hi, Ruth:

    Great list!

    Can’t fault you for ‘The Exorcist’.

    And can definitely get behind a Hiddleston and Mann team up. Add Benedict Cumberbatch as a bad guy. And Russell Crowe and Rufus Sewell as good guys. It would sew up a large demographic and sail out of the park!

    Always thought that with a different, eerier, Hitchcockian soundtrack, ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ would make a decent stalker/slasher flick.

    Got you beat on the “XXX film”. Caught the original ‘Deep Throat’ in a grimy Chicago theater in very late 1972. God awfully bad film!

    1. WHOA!! I’d be willing to help finance that movie w/ Hiddles & Benedict going toe to toe in a Mann film, OMG not sure I can handle it! YES Crowe and Sewell need to team up too, good or bad I’ll take ’em either way 😀

      Um, I think I’d heed your warning about Deep Throat, Jack, thank you!

  6. That was a hoot to read! Good stuff Ruth. Here’s a few impressions:

    1. So you like that Armitage fellow?
    2. As a classic movie fan I love seeing Roman Holiday mentioned. Lovely film. My first choice – Casablanca. ALWAYSSSS CASABLANCA! 🙂
    3. You won’t hear me gripe about the LOTR franchise. I love it too.
    4. The last movie I saw more than once at the theater? Gravity (3 times). World War Z before that (twice).
    5. Remakes. I’m very mixed about them. They seem to be so in fashion these days. The seem to be taking the place of new ideas.
    6. Snacks I love. Reeses Minatures. Darn those things!!!!!!!
    7. So The Exorcist got to ya? I’m going to sound blasphemous to horror fans but I never got that movie. Didn’t really scare me much.

    Anyway, LOVE the post!

    1. Hi Keith!

      Um, still not sure about Armitage, not smug enough for my taste… bwahahahaha…

      Oh I love Casablanca too, both have similar ending in that the guy didn’t get the girl but somehow it made it even MORE romantic!

      You saw WWZ twice in the theater? Wow you got it bad for Brad Pitt, eh? 😉

      Wow, hats off to you that you’re not scared of The Exorcist!!

    1. Wouldn’t it? I don’t know why I suddenly thought of them but hey, ANYTHING with Hiddles is great by me 😀

      One day I’ll make it to New Zealand, that’s been a life long dream of mine!

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  8. I really like your answers 🙂
    If I posted mine based on the real meme (I have changed it a bit) Cate will also be in my list of people I want to meet.

    You Really like Pacific Rim..that’s so cool!

    My franchise would also be LOTR…again, if I did this meme properly 😉

    1. Thanks Nov! Curious to see your post, though I think I know what some of your answers would be, ahah.

      Yes I LOVE Pac Rim, I’m not ashamed to say it 😀

  9. Fun post, Ruth. Your letter G would be mine! While his eyes are dreamy, Rich’s lips are too thin. 😉 I hope you will meet him one day. Mine would be Leonardo for prettiness or Bruce Willis for fun and protection.

    1. Hi Cindy! Ahah, well with eyes and that bone structure, I’m willing to overlook his thin lips. In fact it fits his face better 😉 I used to think Leo was attractive in his Titanic days but not anymore. I concur about Willis though.

  10. Although the franchise focuses on Frodo, Sam will always be the real hero to me! There is an actual Middle-Earth tour, but I guess you already know that.

    Sixth Sense has a real iconic twist. I also love the one in The Prestige, didn’t see that coming. In fact it was a double twist!

    Hey, here’s a question… if Richard Armitage and Idris Elba were to star in a remake/reboot of The Exorcist, would still go see it? 🙂

    1. Hi Asrap! Yes indeed, Sam is the unsung hero. I knew about Middle Earth tour, I’d LOVE to visit there one day.

      Oh right, The Prestige is a good one.

      Oh my! That’s a tough one. Well as long as one of them isn’t playing the Regan character, the one being possessed I mean, I guess I still would 😀

      1. I should! Something to work on for next week ;). Though some of my answers might be similar to your own, I’m really looking forward to X-Men too!

        1. Cool! Send me the link when you’re done w/ your Meme post, I’d love to read it. Btw, remember when you said you didn’t know who Richard Armitage was? Well what do you think now that you’ve discovered him? 😉

          1. I didn’t make the connection to The Hobbit at all at first! But I really liked him in that. I’ve added Robin Hood to my list now too, much check that out.

            1. Wahoo!! Add Spooks too, or MI-5 it used to be called. It’s a GREAT BBC spy show, also on Netflix. Richard looks more like himself in that, tall, lanky, and bad ass! 😀

              Btw, I’d love to hear what you think of my recasting post I just published, no surprise who I’d replace to play Jack Reacher, ha..ha..

              Thanks V!

              1. Ooh, Spooks! I’ve heard about that! Since it’s on Netflix I’ll definitely check it out. I’m heading over to your recasting post now. 😀

                1. Yes it’s on Netflix! Better watch it before it’s yanked out of there. It’s REALLY good, trust me, and it’s not only because of Armitage 😉

  11. Essential Classic Film – great choice: who couldn’t enjoy two hours with Peck and Audrey Hepburn! 🙂

    …and I know exactly what you mean about The Exorcist! That face haunts me too. But the film has become one of my all-time favorites – I’ve seen it countless times now! Still just as frightening…that’s why I love it! 😉

    1. Hi Dan! Glad you agree about Roman Holiday, such a lovely movie.

      The FACE is just terrifying when it suddenly pops up in my mind when I’m alone or something. I don’t think I could ever watch it again.

  12. Great post! I love that you included Dear Frankie, and your quote is very inspiring, indeed. Those twists are quite shocking! I wish Shyamalan would get back to that kind of filmmaking. Haha, I completely agree on The Great Gatsby (1974).

    1. Thanks Josh! You should do your own version of Alphabet Meme. I LOVE Dear Frankie, it’s criminally overlooked. Yeah I hope one day M Night would come to his senses! Oh you agree w/ the original Gatsby? I really wanted to like it but it was just too boring!

  13. Yeah, I’d advise against staring contest with Richard – that sounds potentially deadly 🙂 I’d watch Hiddleston in anything so even If I’m not a big Mann fan (apart from Insider and Heat, which I’d love) I’d definitely see it.

    1. Ahah yeah you are wise not to, I probably fall over within 2 seconds anyway 😀 Well Hiddleston said his favorite film is Heat so I’m sure he himself would love to work w/ Mann. I’m not fond of all Mann’s films but no doubt he’s an iconic filmmaker.

  14. Your armitage love has become well known Ruth 😛

    I still feel the LOTR franchise is one of the movie trilogy’s to maintain its quality throughout all three films

    Also i might try to do my own alphabet post. jaybe

    1. He..he.. I don’t keep things to myself do I? 😉

      Glad you agree about LOTR Julian! Hey you should do your own post, let me know when you do ok?

    1. Hi ya Chris! Hope you’ll do this meme soon.

      Aaaargh… one day I will find out for myself. I’m not content just hearing from people how good looking Richard is!

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