LCR’s Recast-Athon – Recasting characters of 2013 Films


Jack from Lights Camera Reaction recently invited fellow bloggers to participate in ‘Recast-athon’, where we’d recast characters of 2013 that we either hated or liked, but think that the role(s) could have been done better by another actor. The rule is to pick a minimum of three performances and explain the reasons. 

So here are my picks and for the fourth one, I include one from 2012. Hey, rules are meant to be broken right? In this case I simply bent it a bit. So here we go!

The Great Gatsby

Tom Hiddleston & Jessica Chastain replacing Leo DiCaprio & Carey Mulligan (The Great Gatsby

Now, it’s not that I dislike Leo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan as Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan. Both are excellent actors but somehow their pairing just lacks ooomph, for a lack of a better word. I’d love to see someone like the inherently classy Tom Hiddleston try this role on for size. Hiddles seems to come from money himself, having gone to Eaton and Cambridge, and he’s got the versatility to be both charming and mysterious.

For Daisy, I was thinking of a delicate beauty who’s got a bit of an icy quality about her. Jessica Chastain may be eight years older but I think she still looks youthful enough for the role, plus she seems capable of being more seductive than Mulligan. Both actor have theatrical pedigree, Chastain went to Juilliard whilst Hiddleston went to RADA. I’d love to see these two light up the screen as lovers one day.

The Wolverine

Rinko Kikuchi replacing Tao Okamoto (The Wolverine)

One of my biggest issue with The Wolverine is that I think Wolvie’s love interest is entirely miscast. Sure miss Tao Okamoto is beautiful, she is a fashion model after all, but unfortunately she has no charisma nor the dramatic chops to give her character even an iota of realism. Not to mention the utter lack of chemistry with Hugh Jackman. I think Rinko Kikuchi would’ve been a much more compelling substitute had she not been too busy working on Pacific Rim. I’d even think even Koyuki, another Japanese actress who had a sweet chemistry with Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai would’ve been a better choice if she were slightly younger.

12 Years A Slave

Greg Kinnear replacing Brad Pitt (12 Years A Slave)

Speaking of weak link, Brad Pitt is the least convincing performer in an otherwise fantastic ensemble in 12 Years A Slave. When his character showed up, it took me out of the movie a bit as he practically looked like a mega movie star playing a role. To make matters worse, he’s got the worst lines in the script, preaching to us how we should feel as if it weren’t obvious enough. As Pitt was the producer, I wish he had cast someone else in that role, perhaps an equally talented actor who’s not quite as famous. I’d suggest Greg Kinnear, who’s exactly the same age as Pitt (50). I think he’d be much more convincing and likely get the Canadian accent right, too.

Jack Reacher (2012)

Now, this one is from 2012, but I saw the movie last year so I thought I’d throw it out there as well who I’d love to see as Jack Reacher. Now, I think Tom Cruise did a decent job and I think the film is decent, but when I read the description of the character in the book, I always get a good chuckle as Cruise’s physicality is so ill-suited for the role.

Reacher is 6’5″ tall (1.96 m) with a 50-inch chest, and weighing between 220 and 250 pounds (100–115 kg). He has ice-blue eyes and dirty blond hair. He has very little body fat, and his muscular physique is completely natural (he reveals in Persuader, he has never been an exercise enthusiast). (per Wiki)


An actor’s physique is crucial for certain roles, especially when the novelist outline it so specifically in the book. So Tom got the hair color right but that’s like the least important thing and they can just easily lighten an actor’s hair if necessary.

Richard_StrikeBackNow, Richard Armitage is 6’2-1/2″, obviously much closer to the novel version of Reacher than the 5’7″ Cruise. He’s done a lot of military-type roles so no doubt he’s got what it takes to play a former Major in the US Army. He may not have the 50-inch chest but he can easily bulk up his lean-but-muscular frame. But more importantly, he’s got the intensity and bad-assery for the role, just watch BBC Spooks and the original Cinemax’s Strike Back if you need some convincing. Age wise, Richard (42) is also closer in age than Cruise (50) as Reacher is supposed to be in his late 30s.

Fame at times works against an actor as Cruise has done so many famous roles that it’s hard to see him as Jack Reacher (especially since he looks pretty much the same as he is in other action hero roles), so a lesser-known actor would actually be a more prudent choice.

Well, what do you think of my replacement picks? Also, who which role(s) would YOU re-cast from 2013 movies?

90 thoughts on “LCR’s Recast-Athon – Recasting characters of 2013 Films

  1. Hiddleston and Chastain are excellent choices for Gatsby. Although, I thought Leo did a great job as Gatsby.
    Completely agree with what you said about Pitt, I found him very distracting. And this is coming from someone who is normally a big fan of his work. Greg Kinnear is an excellent choice!
    I’ve not seen Jack Reacher or The Wolverine.

    Thank you so much for participating! I really appreciate it. Great choices overall 😀

    1. Hi Jack! Great blogathon idea man, thanks for inviting me to take part. I think Leo is ok, but I’m so bored seeing him in this types of roles, kinda similar to The Aviator IMO.

      Glad you agree on Kinnear pick, I think he’s so grossly underused and he’s just as talented as Pitt if not more.

  2. Wow! This is a really fun and interesting post. It got my head swirling in all directions. LOL!

    I hear what you’re saying about the Gatsby. And I will never go against Tom Hiddleston being cast in anything. But I really like DiCaprio in the role. I did think Mulligan was a little too wispy And the prospect of having Chastain in that role is really intriguing.

    Even more intriguing is Kinnear taking over for Brad Pitt. I’m with you, I didn’t care for Pitt at all. While my biggest gripe with was with how he was written, his ‘star power’ felt out of place.

    And poor Tom Cruise. LOL. That height thing gets him again! I thought he was fine in that role probably because I didn’t pay much attention to the novel (By the way, I have a commentary coming up on movies vs. novels – tease, tease).

    1. Ahah, it made your head spin eh? Hopefully that’s a good thing 😀

      I think I’m starting to get bored seeing DiCaprio, plus he just doesn’t have any chemistry w/ Mulligan. I think Hiddleston and Chastain would bring a fresh take to the story.

      Yep, too much star power isn’t always a good thing, in fact more often than not, it actually hurts the role.

      Well I didn’t mind Cruise as Reacher but whenever I see a film based on a novel, I often go back and read what the character is supposed to be like. Overall I just think Armitage would’ve been a great choice for A LOT of roles that a lot of these movie stars get.

        1. Oh not at all! 😉 In all seriousness though, I think he’s got all the required qualifications except that he’s not a mega superstar. In the same case as Pitt, sometimes an actor’s star power can actually decrease believability.

            1. Trust me, pretty face alone isn’t going to get me interested. You should check out Spooks in Netflix and Strike Back (Cinemax), not sure where to see ’em but there are some episodes on Youtube. He’s great in action thrillers as he’s more of a thinking man. Boy that makes me think he’d also be awesome as Jack Ryan!!

    1. Hi Anna! Wasn’t Benedict Cumberbatch supposed to be in Crimson Peak? I’d have been happy with either casting 😀

      Glad to hear you didn’t like Pitt in ’12 Years’ either, tho I’m glad he was producing such a film.

      1. He was initially, yes. Tom replaced him, but I don’t mind. As long as there’s a Brit I fancy in that movie, it’s all good with me.

        Also, I didn’t say I didn’t like Pitt in 12 Years A Slave. I merely implied it would have been interesting to see Kinnear in that role. (Let’s be real, the guy’s underrated.)

        1. “As long as there’s a Brit I fancy in that movie, it’s all good with me.” I like the way you think 😀 Of course it’d be even better if they’re BOTH in the same movie, but not in a blink-and-you-miss-it roles like in War Horse!

          Yep, Kinnear is massively underrated. Plus I think that role doesn’t really need star quality (not that Kinnear doesn’t have one, mind you), but an actor who’s not so famous that it’d be distracting.

  3. Not bad choices. I’ll take Jessica Chastain and/or Tom Hiddleston in almost any movie . . . but, they couldn’t have saved Gatsby. The actors were not the issue; Baz Luhrman was. So instead of a recasting . . . how about a redirecting? 🙂

    I liked Tao Okamoto well enough in Wolverine, but I agree that Rinko Kukichi would have been better. She’d pretty much be better in anything than most anyone. 🙂

    And I just knew I was going to see Richard Armitage pop up here somewhere.

    1. Hi James! Chastain and Hiddles ought to star in a movie together by now, both are so gorgeous AND talented, plus both have such bonafide acting pedigree.

      Ha..ha.. well, I do think that the excess thing is supposed to illustrate a point about the hollowness of Gatsby’s life amidst all that glitz and glamor, but Baz is prone to overdoing things.

      You like Tao in Wolverine? WOW, I really couldn’t stand her, I almost wish the other girl had been the one as Wolvey’s love interest, she’s got spunk at least. But yeah, Rinko is a much better actress in general.

      Well can you blame me? I have a penchant for actors who are criminally beautiful/talented but also grossly underused.

  4. Ted S.

    Good read Ruth, since I haven’t seen The Great Gatsby or 12 Years A Slave yet, I can’t comment on them. I agree with you about the lead actress in The Wolverine, they should’ve cast a more experienced actress. I’m still wondering how the film would’ve turned out had Aronofsky was the director, for sure it wouldn’t have included that ridiculous climatic fight scene with the robotic samurai.

    As for Jack Reacher, I agree Armitage would’ve been better suited for the role. But unfortunately without Cruise, the film wouldn’t have happened at all. I read the development process of the film and it took them years to finally bring it to the screen and the only reason it happened was that Cruise loved the script and agreed to star in it. At one point, they even pitched the movie with Liam Neeson as Reacher (this was before Taken came out) and yet the studio big wigs didn’t want to spend money on a film with him as the star. It’s a shame that these executives just aren’t brave enough to invest money on films with newer stars.

    1. Hi Ted! Yeah Tao is just a pretty face, which really hurt the film I think as they placed such prominence into the love story.

      Interesting perspective about Jack Reacher. I’d love it if you do a write up for other films who faced similar quandary… that is, it was stuck in development hell until a director or star was interested in it and made it happen. I guess filmmaking is risky but they could’ve just made a smaller film (less than $30 mil) for that story, I’d think w/ Richard’s huge fanbase it’d still turn a profit 😀

      Oh Liam Neeson would’ve been a much better choice, too. He’s 6’4″! But yeah, it’d be too similar to the Taken roles, which he’s now expanded to Non Stop, ahahaha.

      1. Ted S.

        To be honest with you I didn’t think Tao was that attractive, she’s way too skinny for my taste. 🙂 And her limited acting abilities didn’t help either.

        I’ll have to go back and recall a few movies that have had similar path as Jack Reacher, I mean most of the films came out of Hollywood faced similar path. Maybe I’ll write about how the new Jack Ryan came about but since the film tanked so badly, I don’t think anyone will care to read about it. Ha ha.

        Oh yeah Neeson would’ve been good Reacher but since he doesn’t have the “star” power like Cruise, no studio would want to make the film with him as the lead.

  5. I would take Woll over Chastian…but then again if i had my way she would be cast in almost everything,so im a bit biased in that regard 😛

    Also,i didn’t really have a issue with Pitt in 12 years a Slave.

    1. Ahahaha, you’re like me with Richard. I guess we both suffer as the actor we like are so underrated, eh?

      Pitt is not horrible per se, I just think someone else would be a lot better in that role.

  6. You and Armitage! I thought Cruise kicked a lot of ass in Jack Reacher. As for Gatsby, I love both of your choices as well but I would really only replace Mulligan. I liked Leo in the film. Still haven’t seen 12 Years a Slave, though.

    1. Yes, me and Armitage… if only 😉 Cruise wasn’t bad I gotta admit, I actually like that film but hey, this is our FANTASY pick and if Richard were in the role I’d likely LOVE the movie ten times over, ha..ha.. I also didn’t hate Leo nor Mulligan in Gatsby, but again, I’d LOVE to see Hiddleston and Chastain pairing and what they’d do with the roles.

  7. Cool post! I wouldn’t recast Leo in Gatsby, I thought he was good. And while I didn’t like Daisy, I thought it had to do with the character more than Mulligan’s performance. Although, I’m very curious of how a Gatsby version featuring Hiddles and Chastain would be like!

    Haven’t seen all the other films, but I don’t know if Rinko Kikuchi would be the right choice. Loved her in Babel, but thought she was so terrible in Pac Rim. Don’t care about Jack Reacher, so can’t say I have an opinion there, haha, and I’ve heard similar things about Brad in 12YAS.

    I’d recast Jennifer Lawrence’s role in American Hustle with an older actress. But I’m not sure who.

    1. I agree Leo was good but I think Hiddles would’ve been spectacular, ehm. He’s got such a presence on screen and he doesn’t have the *baggage* associated with a movie star like Leo. I hear ya about Daisy character itself is so unlikable, but at the same time, I feel that Mulligan just doesn’t have the seductive quality that would aid the role considerably. Chastain on the other hand, would be smoldering!

      Ahah well I LOVE Pac Rim and Rinko in it, and she had a nice chemistry w/ Charlie Hunnam. One thing for sure, she can act. I can’t say the same about Tao.

      Hmmm, I’d say Chastain again perhaps would be better in Jennifer Lawrence’s role in AH? She’s a lot closer in age to Bale but still younger.

      1. You’re right. Again, I’m a huge fan of Hiddleston, as you know, and of Chastain, and I’d be very curious as to what they would’ve done with the roles. They’re both very sophisticated, Plus, it would be extra cool as Tom played F. Scott Fitzgerald in Midnight in Paris!

        Haven’t seen Tao so can comment on here, but I actually thought there was zero chemistry between her and Hunnam, Hmm, maybe my little enjoyment of the film itself had something to do there.

        I don’t know if Chastain would’ve worked well in Hustle. She’s so classy and that part was sort of trashy. Then again, she’s a fantastic actress and could’ve pulled it off.

        1. That’s right! I should’ve mentioned that in the post, Hiddles playing Fitzgerald and his creation, that would’ve been awesome!

          You REALLY didn’t like Pac Rim, did you? He..he.. it’s ok, we can’t agree on everything.

          Oh I think Chastain can play trashy, I think she can pull off any role. She is a classy woman though, which is why I like her.

  8. Really interesting choices Ruth! And love the alternating visuals too 🙂

    I haven’t seen Gatsby but I’d never argue against Hiddleston. Having recently read the book for the first time, I reckon he could have nailed it. Although Leo seems to be doing a decent enough job.

    Totally agree with you on Pitt in 12 Years, he was really distracting. Interesting pick on Greg Kinear, that definitely could have worked. Just anyone who wasn’t an A-lister would have worked for me in that role.

    I must say that I was rather beguiled by Okamoto in The Wolverine 🙂

    Armitage could have played a kick ass Jack Reacher! He’s definitely closer to how you’d expect the character to look.

    1. Thanks Chris! The visual idea is from Jack, glad you like it!

      I just think Hiddleston would’ve rocked that role. I could just picture him, he’s very charismatic and charming. Leo is fine but I’m just bored seeing him to be honest.

      Kinnear is not an a-lister but a VERY good actor who should be getting more roles!

      Ahah, well I think guys would disagree by my Okamoto pick and I totally understand. I think that’s why she was cast 😉

      “Armitage could have played a kick ass Jack Reacher!” I love you for saying that. Indeed he would!!

  9. jackdeth72

    Hi, all:

    Intriguing choices all around!

    Getting kind of burned out on DiCaprio since ‘The Aviator’. He will never be the suave romantic lead, ala ‘The Great Gatsby’. Would like to have seen Joseph Gordon~Levitt in the lead. Raising the film from ‘Moulin Rouge’ all glitz and glamor realm and adding some suspenseful substance.

    Substitute Jeremy Renner for Tom Cruise in ‘Jack Reacher’ for some necessary grit and younger believability!

    Would also like to have seen David Schwimmer (Yeah, I said it. David Schwimmer!) replace Tom Cruise in ‘A Few Good Men’. To heighten the ‘”David vs. Goliath” stakes. While knowing that he hasn’t a snow ball’s chance in hell of tripping up Jack Nicholson. Or of a romantic relationship with Demi Moore.

    Securing my Soap Box.
    Carry on!

    1. Hi Jack! Glad someone agrees w/ me on Leo. Yep I’m burned out w/ him as well, just plain bored seeing him on screen. I don’t know if I want to see Gordon-Levitt as Gatsby but yeah generally he’s s much better actor. I do like the idea of injecting more substance into the film though, A LOT more substance.

      Ahah, sorry but I’m not a fan of Renner, in fact I’d take Cruise of him in this case. Ahah, David Schwimmer in A Few Good Men! Now that’s an idea I never would’ve thought of. I just never saw Schwimmer in a serious role before.

  10. I haven’t seen Jack Reacher nor care too but I think having someone else instead of Tom Cruise would make things much better as anything with Tom Cruise these days feels like the same fucking movie he’s been in for the past 7-8 years (w/ the exception of Tropic Thunder).

    1. Fair enough Steven. Yep that’s my beef w/ Cruise, I can’t even tell anymore which film is which. That new sci-fi movie he’s doing looks just like Oblivion!

  11. I actually didn’t have too much of a problem with Pitt’s casting. It would have been better to have gotten a smaller actor but it wasn’t very distracting for me.

      1. Saw him in Vicar Of Dibley back in the day, and the BBC’s Robin Hood series (aired only briefly here in Australia). He’s got the look, and if the Hobbit is anything to go by, the gravitas to pull off Reacher’s take-no-crap attitude.

    1. Ahahaha you love your Leo, I respect that. I always like the underrated and underused ones for some reason, which is a bummer but I can’t help myself. Yes Richard would make a terrific Bond, as well as Batman and a slew of other roles.

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  13. I haven’t seen the Great Gatsby or Wolverine so I can’t really comment there but I agree entirely on a recasting for Pitt in 12 Years a Slave. Greg Kinnear would be a fine choice but I would have chosen someone even less well known. I’d have went with a reliable supporting actor like William Fichtner or Barry Pepper. Someone respected but not quite a leading actor.

    1. Hi Mark! Oh, I like Fichtner and Pepper, but I think Kinnear is perhaps as unrecognizable as those two. In fact Fichtner has such distinct features that I recognize him from a lot of movies 🙂

      I take it you haven’t seen Jack Reacher either, Mark?

      1. I tried Jack Reacher but turned it off after half an hour. I wasn’t enjoying it all. Cruise was the wrong choice for sure but I haven’t seen enough of Armitage to know if he’d work in that role. I’ll have to defer to your greater knowledge on the man. 😉

        1. Ahahahaha, even with Robert Duvall? I thought it was decent and Duvall’s appearance towards the end was pretty cool. But of course with Armitage, this film would’ve been a thousand times better. You should check out BBC Spooks Mark, it’s such a great spy series, and the subject matter is quite timely, too. I always love British series more than US ones 😀

          Btw, how’s your documentary going? Hope it’s going well. I should send you an email about it.

          1. I actually seen some of Spooks when it was on Tv but not enough to keep following it so I eventually gave up in it. I’ll probably revisit it at some point.

            Yeah, the documentary is still in its early stages. Right now, I’ve just to draft up a few pages of a script and decide on which tone I want to take. So far, all I’m doing is shooting images that will eventually be incorporated into it. Progress is slow just now but once I’ve got the images and tone, then I’ll move onto interviewing.

            1. Y’know, I actually just started following it when Rupert Penry-Jones came on, which then got replaced by Armitage. That show is keen on killing off major characters, but it’s VERY gripping and well-written.

              Very cool Mark! I’d love it if you do a blog journal of the development, but that might be too much work eh? I know that some filmmakers who did their film through crowd-funding like Kickstarter do that every month or so. I’m just glad to hear that things are going great. I can’t wait to see the final product. I’m so proud of you my friend, God’s blessing to you and your project!

              1. Yeah, I think doing a blog journal will just be extra work for me, to be honest. I might have to slow down on the blogging altogether to focus more on the film. Who knows though, I will consider it. It’s still being discussed as the length of the film too. It might just turn out to be a short depending on what material and interviews I can gather. Thanks for all your support, though, Ruth. I appreciate it 🙂

                1. Whatever you think is best Mark! You can count on my support on helping promote it too. In fact, would you mind doing an interview w/ me about the film when it’s closer to it being finished? I’d love that! 😀

                    1. Rubbish? Not a chance! I believe in you Mark, and I know tons of your fellow bloggers do too!

                      Ok, we’ll do it then, I’d be honored to get an exclusive from you, ahah 😀

  14. Well I like the idea that Tom Hiddleston being the lead, he should’ve taken roles in a romance movie (or he did?). I don’t know if the problem is Leo, but it’s not exactly a surprise if he’s playing wealthy rich guys in movies. My problem was Mulligan, she seemed like the wrong cast here. Esp. I don’t like her voice. Maybe Chastain could do the role good.

    1. Hi Andina, yeah I’d love to see Hiddleston in a romantic film. I’ve never seen him being the romantic lead but I’m sure he could do the job wonderfully. Ha..ha.. yeah, somehow Leo seems typecast in playing rich guys though his breakthrough role was playing a penniless man in Titanic. Oh I actually like Mulligan’s voice, that’s not the problem for me, more of her demeanor in the film. I really would like to see Chastain in this role, I think she’d be quite sultry.

  15. Chastain and Hiddleston are playing lovers (or at least it’s something I deduced from Chastain interview) in upcoming Crimson Peak, which is a horror movie with apparently ‘kinky’ scenes. I hope Del Toro won’t screw this up or at the very least he won’t cut Hiddles being shirtless like he did in Pacific Rim with Idris :/ Either way it would be hard for this to be worse than Gatsby.

    1. Hi Sati! Wow, somehow I didn’t know that Chastain n Hiddles are gonna play lovers in Crimson Peak, heh I’m so behind on movie news aren’t I, ahah. Well if there’s gonna be kinky scenes then Hiddles HAS to be shirtless, I mean it’d be a travesty otherwise. Yeah, Del Toro better not screw up again the way he did w/ Idris, denying all of womankind of the beauty of that man 😉

      Ha..ha.. yes I think w/ Chastain n Hiddles, Gatsby would’ve been 1000 times more interesting. For me anyway.

  16. Great recasts! Although I love Leo, I think Hiddles would have been a VERY interesting choice for Gatsby. And I completely, 100% agree with everything you said about The Wolverine. I did not buy that romance at all. No chemistry there, nothing, bland bland bland. I actually rolled my eyes a couple of times during that “love” scene and the ridiculousness that followed.
    I was never really convinced by Tom Cruise as Reacher either. As a fan of book Reacher, he didn’t at all gel with how I imagined him to be. Not that that usually matters, because it’s impossible to please everyone when doing a book to film adaptation, but I was genuinely surprised and a little disappointed by that (predictable?) casting choice.

    Definitely going to have to watch Spooks now!

    1. Hello V! I have nothing against Leo, it’s just I see him in so many films these days I just get I dunno, worn out. Same w/ Tom Cruise who’s in EVERYTHING. Hiddles needs to get more work (and Armitage too), seriously, if I were a powerful casting agent, those two would be a heck of a lot busier, ahah.

      Glad to hear you agree about The Wolverine. The story could’ve been more compelling to begin with, then casting someone w/ zero chemistry w/ the protagonist when the love story is crucial just brings it down even more.

      Well, according to my friend Ted (previous comment), Jack Reacher’s been in development hell for a long time until Cruise showed interest. Seems that studio’s only concerned about who put butts in the seats, though in the end the film didn’t make money anyway.

      Yes do watch Spooks! I’d love to hear what you think about the show… and Richard of course 😉 Btw he started in Season 7, but Matthew Macfadyen and Rupert Penry-Jones are great to watch as well in the earlier seasons.

  17. I didn’t have a problem with DiCaprio, but I agree that Chastain could have made a better Daisy than Mulligan. Mulligan made the role rather dull, and I think Chastain would have the ability to make her character interesting and likeable.

    1. Hi Whirlwind, well this recasting is about what we think could be better. So it doesn’t mean that Leo was horrible. Yeah I think Chastain could add some ‘ooomph’ to that character.

  18. suzy

    Tom Cruise was not the right actor for Jack Reacher but he did an ok job. I would’ve preferred Hugh Jackman or how about Jim Caviezel. Liam Neeson is a good shout but perhaps too old

    1. Hi Suzy, yeah he was ok, not terrible. But the idea here is who we think would REALLY elevate the role. Oh nice to see Jim Caviezel getting a mention, yes he would’ve been awesome too. I think Neeson was considered during early development of the film (see previous comment) but the studio didn’t want to take a chance on him as he didn’t have Cruise’s star power 😦

  19. I’ve only seen two of the movies in the list, The Wolverine, and Jack Reacher. For The Wolverine, I’m not so sure casting Rinko would have made much difference. Her acting skills seem to be at about the same level as Tao. Just my opinion, of course! 😉

    As for Jack Reacher, well, no surprise to see Richard Armitage as your casting choice, haha! 🙂 I’ve read a few of the books, and for me, the perfect Jack Reacher would’ve been Ray Stevenson. He’s got the height, and the bulk, and would have got Reacher’s imposing presence spot on. Not that I thought Jack Reacher was dross. 🙂

    1. Oh y’know, I think Ray Stevenson is a GREAT choice. Yes he definitely fits the physical description and he’s got the charisma to pull it off. I really like him in HBO’s ROME, too bad his career hasn’t really taken off since though.

  20. I see that both you and Sati are quite smitten with Mr. Hiddleston 😉

    I’m with you on changing out Brad Pitt. As much as I loved 12 Years a Slave, he did stick out like a sore thumb. I think Kinnear is a solid pick there.

  21. Very nice choices, Ruth! Chastain and Hiddleston are interesting choices, and could do for an awesome remake of a remake. I’d love DiCaprio with Luhrmann, but Mulligan was another story.
    Richard Armitrage would’ve been neat as Jack Reacher, but I was thinking more of him as Superman. Cavill was dang good eye candy but Armitrage – wowza!

    1. Hi Katy! I generally like Mulligan but I felt she’s just wrong for the role.

      Ahah well I think he’s too old for Superman but I’d have loved to see him cast as Batman. Yes he definitely has that WOWZA kind of looks, but there’s something about him that’s even more beguiling.

  22. Great recasts! Rinko Kukich was so good in Babel and would have been a much better choice for Wolverine. That other actress had no screen presence or charisma. I haven’t watched Jack Reacher yet but can totally picture why hobbit-sized Tom Cruise doesn’t physically fit the role. 😉

  23. Awesome choices, Ruth! Off the top of my head, I might go with Rebecca Hall for Rachel McAdams in About Time and Garrett Hedlund for Charlie Hunnam in Pacific Rim.

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