Monthly Roundup: What I Watched in March

Well, it’s been fun folks! After about three + years of blogging… FlixChatter is closing up shop so this is the last monthly recap you’ll see on this blog. THANK YOU for being such loyal supporters of this blog… I really appreciate your readership and all the wonderful comments. I’ll be moving to Antarctica next week on a secret expedition, and that is why I haven’t mentioned about it on Twitter nor on the blog. I’d imagine it’d be tough to be online whilst I’m on the ship… so for now, I wish you all a wonderful Spring season and hope to see you all again soon!

MikeWazowkiAprilFools He..he.. did I fool you a bit there? 😀 Sorry folks, can’t help myself. Nah, I’m not giving up blogging that easily, sorry to disappoint you, ahah. I meant every word about being thankful for all your support though! MarchRecap Well, March has been relatively slow in terms of movie watching, believe it or not. I’ve been quite busy at work so I couldn’t go to too many press screenings. I actually declined the press screenings to see The Host, The Croods, and G.I. Joe, but my friend Ted and my hubby did go to see G.I. Joe, in fact, I’ll be posting Ted’s review tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Here are some posts you might’ve missed in March:

Oh and if you missed it, my blog pals Terrence, Keith and I put together a special collaborative list of 10 Redeeming Films we’d recommend. Check it out and add your own pick to the list! Now, as far as movie watching, it’s actually been a pretty good month as I saw about 20 films and TV shows. That’s quite a lot for my standards, usually I can only fit a dozen or so.

New to Me:

Holy Motors


 Jack The Giant Slayer


Lawrence of Arabia


Olympus Has Fallen


Oz The Great & Powerful


Red Cliff




The Intouchables






BenHur Mrs Brown


Favorite Movie seen in March:


I finally bought the Blu-ray of Lawrence of Arabia which was practically a steal at only $10 bucks on Amazon!! It’s perhaps one of the best Blu-ray purchases ever as the transfer is so amazingly good. This is the FIRST time I saw Sir David Lean’s masterpiece and though I was a bit puzzled about the story due to my lack of history knowledge, I was floored by this film. I mean, just the visuals alone, all those spectacular long shots in the dessert — not to mention the sublime beauty of Peter O’Toole and Omar Sharif, ehm — it made me regret not seeing this on the big screen when it was re-released last October!!

I just saw the Making Of documentary that’s included in the disc last night, it was so entertaining it made me want to see it again! Well, I’m planning to see it again relatively soon anyway, but not until I read more about the historical background of the subject matter. I think that’d make me appreciate this film even more. I will do an appreciation post at some point, I feel really inadequate to review this right now, but let’s just say, yes I was most definitely impressed. I really think this film has stood the test of time.


Well, that’s my March Recap. What’s YOUR favorite movie seen the past month?

55 thoughts on “Monthly Roundup: What I Watched in March

  1. LOL! I may have bought it if I hadn’t already been fooled about three times today already!

    I had a big Match in terms of NEW movie watching. I saw over 30 movies that were new to me. That’s kinda pathetic isn’t it? 🙂

    Anyway, great month on FlixChatter. You really put out some great content Ruth! Being on April.

    1. Ahah, I couldn’t help it. I know I probably won’t fool anyone though 😀

      Over 30 movies that are new to you?? WOW, that’s not pathetic at all, I mean I envy you to have seen so many movies. It’s a bit slow this month in terms of movie watching, but it took us 2 days to finish Lawrence of Arabia, ahah. It was well worth it though.

        1. I wish I could do that! I can only blog at night as I work until about 6 and then I have to hit the gym after. I think I should blog less in order to be able to watch more movies, ahah.

  2. Ted S.

    Ha ha yeah, you almost got me there, you should’ve said something like you got a new gig writing for a movie studio and that’s why you’re no longer can keep blogging. Moving to Antarctica sounds too fishy, lol.

    Glad you enjoyed Lawrence of Arabia, wish I could’ve seen it on the big screen too, I mean the real big screen like it was meant to be seen, the 70mm theater. It’s like the IMAX theater back then.

    The three new films I saw were Olympus has Fallen, GI Joe 2 and Taken 2, not surprisingly they were all action films. Out of the three I think I enjoyed Taken 2 the most, which isn’t saying much since Taken 2 wasn’t that good. But it didn’t try to be more than what it was, I can’t say the same for the other two action films.

    1. Ahah yeah, I know I wouldn’t fool anyone w/ my April Fools thing. Sounds fishy, ahah, that’s the idea Ted!! 😀

      Man if they ever re-release that film again, maybe on IMAX, I’d definitely go see it!! Glad I bought the BD so I can watch it over and over again. I haven’t even bothered w/ Taken 2, sounds so awful!! I might see it if it arrives on Netflix Streaming, no way would I pay for that, ahah.

    1. Yes THAT one 😀 I don’t know if you remember that in the comments I said I’d try to get to it this year, and boy I’m glad I finally did!

      He..he.. I figure people are way too clever these days. I plan to only have that part until tonight anyway, it’s not as funny after April 1st 😀

  3. See, this is why I never post anything on this day ;-). And I’m so glad to hear you got to see ‘Lawrence of Arabia’, Ruth. And enjoyed it. Now, all we’ve got to do is to get you to experience it on the big screen. If you were blown away by it at home, seeing it in a theater may just be too much for your heart ;-).

    1. Ahah well, I thought it was fun for what it’s worth. So how many times have you seen it on the big screen Michael? I wish they had a 70 mm theater where I live. Those long shots are INCREDIBLE!!! Plus Omar Shariff was sooo beautiful. I thought O’Toole’s blue eyes blew me away but them Omar showed up, ahah.

      1. In total, I think I’ve seen it 3 times in theaters. Of course, I initially saw this in my grandmother’s living room on her old television set. That inspired me to seek it out anytime it was offered up in someone’s theater. Still blows me away.

        1. 3 times??! OH MY, I’m sooo jealous! I’m kicking myself now that I missed the October re-release, even though it was on a regular theater, not the 70mm version. I figure it’ll still look way more spectacular than on my TV!

    1. Ahah, sorry!! I really thought nobody would’ve believed me. Well I actually feel good that I actually fooled ONE person, ahahaha… happy April Fool’s Day 😀

  4. Ha! I thought about doing something similar, but not enough people read my blog to make it all that funny. I’d be bummed if you closed up, though. 😉

    1. Awww, thanks Sam! I think I’d miss it too much if I don’t blog, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself with all my free time 😀

  5. April Fools sucks 😛 I saw three movies in March – Oz, Smashed and I rewatched Casino and I doubt I’ll see more in April as I’m very busy + I got a hold of North & South on DVD 😛

    1. He..he.. sorry! I was in a goofy mood last nite 😀

      Oooh, can’t wait to hear your reaction on N&S. I always fall for RA all over again after watching that!

  6. There’s been plenty of love for Lawrence of Arabia in the blogosphere this month, what is happening?! Maybe I need to finally see the film as it’s one of those BIG classics I have yet to watch. I’m glad it has gotten your endorsement.
    It would be interesting to see what your thoughts are on Holy Motors, a film that has been very divisive, some love it, others not as much.
    Glad you’re not leaving us. I’ve relied on your blog for over a year now. Keep up the good work!

    1. Lawrence of Arabia is one of those MUST-SEE films you’ve got to see at least once, Niels. I didn’t fully grasped the story as I’m not familiar w/ the historical background of T.E. Lawrence and the war depicted in the film, but still I was impressed by Lean’s direction.

      Check out my review of Holy Motors, I happen to appreciate it for what it’s worth. It is a very weird and at times repulsive, but there’s certainly an artistic and mesmerizing quality about it. I also love the music!

      Oh, thanks for the kind words! No I’m not ready to leave blogging… yet 😀

    1. We lucked out that we got the BD super cheap but even if I had to pay 10 bucks more, it’d still be worthwhile! The transfer is magnificent and O’Toole apparently did some of the voice work for the restoration too!

  7. Haha, I figured it was an April Fool’s joke. 🙂 Glad you loved Lawrence of Arabia, Ruth! Seeing it on the big screen is an awesome experience, and completely changed my opinion of the film. Maybe it will get another re-release in the future.

    1. Hi Josh! Did you see LoA on its re-release then? Yeah, I hope one day TCM would do that again, I’ve sort of become a bit obsessed w/ it now, been reading a lot about T.E. Lawrence on Wiki 😀

      1. Yeah, I saw it on its re-release and LOVED it. Before that, I considered it to be hugely overrated, but it had been five years since I’d seen it. Hope you get a chance to see it on the big screen in the future! 🙂

  8. That’s a lot of interesting films watched last month, Ruth! Glad you’ve finally caught up with LAWRENCE OF ARABIA. It really is an amazing film, isn’t it? Just stunning visually. I prefer the straight-on adventure of the first half over the political mire of the second half, but it’s grade-A, genius filmmaking no matter how you slice it. And you’re right – the Blu-Ray is a thing of beauty.

    1. Hello Jeff, yeah the political stuff towards the end baffled me a bit, but now that I’ve read more about it, it made more sense. I need to rewatch it again this year. It’s truly one of the best Blu-ray transfer I’ve ever seen.

  9. I haven’t seen Lawrence of Arabia, one of those I’m a little embarrassed I haven’t seen. March has been a little slow for me in terms of film watching, hopefully April will be better. And nice try on the April Fools, no such luck here 😉

    1. Hey, it took me forever to finally got to it, Chris, so it’s never too late 😀 I hope you get to see it soon though, it’s definitely epic! Yeah, I didn’t get to see as many movies either this month, hopefully more this month.

  10. You had me for a moment with the April fooling 🙂

    What a coincidence! I also watched/mini-reviewed Lawrence of Arabia in March, and it was my favorite of the month too! Really is the epic of epics, I’m pleased I saw it on a fairly big TV 🙂 The only minor issue I have is the intro(I prefer not to know what happens to him at the start)
    I could appreciate Holy Motors, but didn’t really connect to it. Even so, I decided to watch Carax’ earlier film The Lovers on the Bridge (1991), which I prefer. Was easier to get emotionally attached to characters (probably because didn’t keep transforming as in Holy Motors).

    1. He…he…I’ve never done it before, but I was in a mischievous mood 😀

      Wahoo! That’s awesome you also saw Lawrence of Arabia. I sooo agree with you about the intro, both my hubby and I were like, ‘THAT’s how he died?? After all those battles in Arabia??’ Plus it was odd to start w/ the reporter asking questions about him, but perhaps it was meant to make us wonder just WHO is this Lawrence guy? It didn’t click right away with me but of course after I had seen it, it made sense.

      I’m curious about The Lovers on the Bridge, it’s true that because of the physical transformations, it’s hard to connect emotionally. I appreciate it for what it is, a surreal + bizarre film that’s surprisingly entertaining.

  11. Ha ha ha, nice April Fool’s there Ruth 🙂

    Isn’t Lawrence of Arabia amazing? Lives up to all of the hype, which I didn’t think it could.

    I also saw Holy Motors and Stoker last month and really enjoyed both. Will be writing about them sometime soon.

    1. Yeah, LoA definitely merits its legendary status. Lean’s direction is superb, it’s fascinating to watch the Making Of doc, too. Oh, looking forward to your reviews of those two, I gave both the same rating.

  12. Looks like a great month! I REALLY want to see Lawrence of Arabia on Blu-Ray! My favorite films seen in March were Silver Linings Playbook and The Royal Tenenbaums (both rewatches).

    1. You should get a hold of it pronto. It really is magnificent on Blu-ray. Ah, your two fave films have such a great cast, good picks!

  13. Lawrence of Arabia is a majestic piece of work. I’ve heard it is an incredible experience to see it in the theater…although I’ve never had the chance.

    My first viewing of a classic last month was Billy Wilder’s Witness for the Prosecution which I thought was great. It’s based on an Agatha Christie short story and has that great “who dunnit” ending.

    1. I wish they’d re-release Lawrence of Arabia again on the big screen, the long shots are incredible!

      I really need to see more from Billy Wilder!

  14. lol .. I think you can fool me if I haven’t read the G.I.Joe review 😉

    I really want to watch Intouchable. it sounds good and it can be my French movie for World Cinema Series. I am planning to watch Oz but I haven’t got time yet.

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