Weekend Roundup: Wreck-It-Ralph & catching up on Downton Abbey

Happy Monday all! Well, it’s not quite Spring yet at least not weather wise, even though we’ve sprung forward one hour. That also means we lost one hour this weekend 😦

Downright addicted to Downton Abbey

I’ve only managed to see one movie this weekend, as I’ve been catching up on Downton Abbey. I’ve even dedicated a post on it this weekend, there are just so much to love on that show. I could make an entire post just on Dame Maggie Smith alone (come to think of it, I just might). The acid-tongue Violet Grantham and her unabashed upper-class snobbery is just so amusing. Julian Fellowes really picked the right thespian to deliver those lines! Not only are the quotes memorable, her cantankerous expressions are to-die-for!

The many faces of the Countess of Grantham

Here’s a clip of the Crawleys at the dinner table and the Grantham’s family’s reaction when Matthew told them he has job as a lawyer. Violet’s ‘Wh.. what is a week-end?’ sums it all, and her delivery is practically iconic!

Well, I would’ve given you a review of Oz The Great and Powerful but I had to miss the press screening last Monday because of the darn snow! Apparently it was a huge hit for Disney, making $80 million bucks at the box office this weekend. Check out my friends Adina’s review who saw it in Indonesia and Terrence’s in New Mexico to see how they like the movie. Seems that both have differing opinions about James Franco’s casting. I’d think Robert Downey Jr. and Johnny Depp who were both offered the role of Oz would’ve been so much better! I do love the three female cast though.

Well, I ended up seeing a movie by Disney as well, Wreck-It-Ralph. Here’s my mini review, I pretty much echo what Cecilia said in her guest review last Fall.


Doesn’t this poster remind you of Monsters Inc.?

I’ve been hearing a ton of great things about this one and sure enough, it was massively entertaining. The story reminded me a bit of Toy Story at first, but overall it’s got its own unique spin and like a lot of Pixar movies, it offer more than just fun and games, but a heartwarming story as well.

The big burly Ralph is a video game villain of Wreck-It-Ralph. Every day he longs to be loved and accepted like the game’s hero Fix-It-Felix who could fix anything that Ralph has destroyed. He thinks that by getting a big shiny medal like Felix, people would finally accept him.

Now, I’m not a gamer, I can count with one hand how many times I’ve been to an arcade, but I don’t think that lessen my enjoyment watching this movie. Surely people who played the games a lot would get an extra kick out of it, no doubt about that. Visually this movie is just brilliant and spectacular to look at. The concept itself it so imaginative that it was a wholly entertaining ride from start to finish.

The world of Sugar Rush could practically get you on a sugar high just from watching every colorful sweet stuff imaginable. Everything is just sooo darn cute in this universe. Here is where Ralph meets Vanellope von Schweetz who’s a loner and outcast just like him, something about her being a glitch that the King of Sugar Rush forbids her from participating in a go-kart race. Of course it’s no surprise that the two ended up forming an unlikely friendship (isn’t that the best kind?) and their journey together is fun to watch, with a few really moving moments along the way. The last third of the movie is full of action as Ralph & co. tries to stop the escaped Cybug that threatens the livelihood of the whole video game universe. Some of the scenes are pretty intense and kind of gross, I’d imagines the very young kids might be petrified by them.

WreckItRalph_VanellopeThat said, the story has a universal themes love, sacrifice and friendship that every kid and adult can identify with, and who hasn’t felt like an outcast at one point or another? Ralph (voiced by John C. Reilly) is definitely a lovable big guy you can’t help rooting for, and Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) is just too cute for words! The relationship between the smitten Felix (Jack McBrayer) and the bad-ass Hero’s Duty heroine Jean (perfectly cast Jane Lynch) is a hoot as well! The music by Henry Jackman is a highlight with all the retro soundtrack that enhances the video game experience.

Wreck-It-Ralph certainly rates as one of the most fun animated features I’ve seen. A far cry from the mediocre and forgettable Hotel Transylvania that started out promising but riddled with too much clichés. I don’t know if it will be as iconic as Toy Story but no doubt it’s a wonderful addition in the massive Disney cannon. It also has a great replay-ability value, a joyful ride the whole family can enjoy over and over again.

4 out of 5 reels

So how’s your weekend viewing looks like? Seen anything good?

35 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup: Wreck-It-Ralph & catching up on Downton Abbey

  1. I also watched Wreck-it Ralph this past weekend (review probably Wednesday). I saw one film that I can’t wait to talk about. It’s one of the best of 2012 in my book. Review for it tomorrow. Also watched one of the worst movies of 2012 (or any year for that matter). Review for it Thursday or Friday. So needless to say it was a very mixed week for movies at our place!

    1. We seem to have a similar viewing pattern, don’t we? Great minds, Keith 😉 Oooh, I’m curious to read about that movie you’re speaking of, one of the best of 2012 huh? Yeah, it’s an eclectic viewing for me too, I mean from a Disney animation to Downton Abbey is quite a stretch, ahah.

  2. I loved the tar out of Wreck-It Ralph. I can’t wait to show it to my nephew. For what it’s worth, he’s a pretty squeamish kid and I think he could handle it.

  3. Still havent seen any of Downton Abbey yet Ruth but Wreck it Ralph was a great little flick. Very much like Toy Story in it’s concept but it manages to stand on it’s own feet. Still haven’t gotten around to a review yet. If I ever will.

    1. Yes that’s what I thought too Mark, at first I thought it was too similar to Toy Story but fortunately the story ends up being quite original. Visually it’s so striking too, sooo much color! 😀

  4. I’m going to try to get Wreck it Ralph in this week, with the daughter. She should love this.
    No movies this weekend, I’m hooked on Walking Dead right now. 🙂

    1. Oh you’re hooked on a TV show too huh? My hubby’s thinking of watching that one. Enjoy Wreck-It-Ralph! I think your daughter will enjoy the world of Sugar Rush & Vanellope!

  5. Glad you enjoyed Wreck-it Ralph Ruth, I thought it was great. Great voice work and animation and I’m a gamer so I loved seeing all the references. As for my own viewing, I watch Room 237, the documentary about The Shining, which was pretty bonkers hearing all the crazy theories!

    1. Yes, great voice work indeed. John C. Reily is perfect as Ralph and it’s funny how they choose actors that kind of resembles the character, ahah. Oooh, the documentary of The Shining sounds intriguing, though I’m too scared to see the film!

  6. Ted S.

    I came down with a cold over the weekend so no movie viewing for me.

    I heard so much about this Downtown Abbey show but it’s not something I care to watch. 🙂 I haven’t seen any animation since Toy Story 3, not sure if I’m in the mood to watch Wreck It Ralph anytime soon but it sounds like a fun movie.

    1. Such a bummer Ted. And yet you’re still willing to give me a write-up, you’re such a pal, thank you!!

      Oh I wouldn’t recommend either one of these to you Ted, well maybe Wreck-It-Ralph, it should be fun to watch with your young niece/nephew 😀

  7. That weekend line was hilarious! She has fantastic lines every time she appears, I also love the moments where she is pretending to be happy/pleased, because she can’t really hide that she is feeling the exact opposite 🙂

    I saw Oz today, it was all right but it would be so much better with Robert in the lead role, Franco just doesn’t have his charisma.

    1. Yeah, Dame Maggie has that disdain look on her face that’s just priceless! My eyes always light up every time she’s on screen!

      Yep, Franco has no charisma. I just rewatched Tristan + Isolde recently and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out WHY they didn’t cast Henry Cavill in his leading role instead!

      1. She is also a master manipulator – I really love that she does so many clever things that are never evil and always in the interest of the family.

        Franco looked really nice there but yeah, Cavill would be better! Shame Sophia Miles is not getting better roles I think she is a very good actress.

  8. Happy to hear you enjoyed Wreck it Ralph, one I really enjoyed too. As for my weekend there wasn’t much movie watching. Just didn’t manage to find the time for it.

  9. I still need to see Wreck-it Ralph but I’m really looking forward to it since it owes so much to video games. Curious to see how many references they manage to sneak in there.

    I only watched one movie over the weekend, too — Leaving Las Vegas. Great film, will have a post on it up this week.

    1. I think you’d enjoy Wreck-it-Ralph since you’re an avid gamer! Oh Leaving Las Vegas is one I’ve been wanting to see for a long time, that’s when Nic Cage still bothered to act, ahah.

  10. Glad you liked Wreck-It Ralph, Ruth. It was one of the best animated films of 2012.

    I mostly caught up with older films over the weekend, like Beau Geste, Midnight, The Killing and Saturday Night Fever. Really enjoyed all of them, too. 🙂

    1. I think you could even say one of the best animated movie in the past few years.

      That’s quite an eclectic list Josh, sounds like a fun weekend!

  11. Nice post. Really liked that clip of Downton Abbey and I’m happy that you liked Wreck-it Ralph. I LOVED IT. This weekend, I watched Oz, The Great and Powerful. Haven’t gotten around to writing a review yet but it was pretty fun.

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