Monthly Roundup: July Movie Watching Recap

Happy August everybody! Actually scratch that, how is this August already??! Summer blockbuster months are practically over, even though there still a few movies I’m looking forward to before the weather turns cold, such as The Bourne Legacy, Total Recall, oh and Henry Cavill’s thriller The Cold Light of Day that was supposed to be released last April!

As far as blogging go, well there are a couple of major developments this past month. One is FlixChatter is now a member of Cinematic Consensus Group that’s started by the awesome Aussie blogger Rodney of Fernby Films. Hence I display this Member Badge proudly on my sidebar:

My friend Ronan of the fabulous blog Filmplicity also invited me to be a part of the MercatorNet family, that is Popcorn … a MercatorNet blog on the Movies. Check out Ronan’s welcome post and I hope you check out the Popcorn blog from time to time 🙂

As for the blog of yours truly, here are some of the posts you might’ve missed from the past month:

July is a pretty busy month at the cinema, I saw four movies on the big screen, including one advanced screening. I think about a dozen movie a month is pretty much I could really fit in my life right now, I wish I could watch more, but ah well, what can you do?

Movies I haven’t seen before:

The Dark Knight Rises
The Amazing Spiderman
Moonrise Kingdom
Ruby Sparks
21 Jump Street
Despicable Me
Mirror, Mirror
Angel (2007)


  • The Living Daylights (1987)– Timothy Dalton is my favorite Bond and I really enjoy watching this film, good thing Joe Don Baker don’t get a lot of screen time, but this movie really would’ve been perfect with someone else as the villain.
  • Dr. No (1962) – I LOVE watching Sean Connery and I could see why people still regard him as his favorite but the movie is just so darn slow and silly. The highlight is the first time we hear Sean said that famous line: ‘Bond, James Bond’ inspired by a woman, no less!
  • The Dark Knight – Part of the countdown to The Dark Knight Rises, and it’s still the BEST of the trilogy.
  • One More Kiss (1999) – One of Gerry Butler’s earlier films set in Scotland is a bittersweet movie. I’d love to see him do a story like this again with talents but with a more compelling co-star like Cate Blanchett or Rachel Weisz.

Favorite July Movie:

Even though I didn’t give it a full rating, The Dark Knight Rises is still the highlight of my July movie viewing as it looks positively glorious in IMAX and really, all things considered, I think this movie does live up to the hype. A close second would be Ruby Sparks. Meeting the filmmaker and cast was definitely icing on the cake, especially having Paul Dano answer my question in person 🙂

So, how many films did you get to watch in July and which one is your favorite?

29 thoughts on “Monthly Roundup: July Movie Watching Recap

  1. TDKR for the win! This reminds me I need to make Cinematic Consensus banner and put it in my sidebar, hope the site will continue to grow. I too can’t believe it’s already August, pretty soon it will be Oscar season all over again.

  2. Ted S.

    Yeah I can’t believe it’s August already, time just goes by so fast! I only saw one film in theater and of course it’s TDKR and since it’s the only one I saw in the month, it’s my favorite; even if I’d seen other films it’s still my favorite.

    I re-watch some films on BD, Batman Begins and Unforgiven are the two I can recall.

    1. Yeah I know, I feel like I was still anticipating that Batman movie and now it’s done! I thought you saw Total Recall too? I forgot to mention that I also watched The Dark Knight, I better add that to the post.

      1. Yes, most of them. My faves are Royal Tenenbaums & Life Aquatic. I know Life Aquatic isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I do like it very much.

        PS: I watched 21 Jump Street yesterday, I think I pulled something laughing too much. Thanks for the heads up on that one 🙂

        1. Hi doll! I should give Life Aquatic a try soon, I mean I love Bill Murray and Cate Blanchett so I can’t imagine not liking it.

          Oh, I’m glad you enjoyed 21 Jump Street too, it really was a hoot wasn’t it? Channing was a surprisingly good comedian!

          1. I hope you will like it, it’s very odd (of course!) but was enjoyable to me.

            Yeah I was unprepared for Channing. He was one of the best things in it. I thought he was decent in the Roman legion movie with Jamie Bell, title escapes me, but that wasn’t a comedy.

  3. Time is flying by indeed. I guess TDKR would be my number one as well even I really enjoyed Moonrise Kingdom and Beasts of the Southern Wild as well. I’m only looking forward to two movies in August: Lawless and The Bourne Legacy.

    1. It’s crazy that it’s only a month away ’til Fall, isn’t it? Oh right, Lawless is out this month too, curious to see Bane er I mean Hardy in that one.

  4. Nice! TDKR was my favorite from last month as well. Your review has me looking forward to Ruby Sparks. Hopefully I can catch it sometime soon!

  5. Cool to see you are part of The Cinematic Consensus Group. The site looks great, awesome work by Rodney!

    Those are some great movies you saw. Hadn’t heard of Ruby Sparks yet, so will check out your review…

    1. Indeed Nostra, glad to see you on there as well. Yeah, Ruby Sparks is a gem, it was super cool to see the filmmaker and cast as well and they’re all quite friendly.

  6. Top three films I watched for the first time in July:

    (caught up with a glorious print of it at The Lightbox)
    (which immediately prompted me to buy a copy for B&N’s Criterion sale ended)
    (In its full IMAX glory)

    Certainly made for a great month of movie-going!

  7. This year is flying by, huh? Glad you had a good month. It was a slow one for me but I managed to see a couple great movies, including new ones and re-watches. Congrats on becoming a part of the Cinematic Consensus Group, I want to join too.

    1. Hi Fernando, yeah I watched quite a bit more stuff than usual this month but I still wish I could watch more. It’s tough though having a full time job plus keeping up a blog, ahah.

  8. You watched more movies than I am Ruth.

    The only movies I haven’t seen before and saw it last months were the ones I have reviewed on my blog, Fish Story, being John Malkovich and TDKR. I also watched Son of Rambow.

    Others were a re-watch, Shaun of The Dead, Hot Fuzz and Sunshine (I bet you got a lot of spam in your twitter timeline when I watched this 😉 )

    I have a lot of movies I haven’t seen yet but Ramadan and Olympic make me have so limited time to watch movies last month and most likely also this month.

    Congratulation on your new group…the site looks great 🙂

    1. Oh, you’ve been watching the Pegg/Frost comedies, awesome! I want to rewatch Hot Fuzz again one day, I LOVE Timothy Dalton in that one 🙂

      Kamu puasa kan Nov, that must be hard to do when you’re working and blogging, etc. So take it easy, girl.

      1. hahaha Dalton and his weird accident…I love that part a lot 😉
        I rewatched both movies for the post I have just posted. They are my favorite comedians.

        Iya puasa 🙂 But I am used to it. I blog at night, like now, because I am always TOO sleepy to write during the day, the effect of empty stomach 😉
        Thank you Ruth.

  9. Oh nice! You met Paul Dano? How? What did you ask him?
    When do we get a review of Ruby Sparks because I was thinking of watching it? 🙂
    Glad you enjoyed the Dark Knight Rises. I still haven’t seen it. I’ll probably try to make it to the theater next weekend.

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