Gerard Butler Special: What’s next for my favorite Scot

Taking cues from my fellow Indonesian blogger Novia who’s done a great job keeping us updated on what her #1 crush Cillian Murphy is up to, I decided to keep you abreast on what’s going on with MY #1 crush 😉 I will be doing another follow-up posts that list the projects for the other four actors that round up my top five crush list (that I listed on Novia’s 5-men to drool on post) 😀

Seems like the last few months he’s been constantly rumored to be cast in all kinds of movies. I counted seven projects listed under pre-productions in his IMDb page.

  • Manhunt (pre-production)
  • Olympus Has Fallen (pre-production)
  • Crossface (pre-production)
  • Thunder Run (pre-production)
  • Motor City (pre-production)
  • Brilliant (pre-production)
  • Hunter Killer (pre-production)

None of them seems to have any real confirmation, that is until last week there’s news about Olympus Has Fallen, a.k.a. the other Die Hard in the White house movie that Millennium Films are developing (more on that later). The only other possible project out of that list that seems legit is Albert Hughes’ Motor City. I was really psyched about that one when Gary Oldman was involved [even GB himself was very excited about the possibility of working with his acting hero] but now Oldman has exited the project, bummer! I do hope they’ve got another excellent actor in Oldman’s place.

Before I get to his upcoming projects, here’s the rundown of the films he’s wrapped and will be out later this year:

Chasing Mavericks

I just read on this site that the title has now been changed from Of Men and Mavericks (though it’s not reflected yet on the poster below), I prefer the former but I suppose the simpler title is easier to remember.

Director: Curtis Hanson (L.A. Confidential)

Cast: Elisabeth Shue, Abigail Spencer, Scott Eastwood, Jonny Weston

Butler made the news back in December during filming and almost lost his life! He was getting ready to film action scenes when he was thrown off his surfboard and pummeled by breakers at least 12 feet high, then held underwater for two consecutive waves before being hit on the head by four or five more when he managed to swim to the surface. (per Daily Mail). He described the surfing incident during this Graham Norton interview and said he was under for almost a minute!

I am VERY excited about this one because of Hanson’s involvement and the fact that Gerry is learning how to surf for this film. Mavericks tells the true story of a courageous young surfer who trains with an old school master of the sport to reach heights that few men ever dare. Frosty, (Butler) a quiet, reclusive surfing guru, struggles to balance his addiction for the rush of riding waves with the responsibilities of raising a family (per

Check out the gorgeous and majestic-looking poster [thanks to my pal Terrence], man look at that wave!

Release Date: October 26, 2012

Playing the Field

Director: Gabriele Muccino (The Pursuit of Happyness)

Cast: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Uma Thurman, Jessica Biel, Dennis Quaid, Judy Greer

I have talked about that movie here as well as posted some on-set photos. The premise seems tailor-made for Gerry. He plays a former professional soccer player with a wild past who tries to redeem himself by coaching his son’s soccer team, only to find himself tempted by the kids’ restless and gorgeous moms. Two of those moms are Zeta-Jones and Thurman, I think Biel is playing his ex-wife. Not a bad female cast at all, well, apart from Biel that is.

I sincerely hope they have a different poster than this one, but what I REALLY want to see is a trailer!

Release Date: December 7, 2012

Now, here’s one he’ll be filming soon that I’m quite excited about:

Olympus Has Fallen

Director: Antoine Fuqua (Training Day)

Cast: Aaron Eckhart, Angela Bassett, Dylan McDermott

THR reported that this movie — which was marketed at Cannes as White House Taken —that Butler plays a Secret Service agent who has fallen from grace — until the White House is attacked and taken over by a team of North Koreans armed with extraordinary technology. Everything the Pentagon throws at the problem fails and it falls on Butler’s character, who knows the famous building like nobody else, to save the president and the country. Heh, I don’t like either one of the title, but hopefully this is just temporary and they’ll come up with something better. This is that other ‘Die Hard in the White House’ movie that’s probably going to be out of the same time next year. Kind of like the battle of the Snow Whites this year.

Eckhart reportedly will play the U.S. President and Bassett has signed on to play the role of the head of the Secret Service. Now just yesterday, news came in that Dylan McDermott will also play one of the secret service agents, presumably under Bassett’s command? Well, well, well, how many hunks could one movie have? 😉 I initially wasn’t keen on this one but I’m quite excited about this project now. I mean I LOVE the cast, just Butler and Bassett alone is enough to sell the movie, and now we’ve got Eckhart on top of the bargain. Plus Fuqua’s gritty style should make this intriguing and he’s certainly has a way with actors.

Additional cast info:

A few hours after I posted this, THR reported that Oscar winner Melissa Leo is in negotiation to portray ‘a tough secretary of Defense who cracks when tortured,’ and Rick Yune is confirmed to play the villain of the movie, ‘a North Korean posing as a South Korean ministerial aide who is described as a sociopath monster.’ Cole Hauser (as one of the FBI agents) and Radha Mitchell (as Butler’s wife) have also joined the cast. Ashley Judd has also been cast as the First Lady and Robert Forster as a US general.

Filming has started in Shreveport, Louisiana and one lucky fan posted this photo on the right with Butler who’s now clean-shaven and sporting a new cropped hair [swoon] 😀

Click to view a larger version

Btw, the other White House action flick is helmed by Roland Emmerich (Independence Day) and starring the beefcake Channing Tatum as the secret agent who’ll save the day. Makes it a pretty easy choice which one I’ll go see, ahah.

Release Date: June 13, 2013

Thunder Run

Director: Simon West

Cast: Sam Worthington and Matthew McConaughey

According to THR, this movie has received funding at Cannes. Reportedly, the script is adapted by Robert Port and Ken Nolan (Black Hawk Down) from Thunder Run — The Armored Strike to Capture Baghdad by Pulitzer Prize-winning correspondent David Zucchino. Principal photography is to start this Summer.

Butler told EMPIRE what the movie is about: “It’s about the initial attack on Baghdad, as US troops went in with a column of tanks called the Thunder Run — and it’s going to be done like Avatar,” Butler says. “My face and body will be recorded with little cameras and everything else will be CGI, painted in in the background. I’ve never read a script with more action, more explosions, more violence. If you didn’t do it like this, it would cost $300 million. I saw a three-minute test-piece and it blew my balls off.”

A little trivia: McConaughey has worked w/ Butler before in Reign of Fire, yep with our favorite Batman Christian Bale, no less. Butler played Bale’s BFF in a dragon-infested dystopian Britain.

I don’t know about this one, I’m going to wait and see as the subject matter doesn’t appeal to me. I’m far more psyched about How To Train Your Dragon 2, GB’s first ever sequel project and I’m glad it’s something I’ll definitely enjoy!

The role that got away

I’ve got to talk about that casting news on Highlander that’s been swirling around lately. Well, a couple of weeks ago, it’s apparently confirmed that Ryan Reynolds is going to reprise the role of the immortal Scottish warrior Connor MacLeod. So it seems that role authenticity has gone by the wayside again. As you know, the original MacLeod in the 1986 movie was played by a French guy Christopher Lambert with Sean Connery playing a Spaniard (good grief!), and now we’ve got a Canadian native in the role. So maybe this time Ramirez might be played by… Brian Cox? Or might as well just get Billy Connolly there, hot off the success of Pixar’s Brave [shrug]

Well, it’s no surprise WHO my pick would be for MacLeod…

Despite being perhaps a bit too old for the role, I think Butler would’ve ROCKED it. A real Scotsman who has done a plethora of heroic roles in the past. He can swing a mean sword better than anyone and he wouldn’t have to fake a Scottish accent. I was having some Twitter discussion with my Glaswegian friend Mark of MarkedMovies and his pick for the role is Robert Carlyle.

If not Butler, I personally would rather see an unknown who’s the right age and ethnicity than Reynolds any day. Ah well, I’ve said my rant so I guess I’ll just try to let this go.

Roles I’d LOVE to see him do

Well of course I’d love to see him do a British romantic thriller like Hearts Want that I pitched a couple of years ago. I think a role that requires him to be a ‘tough guy with a heart’ suits him well and I’d love to see him opposite a sultry actress like Eva Green. Seems like all of the movies Butler’s signed on are all action-packed, I do hope he’d have some dramatic roles he’ll be signing on in the future as he’s got the chops for them. I’ve said so many times since I’ve seen what he’s capable of in the BBC miniseries The Jury, and most recently his soulful performance in Machine Gun Preacher. You can read my full review here and if you think I’m biased, then check out my pal Mark’s take on it here.

I’m still holding on to hope that he’ll do the Robert Burns biopic that I mentioned several times, here and here. I know Butler was interested to do it at one point so hopefully it’s still on his radar. There were reports that he had met with the potential director Vadim Jean and it’s to be written by Alan Sharp (Rob Roy – check out my friend Michael’s in-depth review of the film). Even the Scottish Government was supposedly going to provide financial backing for the film. Not sure what happened since, but by golly, if he can’t do MacLeod, here’s another role where he can actually play a Scotsman!!

Plus Scotland’s favorite son is supposedly quite the ladies man, so a role tailor-made for Butler, right? 😉

Producing Gigs

Butler and his long-time manager Alan Siegel formed a production company Evil Twins back in 2008. Apparently his company was being sued by another production company called Evil Twins Prods [per THR], so I believe now they go by Alan Siegel Entertainment.

In any case, Butler’s been wearing the producer’s hat for a while, in fact he’s producing three of his upcoming films I’ve mentioned above: Of Men and Mavericks, Playing the Field and Olympus Has Fallen.

Well, I read in LA Times that he’s now going to produce Septembers of Shiraz, which centers on a young Jewish girl in Iran whose life is thrown into disarray shortly after the 1979 revolution, when her wealthy jeweler father is brutally jailed. The story is based on Dalia Sofer’s debut novel.

The NY Times  review says, “Sofer writes beautifully… she tells her characters’ stories with deceptive simplicity. Every member of the Amin family attains a moving, and memorable, depth and reality.

I’ll keep an eye on this project, seems like an intriguing story that has a lot of dramatic potential.

Well, those are what Butler’s been up to. Which of his projects are you interested in?

64 thoughts on “Gerard Butler Special: What’s next for my favorite Scot

  1. Instead of getting involved in dozens of projects, maybe GB should focus on a couple good ones. It’s too bad, there is nothing I’m really intrigued by at this point except maybe Thunder Run.

    1. Good point Cas, he seems to be signing up to a lot of stuff lately. Ha..ha.. Thunder Run is my least fave but who knows, it does have a good potential.

    1. Megadose is right, I realize I’ve been neglecting him so I’m making up for it, ahah. At least most of his projects here sound interesting to me, I’m real curious about that Septembers of Shiraz one, glad to see him producing something culturally-relevant like that.

  2. Damn he sounds busy and that surfing accident sounds scary. Bet you can’t wait for two hours of GB in a wetsuit! haha Olympus Has Fallen sounds fun and I hadn’t heard of Thunder Run yet. I’m now intrigued!

    1. Yeah, he nearly died there, you can’t say the man isn’t dedicated to his craft! He..he.. well it can’t hurt 🙂 Glad to see you’re intrigued by some of his projects, Pete.

  3. Fantastic post Ruth. You have really done your homework here. Bravo!
    It’s also nice to get a little mention (even two). 😀
    On second thoughts though, I think your choice of Gerry for Connor MacLeod makes far more sense than mine of Carlyle. “Oor Boabby is a wee bit too auld noo”. I like to see Carlyle do Ramirez. If Connery can do it, why not Carlyle? Heck, the casting’s all wrong now anyway.
    Of all of Butler’s possible works though, it has to be Burns. He’d be perfect for that role.
    Well done Ruth. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. 😀

    1. Hi Mark! He..he.. it’s a FUN homework 😀 I just had to include your MGP review after I read it 🙂 Oh yeah, it’d be great to see Carlyle as the Spanish guy, I’m sure he could do a better Spanish accent than Connery, ha..ha.. Yes, BURNS would be my vote, too, man I’ve been waiting FOREVER for him to do it and especially since he seemed to have been so interested in working on it. Can’t believe they hit financing snag, I mean could GB just sell a couple of his fancy cars to help finance this thing? Oh I hope he’d still do it one day, Mark!

      1. If Butler is now producing an he not get his company involved? Burns is such an intriguing character in Scottish history. Nobody knows for sure what made him tick or what he was involved in. In Scotland, there is a big religious divide and the Catholics and Potestants claim he was one of theirs while some say was a Mason. But the truth will never be known.

        1. Yeah I know Mark, what’s he waiting for?!! 😀 So it seems like Rabbie Burns is kind of an enigmatic persona eh? That’s too funny that the Catholics and Protestants are fighting over him, was he even a Christian?? In any case, I think his biopic should be fascinating, I hope GB is the one who ends up portraying him… and soon!

          1. He was very enigmatic indeed. I don’t even know if he was Christian or not but people always claim to know the real story of him and unsurprisingly he always seems to follow the same beliefs of the person telling the story. I wonder if they would even delve into where he stood, in the film.

            1. I kind of doubt they’d explore that part of him in the biopic. I think the part that he’s a ladies man might be though, I mean sensationalism sells, right and he certainly has a grand story worth telling.

              1. There’s no doubt it’s a story worth telling. He lead an interesting life and Butler’s antics with the ladies is a surefire winner when shouting out the casting options. It’s got to be man. Just got to be. 😉

  4. Ted S.

    At least he stopped doing those awful rom-coms he’s done the last couple of years, maybe he finally fired the agent who kept giving him those awful scripts. That Die Hard in a White House sounds interesting, I’m always a sucker for any action film and another Die Hard film is coming out next year. I think Fuqua’s a descent director but he seems to think he’s in the same league as Spielberg, Fincher, Nolan and other famous directors, which is why so many of his projects never got made, too big of an ego and not enough talent.

    GB needs to start working with some real talents like Nolan or Fincher.

    1. Hi Ted, well rom-com is fine as long as it’s well-written, which is what I hope for Playing The Field. Well I think action fans would like at least 3 of his upcoming movies, that Thunder Run sounds really bad ass from his description.

      I agree that I’d LOVE to see him work w/ Fincher or Nolan, oh man, that’s been my dream. But seems like there’s this favoritism of sort, these directors seem to only want to work with a select few. Well at least he’s working w/ Curtis Hanson, who’s also a good director. Michael Mann and Ridley Scott is also directors I’d like to see him work with. I believe a while ago he did meet w/ Scott, not sure for which project, it could be Body Of Lies? Maybe in Russell Crowe’s role, not sure.

      1. Ted S.

        Oh yeah, big named directors can demand who can and can’t be in their films and studio executives will bow to their demands. That’s why only Cruise, Pitt, DiCaprio gets to work with the big wigs like Nolan, Spielberg, Scorsese and Fincher. Who knows, maybe he’ll get a role in Nolan’s next film, whichever that might be.

        1. It’s too bad that ‘favoritism’ abounds in Hollywood. I know GB seems to prefer to work with a variety of filmmakers, he seeks out different kinds of roles as well. It doesn’t always work out but at least he challenges himself, so I really respect him for that. I am so tired of seeing critics/bloggers give so much praise for those people you mention, add Clooney in there as well, while I think they do more repetitive work that GB does, but Butler is far down the food chain so to speak, so he just doesn’t get recognized. Just look at the reception of Machine Gun Preacher. Anyway, sorry for the rant, I do hope he’ll get his chance to work w/ renowned directors in the future.

          1. Ted S.

            Yeah it’s unfortunate that some good actors won’t ever get to work with a great filmmaker because they’re not in the same league as the A-list actors. The only way they’ll ever get to that point is to work with an up and coming director and if that director becomes famous, he’ll keep casting the actor.

            I don’t know if you follow Duncan Jones on Twitter but he’s been in meetings trying to get his next project off the ground, he’s making a film about James Bond author Iam Flemings and I’m pretty sure he’ll be looking for some English, Irish or Scots man for the lead. Maybe GB could be in consideration.

            1. Oh I like Duncan James. Source Code is a great film. Ooooh, a film about Ian Flemings! I’d love to see GB be in consideration, though he doesn’t look at all like Flemings, but they can do wonders w/ makeup these days.

  5. yep, where’s PLAYING THE FIELD trailer? Shouldn’t we have seen it by now?
    I don’t like the direction his career is currently going in. Wish he would do dramatic roles and sf and epic ones, not the B-league action flicks.

    1. I know Dezzy, I can’t wait for it! I’m with you that I’d love to see him mix things up w/ dramatic roles, but at the same time I understand that he’s a bit disappointed I think by the way the studio dropped Machine Gun Preacher’s PR and people’s negative reception of it. He’s always tried to do a variety of work so I’m sure he will sign on to those in the future again.

  6. Thunder Run sounds great, based on a true story, prize winning written account, and Gerard plays an American colonel who in real life is very much admired by his men. Looking forward to his two pics out this year, lets hope they do some good pr, unlike Machine Gun Preacher, in which he did an excellent acting job. They totally blew that movie off to put a lot of bucks into Immortals, not the best move in my view.

    1. Hi there, welcome to FC! That sounds like a good role right up Butler’s alley for Thunder Run, we know he’s fantastic at playing military leaders. Yes I do hope he’d never endure the kind of treatment the studio did on MGP, that is just abhorrent, especially considering the subject matter! It certainly was a compelling film that was well-acted all around, even if the script could be more polished.

  7. Wow Ruth, you do really like Mr. Butler, don’t you?? Haha, interesting post though. I had no idea he was involved in so many projects. I think Thunder Run sounds most interesting, but then again I don’t know if we need another modern war movie.

    1. He..he.. yes I certainly do! Can you blame me though, there’s no other man like him in Hollywood, I think he’s quite unique both in looks and talent. I’m the least interested in Thunder Run, but I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt of course, it could be a good one and the cast seems like a big draw for both men and women 🙂

  8. Im with Cas here, none of these look good to me except for perhaps Thunder Run. I’m kind of surprised he hasn’t been able to get the Burns biopic going, as it seems everyone is getting there own these days.

    And i was reminded of Olympus has fallen when Basset joined the cast, as my dad is a big fan of hers(I sent him the link to an article about it as soon as i saw it)

    1. Funny that the one I’m least interested in seems to get the most votes 🙂 Yeah you’re right about the biopic thing, but maybe it’s a good thing for him to wait then so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle, esp. since Rabbie Burns isn’t that well-known in the States.

      Oh yeah, I was jumping for joy when Bassett was cast. I LOVE her! I do hope she gets a lot of screen time w/ Butler, I think they will as she’s the person who hires Butler’s character essentially. She’s a force to be reckoned with so I think they cast the right actress for that role as the head of the Secret Service!

  9. He is a busy man, although, I’m not sure I can agree with Castor’s point. If he picked numerous spots that were good, then that’d be okay. I mean, look at Ewan MacGregor. Perhaps one of THE hardest working men in the industry!

    Like you, I am most excited for Olympus has Fallen. He’s got quite the diverse amount of movies coming out soon, huh?

    I like this post, Ruth. and I was a little surprised to see the confirmation of his still being your #1 crush. I’m sure GB was surprised too, seeing as he had been replaced for a while by Mr. Gregory Peck! 😉

    1. Yes he’s been busy, though it’s a bummer one of his movies got pushed out to Dec. I mean he’s got NO movies this Spring/Summer! Yeah, those Scots are hard-working aren’t they? James McAvoy is constantly working as well. I think Ewan is THE hardest working one though, but his projects all sound kinda similar.

      Yay, finally someone excited for the Die Hard in the White House movie, he…he… Yes he has always got such a variety of roles. That’s what I like about him. People think he ONLY does rom-coms or action stuff, but if you look at his filmography, clearly he’s done a bunch of genres that people don’t know about. I mean he played Dracula before the whole vampire craze erupted in Hollywood! 😀

      He..he.. I still like GP but he’d never have a new movie coming out y’know. As far as ALIVE actors go, GB is still my numero uno, and probably will be for a while.

  10. Great wrap up Ruth 🙂 and thank you for the link 😉
    I might take on your cue too to do an update on Benny and Keanu (tho Keanu only has one interesting movie coming up).

    I didn’t know he was THAT busy…so many movies coming up. I am most intrigued with Olympus has Fallen.

    So…the Highlander is going to be realized…hmm I wonder how it would be. I like Lambert version.

    1. Thanks Nov, for the inspiration 🙂 I should do this a few times a year just to keep up w/ all his projects. He’s producing too, and that Septembers of Shiraz sounds really good.

      I’m not that interested in the Highlander movie now w/ Reynolds, oh man, what a missed opportunity NOT to cast Butler as MacLeod.

    1. Yeah it has, I feel guilty a bit that he’s been kind of in the back burner! But hey, as you can see, I still love the guy. Yeah, he would have been perfect for Highlander! Thanks matey.

  11. I really like him, even in movies that aren’t so good he always shows so much charisma – like in The Ugly Truth. It seems to me he is splitting his focus a little too much, perhaps he should focus on more ambitious projects and stay away from all of those rom coms.

    1. Hi Sati, glad to hear you say that. Yes GB does have a ton of charisma, on screen and off. I didn’t like The Ugly Truth but the material is just so awful to begin with, don’t get me started w/ his co-star, ugh. I think rom-coms aren’t the problem, as I do like P.S. I Love You, and there are some decent ones out there that are well-written. I think Playing The Field is more of a soccer comedy, and the premise sounds fun. I’m looking forward to that.

  12. Ugh, Ryan Reynolds is going to be playing Connor Macleod? No thank you. They should have cast a Scot! Robert Carlyle would have been interesting, Gerard Butler a good choice. Really think I’ll be skipping it, which is a pity, the original’s one of my faves.

    Reminds me that I need to see more of GB’s movies!

    1. Hi Beth! I knew you’d have a strong opinion about that casting. YES it should be a Scot! I mean it could be an unknown even, I don’t even mind that. So you like the Lambert version? I thought it’s odd that they cast a French guy and Connery playing a Spaniard, ahah.

      Yes you should see more GB movies, there’s a variety of good ones out there.

      1. The Lambert version is one of my favourite movies, if only for its sheer ridiculousness (especially with the casting). Though in recent viewings, I’ve determined it’s actually an incredibly well made film. The transitions are beautiful.
        I was hoping for an unknown to be Connor.

        I’ve liked GB in all of the films I’ve seen him in. Will have to seek out more.

        1. Ha..ha.. so more of a guilty pleasure then? I should rewatch that again, wasn’t it shot on location in Scotland?

          What movies have you seen him in? I’ll be happy to give you recommendations 🙂

          1. Definitely a bit of a not-so-guilty pleasure. 🙂 And yep, it was shot on location! Unlike some other Scottish films…*cough*Braveheart*cough*

            I’ve seen him in Phantom of the Opera, Timeline, PS I Love You…and I feel like one or two others that I can’t remember off the top of my head.

  13. Crikey! He certainly has been a busy boy.

    While I’m not really that interested in surfing films – I’ve never been on a surfboard in my life! – I would like to see Of Men and Mavericks, mostly because of the story he told on the Graham Norton show. He certainly had quite an adventure filming it.

    Playing the Field sounds like it could be quite a giggle.

    Definitely agree with you regarding the Highlander remake. Why on earth are they going with Ryan Reynolds?!

    1. He..he…yes he is, no wonder he’s got no time to settle down, ahah. I’ve never been on a surfboard either, I mean I’ve got ZERO balance to even stand on that thing! Amazing that GB actually learned surfing after the age of 40 and I think he did ok, well until that crazy giant wave engulfed him!

      I can’t wait for Playing the Field, I know he’s got great comic timing and w/ all those lovely ladies, it should be fun!

      Don’t get me started w/ that Highlander thing, ah well I probably won’t watch it.

  14. Excellent compendium about the future of Gerrard Butler. Though I don’t love him as much as you do, I do find him to be a respectable actor who probably still has a lot to give, certainly above average.
    I take, just from looking at the range of the projects he is involved in, that he’s not as hot a commodity as he was a couple of years ago. Perhaps he is trying to be more selective, but when I see the premise of “Playing The Field” I can’t help but roll my eyes. I couldn’t agree more with your comment: “I sincerely hope they have a different poster than this one” haha. It made me laugh. The poster is one of the corniest I’ve seen in a while.

    Highlander would have been a cool gig though, a shame that the studio didn’t throw the hat his way.

    1. Thanks Niels. He certainly is a respectable actor, glad to hear you say that. He often doesn’t get the respect that critics/moviegoers give him just because of a couple of projects that I agree might be beneath him. But he constantly challenges himself and is one of the most versatile actors I’ve ever come across.

      I think the premise of Playing the Field does sound a bit cheesy, but w/ that cast and hopefully a strong script, I think it could be an entertaining and heartwarming movie.

      It’s possible that GB turned down the role of Highlander, I don’t know, but I think it’s stupid if they never considered him or another Scottish actor for that matter.

  15. I’ve always known you’re the source for GB updates, Ruth! What a well-researched post. Glad he’s got so many projects going. I commented on T’s poster post that the OF MEN AND MAVERICKS poster was the best of the lot, that film and OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN seems the most interesting to me. I have to admit, he looks darn good in that snapshot with that lucky fan. It’s a candid! Dang.

    1. Oh, I haven’t even gone to T’s site yet to check out his posters, so thanks for the tip!! I agree it’s so gorgeous, I’ve added it to the post now.

      I nearly fell down when I saw him in that photo, he cleans up real well! 😉 Can’t wait for Olympus Has Fallen, they just keep adding the cast, but I definitely like the idea of GB and Aaron Eckhart in a movie together!

  16. Nice post, Ruth! Gerard Butler sure is a talented guy. I have to say, though, none of his upcoming projects really appeal to me, with the exception of Thunder Run. I’m curious about that one.

    1. Talented is right, Fernando. Well it’s still early yet, no trailer yet for any of these, so hopefully one of those would intrigue you 😀

      Seems like Thunder Run is a winner amongst most of the commenters here, well we’ll see how that one turns out, GB sounds quite excited about that one too from the interview.

  17. As a (very bad) surfer I am really interested to see Chasing Mavericks. Although not as close a call as Butler experienced what you describe has happened to every surfer. When the wave breaks over you it pushes you down countering the bodies natural buoyancy, result you don’t know which way is up and you swim down.

    I didn’t know Highlander was being rebooted, Butler would have been a good choice, Ryan Reynolds will make a very different movie.

    1. Hi Andy, I didn’t know you surf too. I admire people who could do that, man I can’t imagine learning it for the first time at GB’s age so hats off to him. Yeah, I think I read about the 100-yard stare that surfers get after a near-death experience, they said GB had that look when he finally emerged from the water. SO scary!

      Everything is being rebooted these days. I think it’s time for Highlander to be remade again, just not w/ Reynolds!!

  18. Dear Frankie though not really a rom-com and PS I Love You is another best in that category but the rest I have viewed of this type have been terrible. The Robert Burns biopic would intrigue me but also possibly he could do another on Thomas Lefroy though I would rather see Ciaran Hinds do that if it ever came up. As it would be a better ending than was with ‘Becoming Jane’ but I could also see Butler doing that.

    1. Hi Stella! Yes, both of those films you mentioned are two of my favorite GB movies. PS I LOVE YOU got some bad reviews but I think it’s a sweet movie and it’s kind of unconventional in a way, it doesn’t follow the typical rom-com formula.

      Ooooh I’d LOVE to see GB play Thomas Lefroy, I mean he hasn’t done an Austen movie before, it’s darn about time, I’d say. I’m not too fond of Becoming Jane because of Anne Hathaway’s casting.

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  20. I loved Rick Yune as another sociopathic, monstrous North Korean villain in “Die Another Day”. For all the grief people give that movie, Zao was an awesome henchman. It seems like Hollywood really is embracing the idea of North Korean movie villains – I guess Arab terrorists and African warlords are now passe. Hope this turns out good, because I really like the cast. Angela Bassett as Secret Service director? Yeah!

  21. It was disappointing that GB couldn’t land the HIGHLANDER remake. What is it with casting non-Scots in Scot roles?!? Mel Gibson in the William Wallace/BRAVEHEART role and Liam Neeson in my fave ROB ROY, not to mention the Frenchman Christopher Lambert in the original HIGHLANDER film! And they had the Scot supreme in the supporting role, Sean Connery, playing the Spaniard!!!

    Anyway, I’m certainly interested the Curtis Hanson production. And ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ has that action-thriller vibe that any guy would be interested in seeing. Butler remains an interesting actor to watch and follow, Ruth. Thanks for the update and the link love, my friend.

    1. I know Michael! It’s ludicrous really. I mean, at least Neeson is Irish, so at least still from a nearby region but Reynolds?? Yep, this will be as funny as Connery playing a Spaniard with that irrefutable Scottish brogue of his, ahah.

      There are certainly a lot of projects that should please everybody here. That surfing drama certainly is VERY promising, hopefully it’ll be as good as that poster 🙂 Thanks for commenting Michael, and that’s such a great article on Rob Roy. Hopefully if they decide to remake it, they’ll cast a REAL Scot for a change!

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