Happy New Year! How about a biopic for Auld Lang Syne’s writer Robert Burns?

Happy New Year’s Eve, folks! You’re probably preparing to host your NYE bash or getting ready to go to a NYE party, or like me perhaps you’re at home watching the NYC ball drop from the comfort of your home. Well, whatever you do, most likely you’ll be singing Auld Lang Syne as you’re toasting the passing of another year… or in this case, another decade!

Well, let me just take a moment to put the spotlight on the writer of that classic song, Scottish poet, Robert Burns. In fact, Auld Lang Syne is actually a poem he wrote in 1788 and then set to the tune of a traditional folk song (per Wiki). I’ve been sooo anticipating the film adaptation of Scotland’s favorite son, known only as The Bard in his homeland.

Gerry Butler has been attached to star and I’ve blogged several times about the project in the past with, first here and as I mention here, it’d be nice to have fellow Scot James McAvoy to co-star with him in it, too! So far the project has been on and off for sooo long, I mean it was back in 2005 at the Red Eye premiere that GB talked about his interest in bringing this biopic to life (as you can see in this YouTube clip) and how much he wanted to work with Julia Stiles. I’ve kinda stopped paying attention to it so I don’t continue to get disappointed, but yet another piece of news just surfaced that got me all excited again.

According to Daily Record, Butler and director Vadim Jean (who directed him in a tiny indie One More Kiss) met at the glitzy Paramount Hotel in Times Square around Christmas to discuss the project. “We are great friends and we were meeting up, catching up. Burns is still on and we talked about working together.” Jean reportedly said. Described as a Scottish Shakespeare In Love, the film focuses on Rabbie’s lovelife as he is torn between wife Jean Armour and Edinburgh society hostess Agnes McLehose. Butler might also produce the film under his production company Evil Twin, alongside the Mob Film Company.

Let’s just hope this isn’t just another rumor!! This is surely one of the cinematic projects I wish would just happen soon.


Well, as we look to 2011, do you have a certain film project you’ve been hoping to get off the ground? Perhaps a book adaptation or something your favorite actor has been rumored to star in but hasn’t happened yet? Do share!


22 thoughts on “Happy New Year! How about a biopic for Auld Lang Syne’s writer Robert Burns?

  1. Butler looks gorgeous in that pic Flixy and imagine him reciting some poetry 🙂 THat would be a thing to see and hear!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your hubs and all the charming visitors of your blog!

    1. Yes, reciting poetry and going all sexy and romantic to all his ladies. I think the Bard is quite the ladiesman of the day 😉

      I visit your site daily so I won’t miss your Tuesday post for sure.

      Happy New Year, Dezzy!

        1. I was trying to find a pic of GB with a sideburn but couldn’t find one. I really like his spontaneous almost smile in that pic, but especially how bright his eyes are. I wish he had portrayed Burns when he was in his early 30s though, but no matter, better late than never!

  2. Well, i’ve been anxiously waiting for a trailer from something Deborah is in. Also, two movies that Thomas Decker is in don’t have distributors unfortunately. I’m hoping maybe i will be able to see them at some point. There’s a movie Michael Cera is rumored to be in, but the site for the movie doesn’t have any confirmation of it but on imdb he is listed as rumored. I’m hoping imdb isn’t lying, as the character he is rumored to play sounds different from his usual role.

    Oh, and i think i found a working link for the Jessica TB minisode i tried to show you a while back. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKEEizMg_XI

    1. There is also a movie Gabrielle union is rumored to be in. After her performance in Cadilac Records i’ve been wanting to see her in more dramatic roles than her usual goofy ones. Also there’s a Joss Whedon with AMy Acker that can’t seem to get a solid release date.

      And you already know i am eagerly anticipating the Vampire Academy movie

    2. Well looks like you’ve got a few wishlist for next year, Julian. Hope they all end up being made. I think the Joss Whedon one is probably going to take a back seat as he’ll be busy with The Avengers.

    1. You got that right Castor, and I still keep my fingers crossed that one day Timothy Dalton (or Ridley Scott for that matter) would somehow get a hold of my Hearts Want pitch, ahah. Well like Tom Hardy said in Inception, “You musn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.” 😀

  3. PrairieGirl

    The Sea, a 2005 novel by Irish author John Banville. Rufus Sewell would play Carlo Grace, the husband of a woman whom another man is infatuated with. Ruf has said it is money (what else) holding the project back, and I think The Ushers is in the same boat for him. And he’s said there is a possibility of more Aurelio Zen episodes, let’s hope for the best there too.

    And will certainly take this as good news for the Burns pic, and really hope it will finally take off soon.

    1. Oh you’ve got to lend me that book, Becky, I’m sure Roof would be awesome in such a role of being The Other Man 🙂 That’s too bad about the financing for Zen, I do hope if they made a movie of it they’d at least consider him!

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