THIS JUST IN: Total Recall (2012) Full Trailer

All right, after the stupid trailer-for-a-trailer thing that Sony released last week, this time we finally have the real full-length trailer! I’ve actually been looking forward to it since I saw the Hall H panel at Comic-con last year. Sheesh, it took ’em almost a whole year to finally release the trailer??

Just like the 1990 original film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, this one is based on the Philip K. Dick’s short story We Can Remember It For You Wholesale. This time it’s Colin Farrell in Arnie’s role of Douglas Douglas Quaid, a bored factory worker who buys a ‘holiday’ from Rekall Inc., a company that sells implanted memories. But when the procedure goes horribly wrong, somehow Quaid finds himself hunted down by the police — and his own wife — and ends up teaming up with a rebel fighter.

Anyway, check it out below:


I think the trailer looks pretty good, and some of the rough footage shown at Comic-con look far more polished here. I’m a sucker for action sci-fi laden with special effects, and this one certainly offers plenty of that. The futuristic cars and hovercrafts displayed at the convention look pretty darn cool, hope they’re put to good use in the movie.

Len Wiseman directs his gorgeous wife Kate Beckinsale once again, seems like he’s always cast her as some bad ass fighter just in those Underworld movies. Now guys would probably look forward to her fight scenes with Jessica Biel, ahah.  Nice to see Bryan Cranston in the trailer this time, but no sign of Bill Nighy anywhere. The rest of the supporting cast include John Cho (sporting Billy Idol hairstyle), Ethan Hawke, and Bill Nighy.

This looks to be more serious than the original. Now as a fan of Equilibrium, I am hopeful that writer Kurt Wimmer will deliver something worth remembering. Let’s hope that this is a step forward from Wiseman, though most likely it’ll be more escapist entertainment at the movies than a sci-fi classic.

I’m game for this one come August, how ’bout you folks?

27 thoughts on “THIS JUST IN: Total Recall (2012) Full Trailer

  1. Ted S.

    It’s a rental for me, from that trailer I thought the film lacks any kind of originality or creativity. Also, it looks like it follows the original film storyline shot for shot. I don’t think it looks that serious from the original either, in fact I think it has the same style as that one just better special effects and it will probably get a PG13 rating, so we won’t get to see the bad guys’ blood splatter all over the screen when our hero shoots them one by one. Ha ha.

    One good thing I have to say about Wisemen is that he never got on board with the handheld shaky cam and fast editing on his action films. Some of the action scenes he shot look pretty cool. Maybe if this one gets some good reviews, I might go see it in theater.

    1. Ahah, somehow I know you’re not gonna be sold on this one given how you feel about Wiseman. I’m a bit (well a lot) more optimistic than you, maybe ’cause I really enjoyed their panel at Comic-con and the trailer actually looks good. Oh, and I quite like Farrell, much more than Arnie, ugh!

  2. Looks decent. Can’t say its a must watch for me tho

    Btw did you know they are releasing this the same day as Bourne Legacy? Seems like that would end up hurting both movies since there targeting the same crowd, but maybe the studios know something i don’t?

    1. Oh I didn’t know it’s released the same time as Bourne Legacy but I’m not sure I want to watch that one yet, at least not on the first weekend. Well Total Recall caters more to the sci-fi fans and Bourne is more action thriller than sci-fi, but you’re right, they probably share a similar demographic.

  3. Yeah I am not sure about this one myself. Unfortunately I was less than enthused when I was watching the trailer earlier today.

    Based on the large scale set design, I kept thinking Blade Runner lite … that makes sense because it is based on a Phillip K Dick story.

  4. I give the trailer this, I liked the tone much better than the original. Verhoven’s Total Recall had the same tone as Robocop but it didn’t work as well for Philip K. Dick’s story. A little too… jokey.

    As far as the casting goes I really like Colin Farrell but I could take or leave Kate Beckensale and I could absolutely leave Jessica Beil. When toe-headed Johnny Cho showed up on screen I suddenly had the strange urge for some White Castle. LOL. Good to see Ethan Hawke in another sci-fi movie. He was really good in Gattica which could have easily been written by Dick. I highly recommended it what with writer/director credit going to Andrew Niccol, the writer of The Truman Showand gorgeously moving music composed by Philip Nyman (The Piano). Highly recommended for Philip K Dick/sci-fi fans. A fan made trailer:

    1. You make me want to rewatch Gattaca. I remember liking it when I saw it ages ago but am a bit hazy about the details. Might rent this sometime soon. Yeah, I’m not a big fan of the original Total Recall myself, so I have no qualms about this being rebooted.

    1. Ahahaha, I was waiting until someone mentioned the 3-boobied woman! Who knows matey, they just might include her in this one, ha..ha..

  5. Looks pretty cool. Didn’t realise I’d missed Jessica Biel until I saw here. Was never a huge fan of the original so I don’t mind this getting a remake but I’ll be truly sad if the line ‘Consider that a divorce’ doesn’t pop up.

    1. Yeah, Biel was at the panel also last year. Seems like she and Beckinsale became good friends. Kate said she felt bad having to punch her gorgeous face, ahah. I forgot about that line but if they’re faithful to PKD’s story, I’m sure they’ll include it.

      1. I actually was. Watched it several times growing up. It was a pretty slick mix of science fiction, action, and humor. Plus, if I’m perfectly honest, that was my first introduction to the then gorgeous Sharon Stone! 🙂

  6. jackdeth72

    Hi, Ruth and company:

    Still dubious as to why ‘Total Recall’ is being remade.

    The original was okay Sci-Fi with a decent cast. Especially Michael Ironside as the Bad Guy. I’ve no doubt Bryan Cranston will add new dimensions to that character.

    1. Hi Jack, everything is being remade these days but out of a slew of them, I actually don’t mind this one. I mean it’s been 22 yrs after all, which seems to be light years away in Hollywood time, ahah.

  7. rockerdad

    OK – I will see this for some Beckinsale action. Only thing I’m worried about is that it will lack Verhoeven’s wicked sense of humor which I love in his films. This looks like it takes itself pretty seriously.

    1. Ted S.

      That’s what I love about the original, Verhoeven came up with so many crazy ideas that you can’t help but to laugh at them. Unfortunately Mr. Wisemen is not that creative, he seems to love to copy other filmmaker’s idea and doesn’t even try to hide it. That scene where Colin took down his adversaries is a carbon copy of a scene from The Bourne Identity shot for shot.

  8. I think it looks ok, though there doesn’t seem to be anything totally striking about the film. I know I’ll go and see it in the cinema. Really enjoyed the original and this one has added Bryan Cranston. I hope he’s channeling his badass Walter White.

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