Weekend Roundup: Comic-con, 007 & Despicable Me

Happy Monday all!

Well I *survived* the Comic-con weekend, that is I haven’t exploded from jealousy from reading all those tweets and coverage of those who were lucky enough to be there!

Dan Fogarty of FogsMovieReviews had an extensive coverage of the event, check out this awesome costume gallery and his thoughts of why Comic-con is so world-renowned. He was kind enough to send me these two pics via Twitter from Hall H where both The Hobbit AND Man of Steel‘s panel were held.

Armitage starring as Thorin in The Hobbit
The unbelievably gorgeous Man of Steel himself … Henryyyyyyyy!

Oh my, I tell you, if I had already been screaming at the top of my head seeing Andrew Garfield last year, they might have to carry me off in a stretcher seeing those Richard Armitage and Henry Cavill back to back! [swoon…]

So thanks Fogs!!


Well, this week is rather lackluster movie-watching for me but hey, we did secure The Dark Knight Rises IMAX tickets for next Saturday night at 7PM, woo hoo!!

I figure it might be less crowded than Friday night, but so far about half of the tickets are sold for Saturday so I think it’ll be as busy. I heard from my buddy Ted that the Man of Steel trailer WON’T be in front of the IMAX showings of the latest Nolan’s trilogy because the film itself is already too long at 2 hrs and 44 minutes. Bummer!! I hope that isn’t true!

Ah well, I can’t wait for Saturday already. This is gonna be an epic weekend alright! So did you all get YOUR tickets yet?


I’ve also been in a Bond mood as I had just finished another post for the 007 Chatter series. So I re-watched The Living Daylights, one of my favorite Bond movies is Timothy Dalton’s debut. After all these years I still LOVE this movie (yes despite Joe Don Baker as a lame villain) solely because of Dalton’s performance. Right from that rousing opening sequence and the clever way he’s revealed the first time as the then new Bond, I was done for. I like my James Bond dark and gritty, but Dalton is also such eye candy. Now why wasn’t there a gratuitous scene of him emerging from the water like Craig did in Casino Royale?! 🙂 I even like the sub-plot with the Afghan Mujahideen, that last half hour is exhilarating-ly action-packed and the plane fight scene shows Dalton’s physical prowess.

Then after that, I started watching Dr. No…. the film that started it all. I saw it ages ago but have forgotten much about it. I do remember liking Connery in the role. I was reading the EMPIRE 007 special edition and there’s an article on Dr. No. One of the producers was saying how when Connery left their office, they’d go to the window and watch him walk. They all loved the way he moved and I’d have to agree. There’s such inherent machismo and playfulness that’s so effortless, it’s not manufactured in any way. I LOVE the scene when the famous line ‘Bond, James Bond’ was introduced.

Wouldn’t you know it, it was all inspired by a woman! ‘Trench, Sylvia Trench.’

Anyway, here’s my mini review of…


Truth be told, I wasn’t all that interested in seeing this movie. The trailer looked fairly generic, and even with the great reviews (81% on Rotten Tomatoes) I kind of forgot about it. But then I saw the trailer for the sequel with those adorable minions singing ‘Ba ba ba ba ba banana… ‘ and I just couldn’t wait to see it!! So yeah, the main draw for me is really those yellow minions in denim overalls and they did not disappoint.

Starring Steve Carrell as Gru, a criminal mastermind whose grand mission is to steal the moon with the use of a shrink rays weapon. His life takes an unexpected turn when he adopts a trio of orphan girls as pawns against his main nemesis, Vector (Jason Siegel). The story itself is nothing special, in fact it’s pretty predictable all around but still it’s quite entertaining. Some reviews compared this to a Pixar movie and though there are some tender emotional moments between Gru and the girls, the plot in this one is far more frivolous and not nearly as tightly-written as say, Toy Story.

I’ve always loved Steve Carrell and his brand of humor shines here in his voice work, even though his Russian-ish accent sounds odd at times. The three orphan girls are such darling and you truly feel for their desire to be loved. In fact, I teared up during such of those moments, yes even despite its predictability that beneath the cold-hearted exterior, Gru is a softie. But to me my favorite characters are those minions!! They didn’t quite overpower the story but definitely a delight every time they appear on screen. Seems like the way the sequel’s trailer is centered solely on them, they might have more screen time in Despicable Me 2? I certainly don’t mind it, I could watch those helium-voiced yellow creatures all day!

Final Thoughts:

I think the idea of villains vs. villains is quite fresh and boasted by wonderful, endearing characters, it makes for quite a pleasant movie for both kids and adults alike. Whoever think of those minions is a genius, I can’t get enough of them! 😀

Three and a half stars out of Five
3.5 out of 5 reels

Well, what did YOU see this weekend, folks? Anything interesting?

38 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup: Comic-con, 007 & Despicable Me

  1. PrairieGirl

    Sean Connery will always be the quintessential Bond for me. Funny you should comment on his walk… a male friend of mind from college was so enamored by it he admitted he patterned his own walk after Connery’s after seeing Bond! (Can you tell this guy had a HUGE ego? duh, ;-D) And I was so amused hearing Sylvia saying her name in the form of the famous line even before Bond did, in fact, he COPIED it from her! Those lines aren’t in the book, so I have to give mucho kudos to the writer(s?) who came up with those now-infamous words.
    And to just be in the same room as RA and HC, seeing them in person… yes, we’d have to have the smelling salts handy for our dear Flixy…

    1. Ha..ha.. well he could TRY to imitate Connery but I doubt anyone can 🙂 Yes, I LOVE that a woman inspired Bond for the name intro, that’s just awesome. I love how Sylvia suddenly showed up in his room playing golf w/ his shirt! My, she sure is resourceful 🙂

      Yeah, smelling salt and paper bags should be handy when those TWO boys are in the room, yowza!!

  2. Ted S.

    Yeah it’s kind of disappointing that they don’t have enough room for trailers at the Great Clips IMAX theater. It’s confirmed, if you go to their Facebook page and read on their comments on the timeline from last Friday, you’ll see a comment from them saying there won’t be any trailers before TDKR. https://www.facebook.com/Minnesota.IMAX

    I really want to see The Living Daylights again, been waiting for the BD forever but unfortunately I’ll have to wait longer since it only included in the Bond BD package. I’ll have to wait till they’re available for sale separately to buy it. I already owned several Bond flicks so I’m buying the package to get the ones I don’t have.

    Didn’t see anything new over the weekend, just been waiting for The Dark Knight Rises. I hope I can get a free pass to see it early on Wednesday night.

    1. Bummer!! I hope they’d release that Man of Steel trailer online so I can watch it this week yet. I’d have LOVED to see that teaser on the big screen, esp. IMAX, oh man!!

      Yeah, I got the Licence to Kill BD but where is TLD??! I hate that Bond producers seem to treat Dalton movies like a step child, even in all the promos of the box set they keep showing clips of Brosnan!

      Can’t wait for TDKR myself Ted, let’s do a double review of it. If you see it sooner, feel free to email me the review and I’ll post it together 😀

  3. ilovethatfilm

    Think I’m going to sneak a screening of TDKR in on Saturday with my best man! Phew!

    I watched Gone With the Wind. Damn it’s long. In fact, am I allowed to say, far too bloody long?

    1. Awesome! When’s your wedding day man? I sure hope it’s not this weekend, ahah, your bride might not be happy seeing you sneaking off to see a movie 🙂

      Ahah, that’s a complaint I’ve heard before about GWTW. I had to fast forward a bit whenever I watch it too, but I quite like that film.

  4. Henry Cavill is so yummy! I think him and Amy Adams will be the most attractive Clark and Lois to date. I haven’t seen Despicable Me, but I love Steve Carrel so I may watch it some time, nice review!

    1. Ha..ha.. YUMMY is the word, Sati. Lucky Amy Adams!! 🙂

      I think Despicable Me is a fun one to pass the time, and methinks you’ll LOVE those minions!

  5. jackdeth72

    Hi, Ruth and company:

    The girls and yellow skinned, goggled minions sell ‘Despicable Me’. With Gru as the villain with a latent heart of gold. I particularly like the lengths that he went through to win the fluffy stuffed animal for Agnes.

    Have fun with TDKR!

  6. impsndcnma

    Living Daylights is one of my favorite James Bond theme songs. It’s also the only Timothy Dalton Bond movie I’ve seen (I own all the movies, but never sat through the other Dalton film).

    I have tickets to see TDKR on Friday night. I didn’t feel like I needed to see it at Midnight. I think everyone in the world is seeing this movie over the weekend though. It’s kind of crazy the marketing WB put behind this film.

    1. Oh you HAVE to see Licence to Kill, I mean it’s an excellent movie, not just an excellent BOND movie.

      Yeah, I’m going on Saturday myself, I just didn’t want to be waiting in line for 2+ hrs on Friday night. It’s definitely good to be Christopher Nolan 😀

      1. impsndcnma

        Yeah. I bet he never imaged this kind of excitement over one of his films. I could’ve bought tickets for Thursday Midnight. Then I decided I wanted to actually experience Friday and not sleep through it.

  7. Funny how you mentioned Joe Don Baker and lame Bond villains. I actually think Gru from Despicable Me would make a great Bond villain!! Sylvia Trench might be overshadowed by Honey Ryder, but that opening scene really does carve her name in the history books.

    1. Ahah, well if there’s an animated Bond villain, Gru would be perfect 🙂

      Ha..ha.. well Honey Ryder is iconic, surely.

      Honey: “Are you looking for shells?”
      Bond: “No, I’m just looking.”


  8. I wasn’t too impressed with Despicable Me. Most definitely one of those animated movies that is only intended for kids. It’s cute but it doesn’t really get too me in any way.

    As for TDKR, glad you got some IMAX tickets. Me and Neon Bodeaux got free AMC tickets when we went to see Ted a couple weeks ago (projection issues) so we will be sure to put those to good use 😀 But I think I will wait until after the initial rush, maybe early next week instead.

    1. Hi ya Castor, too bad you had to work last nite. Ruby Sparks was charming, I enjoyed it. Plus it’s a bonus to see Zoe Kazan and Paul Dano plus the filmmakers for Q&A.

      FREE AMC tickets to TDKR??! How sweet! I don’t know if I can wait until next week though 🙂

  9. I was just reading your article about last year’s comic con 🙂 Oh wow, makes me lovin’ Garfield even more. I did see his movie last weekend, a short film by Spike Jonze. Funny thing is, I couldn’t see his face 😀 he was using a computer machine in his head. Silly! But the movie was good. I also watched American Reunion and Sleepless In Seattle.

    Seems you’re having a nice weekend there 😉

    1. What’s the movie you’re referring to, Andina? I’d love to see that. Oooh, Sleepless in Seattle is always great to watch, I rewatched it around the time Nora Ephron died, too.

  10. Glad that you finally watched and liked Despicable Me. I enjoyed it quite a bit!

    I know what you mean about “surviving Comic-Con” haha. I’ve pretty much resigned to the fact that I will be going next year. I’d like to maybe even setup a way for tons of us “blogger friends” to meet up there, maybe stay a day after, and have our own “mini-convention”. That’d be so super sweet!

    1. Yes, I’m obsessed w/ those minions!! 🙂

      You’re going next year to Comic-con?! Well then that’s another reason I have to cajole my hubby into going. I promised my friend in San Diego I’d visit her so it’ll be the perfect time for it. Yes we’d absolutely have to meet up!

  11. HAHA I love the costumes.. I would love to go to Comic Con one day… but it may be a little expensive for little old me.

    Did I mention I am seeing TDKR twice tomorrow… first time will be in a roughly 24 hours at a press IMAX screening?????

    HAHAHAH (smug laugh)

    1. Those Cosplay are indeed fun to see, matey. Yeah, it’s expensive even for me too, even in the same country.

      Yeah rub it in matey, rub it in!! Seems like everyone’s gonna see TDKR before me 😦

    1. I’ll be sure to check out your Savages review. I heard it’s terrible though, I don’t even know if I want to rent it despite my affinity for Aaron Johnson.

  12. oh, Henrylicious Cavill… I remember the times when nobody believed in him except me a few years ago….. Some studio should really hire me as the talent/casting executive!

    1. Henrylicious is right! He’s just beauuuutiful! Yeah, glad he toughed it out after losing so many iconic roles back-to-back, yet he isn’t bitter, I respect that about him. I actually thought he’d be good for Superman the second I saw him in Count of Monte Cristo a decade ago, so yeah, Hollywood should hire both of us! 🙂

  13. You know…Dark Night will also be in IMAX here 😉
    I really am eager to read your review first.

    Cillian was seen on the screening but still no clear sign whether he is in it or not as he told Digital Spy: “It’s coming out in July isn’t it? That’s not long to wait. All these questions!” << he is killing me!

    1. Are you gonna see it on IMAX too? That’s the one in Keong Emas right?

      I’m real curious to see if CIllian would be in the movie, Nov! Well I’ll find out on Saturday! 🙂

  14. Hi Ruth, it sounds like you have been watching more movies than usual lately. That’s great to see! I just watched Dr. No for the first time last month, and I enjoyed it. I keep hearing it’s not as exciting as other Bond flicks, though… curious to hear how you would rank it.

  15. I had totally forgotten about the new Superman coming out soonish. I believe Henry Cavill is an interesting choice, even though his casting certainly responds more to his looks than anything else. There’s no denying that!

    As for “Despicable Me”, I endorse the making of a sequel though I doubt it will be as charming as the first. Steve Carrell is one of the film’s strongest suits, his voice work is not only charming, but comedic and filled with vulnerability, three traits that come naturally to Carrell.
    I read an article about the minions being merchandizing machines, and that being the main reason behind their inclusion in the film. At the end of the day, though adorable, they also come off as rip-offs to the green one-eyed creatures in Toy Story.

  16. ceciliarusli

    Despicable Me is absolutely my fav! Ba na na, the song on Despicable Me trailer is a serious competitor for Circus Afro on Madagascar 3 and Mah Na Mah Na on The Muppets 😀

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