FlixChatter Review: The Amazing Spiderman

Is this film necessary? It’s an inescapable question that plagues this reboot from the start, as it’s only a decade ago the first Spider-man film came to the big screen. When the reboot was announced a couple of years ago, the last film of the Sam Raimi Spidey trilogy was only three years old! Yet I was immediately sold on this movie at Comic-con’s SONY panel, almost exactly a year ago today, when Andrew Garfield suddenly showed up wearing a cheap Spiderman costume, professing his love to his beloved character mere inches away from where my hubby and I were sitting [you can see me screaming behind me in some of the videos, ehm]

In any case, though the question I posted above is a valid one, I feel that once I enter the theater to see THIS particular film, I should judge it on its own merit.

So on that note, did Marc Webb and his team of writers delivered?

The relentless marketing promised us the *untold story* of our web slinger, so naturally it started with Peter Parker as a young boy, playing hide and seek with his scientist dad. But the mood quickly turns from playful to suspense as young Peter discovers his father’s study has been broken into. Richard Parker quickly gathers his documents and whisk his son away to Aunt May and Uncle Ben’s residence to leave him at their care.

Fast forward over a decade later, his parents have long been reported dead in a plane crash, Peter is now in high school and being a smart, geeky kid, naturally he’s an outcast whose only friend is his skateboard. The journey from regular guy to superhero treads familiar grounds. Peter discovers dad’s mysterious papers which leads him to Oscorp to find his dad’s colleague, the one-armed Dr. Curt Connors. Disguised as one of the high school interns [which happens to be where Gwen works at], he sneaks into a lab where a ‘biocable’ is constructed from genetically modified spiders. Of course one of them ends up biting him, and the rest is history. That life-changing moment inevitably brings all kinds of complications to the boy. As if maneuvering through his first romance isn’t tricky enough, an incident at school has the domino effect that cost the lives of his beloved uncle.


The casting of Garfield and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy is a clear winner right from the start. Despite being about 10 years older than the character, the 28-year-old Garfield is effortlessly believable, he imbues the role with a certain teenage angst and an appropriate dose of recklessness. Unlike the previous installments where Peter was shown as being a complete loser, in this one he’s far less pitiable. In fact, when the school bully Flash was tormenting another boy, Peter actually stands up to him, which then catches the eye of the beautiful Gwen Stacy. I also like the fact that this film particularly shows him as a science genius. Akin to Tony Stark, there’s a bunch of scenes of him tinkering with his dad’s formula and crafting a mechanical web shooter instead of an organic one.

There’s quite a lot of amusing scenes as Peter’s spider-like ability manifests itself almost immediately. Garfield’s wide-eyed mannerism and comic timing is put to good use here, particularly on the subway ride home and the morning after scene where he practically destroys his bathroom in a matter of seconds! His new-found powers discombobulate as well as delight Peter, and we see a great deal of scenes of Peter gleefully testing his gravity-defying abilities before he becomes the titular hero. As Spidey, Garfield also brings more of that sarcastic playfulness that’s fun to watch.

Thanks to their palpable chemistry and Marc Webb’s gift for creating an authentic relationship drama (as he did in 500 Days of Summer), the romance between Peter and Gwen feels genuinely affecting and real, it even makes you forget for a bit that you’re watching a Summer superhero blockbuster. Emma also has this likable presence and warmth about her, plus she is no damsel in distress, so it’s nice to see far less shrieking women that’s so prevalent in Raimi’s versions.

Rhys Ifans brings a surprising credibility in the role of the villain, I’ve only seen him in comedic roles like his scene-stealing role in Notting Hill but he’s quite a versatile actor. I always like a story where the villain has a close ties with the hero, and has a personal motivation that drives him instead of just an arbitrary desire for creating chaos. Connors is more of a tragic character because he’s naturally a good guy, and his humanistic identity doesn’t become lost beneath the freaky Lizard shape once he’s transformed.

What’s nice about this movie is the compelling humanity of our superhero, it’s as much a movie about Peter Parker the human as it is about the hero in spandex. Yet it also offers the cool visuals that we’ve come to expect from a superhero movie. The technical wizardry of Spidey’s web-slinging stunts is marvelously-crafted, and there’s plenty of beautiful aerial shots of the Big Apple at night that I think makes the 3D price worthwhile. The ‘cranes’ scene packs an emotional punch in the bombastic climactic battle between Spidey and the Lizard. That sense of ‘community’ evokes memories of the awesome train scene in Spider-man 2.

The Not-So-Good

Now, what drags this movie down to me is the pacing. At 2 hours and 16 minutes, the film does feel quite tedious at times, especially in the first half as the scenes of Peter discovering what he’s capable of feels repetitive. The editing could’ve been a whole lot tighter, especially considering that supposed “untold story” of what really happened to Peter’s parents is not being explored that well. The famous line “with great powers comes great responsibility” is also missing from the film, and the writers tries to replace it with something similar but it just doesn’t have as big of an impact.

I think that’s my general sentiment about the supporting characters, they’re just not memorable. Aside from the two main leads, everyone else’s performances are just serviceable to me with nothing worth writing home about. For one, the relationship between Peter and his aunt/uncle (Martin Sheen and Sally Field) aren’t as touching, they’re good mind you, but I just don’t feel a real connection between them and Peter. Then there’s the stereotypical, cheesy school jock Flash, whose transformation from bully to buddy is entirely unconvincing. Even Dennis Leary as Gwen’s dad feels one-dimensional even though there are some memorable scenes between him and Peter.

Another major disappointment is the score by James Horner. I’m actually surprised he’s the composer as the music is so forgettable, it adds nothing to the experience at all.

Final Thoughts:

Overall it’s an entertaining reboot and despite it being inherently predictable, Webb manages to ingest something fresh to the table, starting with the main cast. However, the main beef I have with the movie lies in the significant gap between what’s promised n what’s being delivered. What “untold story??” The only thing that was not told in the Raimi’s versions is that bit about his father and his “decay rate algorithm” that Dr. Connors has been searching for. But apart from that, it’s the same old story just told slightly differently.

Given that there are quite a lot of missing scenes from the trailers [whatever happens to Rajit Ratha who keeps pressuring Connor to hurry up on human trials of his experiment??], perhaps it’s a last minute decision on the studio’s part to save that “untold story’ for the sequels. Fortunately for SONY, Webb has spun [pardon the pun] something that has enough going for it to make me want to stick around and find out what happens next.


So what do you think of this movie, folks? What do you like/dislike about it?

62 thoughts on “FlixChatter Review: The Amazing Spiderman

  1. Glad you enjoyed it (I didn’t so much, but I think you’ve read my review). Apparently there will be sequels, and I’ll go along and see those quite happily, especially if Garfield and Stone remain involved! I’m glad you thought it was great Gwen wasn’t such a damsel in distress as well! God, Mary Jane’s screaming annoyed me….

    1. Hi Ruth, well if you’re willing to see the sequels then it can’t be THAT bad, right? 🙂 I’m on for the ride as well, I love those two. They’re dating in real life as well I believe. Yeah, MJ’s screams are indeed annoying!

    1. I realized that. I checked out your review right after I’m done w/ mine, glad we’re like-minded, in more ways than one 😀

  2. I enjoyed the film, though I agree that it’s completely unnecessary. I really wish Raimi had had a chance to explore Lizard in his universe. I wonder how it would have turned out if Sony chose to make this a part of the previous series, even without Raimi or the original cast. Could the mystery surrounding Peter’s parents be introduced as flashback and brought in Curt Connors as the character who appeared in the previous installments? At least then we wouldn’t have to go through the origin story again, but actually focus on the conflict.

    1. I think the necessary/unnecessary debate is up to the individual. I personally don’t mind it because I like the cast, though there’s a missed opportunity there about the ‘untold story’ but hopefully that’ll be explored more in the sequels. Yeah, I think the origin story is getting old, that’s why the sequel might be a more compelling movie, at least in theory.

  3. Ted S.

    Good in dept review Ruth, I’ll probably just rent it, nothing from the trailers made me want to see it on the big screen. Also, I’m so tired of 3D movies now after seeing The Avengers and Prometheus, I just thought the 3D effects add nothing to those films.

    I wonder if/when James Horner will ever compose another good theme for movies, he hasn’t done anything good since Titantic.

    1. Thanks Ted, w/ some movies I just kinda had a lot to say, and this is one of them. I didn’t see Prometheus in 3D but I feel like w/ Spidey, with all those aerial shots it actually looks cool in 3D.

      I’m generally not that impressed w/ Horner, Titanic was good but not the main theme w/ Celine Dion, I prefer the less-played versions.

      1. Ted S.

        The 3D in Prometheus was pretty good actually since Scott shot it in 3D but I just thought it didn’t add anything to the story. I’m sure those effect shots look cool in Spiderman, but I’ve just had enough of 3D. I’m so glad Nolan refuses to do TDKR in that format.

        I’ve always enjoyed Horner’s scores because he composed so many of the action films back in the 80s and 90s, but it seems after he won the Oscar for Titanic, he sort of just reusing his older scores the last few years.

        1. Yeah, good for Nolan for refusing 3D. I think he’s more of an IMAX enthusiast anyway, boy it’s gonna look so awesome on those giant screen!

          Which of Horner’s scores are your favorites Ted? May I interest you in doing a top 5 for the Music Break post? 🙂

          1. Ted S.

            As mentioned earlier, I like his Titantic theme, also Braveheart, 48 Hours, Patriot Games and Aliens. Let’s see if I could come up with 5 favorite themes, there are so many good movie themes out there. I’ll find some not so well know ones that I like.

  4. Nice to know you loved it, Ruth. I’ve seen the movie twice (I can’t believe I did that, that’s rare), only because first time I hated it and I wanted to make sure. And second, I owe it to Marc Webb and…wouldn’t mind seeing Garfield again 😉 I agree with your review, the movie managed to be refreshing and enjoyable. It could’ve been more tighter on the editing, especially when he is trying to find the killer of his uncle first time.

    1. Wow, you saw this twice already? You must really LOVE Andrew Garfield, right right? 😉 Well I don’t blame you, he’s soooo adorable. He looks just as gorgeous in person too, I screamed like a little girl when he opened the mask at Comic-con, I could practically touch him, all I had to do was lean over a bit, he was THAT close. I’ve seen 5 movies of his now and I’m impressed w/ all of his performances.

  5. Seems like the film’s marketing and the film itself are at odds, which is negatively affecting how satisfied people are with the film. I may rent this now Ruth…and that’s saying something, as I had no interest before reading this 😉

    1. Wow, that is saying something. It’s worth a rent, doll, I think you’d enjoy Andrew and Emma’s performances, the romance is really sweet, one of the best in a superhero movie IMO.

  6. Fine review, Ruth. I liked it, mostly for the things you enjoyed (not all, though), but rated it only 3.5 reels/stars for these reasons:

    What I Really Enjoyed
    • low hanging fruit – it’s way, way better than the crap-fest that was ‘Spider Man 3’ (though I don’t blame Raimi but Sony for that one)
    • Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone – they’re great on-screen together, and I wanted more of them
    • SFX – again, this was to be expected since the tech in ten years time has improved dramatically
    • Dennis Leary – I was prepared to not like this character, but he won me over

    What I Didn’t Enjoy
    • since I grew up with the original Spider Man origin story in comics, this alternate version that hinges on 1) newly introduced parents with a future story arc you know is coming doesn’t really grab me right off
    • 2) way too many people know Parker’s secret identity (and abilities), and too quickly, for my taste
    • SFX – even with better tech, you end with more instances of CGI use, which then over relies on it, which in turn delivers more animation than live action in the film — not a good thing
    • Rhys Ifans and the Lizard – because of the point right above, the villain comes off less than those in Raimi’s first two films in the series; plus, Ifans kind of overacts and doesn’t exactly displace Willem Dafoe or Alfred Molina for their excellent work, IMO
    • way too long — Marc Webb tells a great couple story, but only an okay super-hero tale (your point on editing is a valid one, too)
    • and way too soon for another Spider Man origin story

    Thanks, Ruth.

    1. Hi Michael, I think 3.5 is fair. I actually was thinking this is more of a 3.75 but I was feeling generous because I LOVE Garfield that I rounded it up 😀

      Yep, I was reading Jamie’s post and how SONY butchered Spidey 3, what a bummer!

      I think I’m w/ you about Parker’s secret identity being known to a lot of people so soon, and the movie being way too long. I actually looked at my watch a couple of times, NEVER a good sign. I actually like Ifans as Lizard, he reminds me a bit of Doc Ock though of course I much prefer Alfred Molina as an actor.

      It’s interesting that people say the reboot is too soon but yet it still made over $140 mil in six days, maybe if they waited 2 yrs they’d make over $200? 😀

  7. Gwen Stacy’s character(and Emma Stone playing her) is 10 times better than Mary Jane. The “Untold Story” promotion was annoying, especially since there was a scene in the trailer or tv spot (can’t remember which one) that has Dr. Connors saying something like “do you want to know what really happened to your parents Peter?”. But nowhere was that scene in the film. Maybe Peter’s parents disappeared because they were involved with Howard Stark in creating SHIELD. Okay, that final part I just made up….

    1. Oh absolutely! I generally like Emma Stone better than Dunst anyway but her character is much more likable. MJ is kind of irritating and all that screaming is just too much, I guess Raimi being a horror director likes that, ahah. Yeah, that line of ‘Do you want to know what really happened to your parents?’ is missing, and it sounded like Lizard/Connors was saying ‘come and get it’ in the same breath when in reality it’s not the case. Ha..ha.. well, if SONY didn’t own the rights to Spidey movies, your theory could’ve totally happened, Asrap!

    1. Nope, not a total wash out by any means. Hey if you already have 3D home theater by the time this comes out, it’ll be cool to see it that way, matey 🙂 All the web slinging is quite fun to watch.

  8. Good to see another positive review. Have the same sentiments as you about the first half of the film. There was no “untold” story. And while they did have a play with the origin story, I was still waiting for that part to be over.

    I disagree a bit about the “great power” line. I liked that it wasn’t there. The film as such was trying to be less comic book-y than the Raimi ones and as such, I don’t think the line would have fit into this film. I liked the change to make it something a bit more … real.

    Also, I sorta liked Flash. He was less of the typical bully that he was in the Raimi films. I thought his “transformation” was fairly realistic.

    1. I think a lot of people are tired of the ‘origins story’ angle, I didn’t even want to use that word in my review! I guess I don’t mind that the ‘great power’ line wasn’t there, but there really wasn’t any memorable line in the entire movie. You’re right though about making it more real and I think Webb did that w/ how Peter & Gwen’s relationship progressed.

      Ha..ha.. well I think I had more of an issue w/ the actor playing Flash than the character itself. Ah well, it’s a minor quibble anyway as he wasn’t on there all that much and when he was, I was mostly looking at the adorkable Andrew!

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  10. I couldn’t stop nodding in agreement as I went through your review, Ruth, especially the ‘Now, what drags this movie down to me is the pacing’ part. When I walked out of the theater, the voice in my head was screaming, “Two hours and no revelation about what happened to Peter’s parents AT ALL?? Geez…” There were also some scenes where they just weren’t funny enough. That Stan Lee bit was hilarious, sure. But the rest of the jokes felt flat to me somehow. And you are so right about most of the casts being one-dimensional. Such a waste.

    I had to disagree with you on Rhys Ifans’ portrayal of the villain, though. I couldn’t sympathize with him at all, despite his conditions. The character development was lacking, IMHO. Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe) is by far the best Spidey villain.

    Right, let’s get to the good part.

    Three words: Stone and Garfield.

    From the get go I could feel the chemistry between the two. That scene where they awkwardly talked to each other on the school hall after uncle Ben embarrassed Peter felt so real, pure, and utterly sweet. Garfield had big shoes to fill because Tobey Maguire did an amazing job portraying Peter Parker, and I believe he’s done a good job. You’re right, Garfield’s Peter was more reckless than Maguire’s, which is a good thing because it’s more relate-able to teenagers that way. The fact that Garfield’s ridiculously handsome also helps 🙂

    And Emma Stone, good God! I seriously have a major girl-crush on this gorgeous actress! Those huge eyes! It was like watching a Japanese cartoon character (anime) came to life! And, again, you were right. She’s no damsel in distress. And I LOVE IT! I never liked MJ, mind you. That annoying shriek pierce my ears.

    As for the question in the beginning of this review, I can only think of one reason: Spider-man joining The Avengers 2, anyone?

    1. Yeah, I’m with you about this movie being maybe 20 min too long! Ha..ha.. that Stan Lee bit is hilarious for sure, man I LOVE his cameos, he’s always one of the best part of the movie.

      I think Ifans is ok, not great but way better than all the villains in Spidey 3 put together!! Dafoe as Goblin still sets the standard though, ’cause Dafoe is naturally a creepy guy, ahah.

      Garfield is indeed sooo handsome, I was gonna say that I find it a bit hard to believe that someone THAT good looking would be picked on at school and unpopular w/ the girls. I mean seriously?? I’d date him over Flash ANY day!

      Emma Stone is downright gorgeous, I agree, but she also has this endearing personality that makes her so likable. I like her right away where w/ MJ it took a while. Somehow Dunst just didn’t have that inherent warmth about her.

      As for your last question, that’s not gonna happen as long as SONY still owns this franchise instead of Marvel. Too bad eh?

  11. Hi, Ruth and company:

    Feeling kind of iffy on Martin Sheen and Sally Field as Uncle Ben and Aunt May. Also what looks like an over abundance of CGI. Though the world can not get enough Campbell Scott.. And where, oh where, is JK Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson?!!!

    1. I think on paper, the casting of Martin Sheen and Sally Field sounded great but I actually didn’t think they were all that memorable. I wish there were more Campbell Scott here, and the actress who played the wife, Embeth Davidtz, is also very talented. I know, I LOVE JK Simmons in the Raimi versions, he’s so much fun to watch!

  12. So nice to know you enjoy the movie Ruth 🙂
    It is also in cinema right now and quite rame
    Wow…over 2 hours? that’s a looooooong viewing time for a superhero movie

    1. Ha…ha.. rame pasti, kan si Garfield ganteng bener tuh 🙂

      Yeah, it does feel long, though The Dark Knight Rises will be almost 3 hrs long but I don’t mind it one bit!

  13. Alex Withrow

    I completely agree that the casting of Garfield and Stone was very wise. But in the end, I too felt that its pacing was off and it was unnecessarily repetitive. To me, not a necessary film at all. But with two planned sequels, I suppose we better get used to it!

  14. I agree with you Ruth. I found the chemistry between Garfield and Stone to be a very strong one. I think they clicked a little too quickly though, which is why I had issues with the pace as well, and often thought back on how it was sort of similar to the original in ’02. I was convinced with Ifans as the villain. I thought he lacked the cold-heartedness that villains have to make them equal adversaries to their heroes they’re against. I thought Garfield did a good job of bringing his acting qualities to the role, and I’m curious to see what the next film or films will bring.

    1. Lizard not cold-hearted enough? But they’re coldblooded reptilians 😀 Just kidding, I guess I don’t mind that because in this case he’s really not a villain by choice, he’s sort of a tragic character that’s pushed to the point where he’s putting himself as the subject for human trials, with disastrous results obviously.

      Yep, Garfield is a great young actor, he’s great in indie dramas so I have no doubt he could bring something more with this role as Peter Parker.

  15. Haven’t seen it and I won’t see it until rental time. I just couldn’t gather enough excitement for this despite the presence of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. It just looks like “been there, done that” already. Can’t wait to check out Beasts of the Southern Wild next weekend, now I’m excited 😀

    1. Fair enough Castor, I think I was already predisposed to liking this because of Andrew, but there are a lot to like in the movie too.

      Curious to hear what you think of ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’ 🙂

  16. LOL. I agree totally Ruth, WHAT “Untold Story”? Seems like 9/10 of that origin story had been told the same way before. T called me out on that though. Claims that since the audience knows the story, they spent more time on the charcaters along the way…

    I wasnt buying it 😀

    I liked it too, 4/5 seems right even though there’s details here and there I see things differently on (I liked Uncle Ben/Aunt May for example)

    1. Hi Fogs, what does he mean by the ‘audience knows the story’?? I don’t think anyone who didn’t read the comics know what really happens to Peter’s parents and that’s what was promised in the trailers.

      I think there are details that we’re bound to disagree on, I didn’t dislike Uncle Ben/Aunt May, I just didn’t LOVE them. I guess I couldn’t help comparing how wonderful Rosemary Harris was and her heartfelt scenes w/ Tobey Maguire, I totally bought their connection in the Raimi versions.

  17. the only Garfield I can stand is the cat!
    On a bright note, Flixy, you DON’T want to miss today’s post at my bay, trust me 🙂 There’s some serious eye candy! Bring tissues in case of drooling.

    1. Ahahaha, I take it you disagree again w/ my crush of choice 😀 Ah well, at least we can still agree on Gerry Berry and Karl Urban, right? I’ll be right over, I was there last nite, too.

  18. Great review, Ruth. It’s interesting to see the wide variety of reactions to this movie. I’m not a huge fan of superhero movies, so I think I will be waiting for the DVD, if I bother at all. Never got into Spider-Man before for some reason. Still, I do like Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, so it has that going for it at least. Glad you dug it, though!

    1. Hi Eric, I hear your sentiment about superhero movies. Unlike you, I’m a big fan and I don’t get tired of ’em as easily as others 😀 Plus this movie does have an excellent lead cast, Andrew and Emma are both wonderful here.

  19. Awesome review! I’ll definetly see this one for Emma Stone, she is so ridiculousy lovable. I’m not a fan of Garfield, he even annoyed me in Never let me Go, but then again I didn’t like Tobey McGuire too and he made for fine Spiderman.

    1. Oh no, no love for Andrew? I think he’s so adorable here, he has a great chemistry w/ Emma, well naturally, I think they’re dating in real life. True though, you might not like a certain actor but they might be good in a particular role. I wasn’t crazy about Tobey either but I like him as Spiderman.

    1. I’m so smitten w/ Andrew, well not in the way I do w/ Gerry Butler but I think he’s just such a good actor. If you’re not a Spiderman fan though, then I’d suggest seeing his indie work, like Boy A or Never Let Me Go.

  20. It does sound like theyve done a decent job but I won’t be hurrying to see it. Instead of being a “reboot” it looks to me like a retread of familiar ground and superhero films have moved from Raimi’s original.

  21. markuswelby1

    I agree this was a tad long, but I enjoyed it overall. So much so that my wife and I had to watch “500 Days of Summer” I’m glad they didn’t go for the damsel in distress climax, but I just wish they’d stop picking villains that are kind of sympathetic science lab accidents. I want Ian McShane as Kraven the hunter next time! I can dream can’t I?

    1. Hi Markus, glad you enjoyed it too! Yeah, the damsel in distress is wonderfully absent from this one, and no shrieking damsels either! It got to be too much in the Raimi versions, very campy horror style.

      Ha..ha.. seems like most superhero villains are science lab accidents aren’t they? I don’t know who Kraven the Hunter is, I didn’t read the comics, but yeah for Ian McShane!

  22. A great review here, Ruth. I have to agree with you on the pacing. I remember thinking at one point “Well, when do we get back to the Lizard?” after spending so much time on Gwen and Peter. And, right when I was thinking that, the transition came.

    Gwen and Peter were cast superbly. I just hope that Emma and Andrew continue dating through the sequels (how awkward that would be for them to be broken up, yet playing bf/gf so soon after…has that ever happened in a film before?)

    I have a difference of opinion in the “untold story” only because most of the story will be the same…not because it’s Raimi’s story vs. Webb’s story…but because it’s Parker/Spider-Man’s story. the “untold” part, to me, came in Gwen Stacy, Parker’s parents, the Lizard, the absence of the wrestling bit…all of that was untold, and thus, the tagline made sense to me.

    I loved your thoughts and am super glad you gave this one the score you did. Isn’t that the same score you gave Thor?

    1. Ahah, Fogs told me about your defense about the ‘untold story.’ Now, I think the trailer had us believe that it’s Peter’s parents’ story that’s going to be explored deeper, NOT Peter’s story on how he becomes Spiderman. So on that front I think the film falls short, and perhaps it’s dictated by the studio. I guess after reading what happens between SONY and Raimi on Spidey 3, I’m not surprised that happens. Such a bummer that the suits have far more power than the creative folks.

      In any case, I think it’s still a well-done movie. Yeah I think I gave the same score to Thor, but in this one I do prefer the hero than the villain 😉

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  24. Great review, Ruth, and I agree with what you’ve written. I really, really enjoyed the film but it did seem to go on for a very long time. Saying that, though, I’m not sure what they could have taken out.

    I would have liked more explanation regarding his parents’ disappearance too.

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