Houdini Magic Tickets Blog-a-thon – What I’d do if I had them

Thanks to my friend and loyal FC reader Dan Stephens from Top 10 Films for inviting me to join this fun blog-a-thon! Dan explained in this post that the idea for the blog-a-thon comes from the film Last Action Hero starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The basic idea is what if you had a magic ticket that transported you into any movie you wished? What films would you want to enter the world’s of?

In order to help focus our responses whilst still keeping ’em open to all kinds of wonderful ideas and every film under the sun, each of us will base our posts around these questions below. So here we go …

What character would you most like to be sat next to on a plane?

I don’t know why but I immediately thought of a superhero alter ego to pass the time on a long flight, though most likely these two would be flying on their own planes. But hey, who said it has to be a commercial plane, so why not shoot for the stars? 😀 Initially I thought it’d be nice to be sitting next to Bruce Wayne (without Alfred on board preferably) but I feel that Bruce is more on the quiet side so I think the gregarious Tony Stark would be more entertaining. Both guys have a lot going on in their life, but I think Stark is more inclined to share them and be more chatty and flirty on the plane 😉

What character would you most want to enjoy a passionate romance with?

Ooooh this is a juicy one… and naturally the one I grapple with the most, ahah. As I’m such as sucker for those tortured souls, I go back and forth between the Phantom of the Opera (the Gerry Butler version of course, I mean even with just a half of his face he’s sexy as hell!) and Jane Eyre‘s Rochester (the Timothy Dalton’s 1983 version). But I think I’ll go with Rochester as Phantom’s lair is rather creepy. The passion and longing he displayed as he looked at Jane is so irresistible… here’s a man who’s capable to give his whole heart to the woman he loves, what could be more attractive?

If you were a cop who would you want as your partner?

Ahah, this question makes me laugh as I REALLY don’t want to be a cop nor would I be good at it. So for that reason, I’d pick someone who can perhaps do the job on his own without my help… and that is John McClane of course. Not only is he bad ass, but he’s witty and fun as well… plus, I like cops who’re as great in car chases as he does in intense shoot outs!

What animated feature would you love to walk around in?

I’d loooove to go back into the Medieval era of Sleeping Beauty. What with those friendly animals on an enchanting forest, where everything looks like a spectacular painting with gorgeous, vivid colors. Preferably the handsome Prince Philip would be my tour guide as we walk around the forest and his castle serenaded by Tchaikovsky’s music. I figure Maleficent would be too busy chasing Aurora and the three fairy godmothers are busy protecting her that we’d have the whole weekend to ourselves 😉

What movie gadget would you love to try out (or steal)?

I’d LOVE to get my hands on Tumbler from Nolan’s Batman series. I mean that’s the coolest movie ride ever and clearly Bruce Wayne loves it, too! Plus, in case anything happens, there’s the batpod as a backup, so really whats not to love?

What film’s plot would you alter and how would you do it?

Now, for this question, I don’t really have an alternative solution, but the one superhero movie ending that I always find preposterous (yes even in this genre!) is the ‘turning back time’ sequence in Superman: The Movie. I’ve already mentioned that in detail in ScarletSp1der’s blog post on It Should’ve Ended This Way. Perhaps leaving it as a cliffhanger would’ve been more heart-wrenching, though I know in a superhero movie people probably expect a more uplifting ending [shrugs].

What one film would you most want to be transported into, simply to be a part of that world?

I was so mesmerized by the enchanting city of Paris in Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris… which look spectacular both during the day or at night, and even more so in the rain! Plus, when the clock strikes midnight, I’d get to experience a whole different side of the City of Lights and meet a whole set of inspiring people who’ve helped shape the creative world as we know it.

On the other side of that coin…

The world I would NOT want to be transported into:

That’s got to be anywhere there’s a zombie epidemic, especially 28 Days Later. No matter how much I love London but the scenes of the deserted city is just so darn creepy. I don’t think I can survive very long at all being chased around by terrifying zombies!

So that’s my answers. Don’t forget to visit Dan’s post to see what other people have done with their magic ticket. Now, what would YOU do with yours?

59 thoughts on “Houdini Magic Tickets Blog-a-thon – What I’d do if I had them

  1. Nice choices, although I think the Batmobile probably wouldn’t be very practical in normal traffic 😉

    NIce lists, thinking about writing one of these as well. Just saw Last Action Hero last week and in my upcoming review of it I also asked the same question of what you would do with it….

    1. Ahah, well a lot of my answers aren’t exactly practical, Nostra, but in a fantasy world, anything goes right?

      You should do one, too. It’s really fun to do a blogathon like this where you can let your imagination go 😀

  2. Ruth, I feel your dilemma in chossing between Gerard Butler’s Phantom and Timothy Dalton’s Rochester. Both men have a dark and broken element to them that is difficult to resist.

    1. Glad you feel my pain, Sherry, both men make me weak in the knees and yes, the dark & broken element is what draws me to them… in a fantasy world anyway, in real life it’s better to stick with a happier, more ‘normal’ guys, ahah.

  3. Hi, Ruth and company:

    Excellent questions!

    Plane partner?

    Helen Mirren’s Victoria from ‘Red’. Who better to dish with about past mistakes of the Agency while discussing large caliber weapons, ballistic trajectories and proper etiquette regarding Afternoon Tea.

    Passionate romance?

    Kate Beckinsale’s Hero from ‘Much Ado About Nothing’. Youth, beauty and innocence personified. What’s not to enjoy?

    Partner as a cop?

    Wow! A tough one!

    I’d have to go Old School with either George C. Scott’s veteran Officer Kilvinski from ‘The New Centurions’. Or Roy Scheider’s Stormy from ‘The French Connection’.

    Animated feature(s)?

    I’d like to step into either of the worlds of Ralph Bakshi’s counter-culture ‘Fritz The Cat’ or his later, Roto-Scoped gem ‘Wizards’.


    Jesse Ventura’s Man Portable Vulcan Machine Gun, ‘Painless’ featured in ‘Predator’. Just for the Adrenaline and Testosterone rush!

    Film Transport?

    The stylized world Ellen Page’s Ariadne created during her first dreams in ‘Inception’.

    1. Woo hoo Jack, glad you’re participating man.

      Funny I just saw Kate on a talk show re-run, she really is gorgeous!

      Ahah, I had to laugh at your gadget answer. Jesse used to be our governor in my state of MN. There were bumper stickers everywhere with the saying ‘my governor can beat up your governor’ ahah.

      Great choice on Inception’s dream world, I actually considered that one.

      Thanks for your fab comment as always.

  4. Ted S.

    Cool idea to write about, here are mine:

    1. I have to go with Tony Stark too, Bruce Wayne is the type you don’t want to mess with since he’s pissed off all the time. Stark on the other hand, he loves to have fun and I would love to be sitting in Stark’s private jet.

    2. Hmm this is a tough one but I’ll have to go with Vicki Vale in 1989’s Batman. I was madly in love with Kim Basinger when I first saw Burton’s Batman.

    3. McClane is a good choice but I’ll have to go with Lt. Marion ‘Cobra’ Cobretti, he’s a no non-sense type of a cop and he wants to get rid of all the bad guys.

    4. As you know I’m not a huge animated film fan but I’d love to be part of The Incredibles’ word.

    5. I would love to steal/burrow Tony Stark’s Iron Man suite.

    6. I would love to change a lot of films’ plot but my choice will have to be The Dark Knight’s last half hour. When The Joker said “And here we go” one of the ferries blows up and a bunch of people died. The Joker starts laughing and Batman flips him over, yet The Jokers keeps laughing and telling Batman he was right all along, when the chips are down these “civilized” people will eat one another. Batman stares at the ferry that just blew and couldn’t believe what he’s seeing. Gordon shows up and asked him what happened. Batman said it was his fault that all those people died and he becomes the fugitive just like the what happened in the film. We leave the faith of Two-Face unknown and make him appear in the third movie.

    Sorry for the long answer but that’s the only thing I found annoying in The Dark Knight, I tend to skip the ferry scene whenever watch it. It makes angry the way Nolan came up with that scene.

    7. I would love to live in San Angeles of 2032 in Demolition Man.

    8. Yeah any world fill with zombies is awful but I wouldn’t ever want to be in the world of The Road. What’s so scary is that it could happen and not zombies that wants to eat you but regular people who decided to become cannibals because there aren’t any animals to eat in that world.

    1. Awesome Ted, glad you’re joining in!

      Yeah, Bruce Wayne is a hunk but I just don’t see him as a ‘fun’ guy to hang out with. So I just go with another wealthy + gorgeous superhero, ahah.

      Glad you have some superhero-related answers, Ted. Vicki Vale is definitely sexy!

      Interesting answer about TDK. It’d be interesting to see Two-Face in TDKR wouldn’t it? But I think I read an interview w/ Eckhart and he confirmed he WON’T be in it.

      Oh yeah, I wouldn’t want to be transported to The Road’s world either, not even w/ Viggo in it!

  5. I love that your post Ruth has inspired Ted and Jack to join in on the fun. Glad the questions turned out useful!

    Very interesting choice(s) for your romance Ruth. I think you need to organise a trip over to England – you’d be in your element! 😉

    1. Well thanks to you, Dan! Fantastic blogathon idea, man, hope you come up w/ more!!

      You should know it already, mate, I LOVE all things British… especially the actors 😀 😀

      1. Thanks for supporting this one Ruth – and your words of encouragement.

        …I’m no expert when it comes to blogathons and got some help from Rodney at Fernby Films and Marc at Go See Talk but this one was so much fun I’ll have to get my thinking cap on. Perhaps you can host the next one – have you got some ideas?

        1. You did a smashing job, Dan! It’s great that you gave us reminders as well, especially me as I’m very forgetful.

          Why don’t we co-host our next one? I’ll see if my pal Ted has any ideas for a blogathon. Maybe sometime around the Holiday season?

  6. Great choice with Tony Stark, Ruth. I’m sure he would be quite flirty!

    I thought you’d go for someone along the lines of brooding for your romance choice!

    If you’d have me then I’d certainly like to join you in Sleeping Beauty and Midnight in Paris. Sleeping Beauty did cross my mind as I love the medieval, too. I chose Shrek, which is medieval but in a more comical, children’s story way.

    1. Yeah, and I’m sure Stark’s private plane is quite nice as well, ahah.

      Well Claire, I just couldn’t resist the dark, tortured soul types in movies, what does that say about me, eh? 😀

  7. As a kid I really want to be a part of Sleeping Beauty too. Somehow the forest seem friendly and homey. Haven’t seen Midnight in Paris (on my watch list!) but Paris seem like a great place to be.

  8. Poor Gerry … beaten by an old man 😉

    Aha…sitting next to Stark could be fun,it’ll be better if he decided to share his wealth too.

    hehehe I wouldn’t mind being transported to 28Days later…at least i can run around London with Cilli.

    1. Ahahaha, well as Rochester, Dalton was actually younger than Gerry is now, Nov, you are too funny! It’s the character not the actor I was referring to, but I know for you it’s all about Cillian the actor.

      1. Aha!! unfortunately you are wrong 😉
        I have already explained it in my reply to your comment. If Cillian didn’t play as Capa,I would pick someone else.

  9. Oh awesome meme, I might give this a shot if time allows this week! Not sure about that Tony Stark though, it sounds like an annoying prick after a while 😉

    1. He..he.. well he can be smug at times, but he’s so darn charming. I suppose I’m a woman Castor so I have a totally different point of view about Mr. Stark 🙂

  10. PrairieGirl

    A character romance? Of course, it has to be Lord Marke (Rufus Sewell) in Tristan and Isolde. How I would LOVE to make him totally forget all about Isolde ;-D

  11. I love this meme. I just didn’t get enough time to get around to posting mine. Or in fact working on it at all. bum!!

    This is so YOU Ruth. I am not being rude in anyway. But this is totally your personality. I feel like I know you now very well and I would be able to see your posts a mile off. I love it!!

    Great job my BFF

    1. No you’re not rude at all, matey. I’m flattered that you’ve come to know me well, that means you’ve been visiting here often 😀

      I know I’m kinda predictable in most of these answers, though it should come as a surprise that I didn’t put down Gerry for any of the questions, he..he

    1. Um, no. But maybe there’s another way for Supes to rescue her. As I said, I don’t know what my solution would be, I’m just not crazy about the turning-back-time thing idea. Otherwise I LOVE that movie.

  12. 1) On a plane? One of Peter O’Toole’s characters. Probably Eli Cross the director from The Stuntman. The stories he could weave.

    2) Romance? Clementine from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Her girlish playfulness, everchanging hair color and infectious ‘joie de vivre’ are to die for. Plus the fact that Kate Winslet’s ‘my girl’… would do it for me.

    3) A cop as my partner? Inspector Clouseau. A bit unorthodox but he always gets his man and while you laugh you ass off in the process. Plus the suprise attacks waiting at home for you look WAY too much fun to pass up.

    4) Animated feature? Probably the Bugs Bunny Road Runner Movie. Particularly the Road Runner part. Beep Beep!!

    5) Gadget? The “orgazmitron” from Woody Allen’s Sleeper. lol. Ok seriously… the remote control from Click. The uses are limetless.

    6) A.I.- I would have ended it when the boy, David, died trapped under the sea instead of having “the Spielberg happy ending”. A much more profound movie in my opinion. I can’t help but think that Kubrick, who developed A.I. for 12 years before he died, would have ended it there. Am I right?

    7) Transported? Serinity/Firefly. I’d love to be on the Firefly traveling with that wonderful group of people getting mixed up in their hijinx. Never a dull moment with ol’ Cap’n Tightpants. Shiny.

    8) Not transported? Zombies would be fun to me. Ever see Zombieland? Looked like a whole lotta fun. (Don’t forget to double tap) The answer is easy. Schindler’s List. Nothing else even comes close. Put me in any horror movie. At least you die quick. You die horribly… but quick. If there was ever a hell on earth… the holocaust was it.

      1. Great answers, Dave, glad you’re participating! Clementine is on a lot of guys’ list I’m sure, Kate Winslet is just lovely all around.

        Clousseau is a good one, he certainly is a fun partner to have on off days as well.

        Serenity, why didn’t I think of that? Man, who wouldn’t want to journey along Capt. Mal & his crew? I love everyone on board as well, I mean Alan Tudyk, Adam Baldwin, and that girl who’s the engineer, she’s funny, too.

        Ahah, well Schindler’s List is one that Dan actually put down as an example not to use, as obviously nobody wants to be transported to Holocaust era.

        Btw, I think if you put the number eight and an end bracket it results in the smiley face that you have 😀

      1. Its Maniac Cop! I thought he was a great choice in these Halloween times. =)
        It was a really silly 80’s horror franchise in the style of friday the 13th about a cop serving justice after he was killed by a drug dealer!

  13. I am glad that you answered all of the questions! I just did the one big question because, after all, there are only so many Gabriel Byrne films to include on a list like this. 😉 I agree completely about John McCain and I also think a zombie-filled world would be terrible (even though it is close to Halloween). And I’m with you on the Tumbler: zoom zoom zoom!!! Enjoyed your list!

    1. Thanks Michael, well in a fantasy world, I wouldn’t need to go to work, ahah. I’ll just live in Bruce Wayne’s mansion and ride Tumbler every day 🙂

    1. Hey Wulan, oh kenapa internet connection kamu? Lagi ngadat? Well I hope it gets back up soon so you can participate. Send me the link ok?

      1. I think “ngadat” is and understatement 😛
        Thankfully right now I can get my hands on my campus’s computer, so I’m trying to write the post now. Will definitely give you the link when it’s done 🙂

  14. I loved “Midnight in Paris” too – who wouldn’t want to be in Paris always. Great choice. What film would I like to be transported to? I think it would be “A Room with a View”, Italy, romance, and true love, what could be better.

    What character would I most want a passionate romance with? Lets see…Lucas North (Richard Armitage) in Spooks, when he was still a good guy, or Mellors (Sean Bean) in Lady Chatterley 🙂 Does it count that these are TV programs and not films?

    1. A Room with a View is a good one. I actually love Italy more than France and there are some enchanting Italian locations in that one.

      Oooh, Lucas North, of course. Though I probably would go with Mr. Thornton first. Oh yeah, I think TV characters do count!

  15. I feel like if I got behind the wheel of the Tumbler I would accidentally crash it into an embankment with 5.5 seconds. But you know, that’s just me. If it’s you, go for it! And yeah, “Midnight In Paris” would be a lovely place to go.

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