A Birthday Tribute: Top Five Fave Gerry Butler Scenes

Gerard James Butler – or simply Gerry to his fans – turns 41 today!
It’s been nearly five years since I first fell for the Scot, perhaps the longest I’ve ever had a crush on any actor. I’ve written my ‘origins’ story of how he first captured me in my first B’day tribute to him, it’s a role that still bewitches me every time I watch it. He’s also the only actor I love whom I have actually met (at TIFF 2005), an experience I shall never forget and wish I could relive it again one day (I promise I will ask first before I shake your hands, Gerry! ;))

Ever since I started this blog back in June 2009, Butler is the first actor I blog about with my review of Dear Frankie (which I originally wrote for Friendster, boy have I dated myself or what?), as well as post this riveting short film called Please! he did back in 1999 (he’s shown his dramatic range even then, and boy do I love that super thick Scottish accent!). Since then I’ve constantly featured him on FC: I’ve given you various GB news and commentaries, why he’s my pick for People’s sexiest man alive, and my open letter pleading that he’d ditch sub-par scripts (and vapid rom-coms) but keep doing the genre-jumping that he’s been known to do.

I’ve also posted my top five Gerry Butler roles … which interestingly enough hasn’t changed since a year ago. This versatile actor sure likes to genre-jump, portraying contrasting characters one after another (playing an American pastor vs. a Roman general in next year’s Machine Gun Preacher and Coriolanus). I sure hope he’d never stop mixing things up!

The Many Faces of Gerard Butler

Well, I think I’ve said enough about this fine actor, and why write it if you can show it, right? So with that said, I present to you five favorite clips from five of my favorite Gerry Butler movies:

Phantom (Phantom of the Opera) – The sultry Point of No Return scene

Johnny Donne  (BBC miniseries The Jury) – Johnny heartbroken over Rose’s confession

King Leonidas (300) –  A King’s last words… “My Queen, My Wife, My Love..”

The Stranger (Dear Frankie) – The beguiling and irresistible doorway kiss

Gerry (P.S. I Love You) – The gregarious and lively karaoke scene

May the years continue to be good to you. Happy Birthday, Gerry!


This is PART 1 of the GB Birthday post, view PART 2: GB Tribute from FlixChatter’s Friends.

30 thoughts on “A Birthday Tribute: Top Five Fave Gerry Butler Scenes

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  3. After reading your post and doing some extra research of my own, I have even more respect for GB. Had no idea about half the projects/films he has been a part of! Thanks for sharing! Love the tribute! nice work!

    1. Thank you for your kind words and glad you enjoyed the post. I feel like I’ve said so much about GB that I was at a loss for words for this tribute 🙂 I’m glad he’s come a long way since 5 yrs ago, I just hope he continues to do better work the more successful he becomes.

    2. PrairieGirl

      sp1der, just as I succumbed to GB, so are you now too? (“doing some extra research… Had no idea…”) Sounds like rtm’s GB spell has been cast again? 😉

      1. haha. I was forced to investigate further. Especially if I was to know what movies to watch, or what roles to write about. I’m actually hoping to see more from him as well, myself. But things that I’m actually interested in. Through a comment thread on Castor’s site, rtm has, unbeknowns to her, challenged me to work on a little side project about Scarlett Johansson (my wife!) 🙂 So, perhaps her spell has been cast once again, just with a different set of initials…SJ. haha

        1. He..he… sorry to have ‘forced’ you into researching about GB. I’d say if you haven’t seen Dear Frankie or Timeline, I’d check those out, I think you’ll enjoy those.

          Hey, sorry if I was a bit strong about your movie wife 🙂 I think she is very, very attractive, but her acting hasn’t really equal to how it was in Lost in Translation, which I thought was very good. I’m looking forward to your eventual post about SJ… we’ll see if you can change my mind about her!

          1. haha. your comments above made me laugh quite a bit! the ‘forced’ part especially! 🙂 oh what fun! When it comes to Scarlett, I hope to shed a different light on her for you. but if your opinion remains unchanged..then I won’t hold it against ya! 😉 I’ll give it my best shot!! LOL.

            *your comment was a lot of fun to come home from a long day’s work and read!

            1. Ok then, I’ll keep an open mind about your *wife* (hmmm, I don’t think Ryan Reynolds will be happy with you, T!)

              Why glad you’re entertained by my comment. I feel like I leave the longest comments but hey, I love getting ’em so I’m just returning the favor 😀

    1. Thanks Becky, took me a while to get both posts done… but it was fun reminiscing on the scenes I love GB in, makes me want to re-watch these five movies again 😀

      1. PrairieGirl

        Well, just as with Ruf’s movies, I could watch GB’s over and over again. In fact, I know one I’ve seen three times (twice while you were back home in Jakarta). Hint: POTO.

        1. Well I don’t blame you! I actually saw it in the theater TWICE… I could easily go for a third, too 🙂 Y’know that photo I put in the Part 2 tribute, the one when he was on the Gondola… I must have paused that dozens of times! That’s when I had to find out ‘WHO IS THAT GUY??’

          1. PrairieGirl

            Hey, didn’t know you saw it in theater twice. You really did fall hard! And I thought your “who IS this guy moment” was right when he was first guiding Christine down the hallway, didn’t know it took as “long” as seeing him in the gondola! It’s very important to get the EXACT story and moment straight, so now I have it down.

            1. I actually almost saw it for a third time, can’t remember why I didn’t. The funny thing is, it was the second viewing that I fell head over heels for him… and became even more vehement after I saw/read about him in interviews. Yes, that whole scene was the *moment*… from the hallway scene, the gondola, all the way to the part when she faints… PURE seduction on Gerry’s part. I guess I kept asking ‘who is that guy’ every time they had a close-up on him 😀

              I’m tempted to get the Blu-ray after reading this http://www.blu-ray.com/movies/The-Phantom-of-the-Opera-Blu-ray/113/ but they said the sound isn’t that great 😦

  4. Happy Birthday Gerry 🙂

    It’s been 5 years and that’s your longest time? hehe I’ve fallen for Keanu since 1996. I tend to be loyal with my celebrity crush 😉

    He looks the cutest in P.S I Love You. That is the first time I realized that GB can be my eye candy too.

    1. Wow, since 1996? That’s hardcore Nov! 😀 Come to think of it, I think I like Russell Crowe about as long as I like GB … if they both can star in one movie together that’d be heavenly!

      Yeah Gerry as Gerry is P.S. is definitely a lot of women’s fave… nothing beats a gregarious but vulnerable hunk who can sing!

      1. But he is now pushed by Cillian from my number 1 list, he is in 2nd position now ;p
        Huahaha we have the same dream Ruth, if Cilli and Keanu in one movie…I really don’t about the plot, I just want to see them in one frame.

        This might sounds funny, but I actually feel jelous over Hillary Swank when watching that movie…how could she gets a super nice hunk with great romantic sense!!

        1. He..he.. from the way you adore Cillian, I’d say Keanu is a distant second 🙂 I actually can see them acting together, maybe in a sci-fi flick or something. Hope that’ll happen one day, Nov!

          Oh yeah, what girl wouldn’t be jealous with Hilary (well her character anyways). I mean she was quite mean to him like throwing shoes at his face & stuff and he’s still sweet to her. I LOVE that scene when she’s all banged up in the hospital and he had this puppy dog face because she blamed him for falling down the stage. Simply irresistible!

          1. Well blame the distant on Cillian’s talent in acting 😉 A sci-fi with these 2 actors will be awesome.

            I love that scene too. the other scene that I like is when he kiss her without telling his name…let destiny bring them together again, so sweet.

            1. Keep your fingers crossed that it will happen, Nov. Cillian is gaining popularity now, so I don’t doubt he’ll keep getting more interesting projects.

              Ah, the first kiss… YES! That must take phenomenal willpower on Holly’s part to get away from a guy like THAT!

  5. Happy B-day, Gerry!

    Lovely post, Flixy. Gerry will forever remain Leonidas for me. I don’t remember any other film which left so many legendary quotes and uber-cool sentences! Most of them said by him in the film.
    THIS IS SPARTAAAAAA, would be my favourite, off course ;P

    1. Thanks Dez! You’re right Dez, hard to pick a cool quote from 300… and GB is so regal as the King, isn’t he? People always remember more about the yelling scenes, but his ‘quieter’ scenes are just as memorable. It’s surprisingly romantic, too 🙂

  6. Another Gerry fan, here~ What a wonderful tribute to such a talent, so versatile! I hope if they re do the Phantom, they bring him back. He has the charisma to do it all~

    Happy Birthday to a man who has intrigued many hearts, mine included~

    Great post!

    1. Hi Ellen, welcome to FC. Yes he is versatile indeed… so much fun creating that many-faces banner as he looks so different from movie to movie.

      I’m still on the fence about him doing POTO sequel though, I mentioned that on my stage review of Love Never Dies: http://wp.me/pxXPC-1qu But if he decides to do it, I won’t cry foul either.

    1. No I haven’t until you mentioned it. THANKS Scarlet! It’s perfect timing as I have a guest post tomorrow that mentions Antoine Fuqua. It looks like a good role for GB and he hasn’t done hardly any sci-fi movie (except for Timeline). Though part of me wish he’d do a totally dramatic role like The Teacher Man.

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