TV Trailers Spotlight: Apple TV+ New Series Suspicion + Severance and Netflix’s 2022 Movies Preview

I’ve just wrapped The Expanse series finale a couple of weeks ago which ended with a bang. I feel like there’s still SO much exciting stories to tell in that universe, and am still trying to process that there won’t be season 7 😦 Well, I’m on the lookout for new series to get on my watch-list.


For sure I’ll be adding these two new series that’ll drop on Apple TV+ next month. Interestingly enough, both are starring two famous actresses who were big in the 90s… Uma Thurman and Patricia Arquette, respectively.

SUSPICION (series premiere Feb 4)

Five ordinary Brits are accused of kidnapping the son of a prominent U.S. media mogul. They embark on a desperate race against time to prove their innocence, but will anyone believe them – and are they telling the truth?

It’s been ages since I saw Uma Thurman in anything, she doesn’t look like she hasn’t aged a day! I like her as an actor so it’s good to see her back on screen again. Interesting that I was actually about to blog about Moon Knight earlier this week, which also stars her ex Ethan Hawke in his MCU debut (I’ll blog about that series as it gets closer to its premiere later in March).

The setting in the UK is a plus for me (I’m an Anglophile, what can I say) and the premise is intriguing. Looks like Thurman’s character is powerful enough to cover up the fact that her son’s kidnapping is a set up. The two British show-runners Chris Long & Stefan Schwartz have directed/produced some really popular series in the past (The Americans, The Boys, The Man in the High Castle, etc.) I’m not familiar with the rest of the cast apart from Thurman, but hey if the script is strong, that shouldn’t matter. It gives me vibes of MI-5/Spooks, which is a British spy series I enjoyed, I actually wouldn’t mind seeing that one get rebooted with a new cast.

SEVERANCE (series premiere Feb 18)

Mark leads a team of office workers whose memories have been surgically divided between their work and personal lives. When a mysterious colleague appears outside of work, it begins a journey to discover the truth about their jobs.

Now this one looks like it’s worth a watch just for the cast! Besides Patricia Arquette, there’s Adam Scott, John Turturro, Christopher Walken. One of the series’ directors is Ben Stiller who’s no stranger to directing tv series. In fact, he recently directed Escape at Dannemora (2018) which also starred Arquette + Benicio del Toro.

The premise looks like a sci-fi thriller version of The Office which definitely looks more ominous + mysterious than comedic, though I’ve seen Adam Scott mostly in comedies. Something sinister is definitely afoot here, and with the way technology is becoming more intrusive on our daily lives, it’s pretty eerie!


Meanwhile, the streaming giant Netflix just dropped this trailer with plenty of new original movies I can’t wait to see!! I immediately thought wow, so all these actors had to shoot a quick commercial for Netflix while they filmed their movie, that’s gotta be quite an ordeal to coordinate!

Check it out below:

Out of these lots, I definitely look forward to THE GRAY MAN the most! It’s an espionage thriller that deals with CIA secrets that set off a global manhunt by international assassins. I LOVE spy movies, especially with the Russos at the helm.

The cast is simply phenomenal… for once I’m actually anticipating a Ryan Gosling movie, ahah. What’s with Chris Evans‘ buzz cut and mustache! 😀 Can’t wait to see the full trailer!

Not sure what The School for Good and Evil but it looks like a fun family movie with a great cast, so far I’m seeing Kerry Washington and Charlize Theron.

And of course… Rian Johnson‘s Knives Out 2 is also coming to Netflix, yay!!! Daniel Craig looks ready to be back as Bond… er Benoit Blanc 😉


Netflix sure makes it hard for us to cancel our subscription!! But then again, since they keep raising prices, they better make it worthwhile for us.

Are you excited for any of these? 

8 thoughts on “TV Trailers Spotlight: Apple TV+ New Series Suspicion + Severance and Netflix’s 2022 Movies Preview

  1. I’ve already seen the Apple TV+ trailers as they all look interesting but the one from Netflix is terrible as I don’t want actors to break the fourth wall like that. No. Knives Out 2 and The Gray Man are the only ones that look interesting but most of it is fucking shit. Who the fuck decide to bring Lindsay Lohan back into the movies?

  2. Both Suspicion and Severance looked interesting, I’ll add them to my list of things to watch. Let’s hope Netflix’s upcoming films are good, I remember I was excited to see many of their films last year but most of them were crap. Definitely look forward to The Gray Man. No wonder Netflix kept upping their subscription price, they spent tons of money on these movies and it worked because they attracted A-list actors and filmmakers to work with them now.

    1. They spent $200 mil again for The Gray Man but the cast is phenomenal! Hopefully it’ll be a good one and better than Don’t Look Up or that idiotic Red Notice, ugh!

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