FlixChatter Review: Wonder Woman (2017)

I started writing this review just a day after seeing it. It has become a rarity for me to be able to write reviews so soon after I saw it but I felt… compelled, yeah that’s the right word, to get my thoughts out as the film opens. Thankfully the embargo ends Wednesday night!

I’m not going to lie. Like many people who care and support gender equality in Hollywood and want female filmmakers, or just women in film in general, to succeed. We all want Wonder Woman to succeed. It’s no hyperbole that much is riding on this film, even if it’s not exactly the first big-budget superhero film, though really we should perhaps forget those who came before this because well, let’s face it, they’re not any good. No doubt there’s an unfair amount of pressure put on director Patty Jenkins, whose last film Monster, was 13 years ago. (Wow, seriously?? I had to double check on IMDb on that fact).

There’s also a sizable amount of pressure on relatively unknown Gal Gadot. I have to admit, I wasn’t crazy with her casting initially. But like my qualms with Daniel Craig as Bond, it was quickly squashed when I first saw the first trailer. I was immediately on board with Gadot’s portrayal. The fact that she was part of the Israeli army, no doubt she looked the part. But more than sheer athleticism, she is also extremely charismatic and has such a genuine ‘goodness’ the way Christopher Reeve was as  the first cinematic Superman. It’s perhaps no surprise that the scene of Diana saving Steve in a London alley is reminiscent of Clark saving Lois in a NYC alley in Superman The Movie.

Superhero films can live and die by casting… it is extremely crucial that we believe in the person playing the role. Gal Gadot absolutely rocks as the mighty Wonder Woman as well as the sweet and compassionate Diana. More so than her two fellow DC boys Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavill as Superman combined. That’s why she’s the best thing about Batman V Superman despite her less-than-10-minutes running time. She’s also got a pretty effortless comic timing that works in the film’s many lighter touches. Plus she’s got such an earnest quality that made lines such as ‘I can not stand by while innocent lives are lost!’ works, instead of coming off lame or corny.

It’s superb casting all around. The Amazonian women. Diana’s mother Hippolyta is played with such grace by Connie Nielsen (I so miss her since Gladiator) and Robin Wright as Diana’s aunt Antiope is in phenomenally bad-ass form here (man she deserves her own superhero franchise!) I truly enjoyed the scenes in the paradise island Themyscira. The production design in Greece is absolutely beautiful, I’d love to see more scenes set here perhaps in the sequels? I also love the first big action scene on the island between the Amazonians and the German army set in WWI. It was so much fun to watch these fierce women looking amazingly cool in various acrobatics… on a horse, leaping in the air, etc. I would rewind that scene over and over when I get the Blu-ray!

Now, I’m not saying I love every action scene in this movie. In fact, I gotta say the slo-mo stuff gets overwhelming after a while as the movie goes on. Towards the end the pyrotechnics of the final battle dull my senses, though nowhere near as bad as all the bombastic blasts at the end of Man of Steel. I quite like the music though, and I’m glad they use the main theme by Hanz Zimmer and Junkie XL sparingly to make a real impact.

As for the villains, I’m not too fond of Danny Huston’s rather over-the-top performance and he’s basically forgettable. SPOILER ALERT [highlight text to read] I don’t think it’s that huge of a surprise that Ares God of War takes the form of a British cabinet member (David Thewlis), I didn’t think that part and the subsequent battle between him and Diana are all that interesting.

In any case, there are plenty to like in this movie that offset my quibbles. The always-watchable Chris Pine is charming and sweet as Steve Trevor, Diana’s love interest. He’s got that rogue-but-sensitive sensibilities down pat, and his attempt at a German accent is hilarious! Plus he’s nice eye candy and we got to see quite a lot of him in a particular scene, ehm. The tentative romance is handled well, akin to Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter in Captain America movies in that you immediately want them to be together.

Right from the trailer, I also love his secretary, played with such glee by Lucy Davis. My only complaint is that she’s not on screen enough. The rest of Diana’s earth-bound rag tag team are a hoot as well, played by Saïd TaghmaouiEwen Bremner and Eugene Brave Rock.

I enjoyed the fact that the movie isn’t as dark as previous DC installments but it’s also not all fluff and style over substance. There’s an emotional scene between Diana and her mother as they part ways, and Diana’s compassion and heartbreak at seeing people injured from the war is palpable. That’s what makes the first earthly action scene, Wonder Woman vs the German Army, is so powerful to watch. She’s driven by compassion and love for humanity, and she doesn’t have a chip on her shoulder like many of her male superhero counterparts.

Overall it’s a terrific start to what I hope will launch more and more female-led comic-book films. For me, any female-led films is a great thing in my book, regardless of genre. It helps to actually have an actual comic book writer, Allan Heinberg, amongst a team of writers that also include Zack Snyder. But mainly, kudos to Patty Jenkins for being a capable captain of the ship and Gal Gadot for portraying a symbol of female empowerment with such strength and grace. It’s not just the best DCEU film so far, it’s a solid and hugely entertaining film, period.

So have you seen WONDER WOMAN? Well, I’d love to hear what you think!

35 thoughts on “FlixChatter Review: Wonder Woman (2017)

    1. Well hello Cindy! It’s been a while since I wrote such a long review but this film deserved it and it was fun to write such a glowing review.

  1. Really excited about this one, Ruth! I agree: Gadot was the coolest part of Batman vs Superman. Thanks for the sincere review – I will see this in the theatre.

    1. Hi Vince! Man, that Gal is really something else. I have such a girl crush on her, she’s bad ass but sweet at the same time. Go see it soon!

  2. I only skimmed through your review, I hope to see it this weekend or early next week. Glad it’s getting good reviews from most people. It’s a shame thought that Jenkins didn’t get to direct more movies after Monster, she was relegate to only direct TV shows. Sexism is alive and well in Hollywood.

    I’m planning to see this one at a Dolby Cinema theater with Atmos sound!

    1. I know, it’s such a travesty that a talented director isn’t getting work. But hopefully her career is getting a boost after this one and rightly so.

      I might seek out a Dolby cinema when I see it again 🙂

      1. After a $100mil opening weekend, I’m pretty sure studio executives are calling Jenkins now! But it’s sad to see talented female directors get passed over on big projects while male directors gets offer big budget films after they made a well received small budget movie. Monster was so well received back in early 2000s, yet Jenkins disappeared for years. If she’s man, pretty sure she would’ve directed a few superhero flicks by now.

        I love Dolby Cinema but the only one we have here in MN is in Rosedale Mall and it’s far for me to drive out there but it’s worth it. They’re building another one at Southdale, hope it opens soon!

    1. Hey Shivani! I was feeling a bit superhero fatigue but this one had got me pumped from the start. Glad it delivered in a big way! It is well-crafted and the production design is top notch, but at the core of it, it’s Gal’s portrayal and the engaging story that won me over.

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  4. Great review Ruth, I’ve just posted my own review of WW this morning but needless to say I really liked it. You’re totally right about casting, it’s important in any film but even more so with a comic book film you need strong performances to really make it believable and pull the viewer in and this certainly does that!

  5. Oh I loved the film. So emotional. Not without flaws so seeing this tie scores with Logan is ridiculous but it had so much heart

    1. Hi Margaret! Yeah not without flaws and the ending got a bit too bombastic for my liking but it did plenty of things right and yes, so much heart! Gal Gadot is absolutely marvelous, love her!

  6. You’re right about it not being all dark and gritty, but also not fluff, either. That’s the beauty of this film to me. It tackles some tough subjects, but still manages to have fun. And yes, Gadot is magnificent.

    1. Hey there Dell! Patty Jenkins succeeds in finding that right balance of making something fun w/ substance, but she did it! Yes, miss Gadot is indeed magnificent!

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  9. I felt compelled too, but for the opposite reasons 🙂 But in all seriousness, I’m very glad this movie is doing well, especially for DCEU, but I still can’t help but argue how alarmingly average this movie is as a whole…outside of how great Gadot is. Sigh…I’m looking for a support group regarding this, holla if you can fine me one!

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