Award season chat: Musings on 2017 Golden Globes Nominations


Award season is in full swing! There are a plethora of awards already announced, but in years past, I normally only talk about a few of them, SAG, Golden Globes and of course, the Oscars. By the time I got to Twitter on Monday morning, people were already chiming in on their thoughts on the noms. It’s no surprise that La La Land and Moonlight are frontrunners, with seven and six nods, respectively.

Well, I had planned on going to see Jackie tonight but I had to cancel as it’ll snow again this afternoon… and my week has been filled to the brim so tonight is the only night I could actually be home and do some household chores. But I am seeing La La Land tomorrow night, followed with Rogue One on Wednesday.

The head-scratching nom last year was The Martian being nominated under Musical/Comedy category. This year, it seems like the nomination of Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Nocturnal Animal (whilst Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Shannon were both snubbed) seems puzzling to me, just based on the reviews I’ve read so far.

Anyway, here’s the full noms of the 74th annual Golden Globe Awards… and my short commentary on who I’m rooting for (in bold)… mostly on the FILM categories as I barely watch any TV (hoping to catch Westworld soon!):

Best Motion Picture – Drama:

“Hacksaw Ridge”
“Hell or High Water”
“Manchester by the Sea”

As you’ve read in my glowing review, Moonlight is the one I’ll be rooting for all the way to the Oscars! I’m so 100% behind that film. A masterpiece of filmmaking, tackling a subject rarely seen in such a graceful, elegant and emotionally heart-wrenching way. It’ll be tough to beat that one as of now, even with a handful of other award contenders I have yet to see.

I so want this film to win not because it’d somehow *make up for* the #OscarSoWhite controversy last year, but because the outstanding work absolutely merits it.

Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy:

“20th Century Women”
“La La Land”
“Florence Foster Jenkins”
“Sing Street”

Where is Hunt For the Wilderpeople?? I’d nominate that over Florence Foster Jenkins or Sing Street. I’ve finished my review of Wilderpeople and that’s one of the rare 5/5 rating I’ve given in a long time. I don’t know which from the list I’d root for, I’ll update it after I see La La Land tomorrow night.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama:

Casey Affleck – “Manchester by the Sea”
Joel Edgerton – “Loving”
Andrew Garfield – “Hacksaw Ridge”
Viggo Mortensen – “Captain Fantastic”
Denzel Washington – “Fences”

This is Viggo’s third Globes nomination. Boy I can’t believe he hasn’t won a single one!! I sure hope his well, fantastic performance in Captain Fantastic finally earns him one this time around. I’m sure glad Edgerton’s got recognized for his quiet, soulful performance in Loving.

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama:

Amy Adams – “Arrival”
Jessica Chastain – “Miss Sloane”
Isabelle Huppert – “Elle”
Ruth Negga – “Loving”
Natalie Portman – “Jackie”

This is Adams’ seventh Globes noms and she’s won two. There’s some tough competition here, especially from Natalie Portman, but I’d love to see Adams nabs the statue. Glad to see Chastain being recognized for her confident, powerhouse performance in Miss Sloane.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy:

Colin Farrell – “The Lobster”
Ryan Gosling – “La La Land”
Hugh Grant – “Florence Foster Jenkins”
Jonah Hill – “War Dogs”
Ryan Reynolds – “Deadpool”

Wow Jonah Hill again?? I like Reynolds, Grant and Farrell out of the ones I have seen, but I’m definitely rooting for Farrell for his understated but hilarious performance in The Lobster. I’d have loved to see the film recognized, and it could pretty much fit in either drama or comedy.

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy:

Annette Bening – “20th Century Women”
Lily Collins – “Rules Don’t Apply”
Hailee Steinfeld – “The Edge of Seventeen”
Emma Stone – “La La Land”
Meryl Streep – “Florence Foster Jenkins”

Heh, I have only seen Streep’s performance so far, which I knew for sure will nab a nomination. After all she’s gonna pick up the Cecil B. Demille award. Now I don’t know if that means it lessens or increase her chance of winning in the individual award category, but I don’t really care for her winning again to be honest.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture:

Mahershala Ali – “Moonlight”
Jeff Bridges – “Hell or High Water”
Simon Helberg – “Florence Foster Jenkins”
Dev Patel – “Lion”
Aaron Taylor-Johnson – “Nocturnal Animals”

Mahersala Ali
Mahershala Ali is one of my fave talent discoveries of 2016, so you bet I’m rooting for him!! I also adore Helberg’s and Patel’s performances, nice to see Patel being recognized for his rare dramatic performance.

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture:

Viola Davis – “Fences”
Naomie Harris – “Moonlight”
Nicole Kidman – “Lion”
Octavia Spencer – “Hidden Figures”
Michelle Williams – “Manchester by the Sea”

Naomie Harris
I’m so impressed w/ the entire ensemble cast of Moonlight, so I’m glad Naomie got a nod! To think that she did this role during the undoubtedly glamorous press tour of the mega-budgeted Bond flick Spectre. She’s virtually unrecognizable (who’d believe she’s Money Penney!), but it’s not just the looks, but it’s a deeply-emotional performance that makes this indie gem shines.

Best Director – Motion Picture:

Damien Chazelle – “La La Land”
Tom Ford – “Nocturnal Animals”
Mel Gibson – “Hacksaw Ridge”
Barry Jenkins – “Moonlight”
Kenneth Lonergan – “Manchester by the Sea”

Ah, so it seems Gibson’s officially back on Hollywood’s good graces again? Well, I think based on how I feel about Moonlight, it should be no surprise who I’m rooting for. An impressive sophomore feature film effort from Jenkins, I sure hope he continues to make movies.

Best Screenplay:

“La La Land”
“Nocturnal Animals”
“Manchester by the Sea”
“Hell or High Water”

I’m gonna sound like a broken record here but I’m rooting yet again for Moonlight. It’s a coming-of-age drama with a real emotional punch. That revelation of adult Chiron in the end killed me… I literally gasped and sobbed in that scene. A great screenplay has the ability convey strong emotions with little words spoken. I aspire to be able to write that well one day.

Best Motion Picture – Foreign Language:

“Divines” – France
“Elle” – France
“Neruda” – Chile
“The Salesman” – Iran/France
“Toni Erdmann” – Germany

Sadly I have not seen any of these 😦 I missed the press screening of Elle as it was at 10 o’clock in the morning. It’s too dark a film to see so early in the day anyway, but I’m so curious to see it.

Best Motion Picture – Animated:

“Kubo and the Two Strings”
“My Life as a Zucchini”

I missed Kubo and the Two Strings and gonna miss the press screening of SING as well, as it conflicts with another film. But I adore Zootopia, so I guess right now that’s what I’m rooting for. Judy Hopps FTW! 🙂

Best Original Song – Motion Picture:

“Can’t Stop the Feeling” – “Trolls”
“City of Stars” – “La La Land”
“Faith” – “Sing”
“Gold” – “Gold”
“How Far I’ll Go” – “Moana”

Hmmm, where’s Shakira’s Try Everything from Zootopia? It’s actually written by SIA and it’s a really fun, catchy tune that fits nicely w/ the film’s topic. I have a feeling I’d enjoy the music of La La Land though, just based on some of the featurettes and trailers I’ve seen so far.

Best Original Score – Motion Picture:

Nicholas Britell– “Moonlight”
Justin Hurwitz – “La La Land”
Johann Johannsson – “Arrival”
Dustin O’Halloran, Hauschka – “Lion”
Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams, Benjamin Wallfisch – “Hidden Figures”

Wow, I had no idea Hans Zimmer is one of the co-writers of Hidden Figures! I can’t wait to see that in January. Well, my fave here that I remember most is Moonlight. For some reason I didn’t really remember much of Arrival‘s score, I should definitely take a listen again as I LOVE Johannsson’s work in Sicario.

Best Television Series – Drama:

“The Crown”
“Game of Thrones”
“Stranger Things”
“This Is Us”

Can’t really comment on any of these as I’ve only seen Stranger Things. I don’t know if it’s the BEST of the bunch but sure glad it’s got a nod.

Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy:

“Mozart in the Jungle”

Haven’t seen any of these.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Drama:

Rami Malek – “Mr. Robot”
Bob Odenkirk – “Better Call Saul”
Matthew Rhys – “The Americans”
Liev Schreiber – “Ray Donovan”
Billy Bob Thornton – “Goliath”

I actually have only seen a handful of episodes of season 1 of The Americans. But I was so impressed w/ Rhys’ performance and he’s generally a massively-underrated actor anyway. So even though I think Malek’s terrific in his breakout role in Mr. Robot, I feel like Rhys’ work as a Russian spy deserves equal recognition. Malek’s won an Emmy already though, so he probably wins this one as well.

Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Drama:

Caitriona Balfe – “Outlander”
Claire Foy – “The Crown”
Keri Russell – “The Americans”
Winona Ryder – “Stranger Things”
Evan Rachel Wood – “Westworld”

Wow, talk about a comeback role for Winona Ryder! I feel like she’s either scared or worried in the entire show though, but I guess it’s a memorable performance. I personally would like to see Keri Russell win in The Americans. How awesome would it be if the pair playing married KGB spies win ’em this year!

Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy:

Anthony Anderson – “Black-ish”
Gael García Bernal – “Mozart in the Jungle”
Donald Glover – “Atlanta”
Nick Nolte – “Graves”
Jeffrey Tambor – “Transparent”

Can’t comment here as I haven’t seen any of the performances. Never even heard of Graves before, either.

Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy:

Rachel Bloom – “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”
Julia Louis-Dreyfus – “Veep”
Sarah Jessica Parker – “Divorce”
Issa Rae – “Insecure”
Gina Rodriguez – “Jane the Virgin”
Tracee Ellis Ross – “Black-ish”

Ditto in this category, though I have seen a few episodes of Veep and Louis-Dreyfus is such a hoot!

Best Television Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television:

“American Crime”
“The Dresser”
“The Night Manager”
“The Night Of”
“The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story”

Gah, I really want to see The Night Manager and The Night Of!! Been hearing great things about both.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television:

Riz Ahmed – “The Night Of”
Bryan Cranston – “All The Way”
Tom Hiddleston – “The Night Manager”
John Turturro – “The Night Of”
Courtney B. Vance – “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story”


Again no comment here, but nice to see Brits Hiddles and Ahmed in the same category (their shows’ titles sound so similar too!). I’m really glad to see Ahmed getting more recognition (especially after Rogue One). Been a fan of his since The Reluctant Fundamentalist.

Best Performance by an Actress in a Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television:

Felicity Huffman – “American Crime”
Riley Keough – “The Girlfriend Experience”
Sarah Paulson – “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story”
Charlotte Rampling – “London Spy”
Thandie Newton – “Westworld”

Can’t comment on the performances yet, but I find it baffling that Newton is nominated here under the ‘Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television’ category, whilst Evan Rachel Wood is nominated under ‘Television Series – Drama’ Huh?? Again, bonkers categorization of the HFPA.

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television:

Olivia Colman – “The Night Manager”
Lena Headey – “Game Of Thrones”
Chrissy Metz – “This Is Us”
Mandy Moore – “This Is Us”
Kerry Washington – “Confirmation”

I haven’t even seen The Night Manager yet but I’m already rooting for Olivia Colman! She’s another underrated actor I wish would get more recognition. I LOVE her in Broadchurch in which she won a BAFTA for Best Leading Actress.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television:

Sterling K. Brown – “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story”
Hugh Laurie – “The Night Manager”
John Lithgow – “The Crown”
Christian Slater – “Mr. Robot”
John Travolta – “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story”

Wow, Slater again for Mr. Robot? Yes it’s a good performance but is it that good? He already won one for the same show last year, so I would like to see someone else win in this category.


Quick thoughts on Snubs and Surprises:

  • Surprised to see Martin Scorsese‘s SILENCE got snubbed. It sounds like one of those films the HFPA and Academy would be into, especially given it’s a Scorsese’s picture, too. I guess one of the biggest surprises is seeing Mel Gibson‘s name… and Aaron Taylor-Johnson‘s (as I’ve mentioned above).
  • Seeing Simon Helberg‘s name up there is a pleasant surprise though, he’s such a hoot in Florence Foster Jenkins!
  • Boy I feel like it’s been ages since Deadpool came out, but I’d think it warrants its nom in the comedy category. It sure has been a good year for Ryan Reynolds!
  • I know lots of people are dismayed not seeing Tom Hanks nominated for Sully, but really the man has won numerous accolades over his career. I’m not saying he wouldn’t be deserving it, but sounds like there are some really strong performances in that category as it is.
  • Hmmm, no Michael Keaton in The Founder? There’s virtually zero buzz for that film, too.
  • Based on what I’ve seen even in the trailers, Taraji P. Henson killed it in Hidden Figures. Looks like an extremely different role from her hit TV show EMPIRE.
  • Last but definitely not least, as Vulture astutely pointed out, where’s the female-led films?? They’re all pretty much snubbed in the drama categories… I mean, not even Arrival?? I’m no Gibson hater but is Hackshaw Ridge better than Arrival? Really?Snubbing both Jackie AND Hidden Figures… I agree w/ this sentiment “For the HFPA to snub two films that center on pivotal women in American history, in favor of hypermasculine narratives, feels especially icky this year.” 😦

Well, what are your thoughts on the Golden Globes nominations? Let’s hear it!

44 thoughts on “Award season chat: Musings on 2017 Golden Globes Nominations

  1. Enjoyed The Night Manager and Stranger Things, so hope they win. Then again, I can’t root against the other TV noms as I haven’t seen any 🙂
    Isabelle Huppert is way overdue for awards consideration, so I think it might be her time, although Amy Adams was great in Arrival.

    1. Hi Chris! I hope to see The Night Manager soon as it sounds like something I’d enjoy, but my hubby and I are planning to watch Westworld around Christmas break. Isabelle Huppert has been around for a while and she’s been having a great year, but yeah, tough competition.

  2. Arrival and Silence not being in drama is insane. I hate that The Nice Guys didn’t get in the comedy category either. That’s been my favorite comedy of the year. I love Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s nom, I just wish Gyllenhaal and Shannon could get some love too.

    1. Well, it seems our fave comedies didn’t make it. My fave is Hunt for the Wilderpeople and I wonder if that’s even too ‘foreign’ for HFPA??

  3. I could never take the Golden Globes seriously. I’m surprised that Jonan Hill got a nod… huh? I’m happy Aaron Taylor-Johnson got nominated but no Gyllenhaal and Shannon? BOO!!!! I’m happy Evan is nominated for Westworld as I hope she wins. I’m not entirely surprised by the lack of nods for Silence but Arrival not nominated for Best Drama is bullshit.

    1. Yeah I mean there’s always some bonkers choices like The Tourist being nominated! Y’know, I didn’t even know Aaron was even in Nocturnal Animal, ahah. Why are you not entirely surprised for the lack of nods for Silence? Do you think it’s because they hadn’t seen it yet?

        1. Yeah I have a feeling it’d get some nods come Oscar time. Glad to see Andrew Garfield got one though, he’s a terrific actor who was wasted as Spiderman I think.

  4. Thanks for the recap Ruth, as you know I don’t pay attention to these award shows and I didn’t even realize that The Golden Globe are happening. Lol.

    I thought Olivia Colman was excellent in The Night Manager, she’s basically a realistic version of Judy Dench’s M from the Bond films. I was surprised too that SILENCE never got any nominations, maybe they didn’t have time to screen it to the Golden Globe voters? I mean Paramount announced the release date like a month ago.

    1. Ahah yeah I know, Ted. I actually just realized GG is happening when I checked Twitter yesterday morning.

      Oooh I’m even more excited now to check out The Night Manager. It’d be great if they consider her for future M role 😉 Yeah, I wonder if that is the case about Silence, but maybe they’ll get more recognition by the Academy.

      1. Yeah maybe once Ralph Fiennes is done with being M, they might consider her as the next M! Like I said, The Night Manager is Hiddleston’s audition for 007 role and she can be his boss in the future Bond films, if he gets cast that is.

  5. That’s a compelling musing about these Golden Globes noms!
    You’re lucky to have watched most of the movies nominated, therefore, you can make prediction out of it.
    Here I could only expect, not predict.

    Sorry, for being sappy. LOL. But I think I love some inclusions in this awards, including Hacksaw Ridge and Deadpool. Feel so fresh somehow.

    1. Hi Paskalis! There are actually still a ton of stuff I haven’t seen, esp. TV, but that doesn’t stop me from musing about it, he..he.. I do hope you get to see some of these soon though.

      Yeah I’m quite surprised to see Deadpool nominated, but it was a fun comedy.

  6. PrairieGirl

    Time to get finally get this off my chest (since you asked, grin): Why in the world is The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story getting so many noms and wins – this year and last? And they got 4 more wins (out of 6 noms) at the Critic’s Choice Awards held just two days ago on Sunday. Whatttt?
    I started watching it and couldn’t even get through the second episode. I tried another episode further on and still couldn’t watch. The characters, sets, dialog, acting, everything! is just lame and cheesy. Sorry, can’t find any better words than that. And Cuba Gooding is horrible as OJ, how they ever thought he was the actor to play OJ I’ll never understand.
    If you want to see a good OJ story, watch this one:
    “ESPN’s saga about race, murder and celebrity, “O.J.: Made in America,” has been named the best nonfiction feature film of 2016 by the International Documentary Association, which presented its IDA Documentary Awards on Friday evening in Los Angeles.”
    Amen. There, whew, I feel better now 😉

    1. I totally agree with you about People vs. OJ Simpson, I never watched it but from the previews it looked awful. I couldn’t stand the real trial coverage back in the 90s so I won’t waste my time watching a Hollywood version of that event! I don’t know who the casting director is but that person should get fired for casting Cuba Gooding Jr. to play OJ Simpson, besides their skin color, they don’t look anything alike.

      I heard good things about that OJ Made in America show, I might give it a watch. But again I was so sick of the media and people’s obsession with the real trial that I never want to see or hear anything about OJ Simpson as long as I live!

      1. PrairieGirl

        OJMIA is worth the watch. It’s not just about the trial. It starts off with his very early sports careers (it is an ESPN production) and puts everything in context as to what was happening around that time and in the 90s in LA. And the interviews with the jurors will knock your socks off!

    2. Hey Becky! I love a good, well-written rant and feel free to vent anytime! 😉 I haven’t seen People Vs OJ Simpson nor care to, but yeah, puzzling to see so many noms for it. I didn’t even know Cuba played OJ, definitely not who I’d thought right of the bat to play that role.

      1. PrairieGirl

        They should have picked an unknown for OJ. Not only does CG Jr not look like OJ, he can’t even act, walk, talk or behave like him… nothing! Zip! Nada!

  7. Thanks for the fine list and your thoughts on it. I have to see “Midnight” and “Stranger Things”. I was thrilled with Viggo’s performance in “Capt. Fantastic” and so I hope he wins in that category.

  8. As you know, I’m not the biggest fan of awards stuff, and reading this just angers me even further, though not because of snubs or anything like that. I couldn’t care less about the opinions of people I don’t know. But….

    Best Motion Picture – Drama:

    “Hacksaw Ridge”
    “Hell or High Water”
    “Manchester by the Sea”

    Only the top two of these films even played here. And Hacksaw Ridge?? Really?! I seem to be the only one who couldn’t stand that. And how it beats out Nocturnal Animals or Arrival I’ll never know, but that is precisely the reason why these awards rarely do anything other than annoy me. It is nice though to see Johann recognised, and also Hell or High Water too. I thought that one would be skimmed over but I saw it pop up a few times.

    But the more I scroll down, I see even more films that I’ve never heard of or haven’t seen because they didn’t play here. Loving, Jackie, 20th Century Women, Hidden Figures, Silence… god there are too many to list! The list of films that -did- play here would be much, MUCH shorter, and these are supposed to be award-worthy films! Talk about being snubbed hey!

    As for your final summary, I’m with you on Keaton. He was brilliant.

    And if Rami Malek didn’t win an award for the first season of Mr Robot, and he doesn’t again for the second season, I’m going to stop commenting about awards-related stuff entirely. They barely interest me as it is, and the only reason I’m writing this is because you added your thoughts. I’m with you on Viggo for sure, he was great. But no Wilderpeople or Arrival is just nonsense.
    It’d be nice to comment more on your thoughts but… yeah, I haven’t been able to see most of the films listed here. It is great though to find some new TV series I had never heard about, like Stranger Things, The Americans, Ray Donovan, and especially Goliath as I freaking LOVE Billy Bob Thornton 😀 😀 I’m still looking for something to top Mr Robot. My dad told me about Night Manager too, I have that on my computer, haven’t gotten around to watching it yet though.

    Sorry for the rant, heh I just can’t help but be annoyed by these things =/
    I’ll have to write a list of all the films listed here that I haven’t seen!

    1. Hey Jordan, I enjoyed reading your rant so vent away 😀

      I know it’s probably wise not to care about award stuff, esp. the Globes as they can be quite silly. I was flabbergasted to see Hacksaw Ridge nominated over Arrival, I mean seriously?? Some of those films that are nominated haven’t played here either Jordan. Some probably will only get a very limited release in a handful of indie theaters around the country.

      I finally saw a poster of The Founder in my local cinema, but there is virtually no buzz around that film at all. So weird given that Keaton seems to be making a comeback.

      I think Rami did win last year for Mr. Robot. Have you heard of The Americans? I think if you’ve seen at least one episode you’ll see why I think Matthew Rhys deserves the nom, he’s an underrated actor generally who has done a ton of work. I’m most disappointed w/ ‘Wilderpeople’ not getting a nom, it’s a travesty! I’m about to post my review of it which I think you’ll agree.

      1. I’ll have to go check out that review!

        Disappointing that The Founder didn’t get much attention. I thought is was easily the best of all these based-on-true stories that we are being bombarded with recently. Keaton and Offerman were great together.

        I have heard of the Americans, I’m gonna watch that after Westworld. Looks like my kinda thing, good to hear that the lead is great.

        And Rami definitely deserved awards with his performance. So convincing that they never needed to label him with anything. I mean, I just watched The Accountant, and not only is Affleck awful, but they felt the need to explain what is wrong with him at the start.

        1. Here ya go Jordan:

          I hope The Founder will have a screening soon, I’m up for seeing that for sure. The Americans is a gritty spy thriller and given we seem to be back in the cold war era again of late, it’s definitely intriguing.

          Oh yeah I figure Affleck doesn’t reflect the true autistic nature of someone suffering from that. He’s not a very good actor, and the movie is far from perfect.

          1. Yeah, the cold war style of that show is a big draw for me. I love cold-war era films, with that paranoia always in the background.

            Perhaps that could be the five for the firth question eh?

            “Best cold-war film that was made during the cold-war?”

            There are a few that come to mind, The Spy Who Came in From the Cold is my favourite, but I have a lot I haven’t seen yet but was recommended.

            and sorry to rant again (I tend to do that, please tell me to stop if it gets annoying), but I’ve worked with autistic young people, and I’ve been/I am friends with some too. And NONE are anything like Affleck in that movie.
            I mean, yeah, technically autistic people have trouble socialising. But that doesn’t mean you just act like a robot and come off as a rude asshole!!
            Every person I have met on the spectrum is amazingly different, and his performance is almost an insult to those people IMO. Just awful!

            Hope you like the Founder! Gonna check out your Wilderpeople post now 😀

  9. Aaron’s performance was good, but it definitely didn’t stand out next to Michael and Jake, I mean, those two guys stole the movie in every sense of the way. And it’s a shame Jake didn’t get a nomination, he deserved one, for sure!

    I’m glad Amy got a nomination as well, this year was a good year for in my eyes, and I’m super excited to see her win for Arrival… or is it too early to say this!? 😀

    Oh boy oh boy Deadpool.. you know, considering every other comedy has let me down this year, if I think about it, it definitely deserves a nomination. It was good fun. It was funny. Way to go Ryan!

    1. Maybe the voters are so torn between Michael and Jake that they decided to just give Aaron the nom, ahah. Well it’s not like I didn’t think Aaron is a good actor, I think he’s talented, but I can’t imagine him topping those two.

      I think Amy has a very good chance of winning tons of awards this year, deservedly so. And yeah, I have no problem w/ Deadpool being nominated, it was a pleasant surprise!

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  11. Omg I totally forgot about The Martian being stuffed in the musical/comedy genre. What a joke.

    As you know, I’m here rooting for Moonlight. And everything Westworld! Have you seen Manchester by the Sea yet? What a snore. Affleck’s performance was good, but it’s nothing I’d go telling everyone about. The movie was quite a disappointment for me, but I’m in the minority on that…..again…

    1. Yep, and don’t forget The Tourist being nominated in that category as well. The nom itself is funnier than the movie!

      I can’t wait to binge on Westworld this Christmas break. No haven’t seen Manchester By The Sea, but oh boy it’s boring eh? Well I saw another film Michelle Williams is in that it’s incredibly s-l-o-w called Certain Women. Have you seen it?

      1. I haven’t seen Certain Women, but I keep getting it confused with 20th Century Women haha. Manchester is extremely slow and anti-climatic. It’s a slice of average life, but boy is it dull and lifeless. Michelle Williams gives a brief performance that is worthy of conversation, but her on-screen time may be under 5 minutes total…

        1. Ahah yeah, very similar title indeed! Well, ‘extremely slow and anti-climatic’ is exactly what Certain Women was. It’s probably the slowest movie I’ve ever seen. Oh so Williams’ performance is basically a cameo then?

          1. Not to intrude or anything, but although Certain Woman was rather slow, personally I found it a beautiful and sublime Slice of Life movie. Its based on three short stories though, and the anticlimax and slice of life is very popular right now with the american short stories. And yeah, Williams does give a small performance, but so does Naomie Harris, and that doesn’t mean they’re bad or anything. I’ve actually just uploaded a review of the movie (Manchester by the Sea) if you want to check it out 🙂

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  13. Ouch!! i don’t think we are going to agree on too many of the movie ones for sure. I wasn’t Moonlight’s biggest fan. There is always that one for me that so many love (aka Room, Boyhood etc) that I don’t. I felt like I watched 3 not-so-good eps. of The Wire.. I didn’t hate it..I just felt like I’d seen it all before. If I had to pick it would be part 1 that I liked the best. Nocturnal Animals is my personal fav. so far and I’ve seen them all..I love that Aaron Taylor Johnon got a nod..he was the surprise for me in the film..I thought he was fantastic. Tho Michael Shannon is my all-time just-give-him-an-Oscar-already person. 🙂 Before you decide on Best Actress Drama have to see Elle.. Isabelle Huppert will blow you away with her performance. And yeah..sorry..I love Meryl, but that was not a good movie & once again, they have to fill up the category I’m guessing.. I love Farrell in The Lobster so agreed.. but I’m going Octavia Spencer best supporting female..she was brilliant in Hidden Figures.. Another one that everyone loves but I was just okay on.. Manchester by the Sea.. it was wasn’t great for me.. I would pick Viggo I adore him..though not my pick, Casey will sweep this one.. ah well..what can we do!! I love that so many have so many different outlooks on all of the movies’s always interesting to read.. 🙂 Happy Holidays!!!

    1. Well hello there Peggy! Hope you had a nice Christmas break.

      Hey, it’s totally fine to disagree, it makes discussing films more fun 🙂 Moonlight really resonated w/ me emotionally, and I really think it was very well-crafted. Though the subject might not be original, the execution was unlike anything I’ve seen before. I haven’t seen Nocturnal Animal and yeah, I feel the same about Michael Shannon in regards to ‘just-give-him-an-Oscar-already’ sentiment. Oh I bet Isabelle Huppert was amazing in ELLE, haven’t seen it yet but have heard a lot of great things about her performance. I’m tired of Meryl to be honest.

      Farrell was great in The Lobster but I really can’t wait to see Hidden Figures!! I missed it due to bad weather (as you know, living in Minnesota), but there’s another screening in January, yay!!

      I’m not as enthused about Manchester By The Sea despite the rave reviews. I heard it’s very s-l-o-w, I wonder if it’s as slow as ‘Certain Women’? Glad you like Viggo in Captain Fantastic, I think he belongs in that ‘just-give-him-an-Oscar-already’ category, too.

      What do you think of La La Land btw? I presume you’ve seen that one?

      1. HEY!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Sorry I was off for a bit and am just starting back up in the new year.. So yeah..disagreement is always good. We have been having loads of bad weather too..I know I know.. but for California it’s been rather crazy cold & raining/snowing in the mountains a lot! Which is good..but also causes problems as you know. Hidden Figures is quite good, I enjoyed it as a whole, but not sure i would go ‘great’ on it.. 🙂 I’m not really understanding the Manchester by the Sea hype either.. it is SSLLLLOOOWWW and you don’t know why he’s doing what he’s doing until like the last 1/2 hr. It’s not terrible, but again, not in my great category by far. La La Land is cutesy for me..I mean the opening scene is wonderful and some parts are really well done, but it’s also cheesy & cutsey & a bit on the ‘rreeealllyy’ side. I love Gosling, and yes he was a Mouseketeer so I know he can sing & dance etc.. and I know Chazelle loves jazz, but well.. you’ll see. it’s hard to put into words. I’m starting my Golden Globes round-up and breaking it up into TV & Movies over the next few days.. so let’s discuss when I post!! 😀

        1. Happy New Year, Peggy! Yeah I figured most people took time off for the holidays. I stayed in town for the most part, but catching up with some shows I had missed, like Westworld which was excellent!

          I’m seeing Hidden Figures tomorrow night, so excited for it. Even if it’s not perfect I think I’d enjoy it immensely. I might rent Manchester by the Sea later but not too enthused about it to be honest, esp when I heard Michelle Williams is barely in the movie. La La Land is cute and frothy, but yeah, the romance is nothing to write home about. What did hit me though is the part about chasing your dreams. The scene when Emma sang during her audition, that lyric ‘here’s to the fools who dream’ made me cry as that’s how I feel most of the time, like a fool for chasing my dreams of being a screenwriter and making my screenplay into a movie one day. Gosling is ok in this movie but I’m generally not a fan of his at all and I always think if someone else had played his roles in all his movies I might like ’em more, ha!

          I don’t know if I’ll be posting about award season stuff until Oscar time but yeah, let me know when your post is up and let’s talk about ’em 🙂

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