Awards Season Chat – Musings on 2016 Golden Globes & SAG nominations

Well it’s been less than 48 hours since the SAG and Golden Globes nominations were announced so hopefully we can still chat about them, right? We’ve got about a month until the Oscars is announced on January 14th, so the awards season has officially commenced!

Golden Globes Awards


I grabbed these list of noms from IMDb. They have a handy tab navigation on their site for each major awards, so you can check out the full list for both Golden Globes and SAG. In addition to my thoughts about the nominees—and of course the snubs—I thought I’d include my winner pick for each category, too.


YAY for Mad Max: Fury Road, Spotlight AND The Martian, three of my favorite films that will surely end up in my top 10 of the year. I was hoping Brooklyn and 99 Homes would be among the nominees, but at least there are acting nominations for both.

My winner pick [DRAMA]: Mad Max: Fury Road

I really think it’s a modern masterpiece, a perfect balance of action and drama, and not only did it look spectacular on the big screen, it’s also immensely rewatchable! George Miller FTW!!

My winner pick [MUSICAL/COMEDY]: The Martian

It’s immensely entertaining but also has a heart-wrenching story. It’s no doubt one of the best films from Ridley Scott, with a terrific ensemble

By the time I got to Twitter in the afternoon, people were already chiming in on their thoughts on the noms and many were baffled by the inclusion of The Martian in a comedy category. But hey, considering its lighthearted tone despite the dire survival tale, not to mention those hilarious Disco music, I’m not surprised it’s categorized as a comedy. But then again, the categories made by the Hollywood Foreign Press is inherently odd anyway. I mean, I bet Christian Bale never thought he’d get TWO nominations in the musical/comedy category (the first one was for American Hustle in 2014). I haven’t seen The Big Short yet (screening is scheduled for next Tuesday!) but it certainly looks pretty funny and its director Adam McKay directed Anchorman and other Will Ferrell comedies.


Boy, it’s been ages since Ridley Scott was nominated for Best Director isn’t it? The last time was in 2008 for American Gangster. Well, I was indeed a return to form for him. Speaking of a comeback, it doesn’t get more spectacular than George Miller returning to his beloved franchise Mad Max after taking a detour with family-friendly movies Babe: Pig in the City and the Happy Feet movies. Well it’s a welcome return indeed and I’m rooting for him all the way this year. I LOVE Mad Max: Fury Road and my wish is that it’d flabbergast everybody and sweep every single award! 😀

My winner pick: George Miller (Mad Max: Fury Road)

Ok now on to the acting nominees!


Well, first thing first, where in the heck is Charlize Theron??! Furiosa is perhaps the most bad ass female role of the year and it’s not just in terms of action but the emotional journey the character’s gone through. Her omission here is a travesty!!

Ok now that I’ve got that out of the way… I’ve only seen Larson and Ronan in Room and Brooklyn, respectively and I think both of them deserve to be nominated. But Saoirse has been such a consistently excellent performer who’s been snubbed several times before so I’m rooting for her.

My winner pick: Saoirse Ronan (Brooklyn)


There seems to be a ton of snubs in the actors category. I’d have loved to see Oscar Isaac here for his performance in Ex Machina, as well as Tom Hardy in Legend. It’s a crowded category to be sure but really, no performer from Spotlight at all?? In any case, I’ve only seen two on this list, Cranston and Fassbender. Both were excellent but I’m gonna go out of a limb and pick Leo just based on what I’ve read so far about his performance.

My winner pick: Leonardo DiCaprio (The Revenant)


I have only seen one performance here (McCarthy, who’s so fun to watch in Spy) but the same as above, based on what I’ve read, seems that Tomlin was excellent in Grandma, so I’m gonna go with her.

My winner pick: Lily Tomlin (Grandma)


Heh, I’ve also only seen one performance here as the press screening for The Big Short isn’t until next week. It still cracks me up that Bale is getting another nomination in the comedy category, who’s to say he doesn’t have comedic chops? Bale is my favorite actor of the bunch but I REALLY love Matt Damon’s performance in The Martian, which was hilarious as well as emotional. I never thought I’d love him playing an astronaut yet again, but this is such a perfect role for him and I can’t wait to see that movie again.

My winner pick: Matt Damon (The Martian)


YAY Mark Rylance!!  I LOVE all of these picks, even though I’ve only seen 3 out of 5 performances (Rylance, Shannon & Stallone) but I’ve heard so many great things about both Elba’s and Dano’s turn in the two films so I’m sure the noms are well-deserved. I’m sooo torn between Shannon and Stallone, I think this is the toughest category for me to pick a winner, but in the end I go with the most emotionally-gratifying role.

My winner pick: Sylvester Stallone (Creed)


The supporting actress category is a bit more clear cut for me. Now, I adore Helen Mirren but I actually don’t think she was THAT great in Trumbo. She is far more compelling in The Woman in Gold so SAG got it right (more on that later). I had a hunch Jane Fonda would be nominated when I saw her performance in YOUTH, it’s a brief performance (akin to Judi Dench in Shakespeare in Love) but it’s a flashy and memorable one. But this has been quite a year for Vikander, WOW, two nominations for lead in Ex Machina AND supporting role in The Danish Girl. She was largely unknown just a couple of years ago and suddenly she’s everywhere!

My winner pick: Alicia Vikander (Ex Machina)

Now, I barely watch any TV but I’m thrilled to see Outlander garnered three nominations!! I love Caitriona Balfe as Claire and Tobias Menzies who played two characters in the show, Menzies has been turning up in quite a few memorable TV series (i.e. HBO’s Rome) so glad to see him getting a nom this time. I feel bad for Sam Heughan not getting a Best Actor nod, but I guess not having seen the other nominees I can’t comment on whether he’s snubbed. I just think it’s great the series is getting noticed and it makes the wait for season 2 even more agonizing!

Screen Actors Guild Awards


I haven’t been paying attention to SAG awards in the past few years but in many ways it’s a crucial one for actors given it’s their peers who voted for them. I’m only focusing on the FILM nominees as again, I barely watch any TV.


Nice to see Straight Outta Compton on this list which sounds like a terrific ensemble cast. I think the cast for both Spotlight and Trumbo are terrific, but the former lingers in my mind more as they do work as a close-knit team in the film. Plus I REALLY like Liev Schreiber and given that it’s a long shot for him to get a nom (though I think he deserved it), it’d be nice to see him go up to the stage if Spotlight wins!

My winner pick: Spotlight


I guess Redmayne’s role seems like a shoo-in for awards even from the start. I haven’t seen it yet but I don’t think it surprises anyone that he got a nom. Interesting that Fassbender is getting noms more for Steve Jobs than Macbeth, I think he’s great in both, but perhaps Jobs is stronger given the phenomenal script from Aaron Sorkin. But just like in the same category in the Golden Globes, I pick Leo given how incredibly difficult the role seems to be and he’s able to deliver such a convincing performance whilst filming under such harsh conditions.

My winner pick: Leonardo DiCaprio (The Revenant)


It’s a bummer to see Charlize Theron being snubbed again by SAG. I’m also surprised not to see Emily Blunt’s name given how critically-praised Sicario was when it opened. I’m glad to see Helen Mirren getting a nod for Woman in Gold as she’s the only reason to see the film. Well her and Tatiana Maslany playing her younger self. Hail miss Blanchett who no doubt is excellent in Carol because she’s such a consistent performer. But I have to go with Ronan, who I think is poised to have a long & fruitful career just like Blanchett.

My winner pick: Saoirse Ronan (Brooklyn)


Heh, of ALL the terrific cast in Spotlight, the only one nominated is Rachel McAdams?? I mean, I’m all for a strong female role getting recognition but she’s definitely not the best performer of the bunch. If anything, I’d rather see Kristen Stewart being nominated (I can’t believe I said that!) for Clouds of Sils Maria. I wasn’t fond of her before but to be fair she was indeed good in that film.

My winner pick: Kate Winslet (Steve Jobs)

YAY! Glad to see Rylance and Shannon getting a SAG nod in the supporting category. I’m also happy to see 9-year-old Jacob Tremblay being recognized for his role in Room. There has been some young thespians amongst award nominees before, and he’s certainly the most memorable young performer of the year for me.

Again, I’m bummed Tom Hardy is coming up empty in a year where he’s delivered such strong performances in a few movies. I’m also surprised Benicio Del Toro isn’t on the list, I’ve read a bunch of reviews praising his performance in Sicario.

Well, since I picked Stallone in the same category for GG noms, I’m going to go with Shannon who’s just oh-so-great in 99 Homes. If only the film gets more recognition.

My winner pick: Michael Shannon (99 Homes)

Most eggregrious snubs


Yes I know there are others but in my opinion, this is the ones that riled me up the most. Charlize Theron for Mad Max Fury Road and Tom Hardy in a dual role Legend (or in The Revenant which I read was also excellent) deserve every nominations there is for the year. Both of them are my top pick of 2015 MVPs so it stings to see both of them coming up empty in both Golden Globes AND SAG awards, ugh!

So what are your thoughts on the Golden Globes & SAG nominees? Who do you think are snubbed and who are you rooting for?

26 thoughts on “Awards Season Chat – Musings on 2016 Golden Globes & SAG nominations

  1. That Supporting Actor category! My gosh it is filled with great performances. Love seeing Elba there. Reviewed Beasts of No Nation a few days again and I could praise Elba enough. Absolutely chilling performance. And the Sly! How can you not be happy to see his name there?

    1. Hey Keith! I really should get to Beast of No Nation soon, but Elba is a fantastic actor (on top of being oh-so-hot) so not surprised to see all the kudos for him. And yes about Sly! He’s so GOOD in Creed, and I have a feeling he would win!

  2. Mad Max better get some Oscar love or I’m bailing on those assholes. Looks like Carol and The Room are cert Academy picks: glad to see The Martian getting some love although I disagree it’s “funny” *enough* to put into the Musical/Comedy category.

    And I echo Keith’s sentiments about Sly – I have yet to see Creed but already I’m pulling for an Oscar nomination for him in that movie. If he was to win one…. oh man, that would be an acceptance speech for the ages.

    1. Hey Rodney! I certainly hope so too about Fury Road, seriously it’s like in the top 5 BEST film of the year for many people. I think The Martian should’ve been in drama but I’m not fuming that it’s in the comedy category even if it’s not *funny* enough, I’m just glad it gets some love.

      If you like the Rocky films you’ll love Creed! I’d love for Sly to win, not only because he deserved it but he’s also such a nice guy!

  3. Too much to consider! I’m sure it’s no surprise I’m rooting for Leo in The Revenant and It will be interesting to see if Mr. I is celebrated for the third year in a row. I’m reading Brooklyn as we speak and then will watch the film, but I know how much you liked the film. I haven’t seen Beasts of No Nation, but have heard so much about it–I’m looking out for Idris Elba’s performance as a standout. I really have to see Carol since I love both leading ladies and they have excellent shots at winning. It’s fun time!

    1. Hi Cindy! I haven’t seen The Revenant but it seems that Leo’s done a tremendous job in that film. Brooklyn is lovely, I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did Cindy. LOVE Elba so must see Beast of No Nation soon, and yes about Carol, though I’m not as fond of Rooney Mara.

  4. I didn’t know about all these nominations until the other day when some people on Twitter were tweeting about it. Of course you know I don’t care for award shows but it’s nice seeing they’re nominating more mainstream films as oppose to just films that not too many people have seen or want to see.

    1. Hi Ted! I figure you’d agree w/ Leo’s nomination. Yeah I’m glad I’ve seen at least half of the films nominated, the noms seem less *obscure* than in previous years.

  5. Brittani

    I think Damon is pretty much a lock for Best Actor at the Globes, but Mark Ruffalo deserves it more, IMO. He was SO good in Infinitely Polar Bear. I loved that movie.

    1. I still need to see Infinitely Polar Bear. I’m sure he’s good as a bipolar father, but I thought he’d be nominated for Spotlight as he’s good in that also.

  6. So pleased to see Mad Max on there; thoroughly deserves it. The Globes are funny I guess because of the whole Comedy/Drama thing but it at least allows films such as The Martian to get on there.

    1. Hi Mark! Yeah if only they recognized Theron and Hardy too though, they’re both excellent in Fury Road. Yeah I think the categories are odd but it always makes for a fun discussion 🙂

  7. Interesting read, though I personally hate awards season. Half of these ‘awards season’ movies don’t screen here till Feb so it useless. Spotlight isn’t showing here this year, neither is Carol, or Room, or Jobs. Insanely annoying.

    The best movie I saw this year was a small New Zealand movie called The Dark Horse, though of course it won’t get mentioned. It is a stirring, heavy drama. Other than that I’d vote for Mad Max, though it won’t surprise me in the slightest if it doesn’t win.

    1. Hi Jordan! We’ve talked about this but yes, those delayed opening dates is baffling and frustrating. I just saw your review of The Dark Horse! WOW, Cliff Curtis in a leading role, good for him. He’s been churning a lot of great supporting performances, he’s so underrated here in the States.

  8. Great post–I totally agree with your thoughts on Best Actress nominees. The absence of Charlize is kind of ridiculous, but I have to remind myself that it’s only the golden globes. I get the impression that the Oscars will amp it up this year with some surprises. While Brie Larson is the chosen favorite, I honestly think Cate’s performance is the best out of Larson and Ronan. I mean…it’s Cate Blanchett.

    1. Hi Courtney, ahah yeah I suppose it’s *only* the Golden Globes. I think their noms are always fun to discuss though. I sure hope you’re right the Oscars will have some surprises. Oh I’m not surprised Cate is the best, I mean like you said it IS the great Cate, she’s nothing if not consistent!

  9. Hey Ruth!!! Thanks for stopping by and reading my reviews as it made me come to your page and see this fun note on the Globes.. My comments.. I was lucky enough to be part of the 1st audience to see The Revenant w/Leo & Alejandro being there doing a Q & A.. It’s truly epic & like nothing you’ve ever seen YES!! Leo is my predicted pick for Best Actor this year – all awards.. YES…I’m just as pissed as you for Charlize not getting a nom for Mad Max..I wasn’t a huge fan of Room..& don’t think that nom should be given instead of Charlize..she was BAD ASS!!! 😀 .I loved it also..but The Revenant..when you see it. will beat out Mad Max. I liked Spotlight..but as you said you’re seeing The Big Short..which I saw on Tues..and it beats Spotlight for me.. it’s very very good (trying to finish up my review on it. 🙂 ) And I’m trying to decide between Mark Rylance & Michael Shannon as my Best Supporting Actor..and nominating the kid actor over say Jason Mitchell as Eazy E.. just a shame.. Best Supporting Actress – is probably where I would pick Vikander..not as best actress.. but oh well.. we shall see.. I always love this time of the season.. hahahahaha and as I see you have a great so following you now!! yay!!

    1. Hello Peggy! Sorry it took me a while to respond. I’ve been so swamped lately at my work as I’ll be off on vacation for two weeks. Also I’m blogging less right now so not checking as often.

      Wow you’ve seen The Revenant, good for you, I don’t think I could handle the gore, I’m very squeamish. Yeah, Charlize’s omission is a travesty! I think Spotlight is a better film but I really enjoyed The Big Short, it was very entertaining despite the upsetting subject matter. Man, Rylance and Shannon are both great aren’t they? I’m torn between Stallone and Shannon actually. Yeah I think I’d pick Vikander too amongst those nominated.

      Where are you based at btw? Are you in the States?

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