A Thanksgiving Post: 24 cinematic things I’m thankful for in 2016


To all my friends celebrating Thanksgiving today… I hope that you’re all enjoying yourselves, whether it’s time spent together with family/friends or just chillin’ with your loved ones (like my hubby and I). It’s nice to be able to sleep in today and going to dinner/movies later today. To those in other parts of the world, I bid you happy-almost-weekend day 🙂

This has been quite a tumultuous year to say the least… but I always try to focus on the positive side of things. As this is a film blog, I thought I’d take the time to express my gratitude for blogging/cinematic-related things I’ve been blessed with this year… so naturally I have to start with…

1. My blogging friends who’ve supported my blog and comment regularly… Jordan, Keith, Cindy, Steven, Michael, Margaret, Jenna/Allie, Courtney, Nostra, Dan, Jay/Sean, Brittani, etc.

2. Living in a city with not one but TWO robust film festivals… TCFF and MSPIFF!

3. Being a part of TCFF staff as the official blogger, which allows me to meet wonderful filmmakers and talents.

4. Discovering indie gems at film festivals (esp. Blood Stripe and Moonlight at TCFF, and Beeba Boys and The Fencer at MSPIFF)

5. The wonderful opportunity to meet Lea Thompson and director Jim Hemphill during the MN screening of The Trouble With The Truth.

6. Discovering awesome new actors I’d love to see more of (I’ll be blogging separately on this later next month), special shout out to Kate Nowlin & Dominic Rains!

7. Getting an interview with the composer of Age of Adaline, Rob Simonsen, one of my favorite soundtracks I recently discovered.

8. The breathtaking New Zealand scenery in one of my fave films of the year, Hunt For the Wilderpeople.


9. The amazing trifecta performance from the actors portraying Chiron in Moonlight

10. Wonderful classic films like Casablanca, which I rewatched on Thanksgiving eve.


11. Female filmmakers in Hollywood & beyond…  here’s hoping to see even more of them in years to come!

12. Amy Adams’ performance in Arrival

13. Sam Riley‘s wonderfully-amusing performance as Mr Colonel Darcy in Pride + Prejudice + Zombies


14. Aneurin Barnard‘s soulful performance as Richard III in The White Queen miniseries (that spurred my obsession on the last Plantagenet King.

15. The delightful Love & Friendship & discovering the droll Tom Bennett as the scene-stealing Sir James Martin.

16. Awesome Marvel series on Netflix: Daredevil + Jessica Jones (hoping to catch Luke Cage soon!)

17. The Wonder Woman trailer… which I’m feverishly anticipating to see come Summer 2017!

18. The fun cast of The Magnificent Seven remake

19. The wonderful,  music of Sing Street… a love letter to the 80s and the power of music.

20. Viggo Mortensen‘s bravura performance in Captain Fantastic.

21. The arresting beauty of Jeff Nichols’ film LOVING, and the affecting performances of Ruth Negga + Joel Edgerton.

22. The wonderfully uplifting Queen Of Katwe, featuring wonderful performances of Lupita Nyong’O + David Oyelowo.


23. The originality and thought-provoking concept of The Lobster

24. Last but not least… I’m thankful that I finished my script this year… plus having the opportunity to do a script reading later in January! 🙂


What are some of the things you are THANKFUL FOR this year? 

38 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving Post: 24 cinematic things I’m thankful for in 2016

  1. I feel like this year has been kind of weird, mostly because of the election but I’m still thankful for having a steady job, family and friends. But I’m fearful of what to come in the next few years because of certain person whom got voted to be the most powerful person in this country. 😦 I still think I’m living in some sort alternate reality.

  2. That’s a lot of things to be thankful for! Glad you found a moment to recognize them all. I, and I think I speak for all your readers, am thankful for you. Keep up the great work!

  3. I feel the same way about this little blogosphere, I love discussion about film. I guess I’m thankful that Wilderpeople got a wide release, and that we seem to have gotten some films others haven’t (like The Red Turtle, you might not remember, I posted about it, a studio ghibli film with no dialogue at all). Still pisses me off though how many movies we miss out on. I need to catch I, Daniel Blake before that disappears

    1. Hi Jordan! I really appreciate your comments and I enjoy discussing movies (and other stuff) w/ you! You’re lucky you got to see ‘Wilderpeople’ on the big screen. It truly is an amazing film (review upcoming). Yes I remember The Red Turtle from your blog. Oh, I actually have met the screenwriter of ‘I, Daniel Blake’, Paul Laverty, a very nice fellow.

  4. Alot of great things to be thankful about! and many congrats on finishing your screenplay!
    Your blog is one of my favorite ones in the entire blogosphere and I hope to continue reading as long as I keep blogging.

  5. This is such an epic post…I wish I had copied this idea in time for Thanksgiving! Thank you for the continued love and support, Ruth! Film friends for life!

    I think I’m most thankful for small budget indies getting recognized and staying in theaters, like Moonlight!

    1. Hello Courtney! Hey you can always give thanks any day of the year 😉 I actually thought of doing it the morning of Thanksgiving, it took me about 2 hours to put this list together.

      YES, film friends for life indeed! Whenever you’re in Minneapolis area, be sure to let me know, I always enjoy meeting up w/ blog friends.

      I’ll be posting my review of ‘Moonlight’ shortly, it was one of the easiest reviews I’ve written as I love everything about it!

        1. I’ve always wanted to revisit New Orleans too, only been there once for a day so barely saw anything. I’ll be sure to let you know when I do and we’ll do a meet up! 🙂

  6. Dan Heaton

    It’s great to see you mention Sing Street, which brought a huge smile to my face with its idealism and music. I’m also glad you caught up with Moonlight and agree about the three lead performances. Keep up the great work!

    1. Hello Dan! As you know I really enjoyed ‘Sing Street’ and just rewatched it recently. I adore the songs, esp. To Find You. It’s such a gorgeous ballad.

      Glad you have seen ‘Moonlight.’ Will be rooting for that at the Oscars!

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