Five for the Fifth: November 2016 Edition

Welcome to FlixChatter’s primary blog series! As is customary for this monthly feature, I get to post five random news item/observation/poster, etc. and then turn it over to you to share your take on that given topic. You can see the previous five-for-the-fifth posts here.

1. Hello everyone! As I’m posting this, I’ve just finished packing for a quick trip to Zion National Park, UT and Las Vegas! I’m in desperate need for a break after a super busy October, so suffice to say I’m taking a bit of blogging break as well.

Well, I occasionally like to highlight my vacation destination on my blog, and there are tons of movies set in Las Vegas. Here are just a sampling of some of memorable movies set in Sin City:

So what’s your fave film(s) set in Vegas? 

2. One of my most-anticipated movie of 2017 (if not THE most) is Wonder Woman. Well the second trailer just wet my appetite even more!! Seriously, it’s been over 120 years since the invention of the motion picture and FINALLY we get a feature film of a female superhero!

I know this is just a trailer, but it’s enough to get me all verklempt on Thursday when I first saw it… thank you Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot, who looks phenomenal as the bad-ass Amazonian princess!! This movie is poised to be the BEST DC superhero movie to date… but not the worst part is the wait! The movie will be released in June, 2017.


Now, switching gear to a fun Honest Trailer on BBC’s Sherlock, which is perfect timing considering Benedict Cumberbatch‘s Doctor Strange opens this weekend.

I had a good chuckle watching this, it’s pretty spot on! Watson as the original cumberbitch, ahah! I used to like Benedict before he became ultra-famous, as you know I have a penchant for the more unknown, underrated actors. Not saying Benedict isn’t talented but really Hollywood, there are a plethora of equally talented Brits out there too [hint: Sam Riley] 😉

Anyhoo, thoughts about either one of these trailers?

3. We’re just about three months away from Oscar telecast on Feb. 26, 2017, and award season has pretty much started with TIFF, so it’s never too early to talk about Oscar contenders! Since I just came out of Twin Cities Film Fest, I’ve mentioned on my recap post that one of the films that resonated with me most is Moonlight. I had read several reviews as well as interviews with writer/director Barry Jenkins, particularly this one in Esquire.

… Moonlight is neither a black film nor a gay film. “We’re not reaching for this great statement about [race or] sexuality,” Jenkins said. “What we’re reaching for is a portrait of people who are just trying to get through life.”

It’s so refreshing that Moonlight isn’t a big political/social agenda, it feels grounded and personal and that’s why it resonates so much with me. I think anyone of all races who loves great storytelling should absolutely see this and THIS is the film I’ll be rooting for on Oscar night!

Mahershala Ali in ‘Moonlight’

I’d be seriously miffed if this film wasn’t at least nominated, I mean if there is justice in this world, Barry Jenkins should be getting multiple noms for writing & directing, and it’d be a bonus to see Mahershala Ali up in the Best Supporting Actor category! I remember seeing him in the last Hunger Games movie and groaned to see an actor of his talent so wasted. It’s great to see him in a meaty role for once.

So guys, which film(s) are you rooting for this award season?

4. I grew up watching Disney Princess animated films and lately we’ve got an endless supply of live-action versions. Well, out of those Princess movies, Beauty & The Beast is one I’d think would be challenging to film. But so far the casting and production stills have only made me anticipate it all the more. Behold…


I was swooning hard looking at these pictures… surely on the visual front, it looks absolutely gorgeous and magical. I love how spot-on the casting are, esp. Belle, Beast and Gaston, which I’ve talked about here. Emma Watson looks like she’s born to play this role. Sounds like they’re going to be faithful to the animated version, and I sure hope they use the same music by Alan Menken!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Images courtesy of

Updated 11/14: Now we’ve got its first full trailer!!

Are you as ready as I am to be swept away by this fairy tale?

5. This month Five for the Fifth’s guest is Khalid from The Blazing Reel! His question couldn’t be more timely considering this coming Tuesday, November 8 is US election day and this has been, shall we say, a most unusual election year!


So here’s Khalid’s question:

With the 2016 Presidential Election nearing close, what is in your opinion is the best election movie? Your choice doesn’t necessarily have to be about a film that focuses on a Presidential election.

Well, I’m sure you have an opinion on this topic, So let’s hear it!

Well, that’s it for the NOVEMBER edition of Five for the Fifth, folks. Take part by picking a question out of the five above or better yet, do ‘em all! 

43 thoughts on “Five for the Fifth: November 2016 Edition

  1. 1. Ocean’s 11 and The Cooler, other than that. I don’t find any films set in Vegas any good as they just look terrible at night. The one film that actually looks great though it wasn’t shot in Vegas but made in a soundstage as Vegas is One From the Heart by Francis Ford Coppola. A flawed film but one that needs to seen.

    2. Wonder Woman…. OH HELL YEAH!!!!! The honest trailer for Sherlock is pretty funny. At least Watson is a better runner than…. Steven Seagal.

    3. Right now, nothing. The Neon Demon is currently my favorite film this year but it’s likely not to get any Oscar nods.

    4. Looks great although the look of the Beast looks dodgy.

    5. Election. Honestly, I just want to blast “God Save the Queen” by the Sex Pistols just to tell Americans that a vote either Democrat or Republican is a vote for….. no future for America.

    1. Hi Steven, I haven’t heard of that Coppola movie, but might check it out.

      Glad you’re excited for Wonder Woman. I’ve become increasingly more optimistic about Gadot in the role.

      Yeah it’s really a strange n kinda sad time for America. I can’t vote yet but I do listen to election coverage on NPR.

  2. Have a fun trip Ruth!

    1. Ocean’s 11 & 13, The Hangover, Leaving Las Vegas, Jason Bourne (I stayed at the Aria hotel so it’s kind of cool to see an actual real location in a big action film). I thought 21 was a terrible movie but I did like the sceneries of Vegas.

    2. Wonder Woman looks good but since it’s a DC film, I can’t get too excited about it. But since Zack Snyder is not involved in making the film, I don’t believe he is anyway, it should be a good one.

    3. You know how I feel about award shows but I definitely want to see Moonlight.

    4. I remember the animated version of Beauty and the Beast, looks like the live action version captured the look and feel of that film.

    5. Election was definitely a good film about politics, even at high school level and Reese Witherspoon was superb in it.

    1. Oh I forgot that was the Aria hotel, ahah. For me that Oceans 11 scene remains the most iconic in Vegas.

      Ha ha yes glad Snyder is not involved in WW!!

      Yep I know Ted, it’s kinda a necessary evil for film bloggers though. Yes do see Moonlight!

      I hv a feeling lots of ppl are rewatching Election next week.

  3. Hi again Ruth! Rooting for this award season? Well as a Dane I hope Land of Mine gets oscar nom in foreign film. Toni Erdmann from Germany which was nom at Cannes looks good.
    I haven’t seen any of the best picture contenders, though I will be checking out Manchester by the Sea, Arrival, Lala land, and Moonlight, those seem to be getting praise.

    1. Well hello Chris! Oh so is that the Danish submission for Oscar Foreign Language Film? Haven’t heard of Toni Erdmann either but I hv to look that up. I’m bummed I can’t see Arrival screening as I’ll be on vacation.

      1. Yep, Land Of Mine is the Danish submission for the next oscars. I rated it 4 out of 5 and I think the human story is relatable to those outside of Scandinavia as well.

          1. @Ruth: No, I haven’t reviewed Land Of Mine. I still write on letterboxd and RYM quite often, so some of that may get published on the blog as year-end lists. I just did a horror post in October, but I know you don’t like scary movies! 🙂

  4. 1. Casino, Bugsy, The Hangover, Leaving Las Vegas.

    2. Wonder Woman trailer looks pretty good. I’m cautiously optimistic, given DC’s track record, as of late. There have been female superhero movies before, lol, just not any good ones.

    3. Haven’t seen any yet that will be getting Oscar buzz. Hope to start soon.

    4. Those pics look fantastic. Hope the film delivers on that promise.

    5. The Ides of March is really good. I had a good laugh at the silliness of The Campaign, too.

    1. Hi ya Dell! Man I’ve been meaning to see Leaving Las Vegas for ages.

      Ahah true, I guess there’s Elektra but it was more of a spinoff so doesn’t count 😉

      You should really see Moonlight, curious to hear what you think about that one.

      Haven’t seen The Campaign, I take it it’s a comedy?

  5. 1. Hmm…the Ocean’s Eleven and Thirteen (Twelve left the vicinity), Casino, Diamond Are Forever, Lost in America, the original Ocean’s 11 (1960), Paul Verhoven’s so over the top Showgirls, Hard Eight, The Cooler, and Bugsy.

    2. Sooooo loved both of them!!!

    3. Still too early to put a list together.

    4. Yep.

    5. Personal favorite would be the Hal Ashby, Warren Beatty vehicle, Shampoo (1975), which I highlighted last year.

    1. Hi Michael! Oh right I forgot there’s a Bond movie set in Vegas 😀

      Yay! Glad to hear you’re excited about Beauty n the Beast too!

      I really should check out Shampoo, it seems Beatty is back in Hollywood with his new film. I’ll be seeing Rules Don’t Apply next week!

  6. Tom

    1) The Hangover is a pretty good time in Vegas. Acknowledging it ain’t a movie for everyone, what it does it does really well for comedy fans. I can’t think of many more Vegas-set movies I like more

    2) I actually first glimpsed this trailer for Wonder Woman sitting in on Doctor Strange the other night. Somehow I had avoided seeing any preview material until then! But I was glad, because that trailer damn well gave me goosebumps! So looking forward to that dropping next summer.

    3) If only there was an award dedicated to “Most Enjoyable Film Experience” hahah. How subjective would THAT be? Because I would nominate Hell or High Water for that, and I would give it the Oscar. So much fun to be had in that movie. I think the coming weeks are going to give us some more stuff to chew on. I expect Hacksaw Ridge to be up there, along with Arrival, Passengers, Fantastic Beasts (costuming and wardrobe almost undoubtedly is going to go to that), Collateral Beauty, and I have been hearing a whole lot of great stuff about La La Land, and based on those trailers I think it might be fair to already assume that to be an award contender!

    4) Not that enthusiastic about another Disney film, but man oh man Beauty & the Beast looks wonderful. I think I’ll show up for that one. It’ll be interesting to see if it goes the Cinderella remake route, where the story is super faithful to the original and the visuals get a healthy upgrade . . . and then a bunch of people complaining about not having any “surprises” along the way.

    5) I saw someone up in the comments had mentioned The Campaign as far as election movies go. I’m going to have to throw that down as well as Robin Williams’ Man of the Year. Both super lightweight, silly affairs but I take such delight in these movies making a mockery of the American political system. Because it IS a mockery. The Campaign (Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis) is actually ridiculously close to being merely a dramatization of this year’s elections. Ugh.

    1. Hi there Tom! I suppose the old saying ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’ is most appropriate in The Hangover, doesn’t it?

      Yay for your enthusiasm for Wonder Woman!

      Ahah that’d be awesome if there’s such a category! Man I still need to see Hell or High Water, that must be this year’s biggest surprise in a good way.

      Yeah it’s tough to please everyone I guess but for me I don’t mind that the live action version is faithful to the original so long as it’s well directed n has good performances.

      I bet there’ll be more satire films of this year’s election though the real one already seems like a mockery!

      1. Tom

        “mockery” is putting it really nicely. Haha! I kind of want to crawl under a rock for the next 4 years b/c either way it turns out, it’s not good for the U.S. of A. 😦

        1. It’s a very sad time for America for sure. Well one more day until the moment of truth!! I think Canada might gain a lot more Americans ‘refugees’ 😉

  7. Hi Ruth,. Dave here. Long time no see. I know. I haven’t really been to the theater in forever. There really hasn’t been a movie to get me out of the house. Although I’m looking forward to The Arrival and Moonlight. Still reading all of your posts even if I’ve been derelict in chiming in. Just watching so much great TV these days. Masters of Sex, Channel Zero, Fleabag, Rectify, Transparent, Black Mirror…

    1) Leaving Las Vegas Or Rain Man for me. Being that you haven’t seen Leaving Las Vegas I should warn you that it may be one of the single most depressing movies I’ve ever seen. Just heartbreaking. That said I really liked it. Nic Cage turned in one of the great performances of all time and Elizabeth Shue was a revelation. Sadly she’s never been able to come even close to recapturing the performance she delivered in that movie.

    2) I’ll be honest I’m pretty superheroed out but the trailer looks pretty good. The last superhero movie I really enjoyed was Deadpool and imho nothing has topped The Dark Knight and that was what… 2008? So we will see.

    Will probably pass on Dr. Strange. Patiently waiting for Sherlock in 2017.

    3) Looking forward to Moonlight. Was already a fan of Mahershala Ali (birth name Mahershalalhashbaz Gilmore… looks like I fell on my keyboard. LOL.) from House of Cards. Haven’t seen enough to root for an Oscar winner yet.

    4) To be honest Emma Watson (and maybe Dan Stevens) is the only reason I’d go see this. Pretty, smart and well put together. Those Potter kids turned out remarkably well, didn’t they?

    Ever see this? It’s adorable.

    5) Election, The Ides Of March and HBO’s Game Change and Recount. The little seen one I’d really recommend is D.A. Pennebaker’s doc The War Room. It documents the Clinton/Gore campaign from ’92. It focus on James Carville and George Stephanopoulos and how they changed the way campaigns are run are in this documentary. Required viewing if you’re at all politically inclined.

    Take care Ruth and keep up the great work.

    1. Hello Dave!! Glad to see you stop by man, hope you’re well.

      I hope to see Arrival as soon as I’m back from vacation, that one looks good n Loving too by Jeff Nichols.

      I’ve been wanting to get into Black Mirror, hopefully later this month!

      Yeah I reckon Leaving Las Vegas is depressing but still curious to see Cage n Shue’s performances.

      I’m pretty superheroed out too but with MALE superheroes 😉 I enjoyed Deadpool too, more than I expected.

      Wow what a name for Ali! Oh he’s in House of Cards too? He’s really talented with a strong screen presence too!

      Yeah the Potter kids certainly have been wise in choosing their projects. Especially Radcliffe whose done a ton of indie films since.

      I wasn’t all that impressed by Ides Of March for some reason. I might give The War Room, sounds interesting esp now another Clinton is running again.

      Thanks Dave hope to see ya around soon!

  8. Glad to be a part of Five for Fifth, Ruth. And some great answers all around. Though Election seems to be the most popular choice.
    Personally, my favorite film about the election would be Primary Colors starring John Travolta in one of the best Bill Clinton impressions you’re ever likely to see. Though Ides of March is also pretty great.
    Favorite film set in Vegas would be Scorsese’s Casino. Absolutely love that. And The Cooler is great too, featuring a brilliant performance by Alec Baldwin.

    1. Hi Khalid! Great question once again. Yeah I figure ‘Election’ would be a popular pick, that’s why I had a photo of it 🙂

      I haven’t seen Primary Colors yet, that should be one I should check out though I’m so sick of this election.

    1. Hi Jay! Y’know I’m actually not that impressed with Dr Strange, it was just mildly entertaining but not spectacular. Any particular reason you’re not interested in it?

  9. I wish I could answer some of these but they all literally go right over my head. Neither of those trailers interest me… I wouldn’t ever know what city an Australian film was shot in, let alone a different country. And I think the Oscars are a complete waste of everybodys’ time. But hey, that’s just me 😉

    Pretty sure I haven’t seen Beauty and the beast, so I doubt I’ll notice when the new one comes out. And as for election films, I honestly can’t remember one off the top of my head =/

    Did I once do your last guest question? I’d love to do it again, I think I’ve got a good one 😉

    OH, and ENJOY YOUR BREAK!! You blog like a pro, I wish I was as consistent as you. You deserve a break 🙂

    1. Hey there Jordan!

      Ahah you’re too funny man, you march to the beat of your own drums, love it.

      Sure you’re welcome to do be my guest again, how about in January to start things off?

      Yes I’ve been enjoying my break. I probably won’t start blogging again until next week, just don’t feel like it. I have been networking a bit about my script, as I really do want to get it made in the next few years.

      1. January would be cool! And enjoy your break. I hope you strike gold with your script! I’m still struggling to finish my book. You’re lucky, you’ve written something that has potential to sell. Cos its a screenplay. Mine is just a book, and no one reads books anymore =//

        Hope to hear some good news about it soon Ruth. 🙂

        1. Ok deal! Yeah I’m still enjoying the break, I just don’t have the energy to write reviews for some reason as I’ve been networking for my script a lot. Oh I dunno about the selling potential of my script, it’s a romance drama (which I know you despise), which aren’t popular these days as it’s just not edgy enough. That’s why I’d love to go the indie route and try to produce it myself somehow. Dream big as they say… that’s why today I’m posting something that relates to my sentiment lately.

          1. I’ll have to check out that post. When I finish my book I don’t know what the hell I’ll do. My mother will edit it for me, but as for getting it out there…. hell, I don’t know what to do.

              1. Oh cool thanks for the link, I just went to your page and saw that there a few posts already after your break. I’ve had a tough couple of weeks, been really sick, its crazy how much you miss in the blogosphere if you’re not at your computer for a few days… or weeks!

                I just read your review of Loving and I really wanna see it. Maybe its cos it has Edgerton in it, but I want to expand my horizons 😛 I liked Brooklyn, so this will be my next dip into romantic movies 😉

                You still hesitant to share your screenplay? I’d love to read it when you are ready, I think you’re a great writer and I’m interested to see what you’ve come up with.

                And yeah, I need to focus on finishing it. I think – and this is really, really DUMB – I think I’ve been a little put off by the fact that not many people seem to read the chapters when I post them, compared to the movie reviews. Its such a dumb reason, I need to write it for ME!

                1. Hi Jordan! Oh my, I hope you are feeling better now man, sorry to hear you have been sick.

                  LOVING is such a good film! Yes please give it a chance, it’s kinda heartbreaking too that they’re arrested just because they’re of different races! I can’t believe it happened just 50 some yrs ago.

                  Edgerton is SO good, I’m so impressed w/ him here. Shannon also has a nice cameo here.

                  Well I’m hesitant to share as ppl always say they’ll read something and then it just sits there untouched :\ It’s a romantic drama, are you sure you’re interested? he..he..

                  As for your story. That is why I don’t post ’em on my blog, I think people aren’t generally interested in reading stuff like that online. I remember posting an excerpt from my now-defunct ‘novel’ on my blog years ago and NOBODY bothered to read it LOL.

  10. Love to see Vegas on film. It’s as photogenic as New York but without the authenticity of new York. Still, the dazzle of the city is wonderful. I think Ocean’s 11 would be a personal favorite as opposed to the grotty side you see in films like Leaving Las Vegas.

    1. Hi there Dan! Vegas can be dazzling when you see it on screen or from a distance, unfortunately it’s soooo overcrowded and smoky when you’re inside the hotels as ppl can smoke in the casinos, ugh. I always think of Oceans 11 whenever I look at Bellagio fountain, it’s just so classy!

  11. 1. Have a nice trip! My fav film set in Vegas is definitely Casino

    2. That Wonder Woman trailer wasn’t nearly as great as Comic Con one but it’s nice too, I have yet to see the Honest Trailer but I love those so I’ll catch up on the new ones later tonight

    3. It would be nice if Robert Eggers got few directing nominations here and there for The Witch

    4. Eh, I hate the Beast design, it’s so jarring. The trailer is coming on Monday so maybe it will look better there

    5. Hmm…probably Ides of March and Veep TV series

    1. Hi Margaret! Well I’ve been back since last Wednesday, just taking a much-needed blogging break.

      I forgot what the Comic-con version of Wonder Woman, but still I’m excited for it!

      Well, I guess we’ll see what the Beauty & The Beast trailer looks like tomorrow!!

  12. Enjoy Vegas! Which hotel are you staying at? Also let me know what restaurants you ate at. I recommend a small Italian place called Battista’s which is a block behind the Flamingo. its decently priced for a lot of food and free wine at the table.

    1. Thanks Ian! We were only in Vegas a couple of days, and to be honest I’m not really a fan of that city. We stayed at NY NY hotel which was ok, I think if I had more $$ to spend I’d stay at Bellagio 🙂

  13. The Hangover is one of my favorite movies set in Las Vegas. Also, Viva Las Vegas ’cause it’s Ann-Margret and Elvis.

    I really love the Wonder Woman second trailer. It gives a little bit of a better picture of what’s going on. I’m so excited for it next summer!!!

    Unfortunately, I haven’t seen a lot of the award show movies yet. I’m really looking forward to Jackie, LaLa Land, Arrival, and A United Kingdom.

    Belle is my favorite Disney princess, and I adore Emma Watson. The new trailer looks amazing! It makes me want to live in that world. 😀

    The Candidate with Robert Redford is great. It’s an interesting take on how someone runs a campaign by making different promises to contrasting groups of voters, and then once elected, not knowing what to do next.

    1. Totally forgot about Viva Las Vegas! Well I bumped into *Elvis* on the strip 😉

      Yeah I’m super excited for Wonder Woman, it’s really about time we have a proper female superhero movie (Elektra doesn’t count!) that’s also directed by a woman!

      Arrival was excellent, saw it this weekend. I have Jackie and La La Land screenings back to back in December, but hopefully I get to see A United Kingdom as well by end of year!

      I love how faithful the B&B trailer is to the animated feature. I grew up watching Disney princess movies. Surely Disney knows how to sweep us girls off our feet!

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