OCTOBER 2016 Viewing Recap + Movie(s) of the Month

Am I the only one still in disbelief it’s November already?? But I’m glad the temp hasn’t dipped that much yet, this week’s still gonna be in the mid 50s to 60 degrees, which is much warmer than usual, yay!

Well, it’s no surprise October is the busiest month for me, thanks to TCFF! I also managed to squeeze in a few new releases before the film fest started. Suffice to say I saw the most films in October than any other month!

Here are movies I saw in October:

New-to-me Movies

The Girl On A Train

accountant_imgThe Accountant

certainwomen_imgCertain Women

jackreacher2_imgJack Reacher: Never Go Back

TCFF Movies

bloodstripe_imgBlood Stripe

architect_imgThe Architect

funeralday_imgFuneral Day

pursuitsilence_imgIn Pursuit Of Silence

junefallingdown_imgJune Falling Down

milesbetweenus_imgMiles Between Us

scientologymovie_imgMy Scientology Movie

prisondogs_imgPrison Dogs

wordofhonour_imgWord of Honour: Reclaiming Mandela’s Promise

I haven’t reviewed these films below I saw at TCFF. Some because of a studio embargo until their local release date, and some because I simply haven’t got around to writing them. I shall try to do so in the coming weeks, but honestly, I need a bit of a blogging break.

Sweet LandThe Eagle HuntressIron Will
Burn Country | 
No Light and No Land AnywhereTrespass Against Us
Claire in Motion11:55Actors of Sound
Free CeceLion | Moonlight

The Last King (2003 TV miniseries)

Earlier this month I also got to see this miniseries, directed by Joe Wright and starring the immensely watchable Rufus Sewell. It’s the chronicle of Charles II’s time on the throne, his 10 year exile from Oliver Cromwell’s England, and his triumphant return. I haven’t finished it yet but hopefully later this month, as you know I have a penchant for period dramas starring gorgeous Brits 😉




We’ve got a tie this month! It’s tough enough to pick just TWO favorites of the month, let alone one. But these two moved me more than others and the ones I keep thinking about days after. Not only do these two feature excellent storytelling and performances, they’re also groundbreaking in many ways. It’s so rare to see female soldiers being depicted on screen, it’s even more scarce to see a good depiction of them the way Blood Stripe did.

As for Moonlight, I honestly have never seen Black sexuality/masculinity depicted in this way and it struck me just how beautiful and nuanced the story was. I’m also impressed by the casting of the protagonist, utilizing three different actors in three main stages of his life. Lets just say this film is worth the hype.

Well that’s my viewing recap of OCTOBER. What’s YOUR favorite film(s) of the month?

31 thoughts on “OCTOBER 2016 Viewing Recap + Movie(s) of the Month

  1. Yeah I can’t believe it’s November and that 2016 is almost over!

    You definitely saw a lot of movies last month, I think I only saw 2 new movies, The Accountant and Jack Reacher 2. I mostly watched TV shows this past month, finished Luke Cage this past weekend and still can’t get into Westworld, I’ll watch one more episode and if I can’t get into it then I won’t wast my time on it anymore. Also, The Walking Dead is back so I’ll be a couch potato every Sunday night!

    1. It’s crazy isn’t it Ted? But hey we’re still enjoying relatively mild weather now, hopefully it’ll stay that way.

      What did you think of Jack Reacher 2? I thought it was lackluster, even Cruise looks bored most of the movie. Oh Luke Cage is one I’m hoping to catch up on after I’m back from my Vegas trip, and also Black Mirror!

      1. Yup I’m glad the temps has been nice, let’s it continues for a few more weeks.

        Yeah I thought Jack Reacher 2 was quite lame, it’s really a good example of lazy filmmaking and yes Cruise looked like he didn’t really want to be in the movie. He must’ve signed a contract with Paramount saying that he has to appear in this sequel. Either that or they won’t give him more money to do Mission Impossible 6 if he didn’t come back for this film.

        Luke Cage was good, not in the same league as DareDevil but similar to Jessica Jones. I love Black Mirror, hoping to start on the new season soon!

        1. Yep, the first Jack Reacher was by Christopher McQuarrie so it was still pretty decent, plus I love the cast of David Oyelowo and Rosamund Pike. I think it’s the latter Ted, Cruise probably wants as much money for MI6, which I’m quite anticipating as Rebecca Ferguson will be back, yay!

  2. Hi Ruth –

    I had done a lot of research about flights, car rentals, and accommodations to Minneapolis. I really enjoyed my trip last year to the 2016 TCFF. So I was looking forward to coming to the festival again. I had even emailed Jatin that I would come.

    But then when the schedules of films came out – I was mildly disappointed. I made Moonlight the best film of the Festival, but I hadn’t a strong enough desire to that one and some of the other to justify the cost of trip.

    But I did get to enjoy the festival through your reviews and interviews. Keep up the great work.


    1. Hi Mike, oh bummer that you didn’t end up coming this year, but I understand. I think the lineup could’ve been stronger to be honest, but hey sometimes it’s not really up to the festival organizers. Well, I hope you get to see some of the films, esp. Blood Stripe, Moonlight and LION which were exceptionally good!

    1. The Exorcist is definitely a horror classic. I have mixed feelings about Certain Women, it’s v-e-r-y s-l-o-w and way too indulgent at times, but I like the third part w/ Kristen Stewart.

  3. I know this sounds daft but I’m not surprised at November’s appearance, more that 2016 is nearly over! Which is contradictory I know, but that’s the way my brain is working right now, ha.
    You saw in my own post but I’ve loved reading your TCFF posts!
    – Allie

    1. Thanks Allie! I feel that October just went by like a breeze but that might be because of the whirlwind of TCFF. Hope you got to check out some of the TCFF reviews, lots of great films well worth your time 🙂

  4. PrairieGirl

    Hey Flixy, what a marathon month you had! Your TCFF coverage was superb, as usual, and kudos to your guest TCFF bloggers also. Glad we got to see the first episode of The Last King together. Looking forward to eventually seeing Blood Stripe and Moonlight.

    1. Hi Becky, ahah yes a marathon. I think this year I saw more films during TCFF than in previous years, sometimes watching 3-4 a day which is nuts. It’s still a blur to me to be honest, ahah.

  5. I was wondering how on earth you would be able to cover all of the movies you’ve seen! 😀 I definitely got my movie viewing back on track. Not sure what I would call my favorite though. I absolutely can’t wait for this coming weekend. Three movies I am excited for.

    1. Ahah yeah Keith, that’s why I’m still behind on about 5-6 reviews but I just needed a break. I figure most of the movies aren’t available to the general public yet anyway, but I do still want to recommend them, so this is my way to let ppl know which are must-see movies. So which 3 movies are you looking forward to? Is one of them Doctor Strange?

        1. I think Doctor Strange is just ok for me, as far as origin stories go, it’s not as memorable as the first Iron Man or Captain America, or even Thor. Oh, Ted saw Hacksaw Ridge yesterday while I went to see Dr Strange, I’m too scared to see that on the big screen but I can’t wait to see Loving!!

          1. My biggest attraction to Strange is that it seems so unique. I really like the character but not certain if he can carry his own film. Then again I thought the same thing about a couple of others.

            1. I think Benedict is fine in the role, he’s kinda similar to Sherlock at times, self-absorbed prick, ahah. I think RDJ was much more fun to watch as Iron Man/Tony Stark which is quite similar in his roots as Dr. Strange. Overall it was enjoyable but not really all that spectacular.

  6. I know, its November already. So depressing! I need to write more, I waste too much time on unproductive crap.

    Sucks that your two favourites probs won’t end up playing down here. I like the sound of Blood Stripe though, will keep an eye out for that one.

    1. Hey ya Jordan! Well at least it’s Spring in Down Under right? For me it’s almost Winter so it’s no fun 😦

      I’d think Moonlight would get be released internationally, it’s by A24 which is a pretty big indie studio. As for Blood Stripe, well hopefully they’ll get a decent distribution at least for VOD. I highly recommend that Jordan and the filmmaker/actress are such awesome people in real life!

  7. I’m always so impressed with how much you manage to see, and how well you’re able to articulate how you feel about said movies (await your reviews!)…I really can’t wait to see Moonlight and Certain Women.

    Best movie I saw this (er, last) month…? Swiss Army Man. Wasn’t released in October, but that’s when I saw it 😉

    1. Hi there Drew! I actually feel like a slacker that I couldn’t fit in more films. I hope to take more time off next year so I can actually see more and review more, as it’s tough to juggle your full time job with covering TCFF.

      Ah, Swiss Army Man, haven’t seen that one but heard good things, which made me more curious about it.

  8. Saw The Intern with De Niro and Anne Hathaway recently. It was a real feelgood delight. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. Well worth seeing if you want a good “take your mind off stress” kind of film.

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