Scene spotlight: INCEPTION – ‘You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger darling’

Hi everyone! My blogging break has been longer than expected, but for some reason I haven’t got the energy to write reviews. I actually tried to write my review of Doctor Strange and Jack Reacher yesterday but never finished it. I guess my heart just wasn’t in it lately… I’ve been focusing on other things [read: my screenplay and the dream of turning it into a feature film]

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Thinking about dreaming big… somehow Tom Hardy‘s Eames quote from Inception is one that keeps coming to mind. Hardy is the absolute scene stealer here, his charisma eclipse everyone here including Leo DiCaprio himself. It’s a memorable little scene that’s said in a tongue-in-cheek way, it really has nothing to do with anything philosophical at all. Yet that line, and the way Hardy’s gorgeous voice saying it, resonated with me and in a strange way, inspires me. It’d look good as a framed quote too!

It’s been ages sinceI watched Inception, I should rewatch it again soon as I’ve got the Bluray. Now if only I could enlist Dom Cobb & co. to help plant an idea on some studio executives that my script is worth investing on, ha! Interesting too that Christopher Nolan based the roles of the Inception team similar to those used in filmmaking – Cobb is the director, Arthur is the producer, Ariadne is the production designer, Eames is the actor, Saito is the studio, and Fischer is the audience. What a troupe of actors to portray a perfect team for the perfect heist. The grand scale of idea for this film is mind-boggling… it’s just a phenomenally-written script that’s executed so well.

Thoughts on this Inception scene? Feel free to share a scene that’s inspired you recently.

23 thoughts on “Scene spotlight: INCEPTION – ‘You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger darling’

  1. Take as much time off as you want Ruth! After your coverage of the TCFF, I think you need a long break from blogging. I haven’t watched Inception in a few years myself, loved the film and yes it’s a perfect metaphor of how films are made; especially in the corporate controlled environment these days.

    I can’t really think of any scene from a film that inspires me but every time I watch The Social Network or anything that deals with building a start up, I get the urge to get off my butt and build my company. It’s hard having a full time job and other stuff, so little time in the day to focus on other things.

    1. Hi Ted! Yeah I think I might take the break a few more days. Luckily I have some great people (such as yourself) helping me w/ reviewing stuff! I have been contemplating a break even before TCFF, but I really was exhausted from covering that.

      Inception is such a good movie, I really should rewatch it again. I think it’s still one of my fave Nolan movies apart from his Batman trilogy.

      Oh The Social Network certainly makes you want to do a start up! If only it were that simple, but hey I’d keep at it Ted, keep up that entrepreneural spirit! 🙂

      1. I might be sending you my new list of films this weekend, just need to find time to write it. Figured you can post it while you’re taking a break from writing stuff yourself.

        It’s hard choosing my favorite Nolan films, they’re all not perfect but I truly enjoyed all of them. I think since Batman Begins, I’ve seen all of his films at least twice in the theater. 4 times for The Dark Knight, Dark Knight Rises and Interstellar.

        I always remember a line from Lawrence of Arabia: “Big things have small beginnings.” When a stupid app like Snapchat can go public and make billions of dollars, when I can’t I start build something as simple. Just need to get my butt my movie. Lol.

          1. Mwahahaha! No worries Ted, I get what you’re saying.

            Cool about the article, yes send it to me as I might need to take a few more days off blogging next week.

            “Big things have small beginnings.” Oh I like that line, how could I forget!

            Btw, I’m gonna email you about something I’ll be doing in January that I could use your help with!

  2. One of the best scenes in that film. It is a moment that is quite funny but also helps tell the story as it’s one of the reasons why I love Inception. It has so much to bring in yet it is also entertaining and very funny.

    1. Interesting and funny indeed! There is something about Tom Hardy’s delivery in this scene that is just so perfect. Apparently Nolan hired him because of Rocknrolla and Tom was insanely entertaining in that one as well.

  3. It’s still one of my favorite films in recent memory. Such a great script (as you mentioned). The imagery, the performances, and scenes like this one…delightful.

    1. I’m still in awe at how complex the plot is, I gotta admit it took me a while to really ‘grasp’ it. What’s amazing is that it’s so darn entertaining and chock full of memorable scenes!

    1. Watching this makes me want to rewatch it too!

      Thanks Allie! I really do want to catch up w/ reviewing stuff again but now I have a huge backlog of movies to review, uh-oh 😛

  4. Good luck with your script! Well Hardy is in this scene so I obviously love it but I agree that it’s a great quote and it’s a fantastically executed scene

    1. Thank you!

      I love the nonchalant way Hardy uttered the line. He’s just such a cool guy, and Nolan used him well even in a relatively small role.

  5. I wasn’t sure I liked Inception at first, but it’s grown on me on rewatch, and to me has more originality than most sci-fi these days.
    A sequence that inspired me this year is the opening 3 min of The Neon Demon. I love how the music fits with the visuals. It’s something to experience rather than explain in words.

    1. Hey ya Chris! It’s true it’s one of the most original films ever, which is still rare in Hollywood. I haven’t seen Neon Demon yet.

      Btw, I was inspired by you to write mini reviews to get started blogging again, so THANK YOU 🙂

  6. I don’t remember a thing about Inception, apart from walking out thinking it was garbage. But I was what…. 24 when that came out? I think I -definitely- need to re-watch it. Love the quote!

  7. When I searched for ‘inception’ in the tag search box I didn’t expect to find such an awesome first post right at the top since it usually takes a while to sift through posts till you find one you like but wow!! I really enjoyed your thoughts on inception here (it being one of my absolute favourite movies may I add? 🙈) there’s way too many scenes to choose from tbh but the one you mentioned above is one of my favs too! I must’ve watched inception about 3-4 times already 🙈 it’s one of those movies I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of. Somehow I learn something each time as well which I think is phenomenal!

    1. Hey, thanks for your comment! You’re right there are plenty of great scenes in Inception, but I love Tom Hardy here, he’s so memorable even in a brief scene, hence this scene is one of my faves.

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