Five for the Fifth: SEPTEMBER 2016 Edition

Welcome to FlixChatter’s primary blog series! As is customary for this monthly feature, I get to post five random news item/observation/poster, etc. and then turn it over to you to share your take on that given topic. You can see the previous five-for-the-fifth posts here.

1. Still can’t believe it’s Labor Day weekend already! For some reason I haven’t asked this before in the previous September editions. Most Americans will get a day off today in the first Monday of September to celebrate the creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers.


It made me think of films that’s filmed in a workplace, whether it’s a factory, restaurant, 9-5 office job, etc. Having just rewatched Working Girl a couple of months ago, as well as Equity just last week, there are definitely a ton of films made about Wall Street. But there are a lot of memorable films about less glamorous jobs, i.e. Waitress, High Fidelity, Extract, Office Space, The Good Girl, Up in the Air, just to name a few. I’d also include Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. that takes place inside a scream factory.

So which workplace movie(s) is your all time favorite? 

2. Ok, for this month FFTF, I want to feature two trailers from films by female directors. The first one stars Marion Cotillard, whose film Allied I actually featured last month. Well, as I said before, anything with miss Cotillard gets my attention!

From The Land of the Moon (Mal de pierres) trailer doesn’t have a subtitle yet but here’s the synopsis per IMDb:

Adaptation of Milena Agus’ novel, set after WWII following Gabrielle (Marion Cotillard), a passionate, free-spirited woman who is in a loveless marriage and falls for another man.

The film is directed by French actress/filmmaker Nicole Garcia also stars Louis Garrel and Alex Brendemühl. I love WWII romances, so I’m automatically intrigued by this. Apparently Sundance Selects has picked up the U.S. rights to the film back in March, and the film opens in France in mid October, but the US release date hasn’t been announced yet.

Here’s a clip that does have English subtitles:

Now this one takes place closer to home for me in the US.

Certain Women focuses on the lives of three women intersect in small-town America, where each is imperfectly blazing a trail.

I love the casting of the three main actresses: Laura Dern, Michelle Williams, and Kristen Stewart. I’m not familiar with filmmaker Kelly Reichardt, but I did remember her film Meek’s Cutoff (also starring Michelle Williams) was quite acclaimed. Certain Women is set for release on October 14th.

Thoughts about either one of these films? 

3. Well, now that the dust has sort of settled on the Summer blockbuster season, a bunch of articles are lamenting that 2016 is one of the worst Summer seasons. The New York Times lists over a dozen movies as financial disappointment (including The BFG, ID4 sequel, Alice Through the Looking Glass, Warcraft, etc. and perhaps the biggest dud of all, the Ben-Hur remake.


But it seems that we’re only looking at big, tentpole movies. Seems that quite a few smaller movies like Lights Out, Bad Moms, The Purge: Election Year, Sausage Party, and this weekend’s box office winner for a second week in a row, Don’t Breathe have beaten industry expectations. Most of those movies’ budget are well below $20 mil, but have grossed at least twice its budget.

Which of the Summer sleeper hits are your favorite?

4. It just dawned on me after I started watching Netflix’s Stranger Things that I’ve been watching two big 80s/90s stars making a comeback on TV. Winona Ryder is one of the stars of Stranger Things, and of course you all know Christian Slater has won acclaims for his performance in Mr. Robot.


I don’t remember either one of those working steadily, apart from some small roles here and there. But there are some 80s/90s actors who have been working pretty steadily up until now, the likes of Robert Downey Jr. (since his comeback in Iron Man), Rob Lowe, Arnie, Sly, etc. It made me think of their peers a couple of decades ago who I haven’t seen in ages… Andrew McCarthy, Jami Gertz, Sherilyn Fenn, Molly Ringwald, and pretty much everyone in The Breakfast Club, boy those were big names when I was in high school!

So which of your favorite 80s/90s star would you like to see make a comeback on TV?

5. This month Five for the Fifth‘s guest is Mark from Marked Movies! I’ve talked about it a few times the topic here but it’s always a fun one to discuss.

What actors people take a disliking to? Not that they’re bad actors but there’s something about their style, or even appearance, that you just don’t take to.
Or alternatively, what actors people have previously disliked but over time began to appreciate them?

Well, I’m sure you have an answer for either one of Mark’s question. Let’s hear it!

Well, that’s it for the SEPTEMBER edition of Five for the Fifth, folks. Take part by picking a question out of the five above or better yet, do ‘em all! 

58 thoughts on “Five for the Fifth: SEPTEMBER 2016 Edition

  1. 1. High Fidelity. I used to hang out at a local used CD/DVD store as I was a regular patron at the place as I just love the idea of working there.

    2. Certain Women is something I want to see because I like Kelly Reichardt a lot while From the Land of the Moon is something I want to see because of Marion Cotillard.

    3. I haven’t seen any sleeper hits this summer.

    4. I would like to see Andrew McCarthy get a comeback. He’s due for one.

    5. For me, it is about performance or what they were trying to do as last night. I saw a bit of The Danish Girl as I was put off by Eddie Redmayne’s performance as I felt there was a sense of vanity into the role as it didn’t feel real at all. It’s all for show like “look at me, I’m acting!” I think Keanu Reeves was someone people didn’t like because he was one-note in his delivery and choice of roles but I’ve always liked him for the fact that he is aware of his limitations and can work around them.

    1. Yeah High Fidelity is a fun flick, and I remember wanting to work at a music store after watching it!

      So I take it you’ve seen Meek’s Cutoff then? Yep, miss Marion is definitely the main draw for that French film.

      I wonder if McCarthy is still working nowadays, but I was a big fan of his back then.

      I can’t stand Redmayne either, I thought he was abominable in Jupiter Ascending, certainly one of the worst things about that stupid movie. But I love Keanu for exactly the reason you described. He may not be a skilled actor but he more than made up for it in charisma and sheer likability.

  2. Great questions!
    1. The Apartment
    2. I really wanted to see Certain Women at TIFF next week but I couldn’t fit it into my schedule. I think I was mostly interested because of Michelle Williams.
    3. I haven’t seen any of the sleeper hits that you mentioned but my favourite movie this summer was The Nice Guys.
    4. Emilio!!!!!
    5. I just can’t with either Ethan Hawke or Ewan McGregor.

    1. Hello Matt!

      I love The Apartment too, it’s also a wonderful love story!

      Hey have you made a post about which films you’ll be seeing at TIFF? Man I’ve been wanting to attend that again one day, lucky you!

      I was surprised to see The Nice Guys was on the list of disappointing films since everyone I talked to seems to love it.

      Ahah, well Emilio Estevez you mean right? I think he’s a director too, I saw his film w/ his dad called The Way.

      Hmmm, interesting picks about Hawke and McGregor, esp the latter since he seems quite likable.

      1. Hi Ruth,
        I have not posted about my picks yet mostly because I think I’m still catching my breath from the intense experience of picking and buying tickets. I will be seeing 11 films though, including Snowden and the new Xavier Dolan!
        Yes, Emilio Estevez haha I just shouted his first name as a tribute to Night at the Roxbury. I have heard of The Way but forgot that he directed it.
        Ewan is kind of a likeable guy I guess but I really have trouble with his American accent. I like him in Trainspotting and Moulin Rouge for example.

        1. Has it become more frustrating year after year to get tickets? I was there back in 2005 but I only got to see like 3 films over a weekend. One of them I had to stand in the Rush Line for 2+ hrs. There’s actually a press screening here for Snowden but I’m not that interested, I like the documentary on him from a few years back.

          Ahah yeah, Ewan’s American accent isn’t very good, but still way better than his fellow Scot Gerard Butler, ugh.

          1. I wouldn’t say more frustrating, no. Just more stressful. And this year the website was really not ready for all the traffic. This year was the hardest for me because I purchased a pack of 20 tickets but 10 were gifts for my parents so I had to keep track of their picks too. I was so stressed about making a mistake.
            Oh, you’re so right about Gerard Butler. I just don’t count him because I think he is just a straight-up bad actor. Whereas with Ethan and Ewan it’s more my own bias.

  3. 1) Office Space is SUCH a guilty pleasure of mine and was one of my favorite movies as a teen. I remember taking my buddies broken computer out into a field and beating it to pieces with a baseball bat because of this movie.

    2) I will see anything with Goddess Cotillard, but early word is that her film isn’t good…at all. Certain Women is intriguing to me because I love Reichardt’s work, especially with Michelle Williams. The trailer is pretty…empty…like it says nothing but it is so dreamy in tone that it has me very interested.

    3) I saw…like a bunch of cartoons over the summer. BUT…does The Nice Guys count, because that movie was AMAZING!!!

    4) Um, freaking Cher!

    5) George Clooney is a tool. He came after my beloved Russell Crowe and he will forever be on my crap list because of it. He also has very little range, so that helps me not feel too bad about disliking him.

    1. Hello Drew!

      It’s been ages since I saw Office Space but man that movie is so… and relatable!

      Oh really? Hmmm that’s too bad that the buzz hasn’t been good, but I still might rent it. Yep, Michelle Williams’ casting is what drew me to the film. The trailer is a bit cryptic, but in a way it actually intrigued me.

      I feel for ya about watching so many cartoons Drew! But hey if your kids are older you could have them watch a bunch of the animated features released this year, I mean they’re getting better and better, I was so impressed w/ Zootopia!

      Ah yes, Cher should definitely make a comeback and get her own damn show!

      I never liked Clooney, he’s a one-note actor and massively overrated. What do you mean he came after Russie?? The nerve on that guy!

      1. In an interview a few years (and by few, I mean…like back in 2005) Russell Crowe mentioned how he was disappointed with some of his fellow actors for selling out to companies to promote their stuff, like credit cards and crap like that. He said something about how it felt disingenuous to use your celebrity to basically dupe people into buying crap. Clooney got pissed and called him out on it…and so Crowe actually WROTE HIM AN APOLOGY and sent him poetry and he wrote…and then Clooney said this in an interview and even told the interviewer that he and Matt Damon laughed at Crowe’s poetry behind his back and that he had contemplated bringing it up with him when he won the BAFTA and reading it out loud in order to humiliate Crowe.

        He’s a DICK.

        1. I have a friend who’s an actor and have met Clooney in person a few times and he said Clooney’s a big a-hole. He also loves doing coke and strippers. In fact, when he, Damon and Pitt were shooting the Ocean’s movies, they partied at this private strip club in Vegas a few times. Long story short but I actually spoke with one of Clooney’s dancers in Vegas a few years ago. Lol! The man loves to party and he’s a dick for sure, but he sure knows how to make himself look like a nice guy to the media.

          1. I’m not surprised by that AT ALL. This is why I never ever had a crush on a major Hollywood celeb. It’s funny the media likes to roast ppl like Mel Gibson who made mistakes publicly but most likely not as horrible a person as they made him out to be, yet they turn a blind eye to ppl like Clooney.

            1. Clooney definitely knows how to keep his secret life secret and never got caught doing horrible things.If he did, his reputation would’ve been stained like Gibson’s. I think you posted something about Aaron Sorkin’s upcoming movie about that lady who hosted poker games for celebrity a few months back. She has lots of stories of how most actor acted when cameras or the media aren’t around. Let’s just say they’re all a-holes. Not sure if Sorkin will be brave enough to show that in his movie. One particular story that was well known was when Tobey Maguire made some server at the poker game barked like a dog in order to received his $1000 tip.

  4. 1. Tie: Working Girl and Up In the Air.

    2. Not really at this time.

    3. Hell or High Water.

    4. The original Kyle Reese – Michael Biehn.

    5. I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but it’s Jonah Hill for me.

    1. I just rewatched Working Girl recently! It’s pure fantasy but it sure was a fun movie!

      No fan of miss Cotillard??

      Oh yes, I’m up for renting that after all the rave reviews, including my pal Ted’s.

      Michael Biehn, yes! I’d love to see him AND Sherilyn Fenn in a sci-fi series together or something.

      Y’know, I’m kind of indifferent about Jonah Hill, though I think he’s overrated.

  5. I can’t believe it’s already September, I felt like this summer went by so fast! But I love the fall season and of course football.

    1. I really never thought much about movies set at a work place but if I’ll have to choose, I’ll go with UP IN THE AIR and GUNG HO.

    2. Hmm, not really something I’d seek out but maybe if they get good reviews, I’ll watch them on Netflix.

    3. Yup this summer has been pretty awful when it comes to big tentpole pictures. Never thought 2 of the most surprise films would come out in late August, Hell or High Water and Don’t Breath; good thing my girlfriend wanted to see the latter because I would never have gone to see it. As you know, I gave up on the horror genre but thankfully Don’t Breath turned out to be a thriller and not horror.

    4. Boy this is a very good question and I’m having a hard time thinking of actors from those eras that I want to see coming back in the limelight. I’ll go with Michael J. Fox, he’s huge in the 80s thanks to Family Ties and then of course Back to the Future films. Of course he’s been sick the last few years and I was hoping he’d get well and have a big comeback either on television or the big screen. BTW, Stranger Things is pretty great, looking forward to season 2.

    5. I’ll answer the first part first, actors I don’t like: Jude Law, Jai Courtney and Taylor Kitsch. These guys have zero charisma and I never understood why Hollywood tried to make them into a big star. Well I know why, they’re all caucasians and good looking so they’re more “marketable” as some of those big wigs in Hollywood would say. Second part, he’s now probably my favorite working actor but I used to hate Leo DiCaprio but before he became the big star like he is today, he chose different variety of roles and really try to get respect before he became a bankable actor. I also didn’t really care for Chris Evans and I thought Marvel made a huge mistake of casting him as Capt. America, now I can’t see anyone else in that role! He showed his acting chops in Snowpiercer, hope when he’s done with Capt. American, he’ll star in more challenging roles.

    1. I know Ted! I just hope we have a warm Autumn as I heard this Winter will be brutal, ugh!

      Man I kept seeing Gung Ho in people’s fave list about workplace movies, I gotta check that out now.

      I think Don’t Breathe is definitely a sleeper hit, I mean the budget is only $10 mil! Yep it’s not a ghost story but Stephen Lang is one scary MF!

      I think Michael J Fox is probably too busy w/ his foundation, but I know he still attends comic-cons and stuff. I have ONE more episode to go, man I absolutely loved it, those kids are freakin’ adorable!

      I can’t stand Jai Courtney and Taylor Kitsch, but Jude Law eh? I think he’s a decent actor. At least he tries to be versatile and not rely on his looks. But yeah every time he’s cast I thought seriously Hollywood, you could’ve given half of his roles to Sam Riley and he’d rock ’em way better than Law could.

      You used to hate DiCaprio? Funny, it’s the opposite for me, I used to like him a lot but now I’m soooo bored w/ him. I don’t hate him as I think he’s talented but just tired of seeing his face everywhere. Yep, Chris Evans won me over big time as Capt. America, and he turns out to be a better actor than a lot of people thought!

      1. Gung Ho came out in the mid-80s when Japanese companies were buying tons of American companies, the movie pretty much dived into that fear my many Americans at that time. It’s well directed by Ron Howard and Michael Keaton was great in it.

        I didn’t care for Leo when he had a recurring role in that show Growing Pains, he annoyed the heck out of me. I thought when the show ended, he’d disappeared like most of those actors from the show. But Leo kept working in films and of course after Titanic, he became a big star. He won me over by starring in challenging roles when he could’ve made more money back in his younger years by starring in crappy teen rom-coms or sappy romance films. He pretty much followed Tom Cruise’s career path, align himself with well respected directors and choose the scripts wisely.

  6. 1: although it’s widely regarded as a Vietnam movie, The Deer Hunter is essentially a film about the working class and how their sense of heroism creates a naïveté. When they return from war they realise that nothing has changed in their lives and that they’re back to the same old grind.

    2: I haven’t seen any Kelly Riechart movies so I can’t comment there. She is a director I’ll eventually get round to though. As for Cortilard, she can do no wrong.

    3: All of these sleeper hits have eluded me for now but I do really fancy Don’t Breathe.

    4: Am much as I loved Stranger Things, I actually thought Winona Ryder was terrible in it. That aside, I’d love to see more of Michael’s choice. Mr. Michael Biehn. I would have said, Kurt Russell but he’s doing pretty damn fine at the moment.

    5: The one actor I really can’t take to is Hugh Jackman. I’ve actually seen him be quite good but there’s something amiss with him.
    The one I used to really hate but have now come to appreciate is Ryan Reynolds. I like his sense of humour and that he doesn’t always take himself to seriously. I’ve warmed to him over the years.

    1. Yo Mark!

      Why am I not surprised you’d answer w/ a De Niro movie! I was thinking maybe you’d answer w/ The Intern? 😛

      Glad you’re a fan of Cotillard. Even in a so-so movie she’s still so watchable!

  7. No way is it FftF time already!! Here are my answers 🙂
    1. I’ve always had a soft spot for The Good Girl, no matter how many times it makes me cry.
    2. I’m so uncultured! This is the first time I’ve heard of both of those movies, but those trailers look interesting.
    3. Does The Nice Guys count? Because I swear right now, that is going to be my #1 favourite movie for the entire year!
    4. I haven’t watched many 80s or 90s movies at all so I’m clueless on this one! It was the very early 00’s when I started to really get into movies 😦
    5. I’m such a terrible person but I have an entire list for this one. Eddie Redmayne, James Franco and Matthew McConaughey wind me up for no reason what so ever, but I can’t stand them. I also used to really dislike Jared Leto but Sati is winning me over!

    1. I know, time files! Is this Jenna or Allie btw?

      Y’know, I’ve been meaning to check out The Good Girl as I think Aniston proved she CAN act.

      Oh no, those films are so under the radar so surely most people haven’t heard of it yet.

      Wow, everyone seems to be loving The Nice Guys, I guess I really should watch it soon!

      You must be very young then, I grew up in the 80s!

      Ahah, well I actually am not fond for those three guys you mentioned, though McConaughey doesn’t bother me as much as the other two. I’m kinda indifferent about Jared Leto, as I only remember him as the guy Christian Bale hacked to death in American Psycho (don’t tell Sati!) 😛

      1. Oh bum, I never forget my sign off! It’s Allie 🙂
        You should definitely check out The Good Girl some day, but it’s not a light hearted movie at all!
        I’m sure Sati has Leto-sensors all over the place, she’s probably hunting you down already with his filmography at hand!
        – Allie (See, I remembered this time!)

        1. Well hello Allie! I was hoping The Good Girl would be on Netflix or Amazon Prime but it’s on neither 😦 Ahah, yes I’m afraid she’d read your comment and hit me w/ a whole bunch of recommendations!

  8. Howdy Ruth!

    1. I love that you mentioned Up in the Air. I am such a big fan of that one. Also, my mind naturally gravitated to journalism movies too. For example Spotlight which is certainly more than a workplace movie, but one of the greatest things about it was how wonderfully it showed the news room and the work involved.

    2. Marion Cotillard…absolutely, without a doubt on board with any film she is involved in.

    3. It’s funny, if I were to make a Top 10 list right now there wouldn’t be many bigger films included. It truly has been a pretty crummy Summer Movie Season.

    4. I have sat on this one for several minutes and still can’t come up with a good one. And it is so bizarre because I am such an 80s guy!!!

    5. Seth Rogen. I know the guy is loved by many but I have never seen the attraction. For me he is a one-trick pony that always does basic variations of the exact same shtick. And since I can’t stand his brand of comedy…

    1. Howdy Keith! Were you on vacation for a while (did u see my comment on your PPZ post, he..he..)

      Up in the Air is a good one, I was esp. impressed by Kendrick and Farmiga. Y’know, a lot of journalism movies count as workplace movies I suppose, so yeah Spotlight is a great example though like you said it’s so much more than that.

      Yep, I knew you’d be on board w/ miss Cotillard film 😉

      I think apart from Civil War, I doubt any big films will end up in my final top 10.

      What?? I’m sure you love at least one or two 80s actors… it’s funny how a lot of them are actually still around these days.

      Oh man, I’m so with you about Rogen! Cannot stand him at all! I can’t stand his brand of *comedy* either which I don’t find funny. I’d add that ridiculously-buff Zach Efron as well who seems to get more annoying the more ripped he gets.

      1. Oooh Efron as well. I don’t get that guy’s popularity at all. Civil War will probably be on my Top 10 as well. As for the 80s actors and actresses…I know there are many I loved. No idea why I am firing a blank on this one. And I need to go back and check my PPZ comments. How did I miss yours?

        1. I absolutely don’t get it either Keith! He seems like a pretty boy (who I don’t find attractive at all). Well have you been watching Stranger Things? I know you’re not a big TV watcher and me neither, but that series is a lot of fun for those who grew up in the 80s!

          I replied to Cindy’s comments on PPZ 🙂

            1. Oh not at all. Who has time to watch both! I can only watch stuff that don’t have too many episodes to catch up on. Stranger Things only has 8 episodes on season 1. It’s VERY good though Keith, if you like 80s horror/scifi/thrillers then you’ll get all the references!

  9. rockerdad

    1. Although it’s redundant, Up in the Air and Office Space always come to mind. The whole “consultants coming to interview you” is too close to reality unfortunately.
    2. What’s not to love about Cotillard? Finally, a good role for Kristen Stewart!
    3. I recently saw a trailer for a Guatemalan film called Ixcanul. It’s in limited release at the moment but looks really good. Released in 2015 but only made America in 2016. Looks very promising.
    4. Mia Sara.
    5. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon – they were so cheesy in Good Will Hunting! I’ve liked their some of their movies since but they still bug me somewhat.

    1. Great picks Vince! Yep, that subject hits too close to home at times.

      Kristen Stewart was actually pretty good in Clouds of Sils Maria w/ Juliette Binoche, that’s the one role I thought she’s most different from her Twilight role.

      Ixcanul? I haven’t even heard of it man, now you made me curious.

      Mia Sara! Wasn’t she in School Ties? Or am I confusing her w/ someone else? I just remember she had a movie w/ Brendan Fraser I think.

      Ahah, I gotta admit I didn’t care for Affleck nor Damon for a looong time. But Bourne made me like Damon and I respect Affleck for his directing skills.

      1. rockerdad

        Mia Sara wasn’t in much – just tv show I’m afraid. I will have to check that Clouds of Sils – first I’ve heard of it.

  10. For me, the stand out workplace movie has to be Glengarry Glen Ross. Love that film – such a great script and cast. Wonderful performances too.

      1. Working Girl is more of a guilty pleasure for me. Having seen EQUITY which has a similar topic about women on Wall Street, that movie is pure fantasy.

  11. 1. Working Girl for Harrison 🙂

    2 Glad to see Williams in movies again !

    3. This whole summer is shit. I didn’t watch a lot of movies from 2016 though, but damn between Squad and Sausage Party….I did like Conjuring 2 a lot, tho.

    4. Heh, Ryder and Slater I’m happy for – they are both good actors and were in some of my favorite films like Girl Interrupted and Interview with the Vampire but I don’t remember 80s this well…you know being born in the last year of it 🙂 as for 90s…hmm. Hard to remember anyone from there who is not getting work and I love 90s. It seems everyone is still getting a job these days. Although I’d like Lowe to do better – he is very good looking, very funny and i really appreciate how well he was taking the jokes at his expense at his Monday Roast.

    5. I have no celebrities I dislike for no reason 😛 I dislike them because they are gross and stupid like Dunham, Schumer or Lawrence. The two that really annoy me for no good reason tho are Eisenberg and Chastain. First one is so nervous it makes me nervous watching him. Chastain looks like she is anemic and about to collapse. The thing about dislike for no reason is so bad though – people hate on poor Jared so much lately. They ridicule the way he dresses and what he does for a role. What the hell? Who cares? He can wear whatever he likes and how is his ridiculous method acting hurting anyone? i just feel like people come from the place of jealousy, either because the man can both act and sing, or he is beautiful or ridiculously well-endowed and then are so quick to pile on and laugh at him when someone like Lawrence does genuinely awful fake attention-seeking stuff (like that falling on red carpet) and that is ‘adorable’. UGH!

    1. Hi Margaret!

      Ahah well Harrison was practically glorious in Working Girl! 😀

      I actually just saw Williams in a little-seen British indie but yeah, good to see her in a major film.

      You’re a young’un, so I understand that you’re not as into the 80s as me… that’s why I included the 90s too. Rob Lowe is incredibly handsome in his earlier movies (esp. Class), and he seems to look even better now [go figure!] But yeah I LOVE his personality, he has an amazing sense of humor and doesn’t take himself seriously.

      I don’t care for those three gals you first mentioned, esp. Dunham who seems prone to rubbing people the wrong way. Oh no, not Chastain! I actually like that she looks fragile, it made me want to give her a hug. I actually think she’s unusually beautiful… I really enjoy looking at her in her films. I have a feeling w/ Jared, people dislike him because of the outrageous stuff he did being a *method* actor (or whatever ppl call it) on the set of Suicide Squad. I think generally he’s pretty well-received? But then again, it seems that after someone won an Oscar, unless you’re Hanks/Leo/Day-Lewis, there seems to be somewhat of a backlash that people are questioning the merit of their award, which is just awful. I guess that’s why I’m glad Sam Riley is so obscure and I think he will remain obscure as he lives in Berlin, so far away from the ‘hubs’ of filmmaking.

  12. jackdeth72

    Hi, Ruth:

    #1/ I’ll have to go with a film from 2007. An old school light romantic comedy titled, ‘Waitress;. With Keri Russell, Nathan Fillion and Jeremy Sisto. Where Ms. Russell is pregnant, married and stuck in a not enjoyable rut in the Deep South. Is intrigued by Fillion when not deriving pleasure by baking a huge variety of pies…. Also Andy Griffith’s last film.

    #2/ I don’t get the popularity of Ms. Cotillard.And ‘Other Women’ moves as slowly as molasses in January. Because you can’t get it out of the barrel!

    I think I would rather watch Dario Argento’s premiere film, ‘The Bird With The Crystal Plumage’. And follow it with his second film, ‘Cat o’ Nine Tails’.

    #3/ ‘Don’t Breath’ looks very intriguing and scary. Especially with a well ripped Stephen Lange. Who could be a candidate for any future Super Hero from the Marvel franchise. Along with Kevin Conway.

    #4/ I’ll go with suburban Maryland born Jonathan Banks. Who caught my attention as former Greenbelt, MD police officer and FBI Agent Frank McPike running Vinnie Terranova (Ken Wahl) in Stephen J. Cannell and CBS’s ‘Wiseguy’.

    Though, Mr. Banks did progress to catch the role of extreme bad guy, Mike Ehrmantraut in ‘Breaking Bad’ and later, ‘Better Call Saul’…. Could easily see him as a “Personal Fixer To The Stars’, or politicians. And have Tony Roberts (‘Serpico’, ‘The Taking of Pelham One Two Three’, ‘Prince Of The City’) as his middle man.

    #5/ Haven’t liked George Clooney since his early days on ‘ER’. Leonardo DiCaprio is wearing thin with his sanctimonious ‘Climate Change’ crap. Seth Rogen should stick to being the voice of ‘Bob’ in ‘Monsters Vs. Aliens’.And Mark Ruffalo needs to stay off Twitter!

    Taraji P. Henson (Detective Carter from ‘Person of Interest) is impressing the Hell out of me. After her character’s tragic death on POI. Ms. Henson has kicked in the after burners on ‘Empire’ and is showing lots of talent and swagger in scenes from her upcoming ‘Hidden Figures’!

    PS: The evening tome collage background is really working for you!

    1. Hello Kevin, thrilled to see you participate in FFTF!

      Oh I like Waitress too, great pick!

      Hmmm, interesting POV about miss Cotillard. Ahah well it’s a trailer man, hopefully the film itself has a decent pacing.

      Speaking of Don’t Breathe, I’m just about to post Ted’s review of it, so come back then 🙂

      Ooooh Ken Wahl! I LOVE him in Wiseguy, whatever happen to him now? Boy was he ever gorgeous!

      “Leonardo DiCaprio is wearing thin with his sanctimonious ‘Climate Change’ crap” Hear, hear. He’s becoming too ‘high & mighty’ and mightily preachy, ugh! I love your comments on Rogen and Ruffalo, so true! As for miss Henson, glad to see she’s getting attention in EMPIRE. She’s got the looks and the personality to go w/ it!

      1. jackdeth72

        Hi, Ruth:

        Ken Wahl suffered a spine and leg injury during the third season of ‘Wiseguy’. Which brought Stephen Bauer of ‘Scarface; in as a temporary replacement, Mr. Wahl. like Kathleen Turner preferred booze and medication over therapy and medication and faded into the sunset.

        1. Oh I didn’t know that, poor Ken!! Well hopefully he retires and lives a good life away from Hollywood. Interesting trivia too about Kathleen Turner!

  13. Great post!

    1: Easy. Officespace, there is just no competition for that

    3: Don’t Breathe, for sure, closely followed by Bad Moms.

    4: I think it’d be cool to see Bruce Willis in a drama role on TV. He can do it well, just watch 12 Monkeys

    5: Matt Damon. Guy has irritated me ever since Saving Private Ryan, which funnily enough is the only movie featuring him that I like.

    1. Ola Jordan, love seeing your participate in FFTF!

      Office Space is a classic!

      Oh you’ve seen Don’t Breathe too? My pal Ted just reviewed it for me and he also enjoyed that one.

      Well Bruce started out on TV w/ Moonlighting, I’d love to see him in something like an action comedy again on TV.

      Y’know, I actually used to loathe Damon in his earlier days, but his role as Bourne won me over. But generally I’m not into Hollywood movie stars, hence Sam Riley 😉

      1. I forgot to mention Swiss Army Man I think, that is my pick for best of the year.

        I’d love to see Willis in a dramatic role on TV. Shows like Fargo, True Detective, Mr Robot…. I’d love to see him in one of these new dramas. Slater is so good in Mr Robot, and how brilliant was Billy Bob in the first season of Fargo!!

        I never liked the Bourne movies, so that just stirs the irrational dislike I have towards Damon hehe.

        But yeah I’m also not really into big Hollywood actors, hence my man crush on Viggo. And Oscar Isaac too, though he is now a part of Hollywood I guess, what being a pilot in Star Wars and all.

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