Conspicuous Trailer of the Week – The Informant!

For some it’s watching Sex & the City or Entourage reruns, but for moi, one of my guilty pleasures is watching trailers. My are they fun, most are certainly better than the flix themselves.

After watching the pointless and rather insipid Spread (ok so Ashton is hot, what else is new), I was ready for something with a little ‘bite.’ Heh, whaddayaknow, it’s Jason Bourne with geeky glasses + mustache! I was intrigued.

Matt Damon is the Informant!
Matt Damon is the Informant!

Thankfully I was rewarded by a very funny trailer of  Matt Damon starring as The Informant!. Shedding any resemblance to the skilled assassin of the Bourne series, Damon is quite the comedian in this Steven Soderbergh’s corporate black comedy. He plays Matt Whitacre, a bipolar vice president turned informant who submits evidence of his own company’s price fixing tactics. It’s kind of like a humorous version of  The Insider.

There’s a funny bit when Whitacre calls himself secret agent 0014, because he thinks he’s twice as smart as 007. Perhaps a deliberate tongue in cheek as Bourne was billed by critics as the smarter, more efficient James Bond.

Scott Bakula and Melanie Lynskey (who’s obviously too talented to be stuck as Charlie Sheen’s obsessive neighbor in Two and a Half Men) complete the supporting cast. Looks like a lot of fun!

The Time Traveler’s Wife – coming in August

timetravelerswifeI noticed this movie quite a while ago when I read it in EMPIRE magazine, but sort of forgot about it. Based on a book by Audrey Niffenegger,  it’s about an adverturesome librarian, Henry (Eric Bana) and his relationship with beautiful art student Clare (Rachel McAdams). Henry has a rare genetic anomaly that causes him to involuntarily time travel, which creates complications for their marriage. Cinemablend dubbed it as the Notebook meets Ghost (minus that annoying Whoppi character), and from the trailer, this looks quite promising!


One look in this trailer and you’ll forget Bana was the Romulan Nero in Star Trek. I’m a huge fan of his (ya know I have a penchant for Brit & Aussie actors!) from the moment I saw him in TROY. He proved himself as leading-man worthy in Munich & Hulk (it wasn’t his fault that the film got trashed). I kept thinking Bana should’ve had the overhyped Brad Pitt’s career, most of the people I talked to agree that his Hector was far more watchable than Pitt’s bronzed drag queen Achilles. And if Bana had been Benjamin Button, I wouldn’t mind enduring the nearly 3 hours running time!

As for Rachel McAdams, she’s quickly becoming one of my fave actress (right up there with Cate Blanchett and Emily Blunt). I saw the Notebook on a plane recently and clearly she’s got the acting chops for deeply affecting love stories.

I like the gorgeous poster. Now let’s hope this one is as good as the trailer!

Welcome to my debut blog!

Welcome to my blog debut, yeeha! I’ve been wanting to write a blog for as long as I can remember, but the old, tired excuses of being ‘too busy’ is holding me back! Well, this afternoon I had an assignment to actually design a blog for my client. After 15 minutes tinkering around in WordPress, voila, I did my first blog!

Well, not wanting to lose the momentum, I went home and start my very own. Believe it or not, a year ago I started jotting down the name I want for my blog (luckily it’s still available!) and what I want to put in it. Seems like I’ve always been emailing people about all sorts of flicks news so why not compile it in a blog? To those of you who’ve said I should write a blog on films, here ya go. So please post your comments, k? I’d REALLY appreciate it.