Weekend Viewing Roundup: Ghostbusters (1984) & Superman Returns (2006) rewatch + The Adventurer: Curse Of The Midas Box (2013)


Well this weekend’s viewing turns out to be pretty eclectic. Given that I saw the screening of the new Ghostbuster movie (review up later this week), I was inspired to re-watch the original. I honestly can’t remember when I saw that one, probably when I was a teen years ago, so my memory of it is hazy.

Well, just like the reboot, the cast of Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson and Sigourney Weaver is truly the best thing about the movie. I enjoy the camaraderie of the ghostbustin’ team, which is the main strength of the new one as well. So yeah, I’d say the original movie still holds up very well, though I actually find Rick Moranis‘ character a bit irritating. The movie is obviously funny, but the comedic style is pretty different from the new one, which isn’t a good or bad thing. Having seen both movies last week, I’m more convinced of how absurd the controversy is over the all-female cast. I suppose haters are gonna hate, I just can’t fathom the idiocy of it all.

Speaking of Bill Murray…

Sunday is often reserved for indulgent viewing for me, which is the time I usually watch my fave period dramas. But for some reason I was in the mood to watch Superman Returns. I can’t believe that movie is 10 years old! It’s funny how remakes/reboots often made you reflect on the older movies. Now, I never hated this Bryan Singer version apart from the whole Superman kid absurdity, which I think is the weakest link of the movie. But rewatching it this time around made me like it a bit more. I like how geeky Brandon Routh‘s Superman is as Clark Kent, and that rousing airplane rescue scene is still awesome. Yeah it’s definitely more of a rom-com at times (which Singer himself admits), but you know what, I enjoyed that whole flying scene of Supes & Lois. Oh and Parker Posey is a hoot to watch here, esp. the scene where she’s fan-girling over Supes!

Lastly, I watched this UK adventure flick The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box. Heh, that is one clunky title and the movie itself isn’t that much better. Honestly, I only watched it because of the awesome Welsh actors in it: Aneurin Barnard (in the lead role), the always watchable Michael Sheen and Ioan Gruffud. Sam Neill and Lena Heady played the villains, so even though it’s still fun to watch these talented actors, they all deserve a much better movie!

It’s supposed to be Indiana Jones meets Hugo (as Aneurin played a teenager here), but it’s nowhere near as good as either. I concur with Rodney’s review and rating of it here, which is too bad given the talented cast and promising plot. I agree that the score by Fernando Velázquez is the best thing in it, he happens to also score the great soundtrack of Pride + Prejudice + Zombies.

Tomorrow night I’ll be watching these two wacky-but-fabulous London ladies wrecking havoc in style…


So that’s my weekend recap. What did YOU watch this weekend, anything good?

29 thoughts on “Weekend Viewing Roundup: Ghostbusters (1984) & Superman Returns (2006) rewatch + The Adventurer: Curse Of The Midas Box (2013)

    1. Hello Cindy, nice to have you back safely in AZ. That’s great that you had time to watch movies on the plane. I’m curious what you think of all of those movies. I actually have not seen Shine yet, that’s the one w/ Geoffrey Rush right?

      1. Yes, Rush won the Best Acting award for it in 1997. He was up against Ralph Fiennes in The English Patient.
        I love the score! I remember listening to it a lot. It’s an interesting drama that feels like a biopic. The music makes it wonderful. Lynn Redgrave can’t go wrong in my book.

  1. Definitely agree about ‘Ghostbusters’. Good point about ‘Superman Returns’, too. Though the rom-com aspect now makes sense what with Supes becoming the creepy ‘super stalker’ in the film — and they certainly should have jettisoned the super kid sub-plot. And for all that, we got Bret Ratner derailing the X-Men franchise with ‘The Last Stand’ for years because Singer did this. Sheesh! Plus, I think Kevin Spacey’s Lex Luthor completely underrated, and soooooo much better than Jesse Eisenberg’s interpretation in BvS. Wish they’d have brought back Kevin for that.

    Fun weekend. We went to the Eat-See-Hear movie event here in L.A. at the Autry Museum for food truck dining and watching Hitchcock’s supreme ‘North by Northwest’ outdoors, picnic style, Saturday night. It was a blast.

    1. Hello Michael! So you’ve seen the new Ghostbuster movie then? I’ve written my review for tomorrow, so hope you’ll stop by then, too. I still hate that ‘super stalker’ aspect of Supes in SR, but y’know what, I actually like Brandon more now in the character, he’s definitely captured that honest-to-goodness quality I want from Superman, which I find lacking in the constantly-shirtless Cavill version. Yeah, what is up w/ Singer… it seems now he himself *ruined* the X-Men franchise w/ the latest one?? Oh yeah, Spacey is definitely a better Luthor, and he’s just a much more charismatic actor generally.

      Wow your weekend sounds so much fun! Watching Hitchcock outdoor picnic style, no doubt it was a blast!

      1. “…constantly-shirtless Cavill version.”

        That’s the main selling point in Zack Snyder’s Supes, isn’t it? 😉 Yeah, there’s a lot not going well for Singer with the younger X-Men cast. Looking forward to your thoughts about the new ‘Ghostbusters’, Ruth. Thanks.

        1. I hate the sexualization of Superman, but Zack Snyder tends to do that w/ his male leads. These formerly slim actors all look sooo huge when they star in Snyder movies, it’s ridiculous not sexy! I sincerely wish Sam Riley would never be cast in any of his films as he’d just ruin him in order to subscribe to his *aesthetic* vision of the male form [shudder]

          Did you see X Men Apocalypse yet Michael? I can’t remember if you have or not, I still haven’t, waiting for rental.

            1. Yeah, even from the trailer I was like ‘what are you doing to Oscar Isaac??’ Why even hire such a gorgeous actor and bury him under ridiculous makeup. Ah well, thankfully he’s got so many other projects in the pipeline that he won’t be known for this one um, mishap.

  2. Such a weird weekend for us. A semi-rough storm came through Thursday evening and knocked out electricity in our area. It stayed out all the way until Saturday morning!!! Urgh! That bit into our movie watching. I did see the new Ghostbusters (review went up today) and a film called Francofonia. Also rewatched Hail, Caesar! and a bit of Mad Max: Fury Road (that one never gets old).

    1. Hello Keith! Oh my, sorry to hear about the power outage, man we had that too early last week but thankfully it went back up in two hours. I will check out your review tomorrow after I’m done w/ mine, I didn’t want to get swayed one way or the other.

      What do you think of Francofonia? I missed that at a local film fest last April. Did you like it? So you like Hail, Caesar more than before I take it? And yes, Fury Road is ALWAYS a good idea!

  3. Hey Ruth! I never got around to watching Superman Returns. I can see Brandon Routh bringing a geeky vibe to Superman, he does a similar thing to his role on the TV show Legends of Tomorrow. I watched several movies and started Stranger Things series, not too bad so far, it has a good 80’s vibe.

    1. Hey Eddie! I think Superman Returns is well worth a look. It’s far from perfect but re-watching it after the Snyder’s versions are out made me appreciate it more. Routh is not a strong actor but he made for a likable Superman.

      I haven’t heard of Stranger Things,’ is that a US or British show?

  4. Not much this weekend other than the third Smokey and the Bandit movie and a re-watch of My Blue Heaven. I still love Ghostbusters as I’ll wait for the new version on TV while I also still like Superman Returns. The latter is at least better than Zach Snyder’s bullshit movie while I still think the Tim Burton film with Nicolas Cage as Superman would’ve been fucking awesome.

    1. Hi Steven! Yeah seems you’ve been busy reviewing the ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ movies too! 🙂 I’ll be posting my review of the new Ghostbusters, I still it’s still well worth a watch. Oh yeah, I think the Nic Cage Superman movie would be very interesting to watch, I still need to see that documentary!

  5. Just got back from San Francisco, been there since Thursday and didn’t see any new movie over the weekend. I want to check out the new Ghostbusters, I’ve seen the original a few times when I was younger but never became a huge fan like others. I enjoyed Singer’s Superman Returns, just didn’t get why he decided to remake Donner’s original version. I didn’t care for the son subplot either and Kate Bosworth’s casting was one of the worse ever. She’s way too young and not believable as a reporter at all.

    1. Hi Ted! Are you back in MN now? Bummer about your flight delay. I think the new Ghostbuster is pretty fun, seriously the first one was good but it’s not like it was a masterpiece or whatever. It’s strange how people could be so up in arms about a movie!

      Ahah yeah, Singer pretty much followed Donner’s version closely, while also made it more of a rom-com. I didn’t care for Kate either, I was more interested in Richard White’s character played by James Marsden.

      1. Yup I’m back in hot and humid MN, the temps in San Francisco were beautiful. Mid 60s during the day and 50s at night, we told people over there that it’s super hot in MN and they all gave us weird looks. They assume we’re cold all year round here, lol!

        I didn’t realized that the original Ghostbusters were loved by so many men (many of them are probably losers since they were so upset about the new female version) until I saw the hate comments by these losers.

        1. Oh man that sounds really comfy in SF. This is horrible, I hate humidity, it’s just like in my home country.

          Ahah yep, they probably have no lives. I mean I can’t imagine being so hateful over a movie! They’re now attacking Leslie Jones who’s the African American girl in the movie, it’s so awful!

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