Everybody’s Chattin + Music Break: Pride + Prejudice + Zombies (2016)

Happy Midweek everybody! Well after a balmy March, April has been pretty darn cold, windy and downright blech! I can’t believe I had to wear my parka today and still I’m freezing my pants off. Well, I remember a snow storm a couple of years ago made me miss the screening for Mud during MSPIFF, so hopefully there won’t be any weather-related fiasco this year.

Speaking of MSPIFF, stay tuned for a wonderful interview post for one of the indie films (made in Minnesota!) I’m looking forward to this weekend. But in the meantime…

Let’s get to those awesome blog posts…

Looks like I’m not the only one excited about a local film festival. Jordan just posted about the French Film Festival in his town of Adelaide and looks like we’ll be seeing a couple of the same films.

Meanwhile, Khalid reviewed one of the films playing at MSPIFF, Dheepan which won a Palme d’Or at Cannes

Batman V Superman might’ve been awful, but the reviews have been entertaining. Such as this one by Margaret. And I so agree w/ what she said about Henry Cavill’s Superman!

Mark reviewed 10 Cloverfield Lane, which sounds like a pleasant surprise to many

Table9Mutant reviewed The Outsiders (1983) which I haven’t seen in ages, but she made me want to rewatch it!

Abbi posted four reviews in her Film Friday series, including The One I Love which sounds the most intriguing of them all.

Steven reviewed The Driver (1978) which was apparently inspired by Le Samourai

On the TV front, Nostra reviewed season 4 of House of Cards

Well, since I’m doing a music break today, I LOVE this Same Song, Different Movie series from Michael. This time it’s the lovely song Theme From A Summer Place by Max Steiner.

Music Break

Yup I’m still shamelessly obsessed with Pride + Prejudice + Zombies! #sorrynotsorry

Really though, there are sooo many things to love about this movie. In fact the Art of the Title site just posted about the fantastic opening title sequence. Sam Riley’s Colonel Darcy isn’t the only one I’m crazy about, the movie is truly an eye AND ear candy! The score from Spanish composer Fernando Velázquez is absolutely lush and gorgeous, with a touch of dread which is just a perfect combination for a genre mashup movie. He’s done quite a lot of horror films in the past, including Guillermo del Toro produced The Orphanage and Crimson Peak, as well as the disaster drama film The Impossible.

I’ve literally been playing PPZ soundtrack every single day, even at the gym during warm up (I told you I’m obsessed!). The visual soundtrack gives you an idea the tone of the entire album. From the music alone, the refined & genteel Regency era meshes very well with the high action of zombie slaying!

Obviously I LOVE the Colonel Darcy intro and the music is just perfect to accompany his badassery. Right from the moment he steps off his horse in that long, leather duster, my heart was irrevocably gone 😉

These two tracks are simply gorgeous, just what one would expect from an Austen period drama… but with a slight twist.

Thanks Mr. Velázquez, this is now one of my favorite movie soundtracks!

BONUS clip:

As PPZ is more Austen than a zombie flick, it stays true to the core love story in Jane Austen’s classic romance. The music in this scene is beautiful and Riley’s raspy voice is music to my ear.

Well, I hope you enjoyed today’s music break, folks! What’s your fave 2016 soundtrack so far?

28 thoughts on “Everybody’s Chattin + Music Break: Pride + Prejudice + Zombies (2016)

  1. After hearing your enthusiasm I was annoyed I missed this in cinemas. Hopefully its on DVD soon, I’m really curious as to how this all will play out

    Thanks for the link love, and thanks for the other links too 🙂 I just saw Dheepan and while I don’t think it deserved the award it got, its still a great film

    I am going to see The Wait next, I just watched ‘The Brand New Testament’, which was… odd. Can’t wait for Mon Roi as well. There is another one called Taj Mahal, I don’t s’pose you’ve heard anything about that have you?

    1. It’s really a bummer the movie didn’t do well. It only played for 3 weeks in my city! I think this is more Austen than a zombie movie but I think it works surprisingly well together!

      No I haven’t heard of Taj Mahal, what’s it about?

      1. Taj Mahal was one of ‘David’s Picks’ (he is a famous Aussie movie critic, been on TV for decades) so that’s why I chose it.

        Its based on the real 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks. I’m keen to see a terrorism movie from another culture, see how they spin it. It’ll almost certainly be different from US movies of that genre

  2. Thanks for the link! 🙂 I really want to see Pride & Prejudice & Zombies as I love the concept but keep thinking I should read the original novel first (as in, the one without zombies). I’ll probably never get around to it, though – I should just watch this. Favorite soundtrack? I’ve not noticed the music in anything really yet this year so I’ll go with The Hateful Eight even though I haven’t seen it. But it’s Morricone so it must be good! 🙂

    1. You’re most welcome!! I love your creative posts, and your awesome top 10 lists! Ahah, I think if you know the basic gist of P&P, you don’t have to read the original Austen book to appreciate it. It’s really a lot of fun, but I guess Austen lovers might get more out of it simply from the sheer audacity and preposterous-ness of it all. But man I never thought I’d fall SO hard on Riley’s Mr Darcy, actually it’s COLONEL Darcy, who’s this Katana-wielding, leather-clad zombie slayer with gorgeous hair and impeccable cheekbones. What’s not to love? 😉

      I LOVE Morricone’s score for Cinema Paradiso, still one of my all time faves!

      1. Lol. I think I’d prefer Mr Darcy from the zombie version it sounds like. 🙂 Oh, indeed – I’m obsessed with everything about Cinema Paradiso. My favorite foreign film, my favorite ending to a movie ever, and a gorgeous score. That’s why I named my blog after it. 🙂

        1. Oh man, I can’t wait until you watch PPZ. Lots of ppl on tumblr are obsessed w/ that movie now, and Colonel Darcy! 😉 Ah that’s where you got your blog name, well it’s a GREAT name from a GREAT film!!

    1. Pleasure Michael! The bluray is out at the end of May, I hope you’ll rent it. I’m so obsessed w/ it and it introduced me to Fernando Velázquez, I need to check out more of his work!

  3. Saw a lot of the main actress in Downtown Abbey and in an athletics movie that was made for the London Olympics. Glad you like the soundtrack so much. Always crucial to a movie.

    1. Yeah Lily James is lovely, she’s in last year’s Cinderella too. Music is definitely crucial in movies, it adds so much to the tone/atmosphere which is the case here.

  4. I don’t have a favorite soundtrack from this year’s movies yet, I thought I might enjoy Batman vs. Superman’s music but Hans Zimmer just recycle his work from Man of Steel and Junkie XL’s Batman theme wasn’t memorable to me. Hopefully there will be good and memorable soundtracks once the summer movie season starts.

    1. Ah yeah, BVS’ score is one of the very few good things about that movie. I think the collaboration w/ Junkie XL worked for me, I especially love the Wonder Woman theme.

  5. Thanks so much for the link! Cavill just blows. Favorite score….BvS didn’t have a bad one, especially that Wonder Woman theme was great

    1. Pleasure Margaret! I no longer find Cavill attractive anymore, probably since Man From UNCLE as he’s so devoid of charisma and sex appeal, which is a testament to his utter lack of personality given how handsome he looks physically.

      Glad you love the Wonder Woman theme too, I was obsessed w/ it for days after seeing the movie.

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