Five for the Fifth: APRIL 2016 Edition

Welcome to FlixChatter’s primary blog series! As is customary for this monthly feature, I get to post five random news item/observation/poster, etc. and then turn it over to you to share your take on that given topic. You can see the previous five-for-the-fifth posts here.

1. Ok let’s start off with some on-set photos from Doctor Strange that have been bombarding my Twitter feeds this weekend…

Honestly I don’t know much about this character at all, but given the cast I’m intrigued. No I’m not one of the Cumberbitches, though I think Benedict Cumberbatch is a good actor. But I do love Chiwetel Ejiofor and Mads Mikkelsen so their involvement made me more excited about this project. The Jedi-inspired costumes are, well, interesting… they looks so bright and colorful in these pics but I’m sure they’ll darken it in post-production.

So are you excited for Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’ and do you think Cumberbatch is a good casting choice?

2. A couple of intriguing new trailers that caught my eye…

The Lost City of Z

Based on the 2009 nonfiction by David Grann, the story centers on early 20th century explorer Percy Fawcett (Charlie Hunnam), who disappeared while searching of the lost city in the Amazon in 1925, and Grann’s attempts to find out what happened to Fawcett, by visiting the Amazon himself (per Screenrant).

The pairing of Hunnam and Robert Pattinson as Grann is intriguing, both are good looking Brits who’s not afraid to take riskier roles.


Pattinson especially is keen in hiding his looks, this time under hideous facial hair. Sienna Miller plays his wife and Spider-man du jour Tom Holland also stars. Not too familiar w/ director James Gray‘s work however, as I’ve only seen The Immigrant which was pretty good but a little on the slow side.

Elvis & Nixon

Now this one I’ve blogged about back in February when the first still was released. Apparently the Nixon & Elvis photo was the most-requested photo from the US Archive. Now we’ve got a trailer! I don’t know about you, but this is the kind of movie to see just for this duo alone.


Ok so neither Kevin Spacey nor Michael Shannon really resemble the real people they’re portraying, esp. Shannon as Elvis, but like Michael Fassbender with Steve Jobs, the most important thing is he captured the essence of the character. It’s also directed by a woman, Liza Johnson, which is always a big plus in my book.

So what are your thoughts about either one of these trailers?

3. Ok I already mentioned this on my March recap post, but right now I’m about halfway done with the Len Deighton spy novel SS-GB that’s similar to Amazon’s Man in the High Castle but set in London. It’s an alternative history novel and the novel’s title refers to the branch of the Nazi SS that controls Britain. It’s a real page-turner and I absolutely can’t wait to watch the BBC’s 5-part miniseries with Sam Riley as the protagonist Douglas Archer, a British homicide detective assigned to Scotland Yard.


The spy-pedigree is a strong one given that the miniseries is written by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, who’ve written a bunch of Bond movies. I do hope it’s more Casino Royale than Spectre though. It’s got a largely European cast, but Kate Bosworth has joined the cast as an American journalist who’s also Archer’s love interest. I’ll be sure to blog more about this once the trailer’s been released.

Of course there are a plethora of other projects out there based on a novel.

So which book adaptation currently in development are you looking forward to the most?

4. It seems there are a lot of music biopics released around the same time. Last night I finally saw the Chet Baker biopic Born to Be Blue. The internet connection at home was terrible so the online screener kept stalling but I stuck it out and my patience was rewarded. It’s an affecting and beautifully-acted biopic, featuring stellar performances from Ethan Hawke and Carmen Ejogo. Interestingly enough, his rival Miles Davis’ is getting a cinematic treatment as well with Don Cheadle as Miles. Both Born to Be Blue and Miles Ahead are unconventional biopics that don’t try to cram the entire span of their lives but focused on a certain timeframe.

There are female music icon biopics as well. We’ve got the documentary AMY last year and the Nina Simone movie NINA which controversial casting has been all over the media recently. Not sure what’s behind the biopic boom but I think music biopics have always been marketable.

So which musical artist do you wish would get their own biopic?

5. This month Five for the Fifth’s guest is Table9Mutant from Cinema Parrot Disco blog! Well, as The Walking Dead finale just aired this weekend, and a lot of you are likely to be anticipating the latest season of Game of Thrones, it’s most appropriate to have a TV-related question this month.


Now, as those two shows are known for killing off its characters, we’d like to know…

Which character would you most like to see killed off in any current TV show?

Well, that’s it for the April edition of Five for the Fifth, folks. Now, please pick a question out of the five above or better yet, do ‘em all! 😀

75 thoughts on “Five for the Fifth: APRIL 2016 Edition

  1. Holly

    I’m not sure how I feel about Doctor Strange. I know my son is going to want to see it, and will probably convince me to go with him, but eh. I guess the film wil be what kickstarts me into loving the character or becoming more ambivalent about it.

  2. 3. Book adaptations in development I’m looking forward to: High-Rise(not out in my area yet),The Light Between Oceans, Nocturnal Animals,The Seagull(based on a Chekhov play), The Lost City of Z, The Serious Game(Den allvarsamma leken), Story of Your Life(Denis Villeneuve), The Night Manager(tv-mini-series based on John le Carré novel)

    4. I usually prefer docs on musicians such as Amy, but I’m curious to see Born to Be Blue and Miles Ahead. I heard there’s a biopic of Michael Jackson on the way with Joseph Fiennes(!) in the lead role, should be worth a watch.

    1. Obviously High-Rise and The Night Manager don’t count as ” currently in development”, because they have been screened to audiences.

    2. Wow, did you read all of those Chris? I might read The Night Manager as I do like spy stories, and I’ve never read le Carré. If you like spy stuff, Len Deighton is a good author to try. It’s ok, I should’ve opened the question to stuff that’s recently-released as well 🙂

      Born to Be Blue is a good film, it’s slow going at first but it’s really affecting and wonderfully-acted. Ahah yeah, Joseph Fiennes as MJ is definitely controversial, I’m curious how that’ll pan out!

      1. I’m not a prolific reader. That said, I’m tempted to read High-Rise, the Chekhov play, and the sci-fi short story Story of Your Life.
        I usually watch spy stuff, but thanks for the heads up on Len Deighton + biopic Born to Be Blue.

        1. I think you’d like Born to Be Blue, the music is definitely top notch. High Rise sounds like a tough book, I don’t know if I’m smart enough for surreal stories.

  3. Thanks again for letting me join in on this! 🙂 I’ll tackle all the questions:
    1. I know nothing about Doctor Strange and have kind of had enough with those types of movies but I’m sure Cumberbatch will be very good. He’s a great actor.
    2. I wouldn’t normally be interested in the Elvis & Nixon one but, yeah – I agree it’s worth watching with those two starring! The Lost City Of Z isn’t really my bag, though.
    3. Hmm. I’m really crap about paying attention to what movies are due out so I’m not sure what upcoming book adaptations there are. Um, any Stephen King ones in the works? Oh, yeah – The Dark Tower! 😉 I’ll go with that. It’ll force me to finally read those…
    4. I love music biopics but, if I really love the artist, I’m usually not that happy with the actor/actress. A Bowie one would be cool but at the same time, awful. NO ONE can play Bowie!!
    5. You know, after seeing The Walking Dead finale, can my answer to my own question be THE SHOW’S WRITERS?! Lol. Damn them. It was so good and SO intense then that ending was at total cop out. I’m not happy! And I think that’s how most feel. Spoiler to those who haven’t seen it: I want a very major character to be killed off otherwise people will stop taking The Walking Dead seriously. They’re losing too many fans lately – they need to take a risk. I think they should kill a favorite – either Daryl or Glen. Plus Abraham or Sasha. Break up one of the romances. Let fans know no favorite is safe! And kill Jon Snow in Game of Thrones because I’m sick of his boring face. 🙂 That show also needs a kick up the ass – the last season was a huge disappointment.

    Sorry for the long reply!! 😳

    1. I LOVE long replies! Thank you for taking part and for the great, very relevant question, too.

      I’m kinda tired of Marvel stuff too, I think after Capt America Civil War I’m kinda done w/ superhero flicks.

      I think the Elvis & Nixon one is made a hundred times more intriguing because of the casting! The Lost City Of Z is a bit iffy but I might give it a shot as adventure thrillers sounds good to me. I do like Charlie Hunnam too 🙂

      Oh The Dark Tower is a good one! LOVE Idris as the hero too!

      OMG, I was just thinking that… NOBODY could play Bowie!! Btw, if you watch CONTROL (which you should… and soon), there’s a scene where Sam is impersonating Bowie in front of a mirror. Classic!

      LOL!! I can see how viewers would want to kill off the writers of some shows. Oh and movies too! Wow, not a fan of Jon Snow eh? But I don’t watch GOT so I don’t care, and I think of that actor who play him (Kit something) is like a little fella. I like tall, lanky guys so he’s SO not my type.

      1. Huh – I think I unfollowed you yesterday! That’s so easy to do on the phone app. I really didn’t mean to! Lol. I’ll probably keep watching superhero stuff (other than Batman vs Superman) but I’m not very excited about any of them anymore. I actually don’t know the reaction of Dark Tower fans to the casting news. Knew who was cast but don’t know if fans are happy. Haven’t paid a lot of attention as haven’t yet read the series. I hate reading a book after knowing about a movie being made, though. I don’t want to picture the actors as I read them. :-/ I think the closest person to play Bowie would actually be Tilda Swinton. Lol. (Seriously) You really do love Sam Riley! 😉 I actually don’t think I’ve seen him in much… I have to look up his films. Yeah, the guy playing Jon Snow isn’t at all my type either. His character is just so moody and boring on the show but he’s a fan favorite. He must be more interesting in the books!

        1. Ahah, that’s so interesting that you don’t like to read a book knowing it’s being made into a film. I suppose if you like the actor then it’s good, otherwise it’d be a bother. I actually LOVE the fact that Sam has been cast in SS-GB, that’s actually how I end up getting the book 😉 I really do love him, smitten out of my wits LOL

          Oh Tilda Swinton would be terrific as Bowie, but someone mentioned in a comment here they should do a similar treatment like I’m Not There w/ Dylan, so getting a bunch of actors playing the different Bowie personas.

          I like Richard Madden from GoT, now he’s gorgeous! But he’s killed off so early!

          1. Oh, that’s a good idea for a Bowie one!! I’ve not seen I’m Not There yet but I should’ve as I really liked the concept. Hehe – he does get killed off fairly early but was still in it quite a bit. 🙂

            1. I still need to see I’m Not There, can’t believe I haven’t seen it yet considering I love most of the cast. Madden is so gorgeous, he looks like the UK version of my French crush Stanley Weber.

                1. Do you have Netflix? I first saw him in Not Another Happy Ending, a Scottish rom-com w/ Karen Gillan. It’s on there and it’s a fun, frivolous movie. I was crushing HARD on him before Sam Riley came into my life and stole my heart completely 😉

                    1. Oh, that’s a great & informative post! Lol. And many lovely pics – he’s pretty easy on the eyes… 😉 That’s awesome that he thanked you on Twitter! I love when celebrities acknowledge my existence on Twitter!! I get all silly about it. : )

  4. Brittani

    I don’t know anything about Doctor Strange, but I’ll see it for that cast.

    I’m excited for Elivs & Nixon, it looks so stupidly hilarious.

    UGH THE WALKING DEAD! Such a stupid cop out…I’ll stop. I’ve been ranting on my blog and twitter all week anyways. lol

    1. It seems most people have no idea about Doctor Strange, so I guess it’s smart of them to cast very famous actors.

      Ahah yeah, stupidly hilarious w/ Spacey & Shannon sounds like my idea of a good time.

      I’ve been seeing a lot of um, responses about TWD finale.

  5. 1. Don’t know anything about Doctor Strange so I’ll just for the trailer before deciding if it’s something I want to see or not.

    2. Don’t have much interest in either of these movies.

    3. Well I was waiting for The Dark Tower to come to the big screen for a long time but now that an unknown director is taking over the project and a winter release date, I don’t have much faith in it. But I just read the other day that another of King’s book is coming to the big screen, the sequel to The Shining, Doctor Sleep is happening. I enjoyed the book but not sure if it will translate well for the big screen.

    4. Don’t know, I like music but don’t really care much for the musician’s life.

    5. I’m a big fan of The Walking Dead so I decided to watch its spin-off Fear The Walking Dead, three episodes in and I had to stop watching it. All the main characters were either annoying or acting stupid so I wanted them all to die. And speaking of The Walking Dead, I wanted to slap all of the writers for the crappy work they’ve done this season, last season was pretty great but this season was so frustrating to watch.

    1. Yeah I suppose the trailer will give us a better idea if Doctor Strange is watchable or not.

      I hope The Dark Tower will still be decent even w/ an unknown director, esp w/ Idris Elba’s involvement. Believe it or not I actually haven’t even seen The Shining!

      Ahah it seems the writers are the ones TWD fans want to kill off!

      1. Don’t waste your time with Fear the Walking Dead, all the main characters were either annoying or just plain stupid. I don’t usually yell at fictional characters but I actually yelled at one of these dumb asses on this show for being so stupid! Of course it’s not actor’s fault for doing what they were told to do, I should be yelling at the show runners, lol.

  6. The Lost City of Z and the Elvis one look great – can’t wait to see Shannon play Elvis! Underrated actor.

    Can’t say there are any book adaptations I can think of, I don’t read too much.

    As for number 1, well, you know my feelings about Marvel 😛

    Those two biopics sound great! Especially the miles one. If I were to pick, and they’d have to do this VERY right to pull it off, I’d love to see a Syd Barret/early Pink Floyd film. Make it a bit psychedelic, give it a lens filter to make it look from the 60’s… now that would ROCK!

    As for mutant’s question I can’t really answer, I don’t watch TV 😦

    Happy fifth of the month Ruth! 🙂

    1. Cameron Crowe some years after Elizabethtown tried to get a bio-pic on Syd Barrett made but it fell apart. Rumor has it was that he was considering having Ashton Kutcher as Roger Waters. I think a bunch of fans heard about it and got really angry. In fact, it wouldn’t work and Cameron Crowe is someone that can no longer be trusted because he pretty much fucking sucks.

      1. Haha! I haven’t even heard of the guy, though that is an interesting director. Ashton Kutcher, ugh! If the right director and right actors got together, I think they could really revive that mid-to-late 60’s psychedelic scene

        1. He did “Almost Famous”, “Jerry Maguire”, and “Say Anything” but has managed to piss me off big time with “Aloha”. Don’t fucking see that film.

              1. Ah geez, as if it wasn’t bad enough to cast Emma Stone as a native Hawaiian!! I won’t be seeing that movie, I mean it looks absolutely awful from the trailer.

                1. Oh, and it gets worse. I went to a screening of it for a review and man. That was easily one of the worst films I had ever seen in my life and I had no choice to but take it down.

                  1. Hehe, yeah, you gotta love those movies you just gotta sit through so you can write about it., haha. The last time I had to do that was for Gaspar Noe’s LOVE. And man that was a slog!

                    1. You liked it did ya? I actually kinda thought it was a bit tame compared to his last two movies, as odd as that must sound… but I did think it was a memorable love story that explored sexuality, and I don’t usually like romance in films so that’s a good sign!

                    2. No doubts there. When I watched Enter The Void, when it finished I just sat there, still memorised by what I had seen. That one is my favourites, though I’m not sure if I’d watch it again, hehe

    2. Yeah, Shannon can play ANYONE in my book, he’s very underrated indeed.

      Ahah, yeah I like that you don’t care for superhero movies Jordan, that makes you super unique.

      Hey I best someone would make that kind of flick of Pink Flyod. It seems there are very few iconic musicians left that haven’t been getting biopic treatment.

      Glad to see you participate in FFTF Jordan, can’t wait to have you as guest next month!

      1. Can’t wait! 😀

        Michael Shannon is great, though his performance in ‘Bug’ was a tad over the top near the end haha.

        A Pink Floyd movie may be hard cos Waters and Gilmour pretty much don’t speak to each other. Remember when they got back together for that Live Aid thing, years ago? It was a MASSIVE deal, all four of them back together and whatnot. I reckon they’d need to pull something like that off to get a proper, no-BS movie made. You need everyone’s perspective, -especially- if it is to focus on Barrett.

    1. Oh I follow a bunch of entertainment sites on Twitter. I read the industry news outlets like Variety & THR regularly, and entertainment sites like The Film Stage, Screenrant, Slash Film, and the British mags like Empire, Total Film are great resources.

  7. 1. I think Cumberbatch looks awesome as I’m likely to see this as I’ve been enjoying what the MCU has been doing so far.

    2. I saw an earlier trailer of Elvis & Nixon as it looks like fun though there was a TV film version with Bob Gunton as Nixon that was pretty good even though they did a lot of exaggerations about what might’ve happened. Especially in a scene where Elvis asked Nixon if he had an enemies list. Nixon tried to deny it where Elvis says, “well if you do. Could you put the Beatles in there?” Nixon was like “OK”. As for The Lost City of Z, I think you need to post a new trailer link though I am interested in seeing as I did enjoy James Gray’s The Immigrant.

    3. I have no clue on what book is being adapted as I don’t read a lot of fictional novels so my answer is irrelevant.

    4. Honestly, no one. I’m kinda over music bio-pics though I do want to see the one on Miles Davis. Of course, one would expect for me to say David Bowie but I feel like it’s too soon at the moment as I have an idea of my own that I want to do that is related to Bowie which could be a really awful idea.

    5. I don’t watch a lot of TV shows but the one my parents watch is Shameless as I would like to see the character of Frank be killed off once and for all as he is an evil son-of-a-bitch.

    1. Hi Steven! I remember you mentioned about the tv movie w/ Bob Gunton as Nixon. Oh I put a new trailer of Lost City of Z, not sure what happened to that other one.

      I think a Bowie biopic would be darn near impossible. I mean they can’t even find a good actor to play Freddie Mercury and Bowie would be even more challenging.

      1. And here’s the thing. If you’re going to get someone to play David Bowie. Having one actor play him is a challenge but having to play the different personas. You’re going to need more than one actor. That’s why I’m Not There succeeded in creating a film about Bob Dylan without having anyone called Bob Dylan.

        1. Man I still need to see I’m Not There! But yeah, perhaps they should do a similar treatment w/ Bowie as he’s got so many unique personas.

  8. The close up of Mads Mikkelsen eye’s look creepy and Cumberbatch is the perfect pick.

    Great question about which TV character to kill off. Most of the shows I follow I tend to like the main characters or perhaps they serve a purpose. Even a evil character like Ramsey Bolton on Game Of Thrones adds to the show at the same time it would be sweet to see the Boltons get their comeuppance. Mmm, if I have to pick I’d go with Shoshanna from Girls. I don’t hate her character, some moments I like her, but if you ever youtube her clips it’ll be easy to see why lol.

    1. Haha! Oh yeah… I used to watch Girls but fell behind & kind of forgot about it. She was pretty annoying but, then, so were all the characters. Marnie was the worst. 🙂

  9. 1. the only thing interesting about these pics imho is the look on Chiwetel’s face – he is clearly dying inside

    2. not very encouraging trailers, but I’ll see the latter for Shannon

    3. Sharp Objects by Gillian Glynn who wrote Gone Girl is gonna be a TV series from HBO with Amy Adams in the lead. It’s a terrific book perhaps even better than GG

    4. Lana del Rey probably

    5. Yep I’m with people who said TWD writers. I have rant about it in this week’s RF. Thank God, as evident from that pic you attached JDM looked divine and almost saved that finale. Almost as they used such a dumb cliffhanger the idiocy of it is overshadowing how good he was

    1. Hi Margaret!

      Ahah, yeah I guess even thespians bow to Marvel (Disney) these days.

      Oh you like Michael Shannon too, have you seen 99 Homes? He’s excellent in that one.

      Oh I hadn’t heard about Amy Adams’ casting in Sharp Objects. I know you’re excited for The Girl on a Train too, right?

      I love Lana del Rey! I’d watch a biopic of her!

      1. Yeah The girl on the train was a very good book but I’m not sure…the cast is a bit disappointing, since Evans and Leto were replaced. Also Blunt looks way too good for what is supposed to be a neglected alcoholic. But I’m sure Ferguson is gonna be amazing

        1. That is disappointing about Evans & Leto being replaced. Oh I think Blunt can pull off being an alcoholic, she was believable in Sicario looking very unglamorous. Oh yes, I’m sure Ferguson will be amazing indeed. Love her!

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  11. 1. Yes, looking forward to it. Cumberbatch wasn’t my initial, but the selection has grown on me.

    2. The jury is out. Will have to see more if I’m to pluck down some $ to see either in the movie theater.

    3. It’d probably be Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower’ being adapted that’s the biggest thing I’m looking forward to.

    4. Looking forward to both ‘Born to Be Blue’ and ‘Miles Ahead’ biopics. Last year’s ‘Amy’ was pretty devastating…and my daughter warned me about it, but I never listen ;-). Don’t know if I’ll see ‘Nina’, outside of the recent documentary. Hmm…maybe the time is right for a Chuck Berry biopic.

    5. Time to finally get rid of Ward in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., just sayin’.

    1. Hello Michael! Always glad to see you take part in FFTF!

      I was surprised when Cumberbatch was cast as he didn’t look anything like the comic character. But hey, I do like the supporting cast so far, esp Ejiofor and Mads.

      Oh right, The Dark Tower! Can’t wait to see how that’s shaped up now that we have two great leads.

      Born to Be Blue is a good one. I’m hoping to get a phone interview w/ the director in the next few weeks. I need to see AMY, I heard it’s really heartbreaking.

      Ahah, I always hated Ward from the first episode of Agents SHIELD!! I don’t watch that show anymore and partly because of him. The actor doesn’t deserve the last name Dalton!!

  12. A Mads, Charlie & Michael Shannon summer.. yep..I’m all in! ha! How do you get to watch a BBC series from here?? I’d love to see it, but usually we don’t get them till much later..

    1. Hi Peggy! Yeah, love all three you mentioned, glad you’re as enthusiastic about ’em as I am.

      Well, sometimes BBC shows are played in PBS but yeah, usually we don’t get to see ’em until much later 😦 But I’m excited nonetheless, well anything Sam Riley-related makes me happy 😀

      1. Yeah.. it’s the only time I get to see them also is when they come to PBS or sometimes BBCA. I love them.. Grantchester, Mr. Selfridge, Luther, Masterpiece.. just hoping this one comes too. I mean..better late than never riiigghhtt???!!!!

        1. Hopefully we don’t have to wait too long! I really should move to the UK as I love all things British! I haven’t seen Grantchester but from Tumblr I know it’s quite popular, I like that guy James Norton, he’s also in War & Peace w/ Lily James which I want to see as well.

          1. ohhh yeah.. James Norton is quite the YUMS!!! As for moving to the UK.. I’ve lived in London for a summer.. you do know it’s not like the TV shows right??!! hahahaha VEERRYYY expensive.. a little to much for me..but I’m going back for a few months next year just because it’s been a while.

            1. When I saw gifs of him I thought, well he’s one hot priest, ahah. Oh yeah I know London isn’t like in the movies 😛 It is very expensive and it’s not as glamorous as depicted on screen. But I love the city, the tube, the architecture, the gorgeous Brits [ha!]… man if I could live there even for a year I’d go to see a play at the West End every week probably. I’m such an Anglophile that my script actually is set in the UK 😉

              1. He’s the damn hottest vicar I’ve ever seen.. but then not being a religious believer I’ve not seen many..but I’m guessing they most definitely don’t look like him..ha! And while I love London, the weather is pretty awful for the most part.. and I was there almost 5 weeks before I saw my first real HOT Brit.. ha! the Brit actors are def. standouts for the most part esp. as I was so used to being here where you can literally walk into the Whole Foods & drool in every aisle..ha! I would love to see a play on the West End..never got to do that, and just crossing my fingers something fantastic is there when I go or a fantastic premiere happening in Leicester Square.. something along those lines would be simply splendid daahhhlling.. hahahahaha 🙂

                1. Mwahahaha! Yeah I guess it’s very rare to find a vicar who looks like Norton. Have you seen him in Belle? I like his character there though I didn’t really find him hot.

                  Man I’d scour grocery stores if I were single, I think here in the US people do that too, and also Home Depot 😀

                  Oh yeah, Leicester Square would be a great place to hound as I’d imagine there’s probably a premiere like every other week? But hey you’re in LA girl, no shortage of hot guys there, either famous or want-to-be-famous ones, ahahahaha

                  1. Yeah..I did see Belle..but that’s cause the trailer made it seem like Matthew Goode was all in it..they forgot to say for 10 SECONDS!! hahaha but yeah..I’ve like James for a bit now..I did like the film..Sam Reid is quite wonderful in it.. and well I don’t ‘scour’ grocers..but yeah..It’s always when I look my worst like there & the launderette I seem to run right into them! ha! Def. no shortage here is what i meant by saying it’s so much more in comparison to UK..and yeah..almost to many of the not-so-famous ones..hahahahaha

                    1. Ahah yeah, Matthew’s only in about 5 minutes total but he was memorable!

                      Oh I was swooning over Sam Reid too, sooo gorgeous, he’s got that strong jawline and pretty eyes!

                      Next time I’m in LA we have to meet up, and maybe you can take me to places where lots of celebs hang out, ahahahaha!

  13. Really looking forward to seeing Miles Ahead; it’s been a long time coming and is clearly a passion project for Cheadle. As for Elvis and Nixon, I thought it was a joke when I first heard about it, but the trailer looks kinda promising!

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