Five for the Fifth: JULY 2016 Edition

Welcome to FlixChatter’s primary blog series! As is customary for this monthly feature, I get to post five random news item/observation/poster, etc. and then turn it over to you to share your take on that given topic. You can see the previous five-for-the-fifth posts here.

1. Happy Tuesday everyone! To my American friends, how was your Fourth? Hope you had an awesome three-day weekend! For some of us, Fourth of July weekend means family time, whether it’s at a state park, beach, lake, or at the movies!


So apparently Pixar’s latest Finding Dory threepeats this weekend, as Box Office Mojo called it, landing at #1 again at the box office for its third weekend. The Legend of Tarzan brought in about $45 million, followed by The Purge: Election Year at around $34 million and The BFG ends in fourth place with $22 million. Hmmm, I think we all know the major winner is The Purge 3 as its budget is merely $10 million, wow!

Did you see any new release movie on the big screen this weekend? 


2. Now, in relation to this weekend’s box office. Well, The BFG turns out to be a bust, earning a paltry $22 mil in its first weekend when the budget is $140 mil!

I haven’t got a chance to review it yet as I was out and about all weekend, but I wasn’t that impressed with it. I barely remember any of it when I saw it over a week ago, but I found it a bit tedious as it took forever to get going. Variety wrote this piece wondering if Steven Spielberg has lost his blockbuster touch.

Spielberg w/ BFG star Ruby Barnhill – image courtesy of

I did like Spielberg’s last film Bridge of Spies, though I haven’t seen Lincoln yet. War Horse was overly sentimental despite a few moment of greatness, and I enjoyed The Adventures of Tintin mostly because I adore the Belgian comics. All the way to 2000s, Spielberg’s films were still relatively successful,from A.I. (2001), Catch Me If You Can (2002), Minority Report (2002), and War of the Worlds (2005), and of course the abominable Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008) still raked up over $300mil! As he gets older though, his films seem to make less money. Bridge of Spies only made $72mil (on a $40mil budget).

What are your thoughts on Spielberg? Is his box office mojo behind him now?

3. Ok, time for a few new trailers that caught my eye. I always like to mix things up so these two couldn’t be more different from each other.

Based on the extraordinary true story of Operation Anthropoid, the WWII mission to assassinate SS General Reinhard Heydrich, the main architect behind the Final Solution and the Reich’s third in command after Hitler and Himmler.

I always love a good WWII thrillers, and Cillian Murphy is always solid in everything he’s in. Not really a fan of pretty boy Jamie Dornan but glad to see him doing something serious instead that Fifty Shades crap.

A suburban couple becomes embroiled in an international espionage plot when they discover that their seemingly perfect new neighbors are government spies.

I hadn’t even heard of this movie before, but when I saw the trailer it made me laugh! It’s obviously inspired by Mr & Mrs Smith, with two absolutely beautiful couple Gal Gadot and Jon Hamm (who’d make the perfect match for a Wonder Woman + Superman flick!). Zach Galifianakis & Isla Fisher look pretty funny here, it looks like it’ll be a hoot like Melissa McCarthy’s SPY.

I was hoping Ben Wheatley’s upcoming movie Free Fire (starring a great ensemble cast including my beloved Sam Riley) will have its trailer out by now (it’s shown with A24’s Swiss Army Man, so I’ll add it here once it hits.

What do you think of these trailers?

4. I’ve talked about my excitement for Idris Elba’s casting as the Gunslinger on Stephen King’s The Dark Tower adaptation. Well, I just saw some pics on Just Jared from the NYC set and I just had to share!


Oh my, he certainly looks the part doesn’t he? I certainly wouldn’t mind roaming the Old West with THIS Roland Deschain 😉 I guess it’ll be a while before we’ll see a trailer, as the film won’t be released until February 17th next year. But for sure I look forward to seeing Idris in the role and Matthew McConaughey as Roland’s adversary Man in Black.

What’s your initial thoughts on ‘The Dark Tower’? 

5. This month Five for the Fifth’s guest is Zoë from Sporadic Chronicle of a Beginner’s Blogger! I LOVE that her question is in keeping what I’ve been obsessing lately, that is historical series (as I’m still nuts over The White Queen and finally finished BBC’s War & Peace this weekend).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s Zoë in her own words:

I’ve been watching a lot of Downton Abbey and Vikings lately and I’ve been loving both shows (as always). There are many shows under this genre, whether fictitious or factual, or a blend of both.

Which historical/period series are you currently watching and loving? 

Well, that’s it for the JULY edition of Five for the Fifth, folks. Take part by picking a question out of the five above or better yet, do ‘em all! 

37 thoughts on “Five for the Fifth: JULY 2016 Edition

  1. Hey Ruth. Hope you had a good 4th! I actually had the day off! Woo Hoo!

    1. Not surprised about The Purge. Those things always make money mainly because (as you mentioned) they have a tiny budget. I kinda have a love/hate relationship with those movies.

    2. I saw this over the weekend and posted a review this morning. Personally I think Spielberg is in a different stage of his career. Bridge of Spies and The Bfg both are subtle and low-key pictures, definitely something Spielberg isn’t always known for.

    3. Cillian Murphy? I’m in!

    4. Pretty much the same thing. Idris Elba? I’m definitely in. He looks like a butt kicker in those shots!

    5. Actually none. But that isn’t a knock on any of the series. I just don’t watch television outside of news and sports. I’m so ignorant when it comes to what is out there.

    1. Yo Keith! I had the day off too, I LOVE three-day weekend 😀

      Yeah I think the small budget work in its favor, but the films also have an interesting concepts. I haven’t seen any but I might check out the 2nd movie.

      I like Bridge of Spies a lot more than BFG, I find the latter to be a bit boring to me, but then again I’m not familiar w/ the book.

      Cillian Murphy is a great actor isn’t he?

      LOVE Idris in pretty much anything.

      Ahah, well I thought I’m the only one who’s not well-versed w/ contemporary TV. But I’m a sucker for period dramas!

  2. 1. As you know I did see The Purge part 3 but I also went to see The Conjuring 2 over the weekend; my girlfriend wanted to see it since she loves scary movies. It’s an okay movie, we watched the first one before seeing the second and the first was definitely better.

    2. I think Spielberg lost his box office mojo years ago, yes Indiana Jones 4 made a ton of money but that’s Indiana Jones. Even Minority Report didn’t perform as well as a lot of people had predicted; I mean it starred Tom Cruise and yet it only earned around $130mil. So unless Spielberg makes another Indiana Jones film or a big sci-fi action/adventure, his box office slum will continue.

    3. I don’t know anything about either of those movies and haven’t watched the trailers yet.

    4. I’ll keep an open mind about The Dark Tower film but my excitement about the film version has dissipated a long time ago when Ron Howard was attached to direct and cast Javier Bardem as Roland. I hope the film will be good but I won’t have high hopes for it.

    5. Not watching any period dramas since I’m not into the genre.

    1. Hey Ted, would you do a review of Conjuring 2? No rush, anytime next week would be fine.

      I didn’t know Minority Report only earned $130 mil, I thought it made more! Yeah it seems that nowadays the sequels/reboots stuff make more money.

      Anthropoid is more up your alley Ted, I love WWII espionage stuff!

      I just looked up the director of The Dark Tower, never heard of him. At the same time I’m not really keen on Ron Howard either. In the casting front, I think it’s a winner though.

      1. I can’t promise that I can write a review of The Conjuring 2 by next week, I’m heading out to San Francisco next Thursday and still have so much work to finish up. If I do have some time then I’ll write a review for you.

        That’s one of the reasons why I’m not too excited about The Dark Tower film, they gave the project to an unknown and unproven director. Also, the winter release date makes me think the studio doesn’t have much faith in it. I hope that I’m wrong and that the actual film will be good; I’ve been a fan of the books since college so I’m happy it’s finally coming to the big screen. I think the casting is good, although Elba’s the last actor I picture as Roland.

        1. No worries Ted! You can just write the review whenever, since it’s been out for a while.

          Yeah I guess Idris is an unconventional choice for Roland but I think he can pull it off. I can see him be a good Men in Black too, he can be a fun baddie.

  3. Thanks for having me Ruth!

    I haven’t been to the cinema since X-Men: Apocalypse, and don’t expect to go again before Bourne. As for a new movie with Cillian Murphy? I will be there! Haven’t watched either of the trailers yet, hopefully tomorrow I will get a moment. I am also looking forward to these Dark Tower adaptations, and I think Elba is a great pick, and certainly looks fantastic.

    1. Hey thank YOU for being a guest and that’s a GREAT question! As you know my recent fave is The White Queen 😀

      I can’t wait for Bourne later this month. Yeah, Anthropoid looks really good, I like WWII stuff esp if it’s more of an espionage thriller. I’m so thrilled that Elba’s cast in the lead role in The Dark Tower, it certainly made it a must- see for me.

  4. Hi Ruth, my shins got sunburned kayaking down a river. I loved it. Played pool and served a BBQ to the family. It was a great day.
    1. Nope.
    2. Yes, he was ultra-popular and influential up until the 2000s. I think he influenced a generation or two of filmmakers who recognized his technique and talents. I think now we have a current generation that doesn’t bow to sentimentality like it used to. Showcasing heroic people or time periods doesn’t seem to bring him the big $ anymore. I love his science fiction best. Bringing human elements in futuristic societies, he’s gifted. In the end, I think he should try being artistic and making clever films rather than focusing on eliciting an emotional response.
    3. Anthropoid- yahoo. Keeping up with the Jones – yawn.
    4. If it has Elba in it, it can’t be bad, right? I’ll check it out.
    5. I’m at the end of season 3 of Game of Thrones and loving it. I also just completed the final season, ending of Hell on Wheels. Both are outstanding.
    Fun post, Ruth.

    1. Oy, you should’ve lathered up on sun screen girl! I went hiking a bit on a state park and there’s a bit of light breeze which was perfect!

      Yeah, I like his scifi films too, esp Minority Report. “I think he should try being artistic and making clever films rather than focusing on eliciting an emotional response.” Very true! That should apply to every filmmaker IMHO.

      Ahah, I knew you’d be into Anthropoid, I love that kind of cerebral spy films.

      Yep, can’t go wrong w/ Elba. I think he’s truly one of the best and hottest actors working today, of ANY race.

      Wow, I didn’t know you’re into Game of Thrones. I really want to see it but man there are so many seasons to catch up to. That’s why I like the miniseries that have a finite number of episodes. War & Peace only got 8 episodes, that’s perfect for me.

      1. During summer break I have more time to squeeze an episode here and there. When Jim goes golfing without me, I secretly squeal with excitement because I can sit in the recliner and watch four episodes back to back. Total indulgence. 🙂

        1. Love it! You deserve a bit of indulgence Cindy, you work so hard! I do relish in my Sunday afternoon *delights* when I get to watch my fave period dramas when my hubby’s out and about 😀

    1. Ahah yeah, too super hot guys in a movie! My eyes will be on Idris for sure though. Oh, where did you watch No Limits? That sounds like a show I’d enjoy.

      He..he.. I see Clive is quite popular on Tumblr. He’s easy on the eyes!

      1. PrairieGirl

        No Limits was on Discovery US, but was produced by Discovery UK in 2015. Idris was my fireworks last night! Came across the show by accident, starting watching and couldn’t stop. Just saw there’s going to be a Season 2 (swoon!). Yes, Clive is totally outstanding in my book.

        1. Oh cool, I hope that’ll arrive on youtube or Netflix at some point. Ha..ha.. he was your fireworks, why am I not surprised!! 😀

  5. Hope you had a great Fourth. I made it to the Fifth in one piece so I guess mine was pretty good.

    1. It’s not quite a “new” release anymore, but I did go see Independence Day: Resurgence. That was a bad idea.

    2. Spielberg is definitely in a different stage. It’s harder to tap into the same sense of wonder needed to make those movies fly. He’s always been given to sentimentality, so that seems to have taken over in some of his work. I say that having not seen The BFG, though.

    3. Haven’t watched the trailers. I will do that when I leave work. Don’t know anything about those movies, otherwise.

    4. That sounds interesting. Can’t wait to see Elba and MM square off.

    5. None. I just don’t watch much TV aside from sports, news, and occasionally whatever the wife is watching. Period shows are just not on her menu.

    1. Ahah, glad to see you made it in one peace Dell!

      I saw your review of ID4 sequel. Well I’m glad I skipped it, but hey I totally understand why you saw it, it wasn’t your fault!

      I feel that w/ War Horse and BFG, the over-sentimentality is a bit grating and it bored me to be honest.

      Glad that you haven’t heard of those movies, Dell, I tried to find ones that haven’t been talked about to death.

      Yeah, Elba + McConaughey combo sounds good just on the casting alone!

  6. Good stuff. I’ll be a Spielberg apologist until my dying day and as far as I’m concerned he’s still got it. Nobody else does mainstream/’serious’ quite like he does.

    1. Fair enough Mark! He’s still a virtuoso I think, and people might put more pressure on him on box office numbers given what he’s done in the past. I wish I liked The BFG more though.

  7. 1. Didn’t see anything this weekend other than Lost Soul about the making of The Island of Dr. Moreau and Magic Mike XXL.

    2. I haven’t had much interest in Spielberg lately as I regret going to see that abomination that was Crystal Skull in the theaters. I wish it never existed.

    3. Anthropoid looks OK though I’m not sold on Jamie Dornan while Keeping Up with the Jones looks funny.

    4. Idris Elba looks cool but I’ll wait for the trailer if it sparks any real interest.

    5. Right now, nothing at the moment. I don’t watch a lot of TV shows.

    1. Hi Steven! Well, I think I’d rather see Lost Soul any day than any Magic Mike movies.

      Yep, and those Indy movies can’t be stopped! He’s doing Indy 5 again w/ Ford who’s gonna be tough to separate from the relics he’s pursuing!

      I’m not sold on Jamie Dornan either. I’ve only seen him in The Fall series for a couple of episodes. He doesn’t really grab my attention despite being such a gorgeous man.

      Idris in that Gunslinger getup alone is enough to sell tickets for me 😀

  8. Tom

    Hey Ruth! Happy 4th of July. Me and my friend almost got injured when a firework exploded on the ground instead of shooting up into the air like it was supposed to. That was our first firework shot off. Off to a rough start but we’re all in tact still, thank god. 😉

    1) I saw ‘The BFG’ and ‘Swiss Army Man’ this weekend — loved ’em both!, the latter especially, might be my favorite of 2016 (or maybe ever, I’m not sure yet)

    2) It’s a shame what happened with ‘The BFG’ as I loved it and think the source material is totally crazy and worth checking out, but I didn’t expect this movie to gain any traction at all in the States, not even with Spielberg and Rylance attached. It’s obscure Roald Dahl material, and Roald Dahl appeals more to young British readers anyway. Still, I couldn’t help there were issues with this movie.

    3) ‘Anthropoid’ looks great and I don’t think I much care for ‘Keeping up with the Joneses.’ I swear I have seen the exact same movie before in ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith.’

    4) This is really the first news I’m reading about Idris Elba’s involvement with this. Sounds interesting and I can’t really ever say “No” to Elba man!

    5) Not much of a period piece drama/TV kinda guy. Downton Abbey I tried to watch once but quickly got bored with it.

    1. Hey there Tom! Glad to see you stop by, man. OMG, glad to see you are ok despite that fireworks incident. Yikes!! I remember playing those fireworks sticks as a kid but I haven’t touched them as an adult.

      Hey, did you see the Free Fire trailer in front of Swiss Army Man? I almost went to see it just to see that trailer, ahah. Swiss Army Man looks bonkers, I might have to rent it just to see how crazy it is. Hats off to the creators for pulling off such a bizarre idea.

      I think people who are familiar w/ Dahl would likely enjoy the film more. I find it a bit slow and tedious in its first act, but the last 20 min or so made me laugh!

      Anthropoid certainly looks promising. Yeah, can’t say the idea for Keeping up with the Joneses is original at all, but somehow the trailer made me laugh so hard. I like the pairing of Gadot and Hamm, boy they’d make a great Wonder Woman & Superman duo!

      Yay! Can’t go wrong w/ Elba right? He’s just so charismatic!

      I can’t imagine you being into Downton Abbey, Tom, but I’d think you’d enjoy something like Vikings or even The White Queen. I can’t get enough of British monarchy stuff, it’s just so fascinating to me.

      1. Tom

        I did see the trailer for Free Fire in front of Swiss Army Man, yes. It looks great! I so have missed sitting through those kinds of trailers (the more indie/arthouse type) — we get so few of these independent releases up here

        1. Awesome! Glad to hear you think it’s great. The idea of it sounds bonkers, but the cast is amazing. I’m a huge fan of Sam Riley, glad to see him even in a supporting role!

          It’s a bummer that indie releases are hard to come by. Same w/ here in Minnesota as usually the big cities like NY and LA get those but it often don’t make it all the way to the Midwest!

  9. Haven’t seen “The BFG” yet, but Spielberg is someone I’d never discount. He’s gone through rough patches in his career before (box office wise, at least — I think he’s a master, and there’s very few of his films I don’t at least like), but he always seems to pull another box office rabbit out of the hat just when he needs to.

    I’m always up for a good espionage film, so Anthropoid definitely looks intriguing to me; and I found the “Joneses” trailer more amusing than I expected to. I feel like we don’t see Isla Fisher often enough.

    1. Hi there CB! Very true about Spielberg, I think even his so-so film is still pretty darn good. Yeah I think he’d still has box office cred even w/ this one tanks, and really, very few filmmakers have his track record.

      I hope Anthropoid gets a decent release here in MN, and yeah I like Isla Fisher but she barely get any decent roles.

  10. I love that image of Steven Spielberg on The BFG set. He looks like he’s trying to show the child how sit at the window – you can see a sense of glee in his face. He’s a big kid. It’s what makes his adventure/fantasy movies so good.

    1. Yeah I love that photo, it certainly conveys the sentiment you mentioned! I wish I had enjoyed the BFG more, but I think the fact that I’m not familiar w/ the book might dampened it a little.

  11. 1. I havent seen any new movies lately but I’ll definitely see Tarzan for Alex and Margot

    2 I honestly don’t remember the last time Spielberg made something worthwhile

    3. that Hann comedy looks good! No to whatever is staring that dude from 50 shades

    4. Idris looks lovely on that set but McConaughey’s long nails are so off putting

    5. I really need to sit down and finally see Outlander. Heard amazing things, gave it 2 tries and never had an opportunity to continue

    1. Hi Margaret!

      Tarzan is still worth a watch if you like those two. I’ve finished my review for next week 🙂

      Yeah, I skipped Lincoln that everyone said it’s good as it looks so boring. But I did like Bridge of Spies.

      Mwahahaha, that dude from 50 Shades, yep that’s what Jamie Dornan will forever be known for. But I’ll watch it for Cillian Murphy!

      I didn’t see Matthew’s pictures from The Dark Tower, but for me it’s all about Idris anyway 😉

      I actually haven’t seen any of season 2 of Outlander despite me being all hot about it when I was in love w/ Stanley. I’m quite fickle aren’t I? It’s a good show though.

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