Happy Birthday Eva Green! Scenes from some of my favorite roles of hers.


I LOVE Eva Green! Though her filmography isn’t very extensive, the Parisian-born actress certainly left quite an impression to me ever since I saw her in Kingdom of Heaven. Like most of the actors I tend to obsess over, I love actresses who have a gorgeous voice to go with their beautiful faces. Eva’s got a voice and British/French accent that I can listen to for days on end, just like my other faves Cate Blanchett, Carey Mulligan and Rebecca Ferguson.

I’d watch to her interviews just to listen to her talk, whether in English or French … it’s quite mesmerizing. Here’s one talking about her recent role in SHOWTIME’s Penny Dreadful. I’ve only seen a few episodes of this (too scary for me) but I was really impressed by her performance as Vanessa Ives:

A quick bio thanks to IMDb:

Eva Gaëlle Green was born on July 6, 1980, in Paris, France. She has a sororal twin sister. Her father, Walter Green, is a dentist who appeared in the 1966 film Au Hasard Balthazar (1966). Her mother, Marlène Jobert, is an actress turned children’s book writer.

She studied acting at Saint Paul Drama School in Paris for three years, then had a 10-week polishing course at the Weber Douglas Academy of dramatic Art in London. She returned to Paris as an accomplished young actress, and played on stage in several theater productions: La Jalousie en Trois Fax and Turcaret.

There, she caught the eye of director Bernardo Bertolucci. Green followed a recommendation to work on her English. She studied for two months with an English coach before doing The Dreamers (2003) with Bernardo Bertolucci.

I have to admit I haven’t seen Bertolucci’s The Dreamers yet, in which the Italian direction dubbed her ‘so beautiful it’s indecent,’ but I have no doubt she made an impression. She has no qualms about taking her clothes off, but it’d take more than just a hot body to be successful in this business. I think she can be as ravishing fully clothed, as you can witness in the scene where Vesper first met Bond on the train to Montenegro.

Here are some clips and images from some of my favorite Eva Green roles:

Kingdom of Heaven (2005)


I’m not a fan of this film initially because of Orlando Bloom’s miscasting, but I definitely remember Green’s Sibylla. Her green eyes are so mesmerizingly piercing through her veil, it’s hard to take your eyes off her whenever she’s on screen.


Franklyn (2008)

This is an obscure movie most of you likely haven’t heard of, let alone seen. But thanks to my crushing on Sam Riley, I actually bought the movie partly because I also love Eva. She actually has the biggest role in the film, even more prominent than Ryan Phillipe who’s supposedly the lead. That’s a good thing in my book, though of course I wish Sam has more screen time. I love that Eva can do crazy and still manages to make ’em look sexy. And I do love the few scenes between Eva’s Emilia and Sam’s Milo, I wish they’d work together again one day!

Casino Royale (2006)

I think most of you already know that Green’s Vesper Lynd is my all time favorite Bond girl. I’ve watched all of the Bond movies from Dr No to Spectre and yep, she’s still the reigning champ… a Bond girl who’s very much 007’s equal who’s no damsel in distress. She may’ve betrayed Bond in the end but she also saved him. She’s a multi-layered character, not just a shag subject with a body to kill for, and Green’s as smart as she is incredibly sexy. I’ve posted the scene on the train in this post, I’m including a couple others I love from CR:

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For (2014)


She shines even in a not-so-good movies like Sin City 2. In fact, she’s the only one worth watching in this movie. I’d say it’s perfect casting as I totally believe her as a dame worth killing for!


Hope you enjoy my tribute to miss Green. What’s YOUR fave Eva Green role(s)?

54 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Eva Green! Scenes from some of my favorite roles of hers.

  1. I really enjoyed Franklyn, I must watch it again. Penny Dreadful is probably her best performance. I also loved Cracks and The Dreamers. Perfect Sense and Clone are also interesting movies. You should definitely check out the dreamers, a film for film lovers. I would also recommend White Bird in a Blizzard, it is more Shailene Woodley’s film, but they are both really good in it.

    If you haven’t seen it lately, give Kingdom of Heaven another chance. It gets better every time I see it. I think its Ridley Scott’s most underrated film and certainly better than the bestter received Gladiator.

    1. Hi there Andy, long time no see! Glad you have seen Franklyn, it’s rare to find anyone who’s even heard of that movie, ahah. I’ve been meaning to check out Perfect Sense, and that one w/ Shailene, I didn’t even know Eva is in it!

      I’ve been meaning to check out the Director’s Cut of Kingdom of Heaven which I heard is a lot better than the theatrical one.

  2. For me so far…

    1. Casino Royale
    2. The Dreamers
    3. Perfect Sense
    4. Kingdom of Heaven (the director’s cut I heard is far superior than its theatrical version)
    5. Dark Shadows (not a great film but she is so fun to watch)
    6. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (I haven’t seen it in its entirety as what I saw was terrible except for Mickey Rourke yet she is awesome in this)
    7. 300 2 (terrible film but she is awesome as usual)
    8. Cracks

    1. I still might rent Dark Shadows because of Eva, Michelle Pfeiffer and Helena Bonham Carter. Basically all the ladies 🙂 I skipped 300 sequel but I might rent it one day for Eva as well!

  3. I haven’t seen many of her work but of course she’s great in Casino Royale. I saw a weird sci-fi/romance film that she starred called WOMB a few years ago and I think she’s great in that too. Not many saw that movie, I think it’s just too weird for general audiences and studio didn’t know how to market it.

    I think I lend you the director’s cut of Kingdom of Heaven bluray right? You should give it a watch, it’s much better than the theatrical cut and her role was bigger in that version.

    1. Yeah I heard about WOMB, it does sound very weird. Yes I do have your KoH director’s cut BD, I should watch that soon! I know that even Baldwin (Ed Norton’s character) has a bigger part in that version right? I really wish they had another actor in the lead though.

      1. There’s a whole subplot that was cut out for the theatrical version so yeah Norton’s role was bigger in the director’s cut version. Yes, had someone been cast as the lead the film would’ve been much better and probably earned more money at the box office instead of a dud. I remember reading that Scott fought hard with the studio about casting the lead, he wanted someone else but the studio folks insisted that he cast Bloom or they won’t finance the film.

  4. Fabulous tribute. What amazes me is how she stands out in any movie she’s in regardless of its quality. She’s a tremendous actress but she also has a tremendous screen presence.

  5. I’m not a big fan of hers but I do hope she’s decent with clothes on – isn’t she next in that bizarr-o kids’ movie?

    1. I think she’s a talented actress who’s more than just a hot body. She’s got plenty of clothes on in all of the movies I mention here.

  6. Love Eva Green! We just finished the second season of Penny Dreadful here and she was amazing in it. I loved her in Camelot, her and Joseph Fiennes chewed up the scenery. They were great, but the series as a whole wasn’t. Funnily enough, I did see Kingdom of Heaven but have no memory of her being in it!

    I second(third?) that she was the only reason to watch 300 part 2. I only paid attention when she was on the screen. I haven’t watched all of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

    I saw WOMB a couple of years ago…very weird little movie, but she’s great of course.

    1. She’s very good in Penny Dreadful isn’t she? I should see if Camelot is available streaming somewhere as I do like Joseph Fiennes also. I skipped 300 sequel as it looks terrible, can’t stand the guy replacing Gerry Butler, but I’m sure Eva’s great in it.

  7. Excellent tribute, she’s a phenomenal actress and stunning woman. And she has to be one of my favourite actresses to portray a Bond Girl.

    1. She is indeed! Not only is she incandescently beautiful, she’s got such wit and personality. I wish more Bond girls are like her!

  8. Brittani

    Eva is wonderful! My favorite performance of hers is hands down The Dreamers, I hope you get a chance to see that.

  9. I have only seen her in The Dreamers(fell in love with her right away) Casino Royale, Dark Shadows and Sin City : A dame to kill for Franklyn looks like a good movie and if it sucks at least it has her in it

    1. Ahah, no doubt many guys fell in love w/ Eva in The Dreamers 😉 I might check out Dark Shadows now despite the terrible reviews. I do love Eva and it’s got two other actresses I like there.

    1. Sin City is pretty forgettable but Eva is absolutely stunning in it. I think what Bertolluci said that she’s so beautiful it’s indecent is absolutely spot on!

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  11. Great tribute! It was a pit that sin city 2 was a bit eh but Eva stole every scene.

    Have you seen The Salvation? Its a Danish western, Eva plays a woman who has had her toungue cut out. Some great acting without words. Plus it has Mads… why not check it out!

    PS – I have my copy of Dark Valley finally! Gonna watch it today or tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it

    1. Hi Jordan! Yes indeed Sin City 2 is watchable thanks only to Eva. I haven’t seen The Salvation but I might because there’s also Mads in it.

      Yaaaayy!! I hope you like The Dark Valley! But either way I’m glad you’re giving it a shot!

      1. Eva’s role in The Salvation is speechless from the start cos her tongue has been ripped out. So she only acts with her face and eyes… its pretty amazing actually

          1. I am about to watch it right now 😀

            The Salvation wasn’t too gory, though I haven’t seen it in a coupla years. Just some blood effects from gunshots and whatnot. I could be wrong though, my memory is pretty terrible. But either way, I think it is worth it for Mads excellent performance and Eva’s role – I think it is the best of her career, that I’ve seen at least

            1. I can’t wait to hear what you think of it. I sure hope I didn’t oversell it ahah, but I have a feeling it’s right up your alley.

              I might give The Salvation a shot one of these days!

                1. It’s an Austrian western, I think they don’t like being confused w/ German, ahah. But yes they’re speaking German. Sam is just soooo good! I’ve finished his filmography, well the ones that have been released anyway. Check out my latest post where I mentioned another movie you might like: http://wp.me/pxXPC-aZd It’s a thriller w/ a great ensemble cast that’s actually a remake of the original Georgian film by the same director. It’s called ’13.’

                    1. Wahooo!!! Very glad to hear that. Please let me know when you have your review up as for sure I will read it! ’13’ is about an underground Russian Roulette game. It’s intense but I wish the story were better, esp the ending.

                    2. I’m actually gonna review it too for Movie Rob’s Genre Grandeur. It’s your idea that this month’s topic is Foreign Language right? So I’m gonna do The Dark Valley 🙂

                    3. Ahah well you better do a review yourself given the blogathon is your idea dude! I’m curious which movie you’d pick!

  12. To be honest, I need to see more of her work. Most of what I have watched has been her chewing scenery in not-so-good movies like Sin City 2, Dark Shadows, and White Bird in a Blizzard. Agreed, she was great in Casino Royale. I just need to see more.

  13. Ah, I LOVE Green – she is absolutely gorgeous and talented to boot. I loved her in Bond, she was fantastic as Vesper, and I also quite enjoyed her in Penny Dreadful.

  14. Vesper will always be one of my favorite roles of hers. I’m not sure many action heroines compare to her, especially in the Bond series.

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