My 2016 Oscar recap… in tweets, gifs and clips


Ahhh the morning after… So did you see the telecast last night? I went downstairs to my entertainment room at 6:30 and was hoping the whole thing would just start at 7pm, but heh of course we had to get through all the red carpet stuff first. Someone tweeted that the Oscars is really just a whole bunch of commercials interrupted by an award show, heh isn’t that the truth!

Anyway, it must’ve been quite a whirlwind night for these four acting winners.

poses in the press room during the 88th Annual Academy Awards at Loews Hollywood Hotel on February 28, 2016 in Hollywood, California.
Photo courtesy of

I did live tweet last night, but honestly I just didn’t have the energy (nor desire) to do a full writeup as I usually do, so I figure why not just do it w/ social media?

Red Carpet Stuff

The monologue & things…

For the most part I enjoyed the telecast, despite being so award fatigue by now. I have to say I was most curious to see how Chris Rock would fare as host. Well, I kind of have mixed feelings about it, though I did laugh at his no-holds-barred approach to the whole #OscarsSoWhite issue.


Right away he addressed the massive elephant in the room full of industry folks…

“You realize if they nominated hosts, I wouldn’t even get this job! You’d all be watching Neil Patrick Harris right now.” 

In response to those who called for him to quit the hosting gig…

I thought about quitting. I thought about it really hard. But I realized they’re gonna have the Oscars anyway. They’re not gonna cancel the Oscars because I quit. And the last thing I need is to to lose another job to Kevin Hart, okay?”

He didn’t just roast The Academy and Hollywood however, he took some jabs at his own Black peers which I thought was hilarious!

“Everybody went mad [this year] … Jada [Pinkett Smith] got mad. Jada said she’s not coming. Isn’t she on a TV show? Jada boycotting the Oscars is like me boycotting Rihanna’s panties. I wasn’t invited.”

“I understand you’re mad. I’m not hating. … Jada’s mad her man Will [Smith] was not nominated for Concussion. I get it … It’s not fair that Will was this good and didn’t get nominated. You’re right. It’s also not fair that Will was paid $20 million for Wild Wild West, okay?”

Double ouch! It didn’t stop there for Jada and Will as later on there’s a whole segment about Black History Month and it’s as if Angela Bassett was talking about Will Smith, but it turns out the person the Academy was honoring was Jack Black. ha!

I gotta say that the skit spoofing how hard it is for black actors to land a role in white Hollywood had me in stitches! Especially this one w/ Tracy Morgan spoofing The Danish Girl. Even Eddie Redmayne was laughing when the camera panned to him.

But the most discombobulating and cringe-worthy moment of the night goes to:

“I cannot wait to help my people out, Happy Black History Month!”

Rock introduced Stacey Dash, who’s known for her role in Clueless and is now a Fox News commentator, as the “new director” of the Academy’s “minority outreach program.”

Yes I knew about her controversial remark back in January when she declared that there should be no Black History Month or BET, but somehow the joke just didn’t jibe and it seems off the mark as most people are baffled by the appearance.

So what does Rock really think about Hollywood?

Is Hollywood racist? You’re damn right Hollywood is racist. But it’s not the racist you’ve grown accustomed to. Hollywood is sorority racist. It’s like, ‘We like you, Rhonda, but you’re not a Kappa.’”

Rock certainly didn’t shy away from tackling the race issue head on, though all of this diversity stuff seems to be more about black vs white, whilst there are a slew of other races under-represented in Hollywood… and of course it goes beyond race as women still don’t get anywhere close to the same opportunities as men.

I do hope that as much as it’s uncomfortable and perhaps annoying to some that this diversity issue keeps coming up, perhaps it’ll signal change in the ‘inclusion crisis’ (which is a more accurate term to describe this whole diversity issue) that started long before any Oscar ballot was cast.

Now about those awards…

If all you care about is the four main categories…

Best Original & Adapted Screenplay Awards

I had put these two down as the who WILL and SHOULD win the two writing awards, so yeah I’m happy w/ the results!

Not a fan of Ryan Gosling/Russell Crowe combo, but…

Ugh, Sam Smith is singing that awful Spectre song!

Alicia Vikander won Best Supporting Actress!

First of SIX awards for ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’

Best Costume Design

In the end, ‘Fury Road’ won the 6 Oscars in these categories:

  1. Film Editing: Margaret Sixel
  2. Costume Design: Jenny Beavan
  3. Makeup: Lesley Vanderwalt, Elka Wardega and Damian Martin
  4. Sound Editing: Mark Mangini and David White
  5. Sound Mixing: Chris Jenkins, Gregg Rudloff and Ben Osmo
  6. Production design: Production design by Colin Gibson; set decoration by Lisa Thompson

This i09 article describes my sentiment perfectly…


So… Best Cinematography went to Emmanuel Lubezki.
He’s won THREE years in a row. Poor Mr. Deakins.

Best Film Editing

Best Visual Effects

Best Animated Feature

Best Supporting Actor

Ok so I was rooting for Sly Stallone to win this but I can’t really be disappointed by Rylance win though, it’s not like he didn’t deserve it.

Best Documentary Feature

It goes to AMY. I haven’t seen it yet but Asif Kapadia did the excellent doc SENNA. I have only seen ONE from the five docs nominated!


Best Presenter Duo of the Night

Beasts of No Nation‘s Abraham Attah and Room‘s Jacob Tremblay, hands down. Both delivered Oscar-worthy performances in their own right, too!


Lady Gaga performed a powerful and emotional rendition of her Oscar-nominated song Til It Happen To You from the sexual assault documentary The Hunting Ground. It gives me goosebumps watching it and it deservedly received a standing ovation.

But WTF, it’s followed by one the most underserving wins of the night, ugh!

Best Original Song

Best Director

It went to Alejandro González Iñárritu once again [sigh] Soooo bummed for George Miller 😦


Best Actress

I thought Brie looked radiant in a blue gown last night… and she gave a gracious speech, thanking everyone from her co-star Jacob Tremblay & boyfriend Alex Greenwald to the moviegoers who saw it.

Best Actor

So Leo DiCaprio finally catches a break! 😉

Best Picture

My Oscar predictions tally

Well, out of the 16 categories I predicted, I got 11 right, so not bad!

Of ALL of the categories I put down for SHOULD WIN, I’m most disappointed by George Miller losing and Roger Deakins losing yet again for the 13th time. Sheesh!!

The legendary Mr. Deakins hard at work

Some of my fave gif-worthy moments of the night:


Methinks Jacob Tremblay would like to be in the next Star Wars movie. How ’bout that Disney?


LOVE that whole girl scout cookies thing, it always makes for some amusing gifs afterwards!


LOVE Keaton’s performance in Spotlight, I suppose if Fury Road didn’t get it, I’m glad it went to this film!

That’s it folks, the culmination of Hollywood award season is now over… thank goodness!

So what did you think of last night’s ceremony? Glee, gladness & gripes? Let’s hear it!

39 thoughts on “My 2016 Oscar recap… in tweets, gifs and clips

  1. Well, I’m glad that Spotlight won Best Picture over The Revenant! It’s a shame Best Director went the way it did but then the Oscar voters love that. Alejandro is really getting on my nerves. A comprehensive write up Ruth!

    1. Hi Mark! I still haven’t seen The Revenant yet. I REALLY want Fury Road to win but Spotlight was my #2 fave of last year so I think its win is well-deserved! “Alejandro is really getting on my nerves” Ahah yeah, I feel the same way too. And Lubezki can’t win another award, I mean, come on!!

      1. It’s getting a bit samey isn’t it? I reckon next year Hollywood will react to this year’s diversity shambles and try to bestow awards to a more diverse group of filmmakers. We’ll see I guess.

        1. I think more than bestowing awards to a diverse group of people, I’d rather see more people of all background being more included in the filmmaking process, be that casting/directing, etc.

            1. I think Rock made that point last night about opportunities, that’s why boycotting the event is gonna do more harm than good, like a kid throwing tantrum!

  2. Gurl, I know you hate Gosling…but Crowe makes up for all imperfections. They were kind of hilarious together.

    Love this takedown…the tweets are awesome. I was stuck in a theater with a group of people who would have probably been pissed I pulled out my phone and so I didn’t get to live tweet with everyone.


    I’m with you on the Dash moment…awkward and pointless, considering that Rock really summed up every aspect of this ‘controversy’ so perfectly in his monologue.

    Jacob Trembley may be my favorite thing to come out of this award’s season. He’s adorable!

    And goddess Ronan SLAYED on the red carpet! Best dressed by a massive margin.

    1. Hey Drew! Yes I was watching Crowe the whole time, Gosling just doesn’t have comedic timing at all.

      Oh so did you go to an Oscar event then? I should check out your Monday post.

      I think the Stacey Dash thing is so obscure that it’s hard to get right. Plus it’s so unnecessary to have her there, it’s just mind-boggling.

      I’m glad to see Tremblay in every award show being his adorable self, I really hope he has a good career in Hollywood. And yes, Ronan has such poise, she seems so mature beyond her years. I hope one day she’ll get her Oscar!

  3. I actually thought the show was over when I turned to channel 5 to watch the news but it’s still on and I able to see Morgan Freeman announced the best picture award. To be honest with you, I didn’t know that SPOTLIGHT was even nominated for best picture! lol

    You know what’s even more funny was that so many people were “happy” that Leo finally won, they posted all these meme’s on my Twitter and Facebook feed. I was like, he’s already a winner in life, why are people so happy for the guy? He makes like $20mil per movie, dates 20 something models and can get ANY film made. I’m sure he’s happy he won but I was like whatever! Ha ha.

    1. I’m SO with you about Leo, Ted! I’m never one of those who championed so hard for him to win. I mean there are a plethora of other [better] actors who have never even been nominated!! I’m also tired at people trying to *ship* him and Kate Winslet, I mean get over it already, if they haven’t got together by now they probably never will. Besides, who cares really? This is why I prefer underrated actors who aren’t so overexposed.

      1. Kate Winlet’s way too old for him, that man hasn’t date any woman over 25 years of age for many years now, lol! As of current I think he’s my current favorite actor, Cruise is still my number 1 but Leo’s been more consistent with his work and I tend to enjoy all the films he starred in the last decade or so. I can’t say the same for Cruise’s work. But yeah I don’t get these people who were so happy that Leo won the Oscar, he’s already a winner in life!

  4. I didn’t watch it except for the last minutes where Brie, Leo, & Spotlight as I was like YES on Brie & Leo while I was surprised about Spotlight winning about Best Picture. People can complain about Mad Max or The Revenant not winning but I have no issue with Spotlight winning Best Picture as I actually liked that film. I’m happy the Maestro Ennio Morricone won but Sam Smith…. BOO!!!! I would’ve booed so fucking loud and yell “wanker” at his no-talent ass.

    OK, what the hell was that about Stacey Dash? For a long time, I thought I would never forget Rob Lowe’s infamous 1989 Oscars duet with Snow White that almost killed his career. After that awful stunt Dash did that went *crickets*, I can happily hope that Rob Lowe can now probably sleep a lot easier now knowing that he is no longer the idiot that made an ass of himself at the Oscars.

    1. Hi Steven! Well the monologue and last half of the ceremony are the best parts anyway. Yeah I’m not complaining either about Spotlight winning, it IS a great film and an important subject as well. But man, I think most egregious win has to be Sam Smith winning and his stupid speech about no LGBT people never winning an Oscar, heh, check your facts dude! What a wanker indeed.

      Oh I didn’t even know about Rob Lowe thing, I should see if it’s on Youtube!

      1. I think it is and yes, it’s embarrassing. This was him trying to rehab his image following that scandal where he was caught sleeping with underage girls (he was set-up) and this was actually worse. Singing “Proud Mary” with Snow White and oh, it was awful but I think Stacey Dash just did a better job in making herself look like dumber than she already is.

        1. Oh boy, it even sounds mortifying without having to see the video! Yeah, I really have no clue what Dash was thinking, maybe she thought that’s the only way she’d go up the stage at the Oscars? [shrug]

  5. I didn’t watch the Oscars but was following who won through out the night. I’m very happy that Brie Larson won. 🙂 She’s sooooo good in Room and Jacob Tremblay is a natural talent, I’d be curious to see what this kid does next. Your Star Wars idea sounds fun! I also think that Rock quote is very interesting, I’d like to hear him expand on that. It’s a bummer that George Miller didn’t get the nod for Best Director … that tweet from Vulture is bang on. Nice Oscar wrap up post!:D

    1. Hey Eddie! Yeah I think Brie’s win is the least surprising and would’ve been the biggest upset if she didn’t win. I just think they could find a small role for Jacob, maybe in the spinoff movies? Yeah, bummer about George Miller but I think he’s already won in our hearts.

  6. I’m with you, biggest upset for me was Miller not getting best director, even though I knew it was going to Iñárritu. It’s just even more upsetting when you see how few Oscars The Revenant got, and you kind of think “So, he was best director why?” Also, every time Mad Max: Fury Road grabbed another award, everyone seemed to so genuinely thank Miller and he just seems like an all around humble, unpretentious director, which is refreshing. Also also, I LOVED that almost everyone from the Mad Max team that came onto the stage seemed like absolute nutters, and not at all Hollywood types. Again, just speaks volumes about Miller and how he chooses who to work with. And, finally, I loved that Theron wasn’t nominated, like she should have been, but she still came dressed like a winner.

    1. LOVE your comment, and totally agree about George Miller! I just think, how astonishing it was for him to return to the franchise he’s built AND managed to make it even more iconic and a masterpiece? And he seems like such a nice guy that everyone loved working w/ him. Well at least he STILL goes home w/ an Oscar statue for his household as his wife won for film editing, yay! Yes, I love how they all defy the Hollywood types and that made me like Mad Max even more! Theron’s already a winner in my eyes too, she is a goddess!!

  7. Izzy

    Woke up the morning (time difference means us in the UK can’t watch if we have commitments the next day) after and checked your Twitter feed. Definitely wasn’t disappointed! Thanks for the info. and laughs, Ruth!

    1. Hello Izzy! Yeah I had to stay up pretty late too and still had to go to work in the AM. Well, glad my rambling tweets could be of some use 🙂

  8. I saw the awards but skipped the read carpet. I enjoyed the show for the most part, even though I felt there were too many mentions of #OscarsSoWhite. Lady Gaga’s performance was a highlight for sure. I don’t understand how she lost to Spectre. “Til It Happens to You” is far more moving and inspiring.

    1. Hi Chris! I got a bit irritated too by the overboard #oscarsowhite stuff, and Chris Rock seems to be forgetting that it’s NOT just a matter of black & white, there are other races underrepresented too that never had a voice. In any case, yeah I really can’t understand what is so special about that Spectre song, I mean it’s not even worthy to be nominated to begin with.

  9. Great post! I’m SO happy at Brie Larson & Leo & Morricone winning. And Mad Max winning the MOST, meaning it truly is the Best Picture whether it got that statue or not. 😉 The best bit was Tremblay standing up to look at the Star Wars droids. The kid is adorable! And should’ve been nominated as well as Larson…

    1. Yeah, those three wins are well-deserved. Very happy about Fury Road winning a bunch, yes like you said, it’s already a big winner in many people’s eyes even if George Miller didn’t get the trophy. Tremblay was sooo good in Room, he deserved to be nominated too, but he’s still so young so there’s plenty of chances for him.

  10. Personally I don’t think the Oscars or award shows in general have a good reading on the best of cinema but I was pleased to see Spotlight and Morricone win. The only bit I saw was Rock’s monologue, which I enjoyed.

    1. Very true! I mean, there’s really no accounting for taste either. I thought the monologue was pretty entertaining overall. I didn’t see the Spotlight win coming at all, but glad that it did!

  11. Brittani

    I still can’t figure out what the hell they were trying to do with Stacey Dash.

    Deakins needs to be the next person the internet gets behind for a win. It’s ludicrous that he doesn’t have an Oscar.

    1. It’s just a horrible idea to begin with. It’s definitely a facepalm moment.

      I’ve been rooting for Deakins for ages, my goodness what does this man have to do to win one? I mean he’s a LEGEND!

    1. My gosh I feel for you!!! I was actually ecstatic when I heard the theme song and turned to my hubby, ‘oooh my blogger friend Margaret’s got to be so happy when Ford comes out!’ And it’s Joe Biden??!??! WTF!!

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  13. As Mark said, Alejandro or however you spell it is getting on my nerves. So is Luzbeki, his work is getting very samey. Deakins getting snubbed is another reason why the awards season gives me the shits.

    Gotta love that Mad Max wins all the behind the scenes awards but none of the big ones, what a joke. I still don’t understand the interest in these award BS events. I don’t even know if it was on Australian TV

    1. I can’t believe Deakins just kept getting overlooked. I saw the moment Lubezki won and Deakins was gonna shake his hand but he already got up from his seat, ugh! I thought Deakins was so gracious and he didn’t seem bitter about never winning.

      Yeah, I was ecstatic that Mad Max winning one after another, I’d be even more elated if Miller won too. Alas…

      1. Well it was idiotic that Theron wasn’t in there for best actress to start with. It unfortunately never had a chance. The whole thing is a giant popularity contest, I’m so glad its over so I can read blog posts about MOVIES again!! 😛

        I can imagine Luzbeki doing that. I’m starting to get sick of his work, Birdman, Revenant and Knight of Cups all have the exact same style. Change it up already man!!

        Sounds like Deakins has some real class. I can’t believe he hasn’t been recognised, he’s done soooo much incredible work. Actually, scratch that, its the Oscars. I can believe that he has gone unrecognised 😛

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