February Viewing Recap + What I’m looking forward to in March


Well, one thing for sure, I’m REALLY glad award season is over. I’ve posted my thoughts on the Oscars and all, but to be honest with you, it kinda felt like a chore. I don’t even know if I want to do it next year, I might skip blogging about award season next year, that’ll surely be quite liberating.

What I REALLY want to do is to finally write about Sam Riley… I want to talk about just what a tremendous actor he is and review all his movies! He’s a huge part of my February viewing and that’s a VERY good thing! 😀

So here are movies I saw this month:

New-to-me Movies

(in order of viewing)

Unfortunately I missed the press screening of Demolition w/ Jake Gyllenhaal but hopefully there’ll be another one later this month. But I skipped Gods of Egypt because there’s no way I’m watching that rubbish, seriously how in the world did that even get made?? Its director’s born in Egypt but he cast a Scot AND a Dane as Egyptian gods??! SMH. It’s a new low even for Gerry Butler!

TV series


I only have two more episodes to go. I’ll do a review of season 1 when I’m done. We wanted to finish it before Daredevil season 2 is out on March 18!!


Yes, I can’t get enough of Sam Riley, can’t you tell? Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is the first 2016 movie I saw twice on the big screen and I’d easily go for a third if they’re still running in the cinemas! #sorrynotsorry



There’s simply no other film that affected me more than this rock biopic on Joy Division’s frontman Ian Curtis. Sam Riley‘s performance is beyond mesmerizing… to say it’s a soulful performance is putting it mildly. It’s like he became the character and I felt like I was watching a documentary.

No blindspot for this month, but since I’ve had a huge blindspot on this amazingly talented actor, it more than made up for it. In fact, Control should’ve been on my Blindspot list to begin with!

Two screenings I look forward to in March

Batman vs Superman

The press screening’s been scheduled for 3/22 in IMAX. At this point, I just want want to be proven wrong about what my gut’s been about this movie. I just hope it won’t be a load of crap the way the trailers made it look. But hey, if anything, there’s Batfleck, who just might be the saving grace of the movie. Him and maybe Wonder Woman. I have to say though, this Jimmy Kimmel’s skit made me LOL. Hot dayum Henry Cavill is one beautiful man, too bad about his utter lack of charisma.


Knight of Cups

I’ll be seeing this on Wednesday and I can’t wait!! I know the reviews haven’t been stellar, and Terrence Malick’s films are definitely an acquired taste, with a cast featuring Christian Bale AND Cate Blanchett, I simply cannot resist!

Stay tuned for my spotlight post on Whiskey Tango Foxtrot & my interview w/ the author whose book is the inspiration for the Tina Fey movie.

Well that’s my recap of February. What’s YOUR favorite film of the month?

50 thoughts on “February Viewing Recap + What I’m looking forward to in March

  1. The best film I saw in February is Cabaret. Knight of Cups is the film I want to see the most as I recently re-watched To the Wonder and got more out of it the second time around.

    1. Ah yeah, I read your review of it. I’m thinking I’d still enjoy the performances out of Knight of Cups even if I don’t get the movie. I still need to see To The Wonder, so are you saying you recommend that one?

      1. I do and I think it’s a film that requires repeated viewing as it definitely helps with the lack of conventional plot as well as what Malick is going for. I really think it’s more The New World rather than The Tree of Life in terms of its exploration of love.

  2. eclecticscribe66

    Yay! You rewatched Pride and Prejudice. I can’t get enough of that movie. Most of these are films I haven’t seem yet. I did start watching Jessica Jones, but I never got around to finishing the series. Love the show, though.

    1. I actually rewatched it in between PPZ 😉 I have to say now I’m obsessed w/ that one, I mean I don’t usually like zombie movies but the romance is intact and I LOVE the portrayal of Lizzie & Darcy by Lily James & Sam Riley, scorching!

      It was hard to get going on Jessica Jones but it’s quite good overall.

  3. Did you post a review of Hail, Caesar! Ruth??

    If so I missed it (or don’t bloody remember reading it), I just posted my thoughts if you are interested. That was my favourite of February. I thoroughly hated Deadpool, that was the worst of Feb. As for March, I still need to see Room, Spotlight, and Triple 9 opens tomorrow (YAY!!)

    And as we have discussed before Ruth, I love Sam Riley in Control. It really feels like at times I am watching myself, especially at the start when he is experimenting with prescription drugs. Such a sad story really, I am lucky to have been diagnosed and medicated to the point where I can function semi-normally. Ian Curtis obviously had it worse than I ever have

    1. Oh yes I did Jordan, here it is http://wp.me/pxXPC-az6 I posted it together w/ Trumbo that’s set in a similar era. Oy, you hated Deadpool eh? But I can see why if you don’t like superhero movies.

      I’m thrilled that you love Control too, and Riley’s performance. I have already liked him before I saw him in it but my goodness, he absolutely blew me away as Ian Curtis. That’s good that your condition is manageable Jordan. I think w/ Ian, he’s also prone to depression, which didn’t help when everything seemed to have hit him all at the same time, the fame, unhappy marriage, etc.

      1. I’ll have to check out that post Ruth.

        I wouldn’t say I -hated- Deadpool, but I don’t like superhero flicks and I don’t think Deadpool is as different from its cousins as it thinks it is. That is just how I saw it though.

        Yeah, even though his stress was much different from mine (fame, marriage etc), I could really relate to the depression too cos epilepsy amplifies everything. So if you are depressed, you are super depressed. Etc etc.

        It is such a sad story, but an extremely powerful movie. It has been a while, I should watch it again. I’ll have to check out more of this Riley’s acting career, I don’t recall seeing him in anything else

        1. I actually didn’t love Hail Caesar as much as you did, Jordan, but it was entertaining for the most part. Totally understand about Deadpool, hey some movies just aren’t your forte.

          Oh my, so you must’ve been much more affected by Control than most people then, as you could REALLY relate to what Ian was going through. It’s really a tragic story, I mean he felt like he was stuck in a life he didn’t want and things were spinning out of control for him.

          Riley didn’t have a big filmography as he just started less than 10 yrs ago w/ Control, and he didn’t get a lot of offers for some reason. I only have two more of his films to see then I’d complete ALL of his feature films! I’d say all of them are good, there’s not a single one of his performance I didn’t like, even playing the Raven in Maleficent he was good! I highly recommend The Dark Valley, which I mentioned to you before. It’s an Austrian Western of a man seeking vengeance, perhaps my second fave Riley performance after Control. Seek that out, I think that’s right up your alley. He hasn’t done any superhero films, yet 🙂

          1. Yes I recall you mentioning The Dark Valley, I’ll have to get a hold of that one. I think it played at a German film festival last year but I missed it

            And yeah, any film like Control, or Requiem, or Electricity (which was in my top 20, its a UK flick about a girl with epilepsy) I can really relate to, as what the characters go through feels veeeery familiar

      1. Ohhh that’s right, he had them make it up on the spot. I didn’t know that when I saw it last year. It was an interesting experience but it didn’t make my top 20

          1. Hey yeah he does. Haha! Not that you’d pick that up from watching the movie, its very disorientating. Luzbeki’s work is actually kinda irritating somewhat in Knight of Cups too.

  4. I’m looking forward to your posts on Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. The trailer looked very good and I”m curious how the actual movie turned out. Awesome that you got around to seeing Control, wish more people would discover that movie if they haven’t already. Great performance by Riley and the music too is great.

    1. Hi Eddie! I have the post almost ready, it’ll go up later tonight (Central time). It’s as funny as the trailer, which is always nice, and the cast are great.

      Control is now one of my fave films of ALL TIME. I mean I have rewatched some of the clips, esp the live performances and it blew me away every time. I still tear up thinking about that ending, wow! I’m thrilled you’ve seen and loved it too.

  5. Saw two new movies last month, can’t believe it’s already March but I’m glad winter’s almost over! I enjoyed both Deadpool and Triple 9 but I can’t say I want to see either of them again anytime soon. I can’t wait for DareDevil season 2, the trailers looked pretty awesome.

    I’ll wait and see if Batman vs. Superman gets good reviews before I spend money on it, I just don’t have any faith in the film at all. As for Knight of Cups, I think I’ll just rent it. Malick’s been sort coasting on his last couple of movies; I really wanted to like To the Wonder but it’s just a frustrating film to sit through.

    1. Hi Ted! Daredevil season 2 is coming in about 2 weeks, I can’t wait!! It looks really dark which is awesome.

      Yeah BvS is probably gonna be bad, but I’m excited to see Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and on Twitter I saw that she’s the scene stealer in the movie. Well I think Malick’s always been indulgent in his movies, but I’m still curious to see Knight of Cups nonetheless.

    1. Yaaaasss!! Yes you do Vinnie!! It’s such a phenomenal and heartbreaking film, and also beautiful to look at. Ask Jordan, he’ll vouch for me 🙂

        1. It’s because it’s a masterpiece. It’s been almost a decade and people still regard it highly so it’s definitely a modern classic.

                1. If you ever want more recommendations about Sam Riley just let me know! I have seen all but two films of his by now and there’s not a SINGLE performance of his I didn’t like.

  6. Paul S

    I hadn’t realised Control was Sam Riley’s film début. He was mesmerizing as Ian Curtis and even managed to nail Ian’s unique on stage performance!

    1. Hi Paul! Yes it’s his film debut, though he had a tiny role in ’24 Hour Party People’ which also had Joy Division in it but his part was cut from his film. He wasn’t playing Ian Curtis in that one though. But yeah, it’s an INCREDIBLE performance for a first timer, but he was a frontman in a British band for almost 4 years so I suppose he could relate to the character in some ways. Still, I was blown away by how good his stage performances were, and how he portrayed the epilepsy stuff on stage, my goodness! It’s also a beautiful & heartbreaking film overall.

  7. I’m the wrong gender and orientation for Henry Cavill’s looks to do anything for me, but it you want to see him be more than a statue you might want to check out The Man from U.N.C.L.E. I think he was more animated in that movie than any others I’ve seen him in, maybe because he wasn’t stripping down to a bare chest for it. For the most part he’s wearing well-tailored suits.

    1. Ahah, too funny Chip! I have seen Man From UNCLE and while he fares better there than in Man of Steel, I still think Henry just lacks charisma even in those glorious suits. I think the equally gorgeous Armie Hammer has more comedic chops. It’s true he’s more *animated* in that movie than I’ve ever seen him before though, but he’s still like a Ken Doll come to life than an actual human being w/ genuine emotion.

  8. Well I’m glad you finally got to see Control.. again, it’s been a fav of mine for some years. I date this guy once who was SUPER into Joy Division..and I found myself really liking them so it meant all the more to me to see it. I love Toby Kebbell, so when I first saw Sam I was like.. WTF.. this guy is amazing in this film who is he??? And thus began my ‘follow Sam movies’ time. ha! so it’s been awhile for me and no one ever knew who he was when I spoke of him..even still not so much unless they are in entertainment.. I know that’s all changing tho in the last year or two and thats great. I saw a screening of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot last week as well.. I’m still confused if it was trying to be a comedy or a drama or both..:) Oh and Henry Cavil…he used to live in my building in 2005/06 – we became fast pool friends who went out and drank loads of margaritas – he was a skinny, pale, but really cute brit whom all my friends thought was stuck up..because he really is just as shy as he says he is.. but he’s a really nice, fun guy! 😀

    1. OMG Peggy, I’m just so in love w/ Sam now. I can’t even describe it!! I was already swooning over him as Mr. Darcy and had seen On the Road and Franklyn, but then when I saw him as Ian Curtis in CONTROL, I was literally bawling as I watched it. It was one of the BEST performances I’ve ever seen, the way he became that character and personified him in his live performances and also internalized his emotional turmoil… it’s absolutely incredible!! Toby Kebbel was excellent as the manager and I had seen him in Rocknrolla (which was also great). But Sam was really the heart and soul of the film.

      I think WTF is more of a comedy w/ some dramatic touches, I really enjoyed it!

      Wow, so you were pool friends w/ Henry Cavill, ahah. He is a beautiful man, I mean a fine specimen really even in an ocean of good looking people in Hollywood. I can tell he’s a nice guy but honestly I think I prefer him when he’s skinny and pale. It seems that Hollywood likes to make guys look ripped like they’re straight out of Muscular magazine or what have you, they practically look like overripe watermelon or something. Same w/ Gerry Butler whom I used to adore before 300 came out. He’s this lanky, pale, dark haired Scot w/ gorgeous green eyes. Now he’s almost unrecognizable and his face’s gotten so puffy. Thankfully Henry still looks really hot, I just don’t think he has much screen presence as an actor. Compared to the skinny and still pale Sam Riley, he doesn’t even stand a chance in terms of charisma. I’d rather watch Sam read a book than see Henry pump iron, ahah.

      1. wait.. you like Sam Riley? nooooo.. hahahaha As long as he never plays a crow again I’ll be happy. I remember even noting that in my review as it irked me. ha! Henry is way hot both then & now..so I’m good with him. He was my pool & drinking friend – plus more & just a nice guy..does many things well We stayed in touch for a quite some time afterwards until he just became too famous..oh well..I never saw him ‘pump iron’ but I would have liked to.. I’ve never met Sam so I can’t profess to even know what he’s like. 🙂

        1. It’s a raven, not a crow 😉 I don’t even mind him in that role, he managed to make it interesting, not to mention hot! They made him up to look like some goth rock star or something and his chest open w/ scars and stuff, not bad for a Disney flick, hahahaha!

          Do you have pics of Henry in his younger days? I have no doubt he’s a nice guy and he certainly has a much better career than Sam and much more marketable. He seems willing to play the Hollywood game which I think is key to make it in the business, but yet he still seems to have his head screwed on tight, which is rare.

          1. raven..crow..same damn black bird that I don’t like in real life.. and not so interesting tbh.. or hot..again, I was pissed. it’s not an ‘acting’ role..its a role he took because it was opposite Jolie in a film that could lead to bigger roles and expand him. at least that’s what his agent & manager would tell him and he had to have agreed. I probs have some pics of Henry & I somewhere in a box but it was right as the Tudors was happening..so that’s what he looked like. he was here for pilot season & films.. it was right at the beginning of what I call the Brit Invasion !!! they all came starting then every year. Hiddleston, Redmayne..Cumber.. etc.. fun times! 🙂

            1. Mwahahaha you REALLY hate Diaval don’t you? Yeah it’s not an acting role but I think for him it was an adventure, to be in a huge Disney movie with Angelina Jolie n filming at Pinewood Studios etc, why not? I don’t think he gets a ton of offers.

              Oh Henry’s soooo gorgeous in The Tudors! Well I’m sure a lot of his fans are super jealous of you. So did you get to meet Hiddleston? I love him as Loki!

  9. Looks like Sam Riley has a devoted follower 🙂 As you say, he really did become Ian Curtis in Control.
    My two favorites of the month were The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974) and Sense and Sensibility (1995). I know, you recommended the latter, and thanks for that!

    1. Yes indeed! He’s an amazing actor, I’m glad I finally get to discover him. He’s phenomenal in other films as well, not just this one. If you like Westerns, check out The Dark Valley, it’s an Austrian Western set in the Swiss Alps w/ Riley as an American cowboy!

      Ohhhh you love Sense n Sensibility!! I’m so glad to hear that!

  10. That Kimmel thing is funny. I speculate in tomorrow’s RF that WB must have tortured Cavill for hours to get him to emote for those 5 minutes.

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  13. I’ll be seeing Batman v Superman at a press screening on the 18th, so I guess it’ll be out a bit earlier over here. My favourite movie of the past month were probably Deadpool as I’ve watched that a second time and The Revenant.

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